Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits ep.26,part 3 (English)

part 3


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Author yu yang ng ( ago)
bull's voice sounds familiar

Author Jorge George ( ago)
y is ther not episode 27

Author KungLaoquendero 09XZ ( ago)
Enjyu never was my favorite; but when I see this: me and my sister cryed xD

Author Rick Martin ( ago)
This also reminded me in Beyblade metal fury when Ryuga died battling rugo
then he gave his star fragment to Kenta because he knew he made a big
mistake and wanted to pay the damage he did. But also with all that
traveling he did with kenta made him trust Kenta

Author Rick Martin ( ago)
Oh my god..... Enjyu died..... He will be missed..... I cryed watching

Author Youssou Faye ( ago)
I know ryuga fought rago with all his might and bey spirit

Author Pie A.H.M ( ago)
Remind me of ryuga and rago.

Author Aniquilador de Mundos (302 years ago)
please all the chapters up till the final chapter porfa

Author jester jake ( ago)
so wheres episode 27?

Author erza scarlet ( ago)
excuse me but I want to knew where did you get this video and I want to the
end of b-daman

Author IRVLaxHx AL ( ago)
يا قدمي 😭👊

Author naji kh ( ago)
how can i play that song at 2:38 ??

Author Nova ( ago)
Song at 2:38 please?!!!

Author kamihernan ( ago)
Anyu se evaporó

Author Himura Kenshin ( ago)
Probably one of the MOST emotional moments of my childhood was when
watching this damn episode... I CRY EVERYTIME

Author Trainer Gary ( ago)
I'm asia

Author Brijesh T ( ago)
Is enjyu dead??????

Author Thelovemaria15 ( ago)
yes, haja killed him :(

Author Neko Fenrir ( ago)
what about terris brother did he die?

Author dawson scott ( ago)
When I first saw this it was so so so so sad

Author Kim Ray Caballero ( ago)

Author Friedsheep ( ago)
Is not in english it's only in asia without subs... it sucks...

Author navraj jassal ( ago)
Really what the soundtrack plz tell

Author DemonDragon98 ( ago)
Ep 27 please

Author StarlightMoon424 ( ago)
I already did find that Yamato loses in the finals against Akylas (or
whatever the fuck its spelled)... but finding that out actually
disappointed me. I srsly dont get why some people don't even like him! ...I
bet they just judge his appearence >.>

Author Rumybear22 ( ago)
whoa they kept the original gun shot sound effects. It makes it sound more
violent lol

hey smarty pants strike shot is the correct spelling!!! stupid!

yes enjyu didn't die!!!! if he died i don't know..... i will punch this
laptop.... i wish i had a cd of battle b-daman!!!!

Author Clubpenguin729Minus ( ago)
plus ending it with this episode and sad endings really would piss the
audience off.

Author Panda Penguin ( ago)
I wish they hadn't cancelled the show and replaced it with crap... Battle
B-Daman needs more love! ...and better voice actors.

Author francois tonnah ( ago)
Enju is the vegeta of this show.

Author darorotheheadhog ( ago)
Enjyu went in to his strick shot

Author japanese anime lover1 ( ago)
actully episodes 27-52 did air but only in asia

Author GunDexChampion ( ago)
@trueking128 not just any B-Daballs my friend. MAGIC b-daballs. That's
right i pulled the magic card, remember once you say that it explains
everything. lol

Author 0cedced ( ago)

Author Kaio Yuki ( ago)
wat is the name of the sad song at 0:56

Author amane bakura ( ago)
pauze at 3:55 how strong are those b-da balls anyway? they blow up half the
planet O.o

Author decksmaster123 ( ago)
did enjyu die?????

Author tonymanx ( ago)
too Bad it all ended here... at least for the latin american dubs

Author Tiffany Ambers ( ago)
@BDamanChamp Was b-Daman copy righted? Is that why's it's cancelled? *sob's
in emo croner*

Author Shadownia ( ago)
WTF happend to enjyu did he die or did he become the bdamnan or did he
become the strike shot

Author MrPeoplepersonguy ( ago)

Author MarkTube Productions ( ago)
@BDamanChamp The good shows always get canceled

Author Daryll Dumo ( ago)
poor enjyu or something what is the spelling?

Author SingLok Ng ( ago)
wait did the red hair guy die???

Author Vesi Ivanova ( ago)
@BDamanChamp they did come out..... tipe in youtube Battle B-Daman : Fire
Spirits! Episode 40 and u will see but it's in LQ :P

Author Vesi Ivanova ( ago)
@BDamanChamp they did come out..... tipe in youtube Battle B-Daman : Fire
Spirits! Episode 40 and u will see but it's in LQ :P

Author Danny Fang ( ago)
oh and by the way, why didn't u upload episode 4-9??

