It's Always Sunny in the GOP

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  • Sol Vitriol
    Sol Vitriol 16 hours ago

    "donald trump wins the presidency"

  • Biased Eisenkiller
    Biased Eisenkiller 12 days ago

    What a time to be alive

  • Matthew
    Matthew 14 days ago

    This video aged well.

  • metalmugen
    metalmugen 2 months ago

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason Trump won.

  • A Person...
    A Person... 2 months ago

    I'm laughing then I remembered reality so that turned into crying and puking

  • DanComedy
    DanComedy 5 months ago

    You're in LEMMiNO's video!!

  • DekuStickGamer
    DekuStickGamer 5 months ago

    And now look at us.

  • Tom Leben
    Tom Leben 5 months ago

    what was the music at 0:23?

  • Truculent
    Truculent 6 months ago


  • Chris zosh
    Chris zosh 6 months ago

    Who's laughing now?! Answer: Likely someone somewhere

  • Alex Nardelli
    Alex Nardelli 6 months ago

    Its even better now that hes the president

  • Elliot Rodger
    Elliot Rodger 7 months ago


  • The Crobat Cave
    The Crobat Cave 7 months ago

    0:22 has to be played at 0.5 now.

  • MetaWulfTV
    MetaWulfTV 7 months ago

    Everyone pissed that trump won.85% of you did not Vote

  • Clemence Grumble
    Clemence Grumble 7 months ago

    Genius, my fellow.

  • JJ41890
    JJ41890 7 months ago

    The guy in the video is Keith Ellison, and he's being supported by Bernie Sanders to become the leader of the DNC. I hope he gets it.

  • Grant Cronin
    Grant Cronin 7 months ago

    This is due an update.

  • Luke Preston
    Luke Preston 7 months ago


  • hamish hill
    hamish hill 7 months ago


  • steelers8279
    steelers8279 7 months ago

    little did we know.

  • Joe Quinn
    Joe Quinn 7 months ago

    Not sure if still funny or just sad

  • AlphaHawkP
    AlphaHawkP 7 months ago

    Who's laughing now, fuckers?

  • Hyp0thermia
    Hyp0thermia 7 months ago

    Well, uh, I think we all know why we are all here.

  • Stalysfa
    Stalysfa 7 months ago


  • danielvutran
    danielvutran 7 months ago


  • Conky
    Conky 7 months ago


  • Jack Duripper
    Jack Duripper 7 months ago

    They laughed, until it happened

  • udahluser
    udahluser 7 months ago


  • Nathab Jones
    Nathab Jones 7 months ago

    gg the end is nigh

  • Alex2077
    Alex2077 7 months ago

    Coming back to this video now. Perfect.

  • Piscaso
    Piscaso 7 months ago


  • ApplesPapples
    ApplesPapples 8 months ago

    Liberal officials and media personalities were in general supremely arrogant cunts this election cycle.

  • silencyne
    silencyne 10 months ago

    Crying 😂

  • Desireè Norwood
    Desireè Norwood 10 months ago

    Literally everyone this month, last year

  • nmbr4 lizard
    nmbr4 lizard 10 months ago

    funny as fuck i hope we get tons of these

  • Leandro Vieira
    Leandro Vieira 10 months ago

    Hi. Sorry for my bad english

  • Agiri
    Agiri 11 months ago

    The way that woman laughs makes me think she's the most insufferable bitch I've ever seen

    • pUSSYcREAM
      pUSSYcREAM 2 months ago

      dee you bitch

    • Agiri
      Agiri 11 months ago

       damn you're right

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      Don't assume things. She might be the SECOND most insufferable bitch you've ever seen.

  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 11 months ago

    i love the shit out of these always sunny cold opening edits, just in general

  • InfectedSoup
    InfectedSoup 11 months ago

    sorry for being stupid, so this is way before trump became the chosen republican candidate?

  • WiFi Luke
    WiFi Luke 11 months ago

    This is so fucking hilarious, and exactly why Trump ended up leading the republican ticket

    • WiFi Luke
      WiFi Luke 10 months ago

      hahah mitch cady, yeah, spectating this shit from outside of the us is actually hilarious

      And then i realize that whoever wins will affect me all the way in sweden too... which feels really shitty

      anyways dude hope you have a nice day.

    • Mitch Cady
      Mitch Cady 10 months ago

      30,000 emails.

  • Mohamed Algazzali
    Mohamed Algazzali 11 months ago

    Holy shit you're brilliant!

  • Spencer Woody
    Spencer Woody 11 months ago


  • Reuven White
    Reuven White 11 months ago

    It would be just a hair better if the title was different and didn't include "Always sunny", because the surprise makes it great haha. Awesome video!

  • PopeOwned
    PopeOwned 11 months ago

    Thank you to everyone who has been enjoying this video! You're more than welcome to check out any of my old works, if you wish.
    Thanks again!

    • Tom Leben
      Tom Leben 5 months ago

      what was the music you added in?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 8 months ago

      Haha, thank you! As soon as I saw that clip, I knew it had to be done.

    • Bruner4Life
      Bruner4Life 8 months ago

      Dude this is some comedy genius, I'm real impressed man!

  • SulaimanamialuS
    SulaimanamialuS 11 months ago

    the smug laughter and yet overblown coverage is what they did and got Trump to this point. dumb clowns. But much respect to Rep Keith Ellison.

    • Jeremy Risberg
      Jeremy Risberg 4 days ago


    • Daniel Patten
      Daniel Patten 8 days ago

      SulaimanamialuS despite his amazing hindsight they still don't make him the chair of the dems

  • Paisley
    Paisley 11 months ago


  • John Jacques
    John Jacques 11 months ago

    This is beautiful, in a horrifying way.

    • Austin EXE
      Austin EXE 7 months ago

      hes presedent

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      That can sum up the whole election, honestly.

  • bensas42
    bensas42 11 months ago


  • indigojack99
    indigojack99 11 months ago

    Well done. Pretty funny how sure they all are. They seem so arrogant especially looking back on it.

    • The Hanged Man
      The Hanged Man 7 months ago

      Enjoy being thrown out of a helicopter, leftist scum.

    • indigojack99
      indigojack99 8 months ago

      +Dylan Thomas For sure. This election is pretty farcical, but none the less they were all so certain that it wouldn't happen that they laughed about someone even suggesting it.

    • Dylan Thomas
      Dylan Thomas 8 months ago

      I don't see it as arrogant at all. Donald Trump is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the republican party and to the presidential office. The always sunny part doesnt just end when the video does. Were living in something that a TV writer might come up with.

    • mOnK27640
      mOnK27640 11 months ago

      you should sent it to them on twitter rustle their jimmies a little lol

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      I wonder if they'll ever see this video, haha

  • cb0nez
    cb0nez 11 months ago

    amazing. what date is this clip from? how far we've come since then...

    • Gott mit uns
      Gott mit uns 11 months ago

      If July, 2016 was almost a year ago for you, then that's the only logical conclusion.

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      +Gott mit uns How did you find out?

    • Gott mit uns
      Gott mit uns 11 months ago

      are you a time traveler?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago


    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      July 26, 2016. Almost a year ago...

    SANAFABICH 11 months ago

    This is so well put together that ain't even gonna troll. Am I getting soft?

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      Perhaps. There are pills for that sort of thing.

  • Brayden C
    Brayden C 11 months ago

    this is perfect

    • PopeOwned
      PopeOwned 11 months ago

      Thank you! I thought it went well together.

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