One Moment in Time - Lookpong V17 - AF4

One Moment in Time - Lookpong V17 - AF4

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Author bee likhit ( ago)
กลับมาฟังใหม่ปี 2016

Author Teekayu ( ago)
อ้าว.. ปีนี้2014 ... ลูกโปง
นักร้องที่แฟนคลับยกให้เป็นอันดับ1ของประเทศไทย..... หายไปไหนแล้วหว่า?
หรือซุ่มทำซิงเกิ้ลอยู่นะ 5555 ซุ่มนานเกิ้น

Author samon siammai ( ago)
ฟังได้ตลอด ไม่เบื่อเลย

Author hehey honeyna ( ago)

Author Leng Nattanakicharoen ( ago)
รักพี่ลูกโป่งมาก. เสียงดีร้องเพราะ นิสัยน่ารักดี. ชอบรักเลย

Author Rushchanon Kongthong (คุณชายรัชชานนท์) ( ago)
เสียงทรงพลังมาก ^^

Author Tatdanai Kitjawat ( ago)
anyone who attempts to sing any of whitney's songs is very brave. she's
good, very nice belting range, but still need to control those top notes...

Author tplothe1 ( ago)
Well done!

Author Mizun Tzu ( ago)
แหมอาต้อยยิ้มหวานเลย 5555 ลูกโป่งทำได้ดีมาก ชอบมาก

Author Minzy C ( ago)
@johnfzp Stop stupid comparing.....everybody has different
perfomance.....but that's not mean you should comparing them in that way!!

Author Uraiwan acid ( ago)
พี่ลูกโป่งร้องเพลงเพราะมากกก ชอบเสียงพี่เค้า

Author Rose-Scented Hourglass ( ago)
ลูกโป่งร้องเพลงนี้แล้วกลายเป็นเพลงป็อปไปเลย อยากให้ลองฟังcharice 

Author Kim Halua ( ago)
ถ้างั้น ของแบบนี้เอามาเทียนกันไม่ได้นะคับ 

Author Nonnich Perry ( ago)
@HS1PDY ใช่แล้วครับ !!!!!!!!!

Author Rhea Castro ( ago)
@safe049 Excuse me... What do you want to say??.. Hello my friend, check
your grammar, check writtings ok.. Those who criticize others often are not
perfect, either. 

Author Kanok Chantrasmi ( ago)
เห็นรุ่นเก่าๆ ร้องกัน แล้วอยากให้รุ่นใหม่ๆ ดูเป็นตัวอย่างบ้าง

Author Kaweewat Thongdee ( ago)
I love this song and i like you lookpong. good job.

Author kim ratta ( ago)
ไม่ได้เป้นแฟนคลับนะครับ แต่ขอบอกว่าสำเนียงดีจังเลย

Author Pichanon Sawangrod ( ago)

Author Boat Natamorn ( ago)
beautiful song lovu u .. Lookpong ^^

Author Romebua ( ago)
I salude her due to English is not her mother tongue. It is great for Thai
style. She sang by her style. She is great singer, I think. Ask yourself
that can you singing the other language? And is it good?

Author Gilberto Henrique ( ago)
Voz Linda ,

Author Raiwin Srivihok ( ago)
I've have seen her live and this video is nothing like it..she sings really
good..and I mean REALLY especially when English is not her first
language..and plus Simon Cowell is not really that good of a judge..only
pea brains listens to him

Author Chris Atkinson ( ago)
yeah w/e....

Author wonderv8 (1128 years ago)
watch this one: /watch?v=AZtyYGS5rGY&feature=related

Author Max Ng ( ago)
Marvellous ... but try to look at Whitney Houston's performance you will
know that there is another higher mountain in the world.

