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  • Final step in the rattlesnake skin project....conditioning.
    After skinning and soaking the skin for 6 days in the tanning solution (3 equal parts distilled water, isoproply alcohol, glycerin), I stretched and pinned the skin to a board - scales down...leaving the skin to dry outside in the shade for 4 days. One lucky new subscriber to my channel this month will win the skin and the rattle. I will choose the winner at random and the winner will be announced Friday, June 2. Contest only for new subscribers... If you unsubscribe and re-subscribe, you will be disqualified. News Theme by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:
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  • Shariff Joaquín
    Shariff Joaquín 1 month ago

    So awesome! I'm glad to say your interesting videos are even watched here in Peru! least by me. But I'll make sure to share your cool content everytime I have the ocasion. Saludos!

  • tyblips
    tyblips 1 month ago

    my friend just sent me your video because he knows I like these kinds of things. for sure subscribing. this is sooooooo pretty. I really would like to get more into preserving things I just don't have any access to anything. so far I only have a deer skull and some bird bones I cleaned myself but ohhh this skin is sooooooo pretty

  • Radangus
    Radangus 1 month ago

    What country do you live in? I dont believe we have any rattlesnakes in Australia
    (Im a new sub from my friend)

  • The Jackal
    The Jackal 1 month ago

    I'm a new subscriber..but you wouldn't ship this to Turkey even if I won right? anyhow, having discovered this channel is a present in itself, thanks for your videos

  • Barry Lloyd
    Barry Lloyd 1 month ago

    You already won mean when the skin?

  • Debi Heath
    Debi Heath 1 month ago

    Diamonds are forever! 👽

  • Dũng Vũ
    Dũng Vũ 1 month ago

    suddenly realized how genius this channel is.

  • Katie Hill
    Katie Hill 1 month ago

    Thats so cool! I work with animals and love seeing things like this.

  • Nicole Pflieger
    Nicole Pflieger 1 month ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Marlene Steele
    Marlene Steele 1 month ago

    how amazing.

  • Paula DeVoy
    Paula DeVoy 1 month ago

    Fascinating! My 12 year old nephew would be thrilled to receive that snake skin! Thanks for your channel! And yes, I could watch hours of the bucket video!

    • Paula DeVoy
      Paula DeVoy 6 days ago

      Yay! So excited for my nephew!! Thank you, John!

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 12 days ago

      Ahoy Paula are the winner! Get in touch with me via email.

  • Jesse Martineau
    Jesse Martineau 1 month ago

    Haha cool man

  • Emily Williams
    Emily Williams 1 month ago

    What does one do with rattlesnake skin? Hang it up?

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 1 month ago

    So cool! Just found your channel and I can tell I'm going to binge watch your 100+ videos lol

  • Dave Dial
    Dave Dial 1 month ago

    Very cool. Never seen how skin is treated. That is neat. Thank you for your Monday Matinees. Loved the bucket.

  • BriarRose28
    BriarRose28 1 month ago

    My daughter and I enjoy watching the animal videos. Thanks for posting!

  • R.L. Dowell
    R.L. Dowell 1 month ago

    Good info which I didn't posses. Give me some skin brother!

  • Amanda Santoyo
    Amanda Santoyo 1 month ago

    love your bucket video... what a life sir!! <3 <3 <3
    you are living the dream!!

  • Greta Garbolini
    Greta Garbolini 1 month ago

    Bored Panda sent me from their Facebook post of 'the bucket'. What a gem your channel is. Thank you for sharing what you do. Cheers!

  • TheForgiven TheForgotten

    man and I dreamt of a snake last night

  • Omen
    Omen 1 month ago

    this channel is really underrated

  • Sheena Hubbard
    Sheena Hubbard 1 month ago

    Just subbed from bucket video as well, been binge watching videos. I was super excited about this. This is so kind of you. Good luck to everyone!!!

  • Michael Fekadu
    Michael Fekadu 1 month ago

    cool rattle!

  • Kree Bakken
    Kree Bakken 1 month ago

    I just got a bearded dragon named Hugo and I have become super interested in reptiles. I just subbed. Love the variety of your videos by the way.

  • Nick Hanlin
    Nick Hanlin 1 month ago

    Also a new subscriber from the bucket vid! This channel is awesome

  • lefthandedtoons
    lefthandedtoons 1 month ago

    Another bucket video lover, could you do a longer one if you get the chance? It's very relaxing.

    • MJ Healthy Living (Miss Judy)
      MJ Healthy Living (Miss Judy) 15 days ago

      Had no idea you lost sweet benita... Im so sorry

    • lefthandedtoons
      lefthandedtoons 22 days ago

      Thanks for the reply. Beautiful videos! :)

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 1 month ago

      Here is an old one I did years ago with my dearly departed longhorn Benita. I didn't have a waterproof GoPro at the time so I made a plexiglass trough so I could put the camera under it. Cheers.

  • amber shoffner
    amber shoffner 1 month ago

    just subscribed! great videos!

  • naanda
    naanda 1 month ago

    Came here from your bucket vid! So interesting

  • carly elzner
    carly elzner 1 month ago

    Happy I stumbled upon your channel. Love it out're doin it right. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ruth Aussie girl
    Ruth Aussie girl 1 month ago

    What a pity I'm already subscribed but then what would I do with it ...and postage to Australia probably isn't cheap

  • nomadic hunter
    nomadic hunter 1 month ago

    John you should just send it to me and I will send you something from Alaska.

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 1 month ago

      Thanks but - This one has to go to a new subscriber since I have already made the offer. I will keep you in mind for the next one.

    SOLAR FARMER Power 1 month ago

    that is cool.. I always wondered the process that went in to that.

    mom had a friend of the family that used to do saffaris to Africa.

    he had many animals preserved. ranging from musk deer to a elephant that sprayed kids with water.
    I won't mention the bull he had to adult to put in a family channel lol.

    His taxidermist was an excellent artist.

    At any rate, I hear the deserts have many secrets well preserved.

    what is the strangest thing you found in the desert or seen in the desert?

    • SOLAR FARMER Power
      SOLAR FARMER Power 1 month ago

      +SOLAR FARMER Power non venomous.

    • SOLAR FARMER Power
      SOLAR FARMER Power 1 month ago

      +SOLAR FARMER Power ah a Sulphuga...

    • SOLAR FARMER Power
      SOLAR FARMER Power 1 month ago

      +SOLAR FARMER Power oh those things....they can be down right nasty.

      They chew and saw their pray to death. there not a spider but something with a weird name...

    • SOLAR FARMER Power
      SOLAR FARMER Power 1 month ago

      +TheFieldLab Sun spider? would like to see a vid on that thing....if it can be recorded.

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 1 month ago

      A snakeskin is about the easiest thing prep and preserve. I would have to say that the sun spider is the strangest thing I have come across out here.

  • gsc1039
    gsc1039 1 month ago

    That would make a nice belt...except, in my case, you'd have had to tangle with a somewhat longer specimen. Good luck to the winner!

  • smokintj04
    smokintj04 1 month ago

    Can i cancel my subscription and resubscribe

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 1 month ago

      That rule is in the description for the video.

    • TheFieldLab
      TheFieldLab 1 month ago

      Doing that will disqualify you from the contest...

  • weetreebonsai
    weetreebonsai 1 month ago


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