One Moment in Time - Lookpong V17 - AF4

One Moment in Time - Lookpong V17 - AF4

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 4:55
Comments: 150

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Uploaded by: Suthee Pruk
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Author Teekayu (6 months)
อ้าว.. ปีนี้2014 ... ลูกโปง
นักร้องที่แฟนคลับยกให้เป็นอันดับ1ของประเทศไทย..... หายไปไหนแล้วหว่า?
หรือซุ่มทำซิงเกิ้ลอยู่นะ 5555 ซุ่มนานเกิ้น

Author samon siammai (1 year)
ฟังได้ตลอด ไม่เบื่อเลย

Author oreoblabla (6 years)
I am her fanclub, i know her, she is THAI!!!!!!!,

Author Apple Duangpatra (7 years)
i'm enjoy her show her voice her talent her dream and so proud that she's
THAI not the place where PAULAJANEMADjid came from.. i guess every where in
your country must be undevelope cuz people always compare . also there's
Hate ,Selfcenter..oh so poor Paulajanemadjid. come to Thailand and might
learn how to LOVE. I just say might be cuz You too dump to learn about
Great heart.

Author Max Ng (6 years)
Marvellous ... but try to look at Whitney Houston's performance you will
know that there is another higher mountain in the world.

Author same som (7 years)

Author thaiboi10 (7 years)

Author Nonnich Perry (4 years)
@HS1PDY ใช่แล้วครับ !!!!!!!!!

Author s9859589 (6 years)
she is thailand so good

Author strongthaiblood (6 years)
bloody pinoi.if u guys the best why the heck on earth pinois are working
here in Thailand ?? back to ur own country.

Author pellegrino131 (4 years)

Author NIRISSA (6 years)
she did a great job :D and she is THAI not filipino dont be confused :)
Thai can speak english too cus we learn in school and your filipino the
reason why u can speak english well cus u were colony before.. Too many
Filipino in thailand nowday do you know why??? mang e puak pinoy

Author Kaweewat Thongdee (4 years)
I love this song and i like you lookpong. good job.

Author johnfzp (4 years)
Zara Larsson version is better

Author vasherns (7 years)
Sasukekung don't generalize Filipinos are dumb, I am Filipino but i am not

Author Nineee (6 years)
ที่แท้เป็นแฟนคลับ เดอร์ดาว ทำเปนมาว่าเค้า ไม่เหนมีใครร้องได้งี่สักคน

Author emmagpies (7 years)
Why Filipinos must tell everybody that they better than everyone or every
countries in south east Asia maybe in Asia? This is Thai singer from
academy fantasia in Thailand. and She's Thai. Thai people never compare
with Filipinos. We're Thai . We have own language. we have own alphabet. We
have own culture. We proud to be Thai.

Author wizkaz16 (4 years)
still charice pempengco is way better than this girl...but I also admit
that Lookpong has a good voice quality..more practice and she can be a good
diva someday!

Author babycutenarak (6 years)

Author telle19 (7 years)
36176258....I just know her not even 1 day and how could I like/love her? I
just commenting as a neutral person. She did great. It's not because we
like/love her made us said she's good. I think its because you hate her
that made you bashed her!!

Author Xrickung Porntep (6 years)
ด่าตัวเองอีกแล้วว.... จริงๆก็รู้ข้อเสียตัวเองดีนี่นะ
สงสัยตอนพิมพ์คงกำลังนั่งส่องกระจกอยู่ เห็นภาพเลยจริงๆนะเนี่ย 5555+
ด่าอีกเยอะๆนะ ชอบ อยากดังอ่ะ อิอิ

Author lovepyou (7 years)
Well, this is a very hard song sung by the greatest singer (Whitney
Houston), as a compliment, if we don't compare her to the one, she also did
a great job. But I think she should lower the key. Maybe, it comes better
than this.

