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Woman: Sometimes all this, like namby pamby like, "I want to kiss you real soft, girl, like we making love." Okay really, no. It's not that kind of hookup. Sometimes you just want to, like, "I'm wanna go for it," and you want, you just wanna like, eat someone alive.

Man: Sometimes you're on, like, a dock of a bay and sometimes you just want to go at it.

Woman: You wanna go at it! You wanna Great White Shark someone.

Man: Yeah.

Woman: Not just like tiny, little, nibbly fish thing.

Man: No not like Finding Nemo. You wanna Great White Shark your face.

Woman: Right. So ladies, I have said this over and over again. But let the man take the lead when it comes to kissing. If you want a guy to kiss you hard, you don't have to be like, tongue and mouth! You want to give him cues that is going to make him step up his kissing game to give you what you want. Because that's kind of the theme of a relationship.

You don't want to, like, come out and tell a man what you want. "I want you to buy me a present!" You want to do subtle little things that's going to make him want to buy to buy you a present. I know. We're like witches. We're like, crazy witchcraft, voodoo.

So if you want a guy to kiss you harder, here are my two tips. Put your hand in his hair. Just like snake it right back and pull his hair. Not like by the ends, because that hurts. Put your hand in his hair and like close your fist. So that just pulls the hair tight without hurting. It kind of stimulates his scalp follicles

Man: Mum huh.

Woman: See, when his eyes closed? Like a puppy. Also, take him by the shirt and pull him towards you. Not in like a, "I'm gonna rip it off him." This isn't like a wrestling move. Just twist it just a little bit and pull him closer. Men are used to women being very like subtle. So if you do things that are just a little bit above average in terms of aggressiveness, he's gonna get the message. And guys, you have a role to play of your own.

Man: As soon as you feel that the girl is tugging, or tugging on the hair, that's your cue to be like, "Okay, now it's time to take it, the aggression level up one or two notches." So when she grabs the shirt and the hair, it goes from the Finding Nemo kisses which are. Then she gives you the cue which are, "I love that."

Woman: Uh huh.

Man: Great White Shark.

Woman: Uh huh. Uh huh.

Man: Makes sense?

Woman: You're not trying to eat each other alive. You're trying to just get a little bit closer. So let your body do that, not necessarily just your mouth.

Man: Do you see how we were all getting closer?

Woman: Yeah, well. Let's show it again.

Man: Let's just do it again. Alright. Cue. Okay.

Woman: Just. Yeah. Here we go.

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Author Monika Gupta ( ago)
And also like the guy had the girls lipstick over his mouth 😂😂

Author Monika Gupta ( ago)
How do they kiss like ever single day

Author Lena Kradjian ( ago)
everyone knows what happened next😏😏😌

Author David Pantooja ( ago)

Author Fluffie Bubbles ( ago)
For the sicko who's going through my internet history:
1) get out of my internet history
2) I am here for educational purposes

Author Amey Sarin ( ago)
Can I kiss you

Author Artūrs Jurkovskis ( ago)
They're eating eachother

Author Christina Souris ( ago)

Author Christina Souris ( ago)
i've reached new lows

Author Midnight Wolf ( ago)
It looked like he was trying to eat her face off 😂😂😂

Author Kate Pearce ( ago)
bet the man is enjoying his life lol

Author Fluffie Bubbles ( ago)
That looks intense😰

Author Naia Meyers ( ago)
His head is small af

Author InSaNe ZoMbIe2 ( ago)
I don't want to finding Nemo you I want to fining dory you

Author faitj marjes ( ago)
2:35 you can see that she clearly wanted to keep going

Author Hannah Deeley ( ago)
I'm literally just watching all these "How to Kiss" videos because I'm planning on kissing my crush (who's a girl as well) in our cabin on high school camp at the Capricorn Caves (which is in Australia)... 😂😊😍

Author Wilbert Best ( ago)

Author Gaming with DarnedCar389841 ( ago)
Goals!!!!!Am i right?💋

Author Mr. Lol ( ago)
They seemed to have some physics between each other

Author Spotty Sneeky ( ago)
person behind the camera: *eats nachos*

Author Gracie Belle ( ago)
I was watching kid fails and suddenly 30 min later I'm here😂

Author moviecast ( ago)
Where can I find a leopard print dress like that for my girlfriend? Respond to moviecast.

Author EarthshakerChild ( ago)
What if your black and you don't have a high top?

Author Sticktight Constant ( ago)
Omg i freaking exploded at 2:22 when he said, "and she gives you the cue which are.." then she tugged on his hair and shirt, and then he like kinda let his eyes droop, and took a deep breath and said, 'I love that," and that was awesome. i swear. im dying here, and i dont have a bf so idk why im watching these vids, but thats one reason. great connection

Author imablink ツ ( ago)
what the f* I'm doing here? Hahaha I'm just watching Kpop and I don't know how did I get here😂😕

Author KingPanda1337 ( ago)
How did I get here from searching up "How to make Mustard"?

Author Jon Snow ( ago)
she's so wet.

Author IsabelleBeauty xo ( ago)
he looks like James franco

Author Marosi Zoltán ( ago)
My first kiss on a girl's lips was great, but afterwards, disaster!

Author Coke boy Nunu ( ago)
i kissed a girl but she was all on me to dominate i was like wtf

Author Dasianay Perkins ( ago)
this is nina-🦄

she is lonely



Author Alican Balık ( ago)
why am l here and how is this video recommended in my homepage. l was watching Donald J Trump's videos...

