Slim & The Supreme Angels 1982

Here is a classic performance from that late Howard "Slim" Hunt & The Supreme Angels featuring the late Daniel "Scotty" Scott. The song "If I'm Too High" has always been synonymous with the group's name. Enjoy this early 1980s performance of that hard hitting number.

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Author Spanky Swaringen ( ago)
The other guy is named Greg


Author Crush Indo (1015 years ago)
Them mics tho🙉great sound tho

Author drew Till (1982 years ago)
Man them boys sanging. ...would love to had been there r.I.p Daniel
"scotty" scott

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
Thank God...someone recorded this.

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
This is my favorite video on you tube.

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
"Blessed are the meek(humble), for they shall inherit the earth".

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
"If I'm too high Lord, please bring me down". Profound message, wonderfully

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
I think his name is Tommie Lee Seymore. He passed away in 2010. God Bless
him and the other Supreme Angels. They are definitely SUPREME.

Author Donya Lane ( ago)
Could someone who knew this group back in the day, please reply with the
name of the belting tenor on the left? I thought it was a soprano in chest
voice until the camera pulled back and I saw him sing the line. I'm blown

Author Donya Lane ( ago)
Yes, I have to find out who is that belting tenor on the left of the
screen. Dear Lord!

Author MrGandharva108 ( ago)
This is incredible !! The tenor is fabulous !!

Author Sherry Ross ( ago)
Thanks for posting!!! This really brought back memories! My favorite
quartet group!!!!

Author marjorie harris ( ago)
high notes has nothing to do with god calling you home, it was his time.
what a way to go singing for the lord and praising his holy name. he didnt
suffer, he went on home to sing in the heavenlu choir.....

Author DeeNice681 ( ago)
Oh and I meant Jimmy Jones from the Mighty Clouds Of Joy not Ermant

Author Kelley bishop ( ago)
Great Classic of Slim & supreme Angels, but can anyone Please tell me what
the lady in the red hat trying to do at 1:54?

Author DeeNice681 ( ago)
This kind of singer is missing from Gospel today. People are worried about
sounding smooth and r&b today in gospel. There not worried about praising
his name in song's. Guy's like Scottty and other hard singers like Eramant
Franklin, Willie Neal Johnson, and Rev. Julius Cheeks have gone and sadly
their style has gone with them. We still have Joe Ligon from The Mighty
Clouds Of Joy and Huey Williams from The Jackson Southernaires, but who's
gonna represent this style again.

Author Jessica Sanders ( ago)
My uncle scotty is highlighted in this video. I watch these videos to
remind me of him. Our family , His wife, my aunt Sheila, and his twin
daughters Labria and Kavia will forever miss him. We were stripped of him
early in our lives, yet his spirit has never died. It's quite evident by
the number of people who still love them all.

Author ponchieboy68 ( ago)
@MarchingManiac It is the same.

Author lomam58 ( ago)
@MelancholyEmo Sorry to just now hear about Tommy. I remember him well and
I used to enjoy seeing him perform with the rest of the group. May he rest
in peace.

Author casuele ( ago)
I remember once in Milwaukee, Rev. Shank Robinson and Scotty singing this
song 2gether! It was great!!!!

Author susie brodie ( ago)
i think so...

Author Christian Bradley ( ago)
Is this the same Daniel Scott that sang with the The Sunset Travelers; the
same group O.V Wright started out with?

Author derrickbanes ( ago)
i would love to have any old records that anyone has of the old heavy
weights of gospel. mighty clouds, slim, willie banks, robert blair, pilgrim
jubilees, soul stirrers, bright stars. none of new stuff they did, but the
original stuff from the 70s and 80s. i would pay .

Author fingers2play ( ago)
He told us to pay our ties in church, and make sure we're singing for the
right reasons (uplifting the name of JESUS) and there will be no limit
where GOD takes us.. He was A true man of GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Author dmandmusic ( ago)
what did he say?

Author Robert Mattox ( ago)
His classic CAPE that he use to wear all the time.

Author fingers2play ( ago)
I thank GOD that our group had a chance to be on the same program with slim
in walterboro sc. back in 2003, He talked to us and gaved great advise
about singing he was a great man of GOD!!!! we will miss you slim (R.I.P)

Author RobertEarl20 ( ago)
Yes that is very true........................

Author Lisa Taylor ( ago)
does anyone have this song on MP3? they don't have it on itunes nor amazon

Author Mark Robinson ( ago)
What did slim had on?

Author Slickey Rickey ( ago)
This a classic video. I'm glad to hear that REAL gospel music. This is
singin from the heart. GO Scotty sing! Miss ya

Author missbenitanc ( ago)
Scotty died around the late 80's early 90's... They were on stage
performing and after Scotty finished singing, he dropped dead on the
stage... Scotty was always missed and still is but to have him and Slim
both gone, really does hurt and they both are missed a great deal..

Author Lamarr Scales ( ago)
Death & the Beautiful Lady on Melendo Records

Author casuele ( ago)
i picked it on ebay. the cassette

Author dshock11 ( ago)
He sure did. I remember when I first saw this I kept rewinding that part to
see if my eyes were deceiving me. Scotty was one of the greats!!

Author hailegiyorgis ( ago)
My God! They are annointed! Is it just me too high or did Scotty do a
perfect standing split to the floor and never skip beat at 1:02? NOW THAT'S

Author Musiqtruth ( ago)
Whew turn the mics down a tad. BUT I love SLIM!

Author hotredboy84 ( ago)
do u know what year he died?

Author Adrienne West ( ago)
Man, Slim was the bomb! RIP Slim. I heard Greg has a CD out or about 2 ome
out or something. Im glad they all are doing fine now, cuz last year @ the
block buster in March they were really taking it hard. We all were. We love
u Slim!!

Author Donna Love ( ago)
wow..thanks for the reply..

Author Donna Love ( ago)
does anyone know how scotty died?

Author Leroie ( ago)
this brings back memories of openin up for them. there were so many that i
remember and they gave me great advice on life situations. special thanks
to tommy ellison, jeffrey for getting me in on atl gig, and willie banks
for telling me to never stop, even though i did. forgive me lord for i have
many songs for them...

Author yawotton ( ago)
microphone check someone please?!!!!!!

Author Ka Ba Nebti Ankht ( ago)
Where is the original slim? He sung that song the best....Someone please
post that video in the 60's

Author casuele ( ago)
there was a video with the Rev Shamk Robinson. Can u please repost and if u
have others post as well

Author bwxk3 ( ago)
scott had a powerful voice

Author ShayW125 ( ago)
LORD HAVE MERCY!!!! This is just what I've been looking for!! Sing

Author tae334 ( ago)
do u have "someday" by the supreme angels? if so, please, please, please,
please post it.

Author casuele ( ago)
please add more!!!!! Add some with Shank Robinson please!!!!

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