Hallelujah – Puddles Pity Party at the SF Regency Lodge Ballroom

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  • The soul and heart can come through despite any costume we wear.

    Performance by Puddles, the Sad Clown with the Golden Voice: www.puddlespityparty.com

    Filmed at the Regency Lodge Ballroom (built in 1909) - San Francisco, September 27, 2014

    "Hallelujah" composed by L. Cohen (Introduction song is "Garden Rose" by Lavender Diamond)

    Shot on the formidable Sony A7s, 2 Panny GH4s, Panny GX7 and BMPCC, edited in FCPX and graded in Davinci Resolve.
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  • Runtime: 7:15
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  • Len Jarrett
    Len Jarrett 1 hour ago

    THIS GUY! This guy right here rules.

  • lookiloo100
    lookiloo100 7 hours ago

    WOW just WOW!!!

  • Rose Barnwell
    Rose Barnwell 9 hours ago

    Mesmerizing! I LOVE IT!

  • rhnewcreature
    rhnewcreature 11 hours ago

    Unforgettable and worth revisiting. Amazing to just now hear of Puddles. Fan for life. Thanks Puddles..

  • DGP Kira
    DGP Kira 12 hours ago

    Does anybody else think he could go far in America's Got Talent with this?

  • Eric Moore
    Eric Moore 12 hours ago

    Outstanding Puddles!

  • Anthony Simeone
    Anthony Simeone 14 hours ago

    ICP is pretty chill these days. Whoop whoop!

  • Alan Martin
    Alan Martin 14 hours ago

    Every little move you make is magic. Bless you.

  • rich5817
    rich5817 16 hours ago

    just awsome

  • Philip Clock
    Philip Clock 21 hour ago

    Best Hallelujah I've heard!!

  • Philip Clock
    Philip Clock 21 hour ago

    Best Hallelujah I've heard!!

  • Daniel Mask
    Daniel Mask 1 day ago

    Hope Puddles sings this next on the talent show stage.

  • Plastic Spoons
    Plastic Spoons 1 day ago

    this dude is a tank

  • Erik Thureson
    Erik Thureson 1 day ago

    Me Likey!

  • Crystal Vanhorn
    Crystal Vanhorn 1 day ago

    he should make a comeback in a couple years as a happy clown with a happy clown wife and perform duets

  • rearviewhsfutball14

    I'm giving this performance a thousand "yesses"!!

  • Dazza G
    Dazza G 1 day ago

    I could NEVER foresee a point in time that i might not wish to quietly sit here & happily shed a few tears watching this AMAZING performer tackle such a BRILLIANT tune that easily stands HIGH on it's own merits & smile so very much as 'He' kicks it up several more notches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥ Ya Puddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh DP
    Josh DP 1 day ago

    this is unbelievably moving... what an amazing and gifted performer

  • C J van Vuuren
    C J van Vuuren 1 day ago

    At 5:03 when he stretches the word 'broken', you can actually feel yourself break.

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray 1 day ago

    done with great emotion, Beautiful Job

  • Stefanos infinityphoto

    brilliant. just.

  • Draude's World
    Draude's World 2 days ago

    pogo the clown

  • alicetex
    alicetex 2 days ago

    Every single time I hear Puddles sing, my heart rejoices!

  • amar muller
    amar muller 2 days ago

    puddles for president

  • James Legate-Baggs
    James Legate-Baggs 3 days ago

    i never add comments to anything on YouTube, but when i came across you on AGT i had to find more of your talent. please!! please do this song on your next act. I cant imagin how the judges would let you go..... what a voice omg

  • Mariana Nuñez
    Mariana Nuñez 3 days ago

    PUDDLES make me cry so much...... I love you <3

  • musiconlyplease98
    musiconlyplease98 3 days ago


  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Came here from AGT 2017 😅😂

  • Gary Jordan
    Gary Jordan 4 days ago

    Great voice, an original! Love the song!

  • Sizzlik
    Sizzlik 4 days ago

    I hate clowns..but for some weird reason i like sad clowns..

