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  • Blooperella
    Blooperella 1 hour ago

    very avril lavigne 2005

  • Kitty Gamer486
    Kitty Gamer486 10 hours ago


    Your welcome.

  • Ludwig Von Koopa
    Ludwig Von Koopa 16 hours ago


  • Bell Pruitt
    Bell Pruitt 20 hours ago

    did anyone else see her hairy armpits?

  • Zim Vader0017
    Zim Vader0017 1 day ago

    I rarely used any makeup in highschool, amd if I did, it would only be like powder and maybe lipgloss. It wasn't until I got into college that I actually did my makeup. Of course, it's still pretty simple.
    Clinique has the green marble powder cases, by the way. Maybe they got inspired by Cover Girl.

  • Ash Anamaitez
    Ash Anamaitez 1 day ago

    I'm back to hate

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie 1 day ago

    Bunny is literally my biggest inspiration to my channel. She is actual living proof than dreams come true and the smallest people can have 8 million subscribers. Every time I watch my videos, I see something wrong. But then I watch Bunny, I see her editing, but I see the true Bunny, the one who strives to make videos because she wants to. I realize that I can be as successful as Bunny. I know she will never see this but I hope I can inspire anyone, even though I am not as successful as Bunny. One of my teachers told me, follow the beat of your own drums. Don't give up. Creativity takes courage.

  • Shannon  Bryant
    Shannon Bryant 1 day ago

    I doesnt really look that bad

  • Leia Hatz
    Leia Hatz 1 day ago

    People call me Kylie Jenner cuz of my lips
    I have bigger lips than normal people
    But really

  • Lana Michael
    Lana Michael 1 day ago

    I'm going into sixth grade in September and I want to write down all of the makeup that I use and do this video when I'm like 20 years old. (I want to write it down so I can remember what makeup I used)

  • Jasmine cook
    Jasmine cook 2 days ago

    Her eyes are adorable

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 2 days ago

    Small little pigs

  • S Jo
    S Jo 2 days ago

    I had a very similar aesthetic when I was a teenager because I wanted to be Avril Lavigne so bad 😂

  • ViscousMutt
    ViscousMutt 3 days ago

    No offense but the makeup look makes you look like a discount bin Avril Lavigne

  • Abigail Rapp
    Abigail Rapp 3 days ago

    clineques powder foundation has the green marbled packaging

  • Taylor Yeager
    Taylor Yeager 3 days ago

    you were so pretty

  • Scarlet Sykes
    Scarlet Sykes 5 days ago

    What does it even mean 😂 chicky tight yo

  • Lavender Rain
    Lavender Rain 5 days ago

    How old r u?

  • shawna and gracie
    shawna and gracie 5 days ago

    who else misses the paranormal videos

  • Mariah Haines
    Mariah Haines 6 days ago

    picture of a sandwich 😂😂😂

  • The Kiki Creation
    The Kiki Creation 6 days ago

    I like it

  • I am Hinawa
    I am Hinawa 6 days ago

    how old is she?

  • Becca Schow
    Becca Schow 6 days ago

    she kinda looks like Avril

  • Bobbie Ann Aeonian
    Bobbie Ann Aeonian 7 days ago

    you're seriously the best

  • karyn adkins
    karyn adkins 7 days ago

    love you girl ♡ keep on keeping on!

  • Jada's Journey
    Jada's Journey 8 days ago

    here in the philippines we have max factor and I'm not sure but I think they have the pancake foundation thingy but I'm not too sure 💖

  • Abeer Almo
    Abeer Almo 8 days ago

    your yearbook photos look JUST LIKE Christine from Polandbananasbooks!!

  • Metal Arm55
    Metal Arm55 8 days ago

    Hey u should do a swamp family mail video

  • alisa nerg
    alisa nerg 9 days ago

    She didn't have any pictures from this look :( only pictures where she didn't have any make up? And the theater one

  • Abbie GH
    Abbie GH 9 days ago

    Aw their first slide show picture was definitly the cutest

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna 9 days ago


  • Ally S
    Ally S 9 days ago

    I love it so much

  • Maja Bianca
    Maja Bianca 9 days ago

    Her videos just makes me wanna shout to my lungs like OH REALLYYY???!!!!!! like hello? you're infront of your camera, you don't need to shout that much. so unprofessional.