Author Danny Fang ( ago)
@BDamanChamp You mean, when your internet turned into dial up episode 27-52
already finished???

Author Danny Fang ( ago)
@321cobaltsaberfire12 i don't think he can

Author Lagg ( ago)
damn epic

Author kenny19361 ( ago)
but what exactly happened to Enjyu?

Author Bad Blanabas ( ago)
Can someone tell me exactly how did enju and joe die by a B-DABALL

Author BDamanCrasher ( ago)
akyuras can avoid the the b-daballs!!! thats why he's too strong!!

Author knighttas ( ago)
damn :) enju is kai i know :)

Author TheBlackShinigami ( ago)
@AnimeDudeXD never dubbed or subbedinto english sicne they cancelled
dubbing and subbing companies don't want too sub it lol

Author Novideokid ( ago)
lol WTF boom

Author Sachintha Premathilaka ( ago)
never dubbed or subbed

Author LordAce17 ( ago)

Author ephraimthehedgehog ( ago)
ep 27 plz O.o

Author kull218 ( ago)
WTF where he go? pretty dum =P

Author Hayamesan1 ( ago)
Hey! Where's Enjyu at the end? :S

Author Icarus Lost ( ago)
i cant remember anyone in this cause it was from 2007 and never was shown
again in australia=(

Author Shawna Dominique ( ago)
black drive shot = volcanic magnum

Author camsportjet ( ago)

Author hemandy94 ( ago)
of course not. Enju loses as expected

Author careyting123 ( ago)
no he did not die he comes back later in episode 32. And he gets a better b
daman. And btw yammato loses the finals.

Author pokemonshowstopper ( ago)
at 3:06 DANGER sign

Author pokemonshowstopper ( ago)
at 5:50

Author Vadim Shuminov ( ago)
overreacted much?

Author INTORECA ( ago)
he can't upload anymore, maybe its due to copyrights or Bdaman's not
showing anymore on YTV?

Author hypeoz ( ago)
Please bring episodes back. :(

Author bo liao ( ago)
wtf?! did enjyu dei or he is still alive? i think his dead beacause his
b-daman became a ceramic. but i still dun knw yt. btw, whr is ep 27?

Author coolshorty1269 ( ago)

Author Werewert159 ( ago)
can bdamanchamp upload episode 27?

Author hadesAkyulus (1507 years ago)
where can i find ep 27 of this series in dub??

Author Sasuke90111 ( ago)
WTF where da hell did enjyu go or did he die??

Author Karrykitty ( ago)
do u know what episode enjyu and yamoto battle?

Author loser029 ( ago)
Gray, you don't need to show-off with your 'coolness'. just cry but not

Author hypericore1 ( ago)
my country shows it,but i don't have a dvd recorder,but my cousin has!Maybe
i could ask my cousin to record it!If u agree,click thumbs up,when i see
how many,i'll see whether yes or no!

Author irisuchanu ( ago)
I have to say that the background-music is better in this season then in
season 1

Author Putera Muslimin ( ago)
wow amazing....

Author pokemonxx1265 ( ago)
darn it doesn't have 27 because its on air where he lives

Author Lyenna1993 ( ago)
beautiful....the backgorund music is very emotional.kinda goth at some parts

Author Ooo ( ago)
does anybody now where to watch episode 27

Author Ooo ( ago)
weres 27

Author splintercell308 ( ago)
did enjyu dissapereared or died or flew to the sky and is this season 1 or

Author THUNDERLEVI ( ago)

Author oakblader ( ago)
enju used fo much of his volcanic magnum

Author hadesAkyulus ( ago)
does anyone know where to get the rest of these episodes so i can finish
this seires

Author hadesAkyulus ( ago)
where can i get episode 27

Author BeyUK Breedo ( ago)
Sad, not emo, whats even more sad is that you can't accept a little drama
without stereotyping.

Author Chaoshuman05 ( ago)
tht was sorta emo no?

Author Lyenna1993 ( ago)
so sad..

Author BDAFanatic ( ago)
do u know any other website where we can watch Battle B-Daman Episodes? if
u do can u tell us cuz im so addicted to B-Daman lol :)

Author Justin Williams ( ago)
did enjyu burn himself to death with dat shot

Author CobaltT9 ( ago)
oooohhhh, Castlevania just kicked in.

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