Author Abood Madani ( ago)
sounds ekhgee

Author pato mullers ( ago)
howtobasic have better tutorial

Author Wooo ooo ( ago)
they smash after every video

Author Nandy ramos ( ago)
i was watching chess videos how the hell did i get hear...! seems like the pawn and the queen making out...!

Author 700lb Ripped Lenny ( ago)
And this how u get herpies

Author Eva otoole otoole ( ago)
what age are you aiming at

Author نجمه ألماس ( ago)
ليه ما تفصخون

Author Laveda Owusu ( ago)
Is he trying to swallow her?

Author Luis Zamora ( ago)
Are those two people fell in love with each other and that's why the guy is with that lady?

Author Chloe Vannier ( ago)
Wtf am i doing here

Author Pia Schmidt ( ago)
Previous tooth experimental skin roof block sell vital.

Author Maggie Paul ( ago)
this makes me mad

Author Abdur Rahim Raju ( ago)
I wanna kiss you

Author Hunny Bits ( ago)
YouTube is trying to tease me cuz I'm single by putting this on my recommended page

Author Leonardo DiCaprio fan ( ago)
wait a second, just realised that i don't have a girlfriend ,still i got here somehow.... now feeling really bad

Author Lifes Atest ( ago)
well,where Can I find the Full video,I mean.....

Author Lolzholz ( ago)
Does anyone else see a bit of James Franco in him? Lol

Author Harmony Shepherd ( ago)
The way he looks at her AWHHH

Author Helen Jane ( ago)
"Great white shark your face" 😂😂 wtf

Author Hi Jack ( ago)
Next Video: How to Motorboat like a pro

Author Rebbeca Rose ( ago)
Damn, how did I end up here?😂

Author Rebbeca Rose ( ago)
Damn, how did I end up here?😂

Author Kauã Vitor ( ago)
i'm still a ugly nerd

Author Jason Blank ( ago)
how do i look like him?

Author Ella Hagen ( ago)
Dude i started watching supersize vs super skinny and then I suddenly landed on water birth videos and now I'm here Wtf

Author Mike Simoes ( ago)
acho que cortaram o video.. porque rolou uma "trepadinha" depois dessa ultima cena aí tlgd... kkkkk

Author Saneh Chand ( ago)

Author Dez Bryant ( ago)
I was watching funny Cats....the hell i end up here ? lol

Author Mac Neil ( ago)
I think they should do an updated version of these videos now that times have changed

Author Hanifa Kekishova ( ago)

Author Xxxxmlg sniperXxxx ( ago)
shut up dumbass who the stuff guy here hey stuff guy

Author War D Gamer ( ago)
I want to kiss right now your so cute ahhh

Author Chickchickchicken ( ago)
I am watching Black Pink how did I get here..

Author 9,999,998 views ( ago)
i have never kissed a girl, i wanna now.

Author Madhukant Mirani ( ago)
oh I loved the video I liked shallon lester

Author Marka Marai ( ago)
Get a life

Author China Lawson ( ago)
I hate that they have to pause and talk, like.. WTF. Do a voice over or something

Author PhyscoticPanda ( ago)
Your video gave me a hard on

Author fnaf fan dinsky ( ago)
good tips.

Author Mohannad Malik ( ago)
let the man be in control i see who is in control great job blonde man

Author lesjconj Conj ( ago)
Sound tip for what it is but this is only one way to do 'harder kissing'. You can be lighter with the hand on the back of the head but harder in other ways, though yes they're right it's nice to have the strength going on around where the lips are actually kissing. I came here hoping they'd say something about using the jaw, moving your head, how to get reciprocity with each other's mouths and so on.

Author Indu Mote ( ago)
omg she is hilarious

Author Dave Girardi ( ago)
jajajaja funny

Author Kill me ( ago)
30 million views. Noice.

Author زينب زينب ( ago)
Do you like to kiss girl

Author Doplr ( ago)
How did I get here from watching Bobby Fischer?

Author Jagdish ( ago)
How the hell did I get here from Call of duty videos

Author Tanzim The unstable ( ago)
I have pity for the boy😦 respect bruh...

Author hiten shah ( ago)
How cast do u even lift? Just why?

Author Vanillites ( ago)
wtf does that even mean?

Author Makeup by Andrea Jiménez ( ago)
The guy is like, yes yes yes

Author kushtaka No. 1 ( ago)
What is the girl name?

Author Scott Mc Logic ( ago)
how do you stop her from biting your lips? Many girls do that and some of them get put off when you tell them not to.

Author The Kid8 ( ago)
I was watching Ellen and for some reason I got here

Author Luckyy420 ( ago)

Author Air Pex! ( ago)
That's not "harder". Seemed more like average.

Author mjuan666 ( ago)

Author Opend Angom ( ago)

Author Lolita Beatz ( ago)
they were seriously making out! 😅😂😜

Author kankri vantas ( ago)
"let the man take the lead"

*sighs* but what if we're both girls?

Author Furiously Eclectic Video ( ago)
Soooo, try to make a guy guess what you want to get what is ultimately a boring vanilla kiss? Yay for keeping relationships difficult.

Author ava singable ( ago)
wth I'm only 9 god YouTube

Author Alexia Lixandru ( ago)
Am i the only one who feels awkward when watches them kissing ?

Author Pastel Cupcake ( ago)
what if were two women what do

Author Max Russo ( ago)
oh cool james franco, but why is he on howcast?

Author Dauntless MC ( ago)
his mic cut out for me

Author kayla wiles ( ago)
CHILL.. they forgot they were on camera

Author Bin Domaub ( ago)
I am confused. i am just watching Russia vs USA and I ended Up here. Maybe this is a sign for Russia and USA.

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