Shadows - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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  • Runtime: 3:55
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Comments: 58 875

  • Bet Bet
    Bet Bet 1 hour ago

    la posibilidad de que su música de por si ya transmite y no necesita de todo esta puesta en escena no la han valorado??? un poco hortera

  • Eldrielphor
    Eldrielphor 13 hours ago

    I heard this song in The Guardian, an animation by NeroGeist.

  • Paria Jebim
    Paria Jebim 14 hours ago

    alle nur am rum spinnen, lebt eure gefühle

  • Jessica Belcher
    Jessica Belcher 16 hours ago

    so beautiful yaaass

  • LGT İrelia
    LGT İrelia 21 hour ago

    are you zed ??? or you joined the shadow fighters ?

  • Arc Kiwanis
    Arc Kiwanis 22 hours ago


  • LPS Suzi TV TM
    LPS Suzi TV TM 1 day ago

    My favourite song ^_^

  • piscahuète Life
    piscahuète Life 1 day ago

    Ouaaaaaaa c'est magnifique

  • Annie Ball
    Annie Ball 1 day ago

    I love that this is just you. Your spunk, talent, fun, skill, humor. It accentuates a lot of who you are. thanks

  • Valer Alves
    Valer Alves 1 day ago

    moro em São Paulo, vi seu 1 espetáculo em São Paulo, nunca vi nada tão lindo na minha vida

  • Arturo Velarde
    Arturo Velarde 1 day ago

    Or maybe a god of music

  • Arturo Velarde
    Arturo Velarde 1 day ago

    Nobodies better then her she's an angel of music

  • Varadi Zsolt
    Varadi Zsolt 1 day ago

    Köszönöm neked Lindsey!
    Thank you, Lindsey

  • Johnny Fizz
    Johnny Fizz 2 days ago

    oops I broke the like button on another Lindsey Stirling video again. People are stuck hitting the pesky dislike button lol

  • Morganite
    Morganite 2 days ago

    whos watching in 2018

  • George Brady
    George Brady 2 days ago

    The way she swings her hip is hypnotic

  • FLOREN24
    FLOREN24 2 days ago


  • i love toasters and doritos

    i will play violin and be amaster

  • Mish_ _Mellow
    Mish_ _Mellow 3 days ago

    This is my top fav songs by Lindsey Stirling. I listen to it all the time

  • shadow the hedgehou

    hola es muy bonita la cancion

  • Miss H
    Miss H 4 days ago


  • Vendetra
    Vendetra 4 days ago

    If someone came up to me and said "hey dubstep and violin goes really well together" I would call them a dumbass and say I don't even like dubstep to begin with.


  • София Лила


  • Joe Apache
    Joe Apache 4 days ago

    I don't like it, I LOVE IT. You the best Lindsey

  • Miss Venus
    Miss Venus 5 days ago

    who's here from the vid the Guardian by neo giest

  • D Stach
    D Stach 5 days ago

    hmm top comment? ya nice hiss... ;) good luck on ur violin never.....

  • vypres
    vypres 5 days ago

    young lady you are the best i love it

  • Funda Batkin
    Funda Batkin 5 days ago

    😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘 😈 👘

  • Dazz Mt
    Dazz Mt 5 days ago

    Love this

  • William Young
    William Young 5 days ago

    shadows...are your perfection. good job Lindsey😋

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 5 days ago

    8,555 people clearly have zero taste or a personal vendetta on Lindsey Sterling.

  • Kenneth H. Griffin
    Kenneth H. Griffin 5 days ago

    Whst Wonderful Experience, Thank You For Sharing Your Heart & Its Ego Shadow•:-)

  • shane allshouse
    shane allshouse 5 days ago

    that moment in the beginning you notice her shadow on the floor

  • j lanz
    j lanz 5 days ago


  • Natalia Saccone
    Natalia Saccone 5 days ago

    hello my name is alma i i touched he fiddle y i am i m your fan i love you a lot hopefully what tea. i know you kisses

  • stalker286
    stalker286 5 days ago

    Maybe, you should get together with Camren Bicondova. :)

  • Zoe isabella Dolcemascolo


  • zuzanna ruminska
    zuzanna ruminska 5 days ago

    cool 💙

  • JaccoWacko
    JaccoWacko 5 days ago

    9 moths come on. We miss u Lindsey play and burn for what you do.

  • Eskimo
    Eskimo 6 days ago

    *Me after listening to this music* I will protect her till the bitter end even if it's over my dead body.
    Dying protecting her to keep this kind of Music Revolution ALIVE.

  • Piloten Rainbow Dash

    i love this music ,you the best Lindsay Stirling ❤❤❤🎧🎵👍👌😉🤗

  • Commander 47
    Commander 47 6 days ago

    If Lindsey Stirling had a flag it would look like this🏳🎻

  • ToxiBeingEmo
    ToxiBeingEmo 6 days ago

    Reminds me of Peter Pan haha

  • AWildPotato9001
    AWildPotato9001 6 days ago

    The Guardian by NeroGeist!

  • HedgiBun
    HedgiBun 6 days ago


  • Sarah Pollard
    Sarah Pollard 6 days ago


  • tomasz popielarski
    tomasz popielarski 6 days ago

    I love this song...

  • sceptic
    sceptic 7 days ago

    your shadow can't keep up with you

  • DimareZZZ
    DimareZZZ 7 days ago


  • DimareZZZ
    DimareZZZ 7 days ago


  • Vinod Mhasde
    Vinod Mhasde 7 days ago

    So nice 🌙

  • derick caldwell
    derick caldwell 7 days ago

    My Wife...and then I woke up lol

  • heavel voldemarovich

    the best video!!!