Author DAN ( ago)
เอ้า โดนด่ายังไม่รู้ตัวอีก อีโง่

Author Xrickung Porntep ( ago)
ด่าตัวเองอีกแล้วว.... จริงๆก็รู้ข้อเสียตัวเองดีนี่นะ
สงสัยตอนพิมพ์คงกำลังนั่งส่องกระจกอยู่ เห็นภาพเลยจริงๆนะเนี่ย 5555+
ด่าอีกเยอะๆนะ ชอบ อยากดังอ่ะ อิอิ

Author Xrickung Porntep ( ago)
อย่ามาแสดงความโง่ให้คนอื่นเห็น มันทุเรศ ด่าตัวเองเป็นด้วย 555+ คุณ
spencershoe ปล่อยเกรียนไปเถอะครับ

Author Just Laoal ( ago)
ไม่ได้จะบอกว่าร้องเพลงไม่ได้นะ แต่เราว่าเธอเลือกเพลงใหญ่เกินตัวไปกระมัง?

Author snowytte ( ago)
regine velasquez was, is and will still be the voice to beat in Asia... i
hope lookpong can acquire regine's vocal control and power. no one can defy
the fact that lookpong can be the regine velasquez of thailand soon....
watch and learn! haha...

Author DAN ( ago)
เป็นเหี้ยอะไรของมึงเนี่ย กูอยากด่ามึงจะทำไม

Author Queennaly ( ago)
ที่แท้เป็นแฟนคลับ เดอร์ดาว ทำเปนมาว่าเค้า ไม่เหนมีใครร้องได้งี่สักคน

Author jissy110 ( ago)
one thing for sure.....she can sing!!

Author Pannisa Leetavorn ( ago)
her voice is not badd!!! Those people who r saying dat her voice is bAD CAN

Author NicsMayer ( ago)
Regine fans so annoying..keep telling asian your unknown singers...why
don't u just watch the show here...btw She's good...

Author snowytte ( ago)
another regine velasquez link: Keyword: REGINE-SONGBIRD SINGS LEGRAND 2 :)

Author snowytte ( ago)
Copy and Paste: 1. Regine Velasquez -- HighER Notes !!! 2. Regine Velasquez
- The Legend (Part 1) 3. Regine Velasquez - The Legend (Part 2) 4. Regine
Velasquez: Studio V.S Live BELTS 5. Vocal Capabilities of Regine Velasquez
These links will bring some inputs for thailand's rising and PHENOMENAL
diva - LOOKPONG!!!

Author hanzzzou (883 years ago)
Too bad it´s a whole tone lower than the original...

Author Ananda Obchoey ( ago)
She is Thai not philippines

Author แม่ชีหืเกี่ยวลวด ( ago)
she is thailand so good

Author FHED BOI ( ago)
thanks kakap

Author Bella Jackson ( ago)
by the way, for those who said Charice did a better job. please know that
she used lip-synch and it's so obvious!!

Author Bella Jackson ( ago)
since english's not her first language, i think she did quite a good job.
so don't question on her accent.

Author Namo Tusa ( ago)

Author nat theDIVAS ( ago)
lookpong I'll give all ny heart to u!!Just believe in your dream and doing
more voice lesson.I'm sure u can kick out all the stupid and loser that
look down on our thai nation pride.....Go to hell all the phillipines u're
just the colony country ,the corcasian's pets LOL!!!!!!!!!

Author nat theDIVAS ( ago)
what a loserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!LOL What a forgetable no history
country Loser go back to speak and write in your own colony and servant
language and alphabet and stop trying to be the corcasian people by singing
in english cause u don't have your own culture !!!!u 're fucking white
people servants.That's all u can be so!!!! be it!!

Author nat theDIVAS ( ago)
Philipines you're suckiest!the only reason that made u sing english song
better than thai is because u're a loser calony of Spain have no pride !No
cultural and even no your own alphabet LOL!!!!

Author Chris Atkinson ( ago)
Probably a computer from thailand...

