Careless DAD Crushes Fidget Spinner Under Car, Accident Will Happen, TigerBox HD

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  • Tiger found a 1000mph glow in the dark fidget spinner on the side walk and he took it home! Tiger was playing with the Fidget Spinner under daddy’s car when his dad calls him to go eat! He lifts the 1000mph Fidget Spinner under the dad’s tires! Dad had to go to the store didn’t know that Tiger lift the fidget spinner under the car! He ran it over with his 3000lbs Toyota FJ cruiser! Fun video for Kids and Adults to watch!

    Note: Kids Please Do Not do this at home without an Adult Supervision!

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  • Zanegoose
    Zanegoose 12 hours ago

    in the description of the video he doesn't spell leaves right

  • Andres Castro
    Andres Castro 20 hours ago

    Your Stupid

  • Florence Andrada
    Florence Andrada 1 day ago

    dad is ugly

  • Samsung J5
    Samsung J5 1 day ago

    tiger that spinner is my

  • tarek kandeel
    tarek kandeel 1 day ago

    very crazy

  • SILsil AbaLi
    SILsil AbaLi 1 day ago


  • Aye Nako
    Aye Nako 2 days ago

    Why would he need a new one?!?! If you watched the other videos you would know he has like, 20 other fidget spinners!

  • Pikachu Kid
    Pikachu Kid 2 days ago

    You had to put it under the tire?

  • Katherine Frye
    Katherine Frye 2 days ago


  • Katherine Frye
    Katherine Frye 2 days ago


  • sergio arana
    sergio arana 2 days ago

    so, the great fidget slinner hss been broken, good, hugo strage

  • James like your video bron

    he's videos are good but he Gets spoiled to munch
    hi is a stupid kid

  • Maha Iraq
    Maha Iraq 3 days ago

    that was funny when he spild it

  • Alexis Decker
    Alexis Decker 3 days ago

    do you want my fidget spinner tiger

  • Michael Zhu
    Michael Zhu 4 days ago

    this channel sucks. why is it called with a "HD"? no one cares if you add a "hd" cause it sounds stupid along with the Tiggerbox

    • Michael Zhu
      Michael Zhu 4 days ago

      what is up with ur lame vids on fidget spinners. Nice mess made at the store

    • Michael Zhu
      Michael Zhu 4 days ago

      so fake

    • Michael Zhu
      Michael Zhu 4 days ago

      oh, and did u just put 3 minutes of a kid eating lunchables with stuffed cat? thats lame

  • Benito Borroel
    Benito Borroel 5 days ago

    Shut the fuck with your tiger face

  • Colder Minecraft Gamer

    His dad face revealed when he open the car door.I SAW IT!!!

  • I'm like a Wrench
    I'm like a Wrench 5 days ago

    It may give me a heart attack cause my moms washing clothes but it's worth it

  • Matt H
    Matt H 5 days ago

    is he autistic i don't think so he's asian

  • keon parker
    keon parker 5 days ago

    I would love some bleach give me bleach I would give you a free fidget spinner please

  • Alvin Ton
    Alvin Ton 6 days ago

    Your dad is nice tiger box hd

  • Helloitsme Helloitsme


  • Emma Tiah
    Emma Tiah 7 days ago

    I luv tiger 🐯 he is sooooo cute I subscribe to tigerboxXD

  • The squad Martinez
    The squad Martinez 7 days ago

    I would rather drink bleach than watch this

  • The squad Martinez
    The squad Martinez 7 days ago

    boy everyone knows that is fake why you have a camera there and boy you be looking like a person from Tokyo drift

    SUPREMEMONKEEZ 8 days ago


    SUPREMEMONKEEZ 8 days ago


  • Train Master 26
    Train Master 26 8 days ago

    I'm sick of this stop it!!! It's not careless dad it's the kids fault! Stop making these click bait videos!!!

  • Jose Contreras
    Jose Contreras 8 days ago

    yo videos suck and you and yo dad anoying👎👎👎👎👎boo

  • lk lol
    lk lol 8 days ago


    DAVINDER SALL 8 days ago

    H to

    DAVINDER SALL 8 days ago

    H to

  • Lester Fasthorsr
    Lester Fasthorsr 9 days ago

    I like your video

  • Stive 28150
    Stive 28150 9 days ago


  • Stive 28150
    Stive 28150 9 days ago


  • Stive 28150
    Stive 28150 9 days ago


  • CowboyMagnus365 W
    CowboyMagnus365 W 10 days ago

    Your dad isn't careless you are you left it there idiot

  • A Muffin
    A Muffin 10 days ago

    fack I mean fake

  • Roly Trigo
    Roly Trigo 10 days ago

    porque no ases retos con el spinnir

  • Green Chimpanzee
    Green Chimpanzee 11 days ago

    My favorite part of the video was when the fidget spinner got ran over

  • Oliver The Great Western Engine

    My God, you really are strange, WHY????
    Just why are you doing this????????????????????
    Just for the Views? That is lazy and stupid.
    *BUT* This is just *MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • Shelbie Dolzadelli
    Shelbie Dolzadelli 11 days ago

    Like your videos I subscribe

    R3GULER GAM3RS 11 days ago

    Hum who left this here your mom did

  • Captaincaleb 32
    Captaincaleb 32 11 days ago

    Just push the fucking bearing in retard

    R3GULER GAM3RS 11 days ago

    Omg your dumb push the baring back in

  • 9,177,625 subscribers

    Why not keep the spinner where it was
    Boy: ill put the magical spinny thingy under this tire


    Thanks, Mr. Bleach

    Kill me

  • Shari Mesch
    Shari Mesch 11 days ago

    Why do you want the same fidget spinner that's no fun it doesn't really matter that you broke your fidget spinner and it's not a spinner call it the real name of Jesus Christ so snap out of it please God and get a new color I broke my fidget spinner and I got a different color and it got ran over and it still worked but not that well and in that Lamborghini one for you eat by it that is very rude

  • Phenix11 YT
    Phenix11 YT 12 days ago

    breaking news : kid gets crushed by truck trying to get cancerous toy

  • terry tseng
    terry tseng 12 days ago


  • ravindra jagnanan
    ravindra jagnanan 12 days ago

    now I'm wondering. why am I watching this?