  • Machine
    Machine 7 days ago

    Her shadow's arm paused for a second at 1:50

  • Алекс Бикул

    Wee love you, Lindsey/

  • Julia Rumińska
    Julia Rumińska 7 days ago



    very very nice 😉👌👍

  • goku mega sayayin
    goku mega sayayin 7 days ago

    Me encantas Lindsey!! acá en Concepción Chile somos varios los que te conocemos y te queremos ,nos elevas con tus agradables melodías sigue adelante saludos :)

  • Саня Bezhenar
    Саня Bezhenar 8 days ago

    Красиво, движения классс!!!

  • kai schwindling
    kai schwindling 8 days ago


  • celestia the star wolf

    this music is so relaxing~

  • Edward is cringey and poo

    rose are read
    violets are blue
    i came for Nerogiest
    so did youu

  • Incubus of the night

    We all love you,,,,,, I love Shadows the most,,,

  • kai schwindling
    kai schwindling 8 days ago

    is a best song ever
    ist der beste song für immer

  • The Rebel Ghoul
    The Rebel Ghoul 8 days ago

    This reminds me of something you'd see off of peter pan. The song is absolutely beautiful, and the way everything was put together was amazing. Found my new favorite song artist

  • Miradalma Cabrera
    Miradalma Cabrera 8 days ago


  • Nancy Brito
    Nancy Brito 9 days ago

    I like you videos and hair style its like a messy kind of style. i like it!

  • Angelique Obedoza
    Angelique Obedoza 9 days ago

    I can actually see her real shadow.

  • Zoe isabella Dolcemascolo

    El video es buenisimo aunque sea solo violin

  • joel deleon
    joel deleon 9 days ago


  • joel deleon
    joel deleon 9 days ago


  • joel deleon
    joel deleon 9 days ago


  • Lucy Brown
    Lucy Brown 9 days ago

    This young lady is "Awesome" with a capitol AAAAAAA!!!!!

  • minireena and the minireenas

    I have always wanted to play a violin but in band at my school it was not one of the instruments they play. :'(
    I heard this song in the video "The Guardian" and I could not stop watching it! my favorite things about it that makes me like it so mouch are how amazing the animation is, how well the animation goes with the music, and especially how wonderful and amazing the music truly is!!!! I hope I'll one day buy a violin and learn to play like you! and when I do the first thing I'll learn is this song! it has touched my heart and opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities! I have been inspired by this so mouch, it's unbelievable! I really appreciate everything you have done for us,the audience, and for the amazing work of the videos and the music! I hope this comment will be read not only by you but everyone else like me and by whom agree with me! and I hope this comment dose not get lost within the deep Labyrinth we call the comment section.
    like if you agree!!!!!!!!!

  • Osiris261
    Osiris261 10 days ago

    how is her shadow moving on its own? dont know if you noticed at 0:35 it gets weird.

  • marinett garcia
    marinett garcia 10 days ago

    yo unicornio mágico
    me en canta como toca yo quiero ser igual que ella

  • Vada Frailey
    Vada Frailey 10 days ago

    1...2...3..boom!, Shadow dance 's

  • Alexander Daeschler
    Alexander Daeschler 10 days ago

    two shadows are bad, very very bad.

  • Krzys Krzys
    Krzys Krzys 10 days ago

    Nic dodać,nic ująć porostu...

  • Rarity Gamer124
    Rarity Gamer124 10 days ago

    I heard this song like a million of times

  • Raptor-J Seaux
    Raptor-J Seaux 11 days ago

    Un petit elfe...

  • Владимир Трусихин

    Азбука морзе сильная наисильнейшая вещь.

  • Omar Kanaan
    Omar Kanaan 11 days ago

    i love all of ur music .... give me a power

  • Paweł G
    Paweł G 11 days ago

    żałuje że nie byłem na koncercie w Krakowie jest zarąbista

  • Anh Torrents
    Anh Torrents 11 days ago

    beauty girl. i like you. me from Vietnamese

  • OLA Abdelbagi
    OLA Abdelbagi 11 days ago


  • Guten Morgen Gaming
    Guten Morgen Gaming 11 days ago

    The music is great and so is the cinematography. The cinematography is better than most triple-A movies I've seen.

  • Piera Palmeri
    Piera Palmeri 11 days ago

    It 's just fantastic!

  • LunaFire_ BURRNNN!
    LunaFire_ BURRNNN! 12 days ago

    I found this in Nightcore, And look where it brought me.

  • AceFailure
    AceFailure 12 days ago

    i love the artistic elements of the video itself

  • ØneRoseTwenty
    ØneRoseTwenty 12 days ago

    When you have no friends to have an epic dance battle with.

  • template slogan
    template slogan 12 days ago


  • Mica Ghisolfo
    Mica Ghisolfo 12 days ago

    comosemu ebe la sombra esta jenial

  • Gabriele V.
    Gabriele V. 12 days ago

    cool! this needs a psytrance remix!

  • Pixelart Animations AJ

    Our teacher showed us this in computer class

  • Matthieu MUSIQUES
    Matthieu MUSIQUES 13 days ago

    Love this comment if you love Lindsey and her music. <3

  • Alim Hussain
    Alim Hussain 13 days ago

    her talent is mind blowing.

  • Kimberly Daye
    Kimberly Daye 13 days ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!

  • Michael
    Michael 13 days ago

    i wish my shadow was That entertaining.

    EL_ENDERMAN XD 13 days ago


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