Dragon Ball AF M.U.G.E.N - PC Game by RistaR87 & Dbzsupakid (with Download)


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This game is made by my friend Dbzsupakid & me. It has more characters then my previous DBAF game and less stages, but select menu is improved and the game looks much better, especially the stage selection. Now when you're choosing stage you have images of those stages instead of some font names. Characters are updated (english voices, palettes...). I've added english voice even for Gogeta SSJ4.
Special Thanks to my friend Dbzsupakid for a cool new Screen Pack and an awesome Stage Preview!

Don't forget to visit Dbzsupakid's channel:

Please download, play, comment and rate it! ^_^


TAGS: Dragon Ball by RistaR87 MUGEN Edition Roster GamePlay DBZ 2011 DragonBall GT AF Dragon Ball Super Multiverse Heroes Goku Vegeta Gohan Trunks Piccolo Krillin Goten Gogeta Vegetto Oozaru Frieza Cell Buu Broly Android Cooler Bardock Bojack Garlic Janemba Turles Roshi Saibaman Raditz Nappa Pan Satan Pikkon Omega Nuova Shenron Supreme Kai Super Saiyan SSJ SSJ2 SSJ3 SSJ4 SSJ5 free PC game DOWNLOAD

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Author Imanol Molas ( ago)
the song's name?

Author Magdy Nessim (141 year ago)
I have a game but not by ristar

Author Magdy Nessim (158 years ago)
I have a game but not by ristar

Author 최지완 ( ago)

Author Churos Erreape ( ago)
pana como pones para cojer aleatoriamente osea en ruleta disculpa como la

Author Mega Grill ( ago)
can someone tell me whai i need to press to do special attacks like
Please reply and tell me if you know.

Author Armandas Legis ( ago)
why deposit file that site is russian for me and i cant understand it ;-;

Author GIossary ( ago)
rofl why the hell is lord zedd in this?

Author STEFAN9484 ( ago)
can someone tell me the song name in the video game????please i really want
to know it!!

Author pangoon pls ( ago)
Because its AF

Author Nickolis MacCalla ( ago)
Excuse me, do you have a move list? or do alot of these characters not have
special moves?

Author Tyson comedy XD ( ago)
hey no goku ssj 1 and 2 and 3

Author Terrible badass Tommy Badminton79 ( ago)
this is the best shit ever.

Author KingEvilSaibot Vegeta ( ago)
aaaaa thanks

Author Kaishi Uchiha ( ago)
I believe is a fusion of broly and bojack

Author THE REAL GAMER ( ago)
wow i cant believe you people im way better then you people expect for
rista and dbzkid

Author THE REAL GAMER ( ago)
i have a difrent one its dragon ball AF

Author KingEvilSaibot Vegeta ( ago)
bojack is broly -.-

Author destoroyah2000 ( ago)
no bardock ssj?

Author Underwolrd19 ( ago)
I am outraged! in this game is missing majin tenshinhan

Author Cabrera Gamer_HD ( ago)
tiene virus

Author 2013Vegeta ( ago)
Thanks/gracias :D

Author adec avdic ( ago)
am playing on keyboard how do i make special moves and finishers?

Author MyRage IsOP ( ago)
What's The Fucking Name Of The Damn Track?

Author MrSuperdragonfist ( ago)
how to power up? and transform and special?

Author TheDBZ Goten ( ago)
hey ristar can you tell me how to do blast attacks like kamehameha

Author kamilcias195 ( ago)
what is that song? please tell me

Author gogetavladssj4 ( ago)
It's very good game! It's really fun dude! And I like really good!

Author Muhd Faqhrul ( ago)
do you want secret char look for bottom

Author aceofgaming21 ( ago)
bojack looks like broly

Author HAVOX ( ago)
how come I have different characters than these

Author Mitch Wakefield ( ago)
I want version 2 (2013 UPDATE)

Author Orion Prime ( ago)
looks awesome but the link is gone, if you could fix it that would be
awesome thx in advance if you see mine and other comments

Author Mitch Wakefield ( ago)
dude, links are broken plz upload new!!! i got some chars to send that u
could work on e.g. Kingcold and hirudagarn! great games :]]]

Author neil mcrae ( ago)
what are the control

Author TheTobi117 ( ago)
why is Pyron in it he belongs to darkstalkers

Author DarkVegeku14 ( ago)
ristar87 please link broken i need this game please, if you bring it up I

Author SuperSaiyanNaruto2 ( ago)
Well all that i know is that Dragon Ball Z is the best show ever why is
there a different character from a different show or movie in it

Author BrofesterZ MalejanaXD ( ago)
awsome !

Author Samuel Torres ( ago)

Author ThugLife TuPaC ( ago)
Say me the Great ´Powers of Limiter Cut Broly and NightMare Broly please

Author Thill Damon ( ago)
can you please give me the latest link

Author Key Borned ( ago)
Name of the song?

Author Daniel Silva ( ago)
voces gostam do broly ? eu sou fa

Author NantoShin ( ago)
Holy shit, Pyron from DarkStalkers is in Dragon Ball AF !!!

Author Dovys ( ago)
theisozone(.)com/downloads/pc/homebrew/dragonball-af-mugen/ New link guys.

Author Dovys ( ago)
Link broke,again.