  • nicko.ramirez
    nicko.ramirez 13 days ago

    hey guys subscibe to my channel please

  • Ian Reid
    Ian Reid 13 days ago

    Cringe hard as hell wtf is this

  • Lena Owen
    Lena Owen 13 days ago

    this kid is so cute :D

  • Yadira Escobar
    Yadira Escobar 13 days ago

    That is where my cousin lives?Do you live at riverside?


    Don't still stuff

  • carmen valenzuela
    carmen valenzuela 14 days ago

    This is so fake...He did A LOT of vids with him crashing his fidgets

  • Stefanny Torres
    Stefanny Torres 15 days ago

    baby tiger stuped kid

  • Kiel1stMaster
    Kiel1stMaster 15 days ago

    every single thumnail is your mouth open

  • GamerLachlan
    GamerLachlan 15 days ago

    Why would he put it under the car

  • alexander cordero martinez

    el niño ya tengo spinner nuevo ya me voy feliz

  • alexander cordero martinez

    a comprar 30 spinner más 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

  • alexander cordero martinez

    No guira wey

  • kris carrion
    kris carrion 15 days ago

    he is so cute

  • Allstar Gaming
    Allstar Gaming 16 days ago

    the slowest kid ever

  • Mega Let's Play
    Mega Let's Play 16 days ago

    Im 9 years old and i love tiger he is so cut

  • Skittmanno
    Skittmanno 16 days ago

    and Fuck spinning lol

  • Rasberry the Memer
    Rasberry the Memer 16 days ago

    wtf youtube stop recommending me clickbait

  • Jjjhd Saheed
    Jjjhd Saheed 16 days ago


  • ravindra jagnanan
    ravindra jagnanan 16 days ago

    my first tigerbox hd video

  • maynor savage
    maynor savage 16 days ago

    the kid is stupid

  • BoyenHD
    BoyenHD 16 days ago


  • Neki Neki
    Neki Neki 17 days ago


    WAR TEX 17 days ago

    fuck you tiger your not a tiger baby bitch

  • BaddestOrphan 6
    BaddestOrphan 6 17 days ago

    It's fake because there was a camera When "it happens on accident"

  • Best gamer Tv
    Best gamer Tv 17 days ago

    Not real

  • Tara Graff
    Tara Graff 17 days ago

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  • Toys and Playing
    Toys and Playing 18 days ago


  • Myreon jebraail
    Myreon jebraail 18 days ago

    Spinning thing is a Fidget Spinner

  • Myatastic
    Myatastic 18 days ago

    this entire channel is based on fidget spinners

  • Theodore Brennan
    Theodore Brennan 19 days ago

    this is a spoiled kid who always gets what he wants

  • Mandito Nunez
    Mandito Nunez 19 days ago

    I have 24 fidget spinners

  • Mirvat Ahmed
    Mirvat Ahmed 19 days ago

    I want a figet spinner please

  • Baba sekera
    Baba sekera 20 days ago

    F***n boring

  • Flakita Venegas
    Flakita Venegas 20 days ago

    so so so so so fake😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒i want to ser something real

  • alex Is epic
    alex Is epic 20 days ago

    the mance is expired

  • Shahlo Usmonova
    Shahlo Usmonova 20 days ago

    Omg he sad it still taste like water then he sad the water taste like kool-aid

  • Popcorn Chocolate TV

    Why does his Father keep buying him new fidget spinners???? I think he is messing with his mind, because first he said he crushed it, and then it is fixed, and then it's broken again!!! And it wasn't even crushed and it still works! 😐

  • PorcaDavid
    PorcaDavid 21 day ago


  • jasmin jallorina
    jasmin jallorina 21 day ago

    i have 1 blue fidget spinner and 1 golden orange fidget spinner and 1 white bat man fidget spinner i have 3 fidget spinners

  • Cree Dylan
    Cree Dylan 22 days ago

    What waste of 17 minutes

  • Faze Gaming
    Faze Gaming 22 days ago

    spinners are old and one more thing delete your channle it sucks ass

  • Daniel Rosales
    Daniel Rosales 22 days ago

    toma como niña

  • Mu'Ath Savory
    Mu'Ath Savory 23 days ago

    I watched a ll tigers fidgetspinner  videios so he has about 9 fidgetspinners now

  • Mu'Ath Savory
    Mu'Ath Savory 23 days ago

    not every night it also glows in the dark so it dosnt really mater about thetime t

  • Jared Carabeo
    Jared Carabeo 23 days ago

    The acting is really bad and the dad sucks at acting to

  • BM07 Textrixa
    BM07 Textrixa 23 days ago

    this isn't 'accident' your fault

  • BM07 Textrixa
    BM07 Textrixa 23 days ago

    not really damaged +your cringy
    +your a BIT idk

  • GuineaGamez
    GuineaGamez 24 days ago


  • Black and White Knight

    You get new Fidget Spinners because you are breaking them!

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