Take Out the North Korean Nut Job

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  • Courtney Alex De Blasio

    The ending is the god damn truth that not even Trump himself can admit to the nation

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 days ago

    What did you call me?

  • aboveforever
    aboveforever 6 days ago

    The pig boy is just a puppet.

  • Patricia Dolan
    Patricia Dolan 6 days ago

    America is the NUT JOB! Look at how many wars we are fighting right now and how many countries we have put to ruin. why are you encouraging more violence? American's and their bankers need to take a serious look at themselves and quit looking to other countries for the vilain. I seriously disagree with you today......

    • aboveforever
      aboveforever 6 days ago

      If you were even able to make a reply like this in North Korea, you would have two possibilites open for you.  One, you would be taken down to the river and executed with a bullet in the head.  Two, you would be sent to a "work" farm and die a slower death.In America, someone just replys to your misguided understanding of how the world works with some kind of sarcastic remark, and you move on like nothing happened.Where would you rather be living?

    • Cj R
      Cj R 6 days ago

      Patricia Dolan “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”-Edmund Burke
      I'd say a failure in the Middle East is the result of a lack of strategy and commitment on our part more than a bad cause. We fought to free that region from the Taliban and Al-Queda, which was mostly successful. It is true that ISIS controls much territory now, but that doesn't mean the United States caused it. It only means that we haven't finished or job over there yet.
      As for North Korea...well, I hope we remember that quote.

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