Author DarkVegeku14 ( ago)
Link broken

Author Kaketsu Uchiha ( ago)
love this recently got in to playing mugen would love more characters and a
download link fix

Author Marcos Gonzalez ( ago)
link broken

Author victor salirrosas rafael ( ago)
put a link fuck this is too boring without the link

Author YoungerThanMe ( ago)
link broken+it's not in parts

Author flyboyissac1 ( ago)
link broken please can you re-up

Author Kevin Chatmajo ( ago)
link broke

Author julian kyle ( ago)

Author dan jake ( ago)
dude i downloaded this game once it it was badass but my computer broke had
to get a new one and now i cant download it :( this is what it says This
file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has
been removed due to infringement of copyright.

Author Nickolis MacCalla ( ago)
link broke

Author Edu Frances ( ago)
link broken ristar87 :(

Author Leomaster60 ( ago)
link still gone man

Author the zman ( ago)
you should make a fighter for dragon ball absolan

Author soberalldayable ( ago)
hey i was gonna download this game just for the ssj 5 goku but the link
does not work could you send me him

Author RaneStudios ( ago)
bad the download link

Author SekaiShiteru ( ago)
porfa xDDDDD hahaha, dat spanglish

Author realdeuri ( ago)
hey man tell me as porfa kamehameha grabs

Author GrandDragon2010 ( ago)
u know gogeta ssj5 and limiter cut broly are at the unseen bottom

Author GrandDragon2010 ( ago)
i see u added Gayron i mean pyron really i guess it's what u like i might
add hulk to af and juggernaught specifically to play against broly vs hulk
juggernaught vs bojack superman vs goku

Author GrandDragon2010 ( ago)
no ssj5vegeta go to to get vegeta ssj5 5 choices rar is best
sometimes when u get a file u need to teake the 2nd file within like when u
open vegeta ssj5 u might see vegetaSSJ5 CAPS or reversed and even if it is
the same it will more than likely work i suggest you get all 3 forms of
mugen i take chars from other games of mugen and add them i made dbz mugen
dtion 2011 and af invade mvc2 and mugen super heroes just to kick supermans
aeven in watch regular-kakkaroto-1-10 i own beat SM..

Author bo0bby89 ( ago)

Author Artorias of the Abyss ( ago)
?? how'd u get evil goku? and im also having problems with the controls and
theres no training mode plz link a website or tell me how to do movesets thx

Author Gogeta Goku ( ago)
It is 9 hours :(

Author crtani filmovi ( ago)
what is the name of song when selecting characters?

Author Mist4T ( ago)
my fav name eva BROJACK

Author ristar87 (1314 years ago)
New link added!!!

Author alexis barrientos ( ago)
go to training ssj4 vegita any place and opponent make the other person fly
and make vegita telaport to the other person then do vegita`s big bang
attack hes in the air like if hes flying but you can only get down by
runing or jumping once

Author alexis barrientos ( ago)
c and z at the same time then you charge up full power and do it again.
result ssj5 broly!!!

Author Augusto Queiroz ( ago)
Link Broken

Author alexis barrientos ( ago)
make vegita ssj5

Author Augusto Queiroz ( ago)
This game have virus?

Author DJGamerman ( ago)
if someone could please respond i played as nightmare broly in simu arcade
and the opponent was nightmare broly too and he transformed, how do i
transform nightmare broly?

Author ristar87 ( ago)
Under it is a download link. Please check again...

Author Kervin Cody Alforte ( ago)
Is It For Psps!?

Author MoXfy Milling ( ago)

Author GXSubbed ( ago)
Hey, do you know if there's a Gohan SSJ4, Vegetunks and a Goku Jr. SSJ for
1.0? By the way, I know you know it, but that Tarble is Gohan SSJ armor.
Bad selection for a fake Tarble.

Author alexis barrientos ( ago)
the link takes me to :(

Author Brandon Brown ( ago)
whats the song?

Author gaston garate ( ago)
guau esta mortalasooo ojala que me ade

Author Misha Stankovic ( ago)
Dragon Ball After Fall xD

Author erickascrf ( ago)
sao mais com o dbzsupakid fazendo os screenpack pra ele até eu faço um
Mugen excelente pow!

Author bleach ofisial ( ago)
yo e descargado todos tus mugen de dragon ball son geniales sige asi

Author luis godoy ( ago)
se le pueden añadir mas personajes?

Author ristar87 ( ago)
Sorry, but I don't have the old palette for him any more. Why don't you
like the new one? It's almost the same, just a big grayer (make sure press
A while you selecting him)

Author G-Kaio ( ago)
please man I need ur help .. give me the link u downloaded ssj5 goku from
it .. ( the goku ssj5 in the video )

Author G-Kaio ( ago)
oh man the game is awesome I downloaded it yasterday in my new PC .. but
why u changed the ssj5 colour .. he was better , but good game

Author IKEEMBLEM ( ago)
The SSJ4 Gohan and Trunks need some new sprites

Author ristar87 (134 years ago)
New link added!

Author ristar87 (154 years ago)
New link added!

Author taxor uzumaki (1077 years ago)
and dragonball mugen 2012?

Author alinmarian ( ago)
link broken

Author Vuong Nguyen ( ago)
can u upload the mugen in mediafire?

Author Ace ( ago)
@ristar87 Hey can you upload them to different download links because the
one you have is to hard to download from

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