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    Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 FAMOUS LOGOS WITH A HIDDEN MEANING! There are hidden logos everywhere in food, shopping, health, lifestyle, fashion and technology brands such from Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Coca-Cola and even car companies like Toyota and Hyundai! There’a hidden and secret brands logos everywhere from big companies!

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    Thanks: Videvo/Kiril Dobrev
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  • Kool Kids
    Kool Kids 1 day ago

    He says Adidas,but in the football photo there is a Nike ball

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    Vaishali Rawal 1 day ago

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  • Harry KITTO
    Harry KITTO 1 day ago

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  • The HMFC Fan
    The HMFC Fan 1 day ago

    Best JAPANESE car in the world! Logic 😂😂😂

  • Grays Gore
    Grays Gore 1 day ago

    ADIDAS =

  • Natalie Plays Roblox And More!

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  • Taylor Chmura
    Taylor Chmura 2 days ago

    Charlie it is pronounced hunday not hiondiee

  • Dorothy Davidson
    Dorothy Davidson 2 days ago

    did anyone notice he said "hi-un-die-"? I thought it was pronounced "hunday"

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 2 days ago

    Lol you have to tell people about the a->z...its a no brainer, what's worse is the arrow in the FedEx, that shit is famous you dumbass.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 2 days ago

    Toyota is not one of the best, it is the best.

  • GreenAppelPie
    GreenAppelPie 2 days ago

    Hiyundi? Where'd the extra y come from?

  • Wes Mcconville
    Wes Mcconville 2 days ago


  • Pkmnlover
    Pkmnlover 3 days ago

    never saw number 9 that way xD

  • Hallie M
    Hallie M 3 days ago

    I've done the Baskin Robins challenge and I felt like I was going to explode!!😛

  • Leo's Gaming channel

    I got a big dick

    "You read that wrong"

  • Crimson
    Crimson 3 days ago

    My sister loves baskin robins

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    Russell Mains 3 days ago

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      Mariela Leyva 2 days ago

      Russell Mains job zb6z>>♢♢◇♧◇◇♢◇》♤|♢♢《~♡°\■◇¤3●《♡●,

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  • mothertruckers tap to


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  • Risto Lampilahti
    Risto Lampilahti 3 days ago

    this is bullshit.

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  • Ruby Rose Swanson
    Ruby Rose Swanson 3 days ago

    the mcdoanalds one is wrong its supposed to look like bent fries in the shape of a M you can even see the fries box

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  • Jake Mitchell
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  • MrScrewU
    MrScrewU 3 days ago

    Finally a video that actually talks about the picture they have as thumbnail.

  • Guyanon TWV
    Guyanon TWV 3 days ago

    Well we will be thinking of breasts now when we see it !!!!

  • Daniel Slater
    Daniel Slater 3 days ago

    A-dee-das 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Edrissa Olmedo
    Edrissa Olmedo 3 days ago

    Who looked around their room and saw nothing?

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    70,944 views (*_*)

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  • Daniel absi
    Daniel absi 3 days ago

    at 4:25 is a fake beats

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  • 357Striker
    357Striker 3 days ago

    so hyundai is a guy grabing a dick to the other

  • Produced By Z
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  • simonsaysdownload
    simonsaysdownload 3 days ago

    The Hyundai symbol looks like 2 dudes penis sword fighting. Or touching tips. Is it just me?

    • Derpy Phyduck
      Derpy Phyduck 3 days ago

      simonsaysdownload yes your the only one I think

  • ArminPlays- Coc-ClashRoyale

    look how hè is saying adidas Lol

  • Spam Acc
    Spam Acc 3 days ago

    Its not hajondaj but hyundai

  • Lolly sand active
    Lolly sand active 3 days ago

    I saw the brands Vaseline and Colgate in my room, do those companies count as big brands?

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  • Zein Ech
    Zein Ech 3 days ago

    I can't unsee the hyandai

  • AleKz
    AleKz 3 days ago

    Wow the same thumbnail as other fact channel. Stupid idiot

  • Natalie Plays Roblox And More!

