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Author DarkVegeku14 (4 months)
Name of song in this videos DBGT - Welcome To The Grand Tour

Author Froozen K (5 months)
hey ristar87 do you know how to send a pm on google+ and plsss tell me how
to read a pm and plss can you do this form meee and add it in your mugen
dbaf to edit goten ssj4 like this well is a full of job well someone else
can do it too SOO GUYS PLSS :D HERE IS IT HOW SOULD IT BEE is goku type z
goku ssj4 to edit him like this 

Author justine cortez (15 days)
why deposit file -.- upload it in mediafire dude

Author Felipe simao (2 months)
How do I download the files I can not help deposti hope answers

Author Antanas Kaupas (2 months)
Hey guys. I have a problem with downloading setup it's not working for me.
Help me ? :)

Author oscar albertini (4 months)
how can i download the game?

Author Willie Swafford (2 months)
song name is megatona furioso guilty gear xx reloaded artist next

Author LDPRxPS3x1 (4 months)

Author kemy andrews (4 months)
tanks it works yay

Author G-Kaio (1 year)
oh man the game is awesome I downloaded it yasterday in my new PC .. but
why u changed the ssj5 colour .. he was better , but good game

Author realdeuri (1 year)
hey man tell me as porfa kamehameha grabs

Author AmanSingh019 (2 years)
i got this but how do u defeat nightmare broly in this version?

Author kibasoueu (2 years)
-.- this game have a new colors in characters, vegtunks is vegetto, but
with other colors ... a original characters is ssj5 goku,goten
majuub,gogeta ssj4 and blablabla

Author Nickolis MacCalla (1 year)
link broke

Author IKEEMBLEM (1 year)
The SSJ4 Gohan and Trunks need some new sprites

Author Dovys (1 year)
Link broke,again.

Author SuperSaiyanNaruto2 (1 year)
Well all that i know is that Dragon Ball Z is the best show ever why is
there a different character from a different show or movie in it

Author GrandDragon2010 (1 year)
u know gogeta ssj5 and limiter cut broly are at the unseen bottom

Author alexis barrientos (1 year)
make vegita ssj5

Author 19ewm (1 year)
Hi Ristar87 , the download link broken again...please help...

Author Fubu Prince (2 years)
can i have a dl link for goku jr cuz the 1 i downloaded wnt work

Author Khairil Iman (10 months)
do you want secret char look for bottom

Author GrandDragon2010 (1 year)
i see u added Gayron i mean pyron really i guess it's what u like i might
add hulk to af and juggernaught specifically to play against broly vs hulk
juggernaught vs bojack superman vs goku

Author ristar87 (2 years)
@Alejandrocrdn434 You need to modify it for that but I'm not sure how. Try
to find some tutorial

Author ristar87 (2 years)
@TheGriffin1999 Try again. I added new mirror download link

Author BiHanAndKuaiLiang (2 years)
Man ur awesome at these games you should try and get em on xbla or psn that
would be awesome love 2d dbz games

Author Augusto Queiroz (1 year)
This game have virus?

Author alextheanimefan123 (1 year)
link broken+it's not in parts

Author Augusto Queiroz (1 year)
Link Broken

Author Misha Stankovic (1 year)
Dragon Ball After Fall xD

Author DarkSider1051 (1 year)

Author ThugLife TuPaC (1 year)
Say me the Great ´Powers of Limiter Cut Broly and NightMare Broly please

Author ristar87 (2 years)
@datuedwardiyves I can't. Mugen works only on PC, Wii and maybe PS3

Author NantoShin (1 year)
Holy shit, Pyron from DarkStalkers is in Dragon Ball AF !!!

Author grffin neff (2 years)
How come i cant diwnload this

Author Loopedchip (2 years)
@ristar87 Can you make a new version of AF with diff. kind of music and
more characters?

Author GIossary (5 months)
rofl why the hell is lord zedd in this?

Author HAVOX (11 months)
how come I have different characters than these

Author SekaiShiteru (1 year)
porfa xDDDDD hahaha, dat spanglish

Author dan jake (1 year)
dude i downloaded this game once it it was badass but my computer broke had
to get a new one and now i cant download it :( this is what it says This
file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has
been removed due to infringement of copyright.

Author destoroyah2000 (8 months)
no bardock ssj?

Author Underwolrd19 (8 months)
I am outraged! in this game is missing majin tenshinhan

Author yulinho montes conde (1 year)
el archivo no existe pon otro link por favor rista :'(

Author sotona mefisto (1 year)
what is the name of song when selecting characters?

Author Edu Frances (1 year)
link broken ristar87 :(

Author MrSuperdragonfist (9 months)
how to power up? and transform and special?

Author bleach ofisial (1 year)
yo e descargado todos tus mugen de dragon ball son geniales sige asi

Author Mitch Wakefield (11 months)
I want version 2 (2013 UPDATE)

Author leonardo42266 (2 years)
Hi ristar i can help you create characters, but i do not know create the
characters i could say how to create as vegita with wings and with the
transformation of super sayajin 3 to 4 i can help you ?

Author G-Kaio (2 years)
so cool game so cool !!!

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