  • Sunghee - SingingPianoLessonsVictoria

    Thank you so much for sharing this video… 👍
    So Beautiful! 💙
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    Cheers to You! 🌿

  • Compusite Puerto Vallarta

    His voice is a gift.

  • Jesse Mounts
    Jesse Mounts 4 days ago

    idk how so many people haven't heard his voice until AGT

  • kevin kelly
    kevin kelly 4 days ago

    All I can say is WOW!

  • Shannon Frade
    Shannon Frade 4 days ago

    Finally a clown that I like...

  • Juggalo Reaperz
    Juggalo Reaperz 5 days ago

    I like puddles great voice singer

  • Levy Redfox
    Levy Redfox 5 days ago

    Who else came here from seeing him on Agt?

  • Adia Otey
    Adia Otey 5 days ago

    His voice is golden but he's sad 😔

    • Adia Otey
      Adia Otey 5 days ago

      I would put face paint or a mask if I sung in front of everyone

  • ojisdaman
    ojisdaman 5 days ago

    is it weird that its almost upsetting seeing his sad clown face? he really is incredible!

  • Tanaphat Lealayuwa
    Tanaphat Lealayuwa 5 days ago

    beautiful voice

  • Aisha Ishi
    Aisha Ishi 5 days ago

    IT's nicer brother

  • The Darci 13
    The Darci 13 5 days ago

    Amazing and so beautiful loved this:)

  • Shrinekeeper1
    Shrinekeeper1 5 days ago

    He has an amazing voice but really does look sad. It makes me sad seeing how much sadness is in his eyes.

  • David Handley
    David Handley 6 days ago

    I simply can't remember how many times I've watched this. He blows me away. 😵😵😵

  • cantfindausernamedam

    he just did AGT!! woohoo

  • 40stefanie
    40stefanie 6 days ago

    I am totally in love with this clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm hypnotized...were I wealthy, I would give him a Mil to hang out for a day and have him sing to me LOL...true story I know, I know, I sound creepy but what could a 4'11" girl do LOL.

    SCHY MARK 6 days ago

    the make up is just too creepy!!
    great voice and delivery

  • Precious Moose
    Precious Moose 6 days ago

    this clown is awesome, good stuff

  • Emma Daniel
    Emma Daniel 7 days ago

    I love this so much puddles is my favorite and hopes he sings this on agt and wins😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • byron p
    byron p 7 days ago

    it hurts.

  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Puddles from agt 2017 😃😂

  • atiqah hanapiah
    atiqah hanapiah 7 days ago

    Can I just have only one smile from him? This is so heartbreaking and warm in the very same journey.

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 7 days ago

    so, what made him decide to promote through America's got Talent?

  • Star Frost
    Star Frost 7 days ago

    Would it be a crime to kill those who kept interrupting him? You might say 'yes' but I don't believe it! I truly hope there is a special hell for folks who do that in general, but for this guy I really want to send them there.

  • Giraffe with tattoos

    As a 6'5" bald guy, I gotta say you do good things for us fellas. Your voice and composition on every song is mesmerizing. I've listened to this video multiple times and it melts me every time. There just can't be enough good things said about your talent and performances. The way you slow down songs makes us hang on every word, like we're hearing someone telling us "I love you" for the first time. I'm perfectly content to bask in the slow moment of this word but I'm also eager to hear the next. Hopefully this message finds you and read this... You're amazing and deserve all the best things that life can give.

  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Puddles from agt 2017 👌🙏👍😃😂

  • karen hicks
    karen hicks 8 days ago

    puddles you are awesome! So glad youre getting some recognition now. Ive been watching you on youtube for a couple of year now. Big fan!!!

  • Nega Fulor
    Nega Fulor 8 days ago

    what is the name of the music from the start?

  • dianne pantino
    dianne pantino 8 days ago

    Love your voice 💕

  • FilterHat
    FilterHat 8 days ago

    I toast to you.