Author Namo Tusa (6 years)

Author Rushchanon Kongthong (2 years)
เสียงทรงพลังมาก ^^

Author Bithciezerelity (5 years)
คนไทยยอมรับความจริงไม่ค่อยได้ :-) เพลงนี้ดีกว่า And im เยอะเลยค่ะ
ฟังสบายหูกว่ากันเยอะ แต่สำเนียงก็ไม่ดีอย่างฝรั่งว่านั่นแหละ

Author รัมภา หทัยธรรม (7 years)
goog singer

Author crazysingerboy (6 years)
vania - one moment in time BETTER :D

Author kyhalf (7 years)
wow, you are fine and you can sing, keep it up.

Author mayloveu123 (7 years)

Author vanwow (4 years)

Author NicsMayer (6 years)
Regine fans so annoying..keep telling asian your unknown singers...why
don't u just watch the show here...btw She's good...

Author srwin (6 years)
ok listen philippines is not rich country but in usa ther are so many
pilipino living ther indonesia malaysia and thailand are very rare in
middle east japan and europe they like pilipinos i dont know why? a little
bit job i guest?

Author Xrickung Porntep (6 years)
อย่ามาแสดงความโง่ให้คนอื่นเห็น มันทุเรศ ด่าตัวเองเป็นด้วย 555+ คุณ
spencershoe ปล่อยเกรียนไปเถอะครับ

Author jissy110 (6 years)
one thing for sure.....she can sing!!

Author jamesgimony (4 years)
shes good in singing..but this wasnt good enough,more practice..

Author bankk (7 years)

Author Apple Duangpatra (7 years)
yeah i'm thai and i'm proud of thatiland ..let's get rid of fillipine from
this page

Author kwsoblue (7 years)
ชอบลูกโป่ง แต่เบื่อพวกแฟนคลับไม่รับความจริง

Author Bhidak I (7 years)
Good performance. I wish I could see Nat singing Cup of Life. I heard he
danced like Shakira despite singing Ricky Martin!

Author Pannisa Praneeprachachon (6 years)
her voice is not badd!!! Those people who r saying dat her voice is bAD CAN

Author Chris Atkinson (6 years)
Probably a computer from thailand...

Author chitpol (7 years)
lookpong and Music are much better than the winner

Author Uraiwan fonacid (4 years)
พี่ลูกโป่งร้องเพลงเพราะมากกก ชอบเสียงพี่เค้า

Author rottugangur (6 years)
well thai used to go school in the philippines and still do till today.
what if we tell you to go learn somewhere ells.

Author Hachie Simon (7 years)
not good, i like the voice of philippines!

Author lovepyou (7 years)
Yeah, I hope so. and because I like this song very much, so that I may
speak too much details, but that would be good for her though. To know the
truth is to improve the skills.

Author scrabbleface (6 years)
i was flipping thru youtube and then i arrived here. i'm just glad she sang
in english otherwise i wouldn't have understood her. at first i thought she
was half-filipino who probably grew up in thailand but then i read the
comments here saying she's just thai. okay. objectively speaking, she
pronounced some words wrong although i could see her efforts. and it's
harder to sing in a language that isn't your native yet she managed to put
feelings/emotions in the song so that's a good thing.

Author wonderv8 (5 years)
watch this one: /watch?v=AZtyYGS5rGY&feature=related

Author snowytte (6 years)
regine velasquez was, is and will still be the voice to beat in Asia... i
hope lookpong can acquire regine's vocal control and power. no one can defy
the fact that lookpong can be the regine velasquez of thailand soon....
watch and learn! haha...

Author cizcan43 (7 years)
To All Filipinos: C'mon, Lookpong is the best singer in Thailand,and so the
Thais are also very proud of her. So, please let's give her our warm
appreciation,ok? After all she gave her all singing this song.Let's be
proud she is also Asian. As a Pinoy, I apologize for all the bad remarks my
kababayan said here.Peace and mabuhay to Thailand's pride!!

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