Author nightworg ( ago)
shes pretty mediocore as a singer..but its not that bad...If you hear
Charice version you never come back to her again

Author same som ( ago)

Author reynan ville ( ago)
i agree to u cizcan43,peace ya all,keep it up lookpong...god bless

Author BkksouL ( ago)
Her vocal skills are nothing to brag about compared to Patcha, who not only
has more charismatic stage presence but can also hold a tune. P.S. Lookpong
-- it's called singing, not screaming.

Author Chris Atkinson ( ago)
Ye fuck u behlat! Thailand gets more torists than the bloody philipenes! =P
U bloody creep!

Author revel671 ( ago)
hey, stop sowing hate among thais and filipinos, both nations have their
unique culture to be proud and be respected...

Author irvinetustin ( ago)

Author bankk ( ago)

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
Jealous of your country!?!...ooh you might want to go back and read all
over again(^___^)

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
what ever it is ..The truth is the famous internatioal singer never be a
fillipino...admit that .. they're only can go big and accepted in your
country paulajanemadjid

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
so go back there .. i hate fippines bad

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
i watching her not her fun but i admire what she's doing .. but LOOK AT YOU your heart man

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
i guess 36176258 get only hate all your life that's why you great about
hate ppl so much..

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
yeah i agree w/u that 36176258 need to learn how to love..poor guy

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
yeah i'm thai and i'm proud of thatiland ..let's get rid of fillipine from
this page

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
i'm enjoy her show her voice her talent her dream and so proud that she's
THAI not the place where PAULAJANEMADjid came from.. i guess every where in
your country must be undevelope cuz people always compare . also there's
Hate ,Selfcenter..oh so poor Paulajanemadjid. come to Thailand and might
learn how to LOVE. I just say might be cuz You too dump to learn about
Great heart.

Author Apple Duangpatra ( ago)
you're one poor fillipino

Author รัมภา บางพลัด ( ago)
goog singer

Author vasherns ( ago)
Sasukekung don't generalize Filipinos are dumb, I am Filipino but i am not

Author vasherns ( ago)
Paulajanemadjidm you are filipino?

Author Jeannie Rakamnuaykit ( ago)
ALRIGHT She's THAI THAIIIIIIIIIII NOT Fillipino and i'm not dissing anyone
- but are one MORON to be saying that Filipinos are
better than thais. because you know what? I'm THAI, not FILIPINO, and I'm
proud. NO going to change that.

Author emmagpies ( ago)
you must ask yourself first. Can you pronounce "T". Can Filipinos pronounce

Author emmagpies ( ago)
Why Filipinos must tell everybody that they better than everyone or every
countries in south east Asia maybe in Asia? This is Thai singer from
academy fantasia in Thailand. and She's Thai. Thai people never compare
with Filipinos. We're Thai . We have own language. we have own alphabet. We
have own culture. We proud to be Thai.

Author Connie B. ( ago)
(Breath in relief)This is waaaay better then her rendition of "And I am
Telling you I am not Going" (which quite frankly, is horrible). Still sound
very amateur but I think she did good singing this song. She can improve.

Author Missi Dec ( ago)
she's good...hmmmmm

Author Hachie Simon ( ago)
not good, i like the voice of philippines!

Author directxte ( ago)
Great voice & personality Love u ja Lookpong ^^

Author zenithbeach ( ago)
really good!

Author reira7 ( ago)
The real winner you are!

Author pppgg ( ago)
thank you so mucb

Author Sermsak Sukhon ( ago)
Lookpong you're rock!!

Author chitpol ( ago)
lookpong and Music are much better than the winner

Author reira7 ( ago)
the real best AF4 is you! gambatte ne~

Author Varunya Boonchuchauy ( ago)
You're awesomeeee! Lookpong. All the best and Luck.

Author Jan Suwankun ( ago)
You are the BEST!!!

Author rosabieng ( ago)
Fantastic! You don't need to be the AF's winner 'cause you are already a

Author Bhidak I ( ago)
Good performance. I wish I could see Nat singing Cup of Life. I heard he
danced like Shakira despite singing Ricky Martin!

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