Binging with Babish: Fish Tacos from I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man is a timeless Rudd-Segel vehicle for comedy, romance, bromance, and for a few fleeting and beautiful moments, food porn. Fish tacos are shared amongst bros while they talk about about sex and stuff - don't you deserve the same? Show your best male-friend how much you care with a plate full of these tacos today.

Music: "Early Morning May" - Ronald Jenkees

Recipe coming soon!!

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Author vashie ( ago)
Your roommate must fucking love your cooking, Man.

Author Sal Amorelli ( ago)
I actually hate parsley

Author Michael Francis ( ago)
"Smooth but still little chunky" Hey thats my tinder bio

Author Derick Gines ( ago)
I hate cilantro too!

Author Patrik Görög ( ago)
You've got a kitchen like that, how come you have a roommate?

Author William Smith ( ago)
I made this recipe for the family, everyone loved it. You really saved my bacon. Thanks man.

Author Taylor Stokes ( ago)
"Make sure you use a protective glove, theses are toxic!"

*uses hand without glove

Author Jon Snow ( ago)
holy shit and actual flour tortilla!! good job!!

Author Emmitt Morgans ( ago)
Great video, Joben!

Author DaMajicWizard ( ago)
Where can I get this recipe?

Author geekboy123 ( ago)
thats not a Mahi

Author wwedeadman100 ( ago)
ive been binge watching them and im running out NOOOOO!!

Author Itghonn ( ago)

Author La Happy hour ( ago)
i'm sorry but that a burrito, not a taco.

Author I'm a energy drink ( ago)
This addiction started with the seshawm sauce

Author James Pawson ( ago)
But seriously, cilantro is yuck.

Author Mariano Minor ( ago)
"Tomatiious" are not toxic 😒

Author geigertron3000 ( ago)
dewd! i hate cilantro as well, but i have discovered that if you add a bunch more lime it breaks down that nasty ass taste of cilantro ... now eating cilantro sucks ... less .... i hope this comment saves someones life.

Author KaosNoKamisama ( ago)
How do you manage to get the beans to be fully coocked in so little time, considering they were dried ones and you only soaked them for so little time!!???

Author Mr Slinky dragon ( ago)
you need a cook book :)

Author dj PeK ( ago)
mexican food is soo easy and delicious

Author Zugzwang ( ago)
you my good sir have earned my sub after I binged you videos that kept poppin up in my recommendations.

Author Van Niels ( ago)
I like fish tacos with sliced cabbage

Author Alan26930 / CynohValley ( ago)
As a Mexican, yes you kinda did those tortillas the nice way, but forming them by hand only it's a tradition, next, fish tacos aren't good with mashed beans, those are more for some Arrachera, maybe some grillled meat tacos.
Next, the salsa, the tomatillos doesn't go to the oven that's freakign WRONG! Tomatillos are roasted in a pan without any grease, including the onion and the garlic, then mashing them until liquid without any water, also the pepper, jalapeño it's BAD, it's only as decoration as we say here, should use Serrano or maybe "Verde" as we call it here.
And Finally, please dear god, we make a lot of different salsas, right? Guacamole, green, red, pico de gallo, but we never meant to PUT ALL THEM FOUR IN A TACO xD

I love your channel man, but some things aren't wuite right as mexican cuisine.

Author Doctor Moook Gaming ( ago)
I have the same oven

Author The Original Trader ( ago)
Ronald Jenkees hell ya man

Author On the Pitch ( ago)
I would kill to be your roommate

Author Scott .cox ( ago)
i cant wait for you to upload a new video. i just wish i had proper cooking equipment to try these!

Author VOID ( ago)
he has a nigger roommate?

Author Patrick ( ago)
his roommate is one lucky man if he cooks for both of them

Author Matthew Speno ( ago)
Hey I think your flour measurement or google is wrong. Google said 8.5 ounces translates to a little over a cup (1.06) but I needed about 1 2/3 cups to achieve the consistency of your dough. Not sure how that happened but love your videos!

Author M Kulla ( ago)
I am also one of those people who hate cilantro.

Author Noah whitehead ( ago)
I hate Cilantro as well it taste like burnt rubber

Author annieslife ( ago)
how can you hate cilantro? it taste so good!

Author Kit Marchant ( ago)
I am a vegetarian and I still love watching all of your videos I think they are amazing. You have such an amazing voice. Please make Ramen from Naruto x

Author SE FullmetalJake ( ago)
Aren't those Tomatillo meant to be a little more yellow before eating?

Author NotFar FromHome ( ago)
Wow, your roommate must be lucky to have your dishes.

Author lemonade line ( ago)
But the Salsa wasn't RGOGSH :(

Author SamusDecides ( ago)
According to this recipe you need 87 limes. Cut in half.

Author Kyle .thomas ( ago)
I want to be his roommate😢

Author JakeTheRipper 73 ( ago)
HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE CILANTRO????? It's like citrus without citrus!

Author Kyle Ganger ( ago)
That Pico needs salt and a small amount of garlic.

Author Michael Knauer ( ago)
Damn it every time i think of a food for you to cook, you all ready have a video on it! I'll have to go into my dvd library and search for new video for you.

Author jaydee timmins ( ago)
not sure if sarcasm but tomatillos arent toxic itsa urban legend

Author isthatabear ( ago)
Bless you for adding cilantro despite not liking it.