  • Nataly Delgado
    Nataly Delgado 10 days ago

    She actually seemed pretty cool in high school, I probably would've been friends with her

  • Sarah Picone
    Sarah Picone 10 days ago

    Young dog man looked like David dobrik

  • Ariana Hillard
    Ariana Hillard 10 days ago

    I use cosmetic wedges... lol I use to use my palms and fingers...just glob the foundation on my bare hands and smacked it on.. dark brown eye shadow... like 2-3 layers.. only black eyeliner around my lashes not even tight line or water line.. just a big black circle tracing my eye lids.. and done.. it took me 3 mins to apply my makeup lol I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin so the wedges being disposable each use is convenient lol oh high school days..

  • thegirlandthedreamcatcher lover

    this was already 9 months ago!!!!!

  • Casey Turak
    Casey Turak 10 days ago

    You look like the old Avril Lavigne

  • Mandy kitten Lps/animaljam/minecraft

    XD banna nut bread xD

  • purple dusk
    purple dusk 11 days ago

    "baby buns" i melted

  • CJ Miller
    CJ Miller 12 days ago

    lol max factor pan cake make up was the bomb. and they had a waterproof make up that was excellent. just ran across your channel, you are alot of fun, glad I seen your channel by oops..

  • Maple Mommy
    Maple Mommy 12 days ago

    I feel like I just watched myself doing my high school makeup. Right down to the brands and shades. Love it. I wouldn't even run to the corner store without plastering this stuff on, God forbid someone see my actual face. Now I wear makeup usually less than once a month 'cause I ain't got no time for that! My old makeup doin' time is now spent trying to get two young kids out the door before we're late.

  • x_.Lunadria._x
    x_.Lunadria._x 12 days ago

    i thought it was cute <3

  • Posey Lilbit
    Posey Lilbit 12 days ago

    Avril lavigne vibes

  • CuitePuppy 113
    CuitePuppy 113 12 days ago

    Although she hates the look I love it. Honestly I do my makeup like her only with everything we have now

  • Autumn Rich
    Autumn Rich 13 days ago

    Honestly. She makes that makeup work

  • Kaitlyn Rieker
    Kaitlyn Rieker 13 days ago

    I love the scarlet pimpernel

  • We Are Badgerz 123
    We Are Badgerz 123 13 days ago


    i actually like the hair

  • We Are Badgerz 123
    We Are Badgerz 123 13 days ago


    i was sorting out my draw of makeup i dont use about a week ago and found wedges and circular makeup sponges

  • Dell Smith
    Dell Smith 13 days ago

    Favourite for the video

  • Emma Drake élève
    Emma Drake élève 14 days ago

    I looooooooove her so much

  • Chloe Holloway
    Chloe Holloway 15 days ago

    that part when she sips her drink. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • emily awesome
    emily awesome 15 days ago

    at 20:08 me : oh no she is getting trapped again!

  • emily awesome
    emily awesome 15 days ago

    I hate only finding one earing

  • Dayton Whiteman
    Dayton Whiteman 15 days ago

    who else Loves Bunny but is like HOW DOSE SOMEONE PULL THIS OFF!! lol!!!😘

  • kendall byrd
    kendall byrd 15 days ago

    I like your makeup better in the past

  • TrinTrash35
    TrinTrash35 15 days ago

    when did you start sassy bun?

  • perinnial
    perinnial 15 days ago

    I wanna be friends with bunny so I can listen to these atrocious stories

  • Binkkk V
    Binkkk V 15 days ago

    yoooo tell me we didn't all use that Maybelline great lash 😂 borrowed my first tube from my mother & the rest was history

  • Abigail Guzman
    Abigail Guzman 16 days ago

    She actually looks super cute

  • Jemma
    Jemma 16 days ago

    Looks like old school avril lavigne

  • Mimi Thomas
    Mimi Thomas 17 days ago

    I really want to do her hair

  • Kodak White
    Kodak White 18 days ago

    I have that blush

  • Lena_Rose Beifong
    Lena_Rose Beifong 18 days ago

    I was the same lol

  • •coffee•
    •coffee• 18 days ago

    dollar store Avril lavingne

  • deniz alaca
    deniz alaca 18 days ago

    she is freak

  • Kaitlin Muro
    Kaitlin Muro 18 days ago

    you look like avril lavigne with that makeup lol

  • caitlyn scinto
    caitlyn scinto 18 days ago

    I love this look 😂❤️

  • JaKlyn LaUren
    JaKlyn LaUren 19 days ago

    I mean tbh she doesn't look terrible

  • Jillian Puluka
    Jillian Puluka 19 days ago

    My mom wears that mascara 👎👎👎😂😂😂😂

  • Jazzipersun
    Jazzipersun 19 days ago

    Imagine if you used grease paint instead of pancake foundation!

