Naam Bade aur Darshan Chotey Hasya Kavita Kaka Hathrasi


During Kavita Recital Prachi Makkar was deliberately not allowed to complete last 2 lines by Hindi USA owners misappropriating public funds Mrs. Rachita Singh because of 20 seconds over the Time limit imposed on her group only. No other Groups were timed at the event. According to Prachi despite Judges making hand gestures for her to continue and indicating Parth, Mrs. Singhs son not to disturb but Parth kept on ringing Bell and her husband Devendra Singh raising big hand from the audience according to Prachis mother. Prachi who has participated in various Shabad (Bhajan) competitions says she has never seen especially organizers heckling the performers for going over the time limit; it is the judges who can punish Performers for going over the time limit once they have completed the Shabad. Prachi strongly feels she would have happily accepted Disqualification for going over the time limit by the judges if rules were same for every one. She is very disturbed for the rude disruption by the so called intelligent adult hecklers Devendra Singh & his Family who do not understand the difference between some one who is putting their soul and heart into recital and some one who are merely reciting for the heck of it and can not even speak their names properly. According to Prachi no sane person will ever disrupt a Bhajan, Shabad, Kavita and Patriotic songs.

As a father I only have to say Devendra Singh is a coward and a liar. On top of that he is a racist while living in 82% Christian country always doing Christian & Muslim bashing and dreaming of his BHARAT (India) without them. I have been demanding for years that being a publicly funded body; Hindi USA must publish their accounts on their site and must hold organizational elections every 2-3 years. But he feels Hindi USA is his personal property. For that reason my children are being punished since 2007 by not allowing them to perform what they are known for like patriotic songs, US & Indian National Anthems, Sanskrit verses, Punjabi folk dance, Shabad and bhajans.

Devendra Singh like Narain Kataria of HIF; thinks cheap Bollywood songs on Harmonica with machine made back ground music from a big Key Board is better than some one born & raised in USA singing with Tabla & Harmonium. Devendra Singh lied to the public from the stage of Hindi Mahotsav that he took students to India who can speak fluent Hindi; by excluding my children he is implying they are not fluent in Hindi. I challenge this racist coward and a liar who is insulting and abusing 2 underage children lets have a competition of these children with all those who have taken an India trip on public funds. On one hand he projects by bringing performers from India he is doing a great service for the cause of Hindi on the other hand he is denying performances to US born children on a stage built with community funds.

Dave Makkar
973 416 1600

Naam Bade Aur Darshan Chhotey by Kaka Hathrasi
Naamroop ke bhed par kabhi kiya hei gaur
Naam mila kuch aur to shakl, akkle kuch aur
shakl, akkle kuch aur, Nayansukh dekhey kaney
Babu Sunderlal bnaye aichaktaney
Keh kaka kavi Dayaram Ji marey machhar
Vidyadhar ko bhai(n)s barabar kala akshar

Munshi Chanda lal ka tarkol sa roop
Shyamlal ka roop hei jesey khilti dhoop
Jesey khilti dhoop, sajey bushirt pant mei
Gyanchand chhey bar fail ho gaye tenth mei
Keh kaka Jwalaprasad Ji bilkul thandey
Pundit Shantiswaroop chalatey dekhey dandey

chatursen budhu miley, Budhsen nirbudh
Shri Aanandi Lal Ji rahey sarbada krudh
rahey sarbada krudh, master chhakkar khatey
Insaano ko Munshi Totaram padhatey
Keh kaka Bulbir Singh lattey huey hei
Thaan Singh ke sarey kapdey fatey huey hei

Aakul vyaakul dikhtey sharma permanand
Karya adhura chodh kar bhagey Puran Chand
bhagey Puran Chand, Amar Ji martey dekhey
Mishri Babu kadavi batey kartey dekhey
Keh kaka Bhandhar singh Ji reetey thootey
Beet gaya jivan Vinod ka rotey rotey

Sheela jeeji ladh rahi, Sarla karti shor
Kusum Kamal Pushpa Suman nikli badhi kathor
nikli badhi kathor, Nirmala munn ki maili
Sudha saheli Amritbai milii vishali
Keh kaka kavi Lajjawati dhaad rahi hei
Darshan Devi lamba gunghat kadh rahi hei

Poonch na aai inch bhi kehlatey Hanuman
Miley na Arjun Lal ke ghar mei teerkamaan
ghar mei teerkamaan, baddi karta hei Neka
Tirathraj ne kabhi Ellahabad na dekha
Satyapal kaka ki rakam Dakar chukey hei
Vijay Singh dus bar election har chukey hei

Naam dhaam se kaam ka kya hei sama(n)jasai
Kisi party ke nahi Jhanda Ram sadasay
Jhanda Ram sadasay, bhagya ki mitey na rekha
Swaran Singh ke hath kada lohey ka dekha
Keh kaka kavi Kharey Lal Ji nikley khotey
Eis kalyug mei naam badey aur darshan chhotey

by Kaka Hathrasi

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Author MrVinodrankas (2 years)

Author Anoop Jain (2 years)
why does she have an english tinge to her hindi ?

Author Deadpool (1 year)
I hate the last part when the girl is asked to stop... as said in
description "no sane person will ever disrupt a Bhajan, Shabad, Kavita and
Patriotic songs." you should not take it as a competition but as a medium
to promote Hindi :/

Author Gyanendra Singh (2 years)
is she a nri?

Author sanjay chauhan (2 years)
itani khubsurat kavita ki aankh for di tang tor di haat tor diya

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