  • De Rage
    De Rage 9 days ago

    So many people with such simple minds let this show you all what the worls would have been without conflict

  • Shad Davis Sr
    Shad Davis Sr 9 days ago

    my fear of clowns maybe changing

  • Randy Colby
    Randy Colby 9 days ago

    Bravo! I need more!

  • Pezzonovante916
    Pezzonovante916 9 days ago

    Terrific singer, fabulous interpretation!

  • Taylor Isaac
    Taylor Isaac 9 days ago

    Thank you Puddles.

  • Archie Jay Maraño
    Archie Jay Maraño 9 days ago

    my kind of music and voice... perfect!

  • Redtub3Critic69yoass

    Loving the make up tutorial along with his beautiful voice ❤️

  • Maureen Millar
    Maureen Millar 9 days ago

    he needs to ditch the costumes and makeup .... his voice is brilliant. Nothing more needed. Love him.

  • Barbara Carroll
    Barbara Carroll 9 days ago

    I have a clown crush on this man! Everything he does is genius.....his make up and how he works it....his gestures....and of course his voice he could have made a career of, but I love he choose to ratchet it up and make his act totally original

  • IntelEstate Network, Corp.

    Gary Yost, Awesome production. Puddles is a great entertainer. Good work.

  • Janet Brien
    Janet Brien 10 days ago

    Absolutely phenomenal talent. Incredibly emotional, beautiful performance.

  • Tommy Chaos
    Tommy Chaos 10 days ago

    Over rated imo

  • Saige Connolly
    Saige Connolly 10 days ago

    Love it. Unique, weird, and strangely beautiful.

  • Aquarius Freewater
    Aquarius Freewater 10 days ago

    You should do this for round two.

  • Byron Houston
    Byron Houston 10 days ago


  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 10 days ago

    Puddles, do you read every comment for every video?

  • Devin Thomas
    Devin Thomas 10 days ago

    Im pissed ay myself for not liking all of his videos Ive watched!

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 10 days ago

    He's a great singer. Beautiful voice!!

  • Success Bahadur
    Success Bahadur 10 days ago

    he should do what a wonderful world

  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    He can win agt 2017 !!! 🙏😃

  • Iuwdbwudbvhwduivhbwduivbi iwudcbwiuecbwuic`

    Came here from agt 👌😃😂

  • Randy Eubanks
    Randy Eubanks 11 days ago

    I love tracking the camera!

  • Gary Lopez
    Gary Lopez 11 days ago

    wait. ao puddles is currently in AGT???

  • Draco Malfoy Has Free Cookies For Everyone

    I don't get the clown costume but I absolutely love it

  • phil heil
    phil heil 11 days ago

    great hidden talent wow god bless yu man

  • Breeze208
    Breeze208 11 days ago

    love this clown

  • houssem reguig
    houssem reguig 11 days ago

    puddles .! interesting

  • Danny Castillo
    Danny Castillo 11 days ago


  • Katalyzt
    Katalyzt 12 days ago

    Perfectly done. ᵔᴥᵔ ★★★★★

    I like this(Rufus Wainwright`s version of the song for the "Shrek") sang by Puddles better than the original. ;O)


  • First One
    First One 12 days ago


  • Node Pony
    Node Pony 12 days ago

    Watch out!!!!! Strigoi.


  • Priscilla Varughese
    Priscilla Varughese 12 days ago

    I wanna see how he actually looks like

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray 12 days ago

    outstanding performance

  • StreetBroadway Gaming w/friends

    It so original! I love it!

  • roche bezuidenhout
    roche bezuidenhout 12 days ago

    he reminds me of a younger meatloaf

  • King Willie
    King Willie 13 days ago

    Puddle, you are fucking brilliant artist! I wish you all the best on AGT bud.

  • Robert J. duPreez
    Robert J. duPreez 13 days ago

    Okay. first day to know you. A fan forever. thanks!

  • jcnme2020 ooo
    jcnme2020 ooo 13 days ago

    I Loved it , Absolutely Beautiful !

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