  • Jake IsHere
    Jake IsHere 19 days ago

    hi Banna Nut Bread

  • Edeline Aurora
    Edeline Aurora 19 days ago

    grimas makes cheap pancake make up!:)

  • 11pinkmouse11
    11pinkmouse11 20 days ago

    You look so beautiful in all those pictures

  • MariammySalClarky
    MariammySalClarky 20 days ago

    That look looks like younger avril lavigne

  • Emily DIY
    Emily DIY 20 days ago

    I went down to the very bottom of her downloads and all it had was weird gost stuff

  • Natalie McFly
    Natalie McFly 20 days ago

    I legit used to do that exact hairstyle, fake flowers and all.

  • Alexandra Lamberton

    Also who taught teenage girls of that era to put on power like that because I remember doing it like that too. Was it an oil control thing or what?

  • Alexandra Lamberton

    I remember taking cosmetic wedges and rolling them into half ass beauty blenders. I'm pretty sure I used glue

  • Hailey Antonitis
    Hailey Antonitis 21 day ago

    haha 😆

  • Ava Wright
    Ava Wright 21 day ago

    Avril lavigne replaced by look alike

  • Andrea Banuelos
    Andrea Banuelos 21 day ago

    Hair goals!!! I like the pinned back hair with flowers!!! Gonna try that!

  • *Murdocs tiddies*
    *Murdocs tiddies* 21 day ago

    Dogman was so hot back in the day.

  • Kate GG
    Kate GG 23 days ago

    This is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen.

  • Blondesplay minecraft

    our school dress code is that we cant show our shoulders because theyre "distracting" so me and my friends made up a thing when we see someones shoulders we would be like "oh you better cover those shoulders or youre going to get pregnant" XD

  • Lutzia La Bella
    Lutzia La Bella 23 days ago

    i cant help myself but u look like Avril Lavigne in Girlfriend music video :))

  • Twenty Øne Crybabies

    there way she said yasss lol I love you

  • Alivia Cecilia Mason

    Bunny you look like Averal Lavinge.

  • Jamieanddale ledbetter

    I subscribed

  • TinyDancerJenn
    TinyDancerJenn 24 days ago

    Omg this vid is bringing back soooo many memories for me hahaha! I looked so bad in high school!! I literally shaved off HALF of one of my eyebrows in grade 9. And I didnt know how to fix it..... so I did the same thing to my other eyebrow. LOL THEN I found out there was such thing as eyebrow pencils to fill them in. But I didnt own one yet... so I used BLACK EYELINER!!!! My hair is light-friggin-Brown!!! My friends let me walk around like that for like 6 weeks before they said something. HAHAHAHAHA
    And you were all about the pink hair streaks... I was all about the Butterfly clips!! Oh, and Glitter... as much glitter as humanly possible...!
    Btw, I graduated 2 years before you. So TOTALLY with ya!!

  • abigail ferrell
    abigail ferrell 24 days ago

    u look really pritty both ways

  • Alysha Long
    Alysha Long 25 days ago

    Wassup Garrett

  • Elizabeth Zuniga
    Elizabeth Zuniga 25 days ago

    shes missing one of her earnings

  • Minander
    Minander 25 days ago

    I wish she called dogman in at the end 😭😭😭😭😭 would've been so funny.

  • KaylinNoel
    KaylinNoel 26 days ago

    we are the same age. class of 03!

  • Classic Guava
    Classic Guava 26 days ago

    I honestly think the daisy's in your hair are kinda cute 😂

  • Lanaya Bogert
    Lanaya Bogert 26 days ago

    I really like your videos.

  • Lanaya Bogert
    Lanaya Bogert 26 days ago

    I really like your videos.

  • emogirl 2003
    emogirl 2003 26 days ago


  • luci
    luci 26 days ago

    can i just say that all the american drugstore brands like l'oreal & maybelline are considered high-end in my country
    ain't that sad

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