Author Nathalia Gomez ( ago)
Favorite channel hands down! Love your videos

Author World. ( ago)
Am I the only one who puts limon on everything. At Least 90% of food I eat I have to pour limon on.

Author Zoe Lindgren ( ago)
bro this looks amazing, but a flour tortilla with a fish taco??? nah, needs to be corn

Author Olivia Lambert ( ago)
Homie knows good food when he sees it.

Author game remixes ( ago)
how are they​ toxic

Author john johnny ( ago)
..can I be your new roommate? please

Author ThatTrashyGeek ( ago)
wait limes are for margeritas. ive only used them to spread the juice over the curry n rice

Author John Limato ( ago)
Broodwich from aqua teen

Author Feefee McAdams ( ago)
Are tomateos actually toxic?

Author emmyyypop ( ago)
Your channel is incredibly inspirational! I'm a chef for a small place in England and I must admit I'm struck by so many new things to try out now, thanks to your videos!! 😀

Author Cady Qiu ( ago)
Man, I really wish I was your roommate.

Author Daddy Moist ( ago)
This one was for the bros!

Author Brayden Solt ( ago)
I see that Yamazaki scotch in the background.

Author Domo Jackson ( ago)
I wanna be your roommate ;~; so much good foood!!!

Author Tais Tai ( ago)
6 hours to make fish taco's? That's pure dedication right there.

Author Abelardo Pérez Castillo ( ago)
tomatillos are not toxic!!
-Mexican here

Author Brandon Shin ( ago)
Probably the best roommate ever

Author isabella ! ( ago)
i love you holy shit

Author Bakingbread ( ago)
In my hometown, there's a taco shop that wraps a homemade soft flour tortilla around a crispy tortilla. It adds a unique texture to the ordinary fish taco. This recipe is amazing by the way!

Author Alexander Goldman ( ago)
I've watched these videos over and over and over again and every single time I smile and get hungry. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US WITH THIS MASTERPIECE.

Author con man ( ago)
did i hear oxford comma

Author Layal Dergham ( ago)
Just imagine being this guys roomate. Delicious leftovers 24/7 and the house always smells good as shit

Author Vianey Boruel ( ago)
as a Mexican who makes tortillas by hand I have to know why and with what intent you add baking powder

Author Lotte Bouwman ( ago)

Author CharacterString ( ago)
2:05 Missed opportunity...

Half an onion, minced.
Quarter cup cilantro, minced.
Half a jalapeno, minced.
Juice of one lime, minced.

Author Jasmine Altamirano ( ago)
Spaghetti Tacos from ICarly

Author Kailyn Richardson ( ago)
Spaghetti tacos from icarly...

Author KoolKatMoney20 ( ago)
How much is "about how long it takes to drink a mexican beer?"

Author KillerStrike559 ( ago)
wait what? there toxin my mom makes me peel them by HAND

Author swhawkin ( ago)
How about the "grey stuff" from Beauty and the Beast...I hear its delicious.

Author alexcc131 ( ago)
Just imagine being his roomate and eating all the food

Author Zhenzhen Li ( ago)
It takes some seriously good karma to be your roommate

Author Casey Hughes ( ago)
I was always told you are supposed to cook fish skin side down and then sear it on the open meaty side. But I could be wrong

Author Patrick Frey ( ago)
You should open a restaurant where you make this stuff....

Author Grundle Munch ( ago)
your roommate is a nigger fyi

Author Marcus Chan ( ago)
Where can I apply to be your roommate?? hahaha

Author Isabella Rodriguez ( ago)
Your voice sounds like caramel tastes. does that even make sense???

Author Violet Brine ( ago)
I'm always surprised at how people who deal with nives rarely get cut. but then again, they make food. and food is awesome. which means they're awesome

Author Adrianna Jurek ( ago)
perhaps you have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap?

Author miss. pinky ( ago)
you should do the spaghetti taco from icarly.

Author tbh regena ( ago)
Spencer's spaghetti tacos from icarly!

Author brettyboy223 ( ago)
Dude, can I be your roommate

Author Karina Samaniego ( ago)
Tomatillos are toxic? My mom made me handle them all the time when making salsa

Author Julie Flores ( ago)
Cumin in guacamole? Lard in tortillas? No garlic in salsa? Okaaaaay.....

Author mangosquirrel117 ( ago)

Author Ima Dork ( ago)
Do some of the parent transformation food from Spirited away.

Author Noah Findlay ( ago)
you have a lucky roomate

Author jazxxvi ( ago)
a+ for making your own beans instead of can and handmade torillas with salsa im a latina and have never made my own tortillas this is inspiration

Author Gordon Hammer ( ago)
My heart always sinks when I hear that a dish has cilantro in it. I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls that is genetically incapable of enjoying cilantro. Play me a small violin, will you?

Author Enrique Guzman ( ago)
his roomate is lucky! gets to probably eat everything this guy makes! 😒 #jealous

Author Anky ( ago)
how come you didnt sear the fish skin side down first?

Author meg hannan ( ago)
Can you make the best hamburger off of How I Met Your Mother

Author DecoyDamsel ( ago)
Your roommate has extremely handsome arms lol

Author Edward Adams ( ago)
man I want this recipe

Author Stephen Coles ( ago)

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