    In fedex on the ed there's a spoon

  • Claydo 2112
    Claydo 2112 4 days ago

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  • Forged_Malice_ 04
    Forged_Malice_ 04 4 days ago

    One of my friends at a private school told me about the arrow in the Fed ex sign before I watched this :p

  • Jesse Quiroz
    Jesse Quiroz 4 days ago

    I always think of titties at McDonald's, from the girls at the counter to the milkshake I'm drinking!Liked and subscribed! Boo ya!

  • LGamerr
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  • Matthew Contant
    Matthew Contant 4 days ago

    adidass amizin evrithin

  • Hunter Podguski
    Hunter Podguski 4 days ago

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  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins 4 days ago

    "Hyundai" is pronounced 'HUN-DAY' 😂

  • Nolan Barrett :D
    Nolan Barrett :D 4 days ago


    • Nolan Barrett :D
      Nolan Barrett :D 4 days ago

      I just noticed his name is also nolan XD

    • Your Bread
      Your Bread 4 days ago

      Delonte Nolan wtf

    • Nolan Barrett :D
      Nolan Barrett :D 4 days ago

      awwwww.. that means so much to me. Thank you deeply :D

    • Delonte Nolan
      Delonte Nolan 4 days ago

      Nolan Barrett :D kill yourself you stupid mother fucker who the fuck cares. Honestly how mentally retarded are you to just say some shit like that for no reason? Literally fucking retarded you are.

  • Irving Gracia
    Irving Gracia 4 days ago

    he stole this video from a channel named Bright side, they posted it 2 months ago

  • Tanner Peterson
    Tanner Peterson 4 days ago

    hi-un-die U.S hon-day

  • Muck illuSion
    Muck illuSion 4 days ago

    You got the Mcdonalds information all fucked up bro, there is know one by the name Loui cheeseskin bro. And the 2 original founders of McDonald's Richard and Maurice McDonald and the CEO ray croc put the Golden Arches up so people can see the restaurant much easier. I think you should watch the founder.

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    I do not think of Brest o think of bent French fries

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  • alexander morales
    alexander morales 4 days ago

    on the toyota you can see digaling

  • the knowledge giver epic


    P1NGP0NGPAC 4 days ago

    one of Adidas logos looks like weed

  • Tresie Frazier
    Tresie Frazier 4 days ago

    I Got'it tho., Coka Cola and I'm hearing the name Chicot Alot today

  • Tresie Frazier
    Tresie Frazier 4 days ago

    now my phone has auto'Maticly I didn't do it

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    Also in the e In FedEx there's a spoon.

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  • Regan Erickson
    Regan Erickson 4 days ago

    I always thought of the yellow arches as french fries that were bending into an M when I was little. . .

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  • Mc gang and Connell fam Xxx

    The amazon one means, A to Z

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    Yeah, don't even watch the video, just click like and subscribe before you do anything...Oh, comment "I subscribed" and he'll try to reply. What? You'd say "Thank you"? _ Message? The Nike sign is a thick!!! Illuminati confirmed!!! What a message!!!

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    angela lamb 4 days ago

    Amazon not Amazon's

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  • Junior
    Junior 4 days ago

    you know what else you associate McDonald's with? diabetes on a plate

  • LordCatz
    LordCatz 4 days ago

    *This was really bad.*

  • OldSnake943
    OldSnake943 4 days ago

    i thougt the m in mcdonalds were fries just bended

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  • M _ M
    M _ M 4 days ago

    The only logo that I can find in
    my room is Nokia.. I'm broke 🙂

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      M _ M lol I liked all of them

    • M _ M
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      I also gave the second comment
      like, and I will give this too. 😂

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      and do you see the only like? 😯
      I gave it to myself. No one like me

  • JDM Lover
    JDM Lover 4 days ago

    Stop copying other content. There are multiple videos that came out before this that are in the exact same order.

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    I thought 1 and 3 makes 13 not 31

  • Scarlett Van Asch
    Scarlett Van Asch 4 days ago

    Haha the way he says "everything"

  • Agena Davenport-Nicholson

    I new almost everything in this video😟

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