Denise Austin shows you why she's the Best

A short, but sweet clip of Denise Austin. Showing her inner thigh and crouch.

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Author david g ( ago)

Author milfinu ( ago)
So Who's the Perv? Me or Her? Love the Porn Music. lol

Author daddydojang ( ago)
@keto6789 You bastard. I can't un-read that! Yuck. Some things you keep to

Author Dustin Smith ( ago)
@specialkron you have issues man

Author durmm2010 ( ago)
nice fat cat :)

Author keto6789 ( ago)
0:12 ... Mmmm ... does anyone else wanna dive right in there head first??

Author keto6789 ( ago)
I remember taping and wanking to all her shows in my early 20's EVERY day
after Mom left for work. I loved to see the various outfits she wore and
how much thigh, ass, and stomach each may showoff. This particular episode
got me really excited as it showed off a LOT of thigh and ass and her
beautiful #!@ssy!

Author wileypayote ( ago)
I pulled and released all over my keyboard.

Author publicatdamagnificen ( ago)

Author Aaron URIAH YASHARAHLA ( ago)

Author William Lee ( ago)
pull... release.. how fitting.

Author faceman68 (1712 years ago)
Watch it today, and even after seeing this episode a few times, the effect
is still there. Denise just has "it" about her. Her body is just tight and
tone, when they shot this episode.

Author ericpryde71 ( ago)
I saw the first airing of these episode and almost had a heart attack when
i saw her spreading her fine ass legs like damn sexy

Author publicatdamagnificen ( ago)
I just wanna slide in behind her, hold up her left leg, and then start
jackhammerin' that tight sweet, moist pussy!!!

Author philbio66 ( ago)
yes, we want to and do!

Author publicatdamagnificen ( ago)
You, and countless other men in the U.S. wanna jerk off to her-That
includes me!!!

Author faceman68 ( ago)
I was watching that episode yesterday, and I just love those spandex bikini
bottoms. I love the way they accentuate her hips, thighs and legs. Denise
has some very, very sexy legs.

Author philbio66 (316 years ago)
She's so hot. She makes me want to masturbate every time I see her.

Author crackedwalnut ( ago)
I think the best workout would be for me to have my shlong in her while she
does the leg swing.

Author oldunit ( ago)
No doubt ! she is the most Wanted woman .

Author faceman68 ( ago)
Was watching this the other day, and I have to admit that if I were the
camera man, I would have wanted to scoop her up, and take her some where
far from the set and just want to make love to her in that outfit. Oh well,
to bad she is married.

Author crackedwalnut ( ago)
Humina humina humina...WOW! Yankopotato commense!

Author miggidymark ( ago)
i'm pulling until i

Author MexMuleProductions ( ago)
There's no trombones....

Author Don Hernandez ( ago)
aannnnddddd jerk and jerk jerk and jerk pull and jerk

Author pedrinho31 ( ago)
That hot

Author Lance37a ( ago)
wow very nice

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