Crowd Surfing

My friend Courtney crowd surfing and 2 more girls flying past

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Author Misael Padron (6 months)

Author xmrttm1x (3 years)
i wanna lick her feet

Author FAKExSMILxE (4 years)
laughing out load XD

Author amemary2810 (5 years)
Its almost like "okay who here has on short shorts a short skirt or a short

Author HeadbangingGlory (4 years)
i swear that guy at 0:27 tried grabbing her tits

Author shoeshine29 (4 years)
Woohoo I filmed this!! :) and its not her dumbass shes next to me at the
end of the video, hence the title "my friend courtney"

Author gubgub1234 (4 years)
what band is that?

Author David Jordon (1 year)
Obviously intentional Tit-grab at :28 If a girl enjoys being felt-up, then
why not crowd surf?

Author ButlerSONG (4 years)
lol, raped

Author Miranda Fulied (3 years)

Author XantigenX (5 years)
ahahahaahahaha XD :D

Author inviziblepantz (3 years)
@TenebrousLyke !! thats not cool haha. but hey at least you got a story to
tell!! :D

Author smichaelb1980 (5 years)
What a proud moment it must've been ,being felt up and groped by total
strangers ;) That's something to tell the grand kids about ;) Do chicks
enjoy that shit? Maybe they get off on it lol.

Author shoeshine29 (3 years)
@eduvanv some girl who is easy in this video.

Author emlyndrums09 (4 years)
@inviziblepantz gay pride concert

Author exahtahtor (5 years)
no fun

Author killswitchengageksw (2 years)
cool vid bro.

Author DonBugatti (4 years)
In Soviet Russia, crowd surfing surfs you!

Author TenebrousLyke (3 years)
I've been crowd surfing twice. They dropped me once, then they dropped a
very large guy on top of me. It was painful :P

Author mikemarc92 (3 years)
@inviziblepantz -- lol I would have fucked you

Author Josh Blockeed (3 years)
Fuck crowd surfing im tired of getting kicked in the head or having 200
pounds surprise me, i like ripping shit off of people and throwing it.

Author TheArtofDrowning1991 (5 years)
lucky for me(im female) whenever ive crowd surfed none of my clothing has
been removed. but yeah the sexual violation is a big problem

Author QueenStreetRebel (4 years)
nice video! watch my sexy canadian girl crowd surfing video!

Author inviziblepantz (4 years)
its an awesome experience. I did it twice. This was edgefest 19 in dallas.
Honestly I did get felt up but really the fact that youre almost floating
over the crowd is so exhilerating that you dont notice people grabbing your
boob haha. Luckily i got to keep all my clothes! and yes there were guys
surfing too just none at the moment of this video

Author Dodgers1411 (2 years)
Now that's how it's done! Bitches in the air lol

Author jared (4 years)
mental like lol

Author detenator890 (5 years)
eeew dirty feeeet

Author mikemarc92 (3 years)
@shoeshine29 -- lol who's number did you give me?

Author Tom Baran (4 years)
there all just trying to feel her ass

Author Steve Diaz (3 years)
@abbeydiva102 That wouldn't happen in New york

Author Primetime2447 (3 years)
I crowd surfed twice once when I was performing 2 my school and at a concert

Author 007pieke (4 years)
I'm 13 and allready adicted to crowdsurfing :D

Author 0oSamHD (4 years)
:L your right you can see him going for them

Author inviziblepantz (3 years)
@Fiji1234 yeah it totally is. i got dropped once but people were still
there so it was like a slow motion fall haha

Author Jen Andrews (5 years)
well . i wouldnt want everyone grabbing my ass ! lol

Author Tallia Bozorg (4 years)
i crowd surfed yesterday at the vans warped tour in hartford CT, it was

Author Suka PiER (3 years)

Author Arenthak (4 years)
nice tits and ass

Author Elron Breemhaar (4 years)
Damn,! They are hot!

Author TenebrousLyke (3 years)
@inviziblepantz Haha, true (:

Author max44u (3 years)
check out this blog for videos of girls getting molested while crowd
surfing google rarescandals :)

Author thejesman (4 years)
@PHANTASM9 Did she say she was proud of guys groping her? Dude, don't put
words in her mouth, that's not cool.

Author Reggie Baguio (3 years)
boob grab at 0:28

Author Morgan Bates (5 years)
haha that looks freakin awesome!!!

Author TheKarFace (4 years)
is this edge fest in canada?

Author steven vazquez (3 years)
im 13 and i love to crowd surf and stage dive not trying to brag but i
crowd surfed like 5 times at this one tour called scream the prayer and
another time i staged dived liked 8 times when the great commission played
at my church

Author IronJudasCrue41 (4 years)
Haha, I wanna crowd surf at the Vans Warped Tour this year!

Author thedeem0N (5 years)
What the fuck kind of concert is that, Jonas Brothers?!? Usually, when
chicks DO Crowd's a never ending series of being Sexually
Violated....I'm a Metal Guitarist & I've between Concerts that I've been to
& concerts that I've played IN, I've seen Girls get their Bra and/or Shirt
Ripped off/stolen by Crowds, Seen chicks climb up on the stage wearing
Bikini's & Been Stripped Stark-Naked before they're past the 5th Row from
Stage, when Girs Stage Dive all u see is Hands up Feeling Tits

Author boxingmymind (4 years)
I did that at a concert last night..ahh its so much fun!!

Author upward23 (4 years)
dude i wanted to be there so bad

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