Crowd Surfing

My friend Courtney crowd surfing and 2 more girls flying past

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Author Misael Padron ( ago)

Author David Jordon ( ago)
Obviously intentional Tit-grab at :28 If a girl enjoys being felt-up, then
why not crowd surf?

Author Dodgers1411 ( ago)
Now that's how it's done! Bitches in the air lol

Author killswitchengageksw ( ago)
cool vid bro.

Author steven vazquez ( ago)
im 13 and i love to crowd surf and stage dive not trying to brag but i
crowd surfed like 5 times at this one tour called scream the prayer and
another time i staged dived liked 8 times when the great commission played
at my church

Author TenebrousLyke ( ago)
@inviziblepantz Haha, true (:

Author inviziblepantz ( ago)
@Fiji1234 yeah it totally is. i got dropped once but people were still
there so it was like a slow motion fall haha

Author inviziblepantz ( ago)
@TenebrousLyke !! thats not cool haha. but hey at least you got a story to
tell!! :D

Author TenebrousLyke ( ago)
I've been crowd surfing twice. They dropped me once, then they dropped a
very large guy on top of me. It was painful :P

Author Carlos Martinez ( ago)

Author Josh Blockeed ( ago)
Fuck crowd surfing im tired of getting kicked in the head or having 200
pounds surprise me, i like ripping shit off of people and throwing it.

Author Tommy ( ago)
I crowd surfed twice once when I was performing 2 my school and at a concert

Author Miranda Fulied (1176 years ago)

Author max44u ( ago)
check out this blog for videos of girls getting molested while crowd
surfing google rarescandals :)

Author Reggie Baguio ( ago)
boob grab at 0:28

Author Steve Diaz ( ago)
@abbeydiva102 That wouldn't happen in New york

Author xmrttm1x ( ago)
i wanna lick her feet

Author thejesman ( ago)
@PHANTASM9 Did she say she was proud of guys groping her? Dude, don't put
words in her mouth, that's not cool.

Author upward23 ( ago)
dude i wanted to be there so bad

Author 007pieke ( ago)
I'm 13 and allready adicted to crowdsurfing :D

Author emlyndrums09 ( ago)
@inviziblepantz gay pride concert

Author Tallia Bozorg ( ago)
i crowd surfed yesterday at the vans warped tour in hartford CT, it was

Author ButlerSONG ( ago)
lol, raped

Author Elron Breemhaar ( ago)
Damn,! They are hot!

Author Matthew Roberts ( ago)
i went t oa conscert last night i grabbed like 20 boobs.. and like so mnay

Author Music and Matters ( ago)
there all just trying to feel her ass

Author MrTREYGOMYEGGO ( ago)
@GoLuckyOops hahah hapens to me all the time im not fat but i way alot more
then i look so after a while i end up geeting dropped but its all good

Author DonBugatti ( ago)
In Soviet Russia, crowd surfing surfs you!

Author jared ( ago)
mental like lol

Author 0oSamHD ( ago)
:L your right you can see him going for them

Author IronJudasCrue41 ( ago)
Haha, I wanna crowd surf at the Vans Warped Tour this year!

Author QueenStreetRebel ( ago)
nice video! watch my sexy canadian girl crowd surfing video!

Author FAKExSMILxE ( ago)
laughing out load XD

Author HeadbangingGlory ( ago)
i swear that guy at 0:27 tried grabbing her tits

Author wcchalo ( ago)
i love how everyone grabs your awesome tits and ass

Author inviziblepantz ( ago)
its an awesome experience. I did it twice. This was edgefest 19 in dallas.
Honestly I did get felt up but really the fact that youre almost floating
over the crowd is so exhilerating that you dont notice people grabbing your
boob haha. Luckily i got to keep all my clothes! and yes there were guys
surfing too just none at the moment of this video

Author amemary2810 ( ago)
Its almost like "okay who here has on short shorts a short skirt or a short

Author smichaelb1980 ( ago)
What a proud moment it must've been ,being felt up and groped by total
strangers ;) That's something to tell the grand kids about ;) Do chicks
enjoy that shit? Maybe they get off on it lol.

Author exahtahtor ( ago)
no fun

Author TheArtofDrowning1991 ( ago)
lucky for me(im female) whenever ive crowd surfed none of my clothing has
been removed. but yeah the sexual violation is a big problem

Author Jen Andrews ( ago)
well . i wouldnt want everyone grabbing my ass ! lol

Author XantigenX ( ago)
ahahahaahahaha XD :D

Author Morgan Bates ( ago)
haha that looks freakin awesome!!!

Author detenator890 ( ago)
eeew dirty feeeet

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