Ullmann "Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Rilke"

Viktor Ullmann was a composer who served as a soldier in World War I. From 1942 to 1944 he was imprisoned in the concentration camp Theresienstadt/Terezín. There he composed a lot of music for the "Freizeitgestaltung". Among that compositions are "Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke/The Lay of Love and Death of the Cornet Christoph Rilke" written in 1944. In a lot of his musical work composed in Theresienstadt Ullmann used his experience of World War I, the best example for that is his opera "The Emperor of Atlantis or The Death-Refusal". This production of ARBOS - Company for Music and Theater is presented at the former frontline of World War I between Italy and Austria at the Valentinalm near the Plöckenpass. In This videoclip Rupert Bergmann performs the character of the Cornet and Alfred Melichar performs the music of Ullmann on the accordion

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