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Author sethioz (2 years)
you're stupid. your logic is wrong. faster the car, the harder it is to
control it. you probably crash in every corner lol.

Author sethioz (4 years)
@iiiYEDDLEiii no advertising here. if you are stupid enought to do
something like this, you dont need it. retards dont need hacks.

Author Manos K (4 years)
OMFG...All works perfect apart from unlimitied lame -.-

Author ItsMySexyLooks (2 years)
you need to treat your viewers with respect fucking douche bag, you wouldnt
say that much shit on the real world cus you know your ass will get smacked
fucking prick! btw i hated your video and your channel shouldnt worth all
these views.

Author sethioz (4 years)
@TOMANDJERRYOO6 are you blind ? i wrote into description that tutorial is
on my forum.

Author cookies2011100 (2 years)
How in the world do you go over 360 kmh

Author sethioz (2 years)
no i dont, you little brat. you want respect ? earn it you little twat. Are
you talking about yourself little twat ? so tought with words, but no
actions. you don't even know me in real world you twat. you're nothing more
than skilless hater, who is jelous of my skills, views and popularity. so
you come and moan here. im cool and popular because i dont waste time
hating on other people's channels, instead i do cool and useful stuff + i
shoot, i race and do martial arts. would kick ur ass kid

Author Alve Rybom (3 years)
@sethioz You're the moron here. I never said that the video was filled with
viruses, but I asked if the download where so. I didn't realize that you
did a tutorial. I never opened the description, nor went to your forum.

Author lordgriffen (2 years)
good great i've encountered cheaters like this myself and all i can think
is you suck as a racer and have to cheat to win, no skills...... i have
gotten 100% trophies and all acheivements with real skill. take me on
seriously without your cheat see who wins.

Author AZY146 (4 years)
few! i though there was no free roam... (dident get it yet...) xD

Author R4MPAG3Gaming 077 (4 years)
wut car is it???

Author jjvictor66 (3 years)
so thats how those assholes win races like 15 seconds ahead

Author sethioz (2 years)
good great ive encountered retards like you myself and all i can think of
is WHERE is your brain ? cheat to win ??? no brain ... i dont even play
this game RETARD, i only make hacks for fun. you're a retard and LOSER, i
would beat you in any REAL racing. dont think so ? challenge me in rFactor
then. 1000USD bet, put your money where your mouth is retard, lets race.

Author TheColts1027 (4 years)
@xiVeNGaNc3x l3 the anolog stick if you didnt know same to turn it off also

Author sethioz (2 years)
if you say i suck in racing ... why don't you put your money where your
mouth is? i bet you for 1000EUR that you CANT beat me straight on (no
hacks). BUT game has to be not as arcade as NFS, i only challenge in more
realistic games (GTR, GTR2, LFS, LFS2, GRID ...etc) you can start by trying
to beat my time here: /watch?v=4kxFSSMCyqE (no hacks used)

Author Sesshomaru7977 (2 years)
Does this work online? Cause this would explain why all the other cars are
so friken fast. I use the same car as everyone else and they leave me in
the dust....hacks are friken stupid, takes the fun out of the game. Now im
hesitant to buy the new Need for speed for pc....

Author sethioz (3 years)
@presmokan lol r u mad kid ?

Author sethioz (4 years)
@MCSpidah hey, long time no see. without recording i get 20 - 40 fps on
dual view and most of it is on high, cant bother to try on single view, i
think it should be faster. dont know what same specs you mean exactly. dual
2.8ghz, 3gb ram, 512mb 9500GT + my super cooling system.

Author Radical power (3 years)

Author Sesshomaru7977 (2 years)
Your kidding right? Even if you did crash at every corner....with unlimited doesnt matter...youll catch up in seconds....and besides, the
handling in this game is ridiculuously easy, u can drift and never hit a

Author sethioz (4 years)
@TomSimpsonTS 1. because you cant post links into comments ! and if i use ,
instead of . in links, it is against youtube policy and they may ban you
for doing that over and over again. 2. what if my domain name changes ?
ever tought of that ? then you would start whining that link doesnt work. i
have over 100 videos and im not going to edit each and every one of them
when i change my domain name. 3. if you cant find my site link on my
channel, then you are not smart enought to make this anyways

Author theultimateuploader (2 years)
what is your cam?

Author demon619100 (4 years)
@owengill1 if u r haveing pc versoin press right ctrl and if ur having ps3
or xbox versoin i have no idea

Author JOE FPOC (4 years)
lol. if your the one whos actually discovering these hacks i give you
props. i actually seen someone doing this on hot pursuit online. i was
wondering wtf was going on. would be cool for the campaign but half the fun
in the pursuit is outsmarting the cops

Author irondimi dimitris (4 years)
@thekoolaidman156 its kmh

Author BednjaSan (4 years)
@l5m3v5 ps3 stupid... or pc ... no ps2 can have so a high res ... the
picture is fkin perfect *.*

Author sethioz (4 years)
@znintendotaku you and smart ? lol ok ... so smart that you are asking "how
do you install hack" or so smart that you dont know how to use google ...
ok whatever kid

Author Aaptronym (4 years)
@sethioz u mad bro? Nerdraging for no reason.

Author Keith Martinson (2 years)
It does explain quite a bit. I raced a couple of days ago. I chose the
superior car and was 5 sec above everyone at the start of the race, then
suddenly everyone used nitro, passed me buy like I was driving Mrs. Daisy.
I heard a couple of them laughing when they passed me. I got 8th place a
minute behind the 7th place winner. When I brought it up that I thought
that everyone must have been cheating, it was in a joking manner, but
nobody laughed, then they all bailed out. HACKERS SUCK & BLOW!!

Author superotterify (3 years)
@sethioz stfu faggot he didnt say anything bad to you so dont say anything
bad to him

Author anthony3leaves (4 years)
this isnt wii, is it.

Author sethioz (4 years)
@magas29 its a hack, not a trainer. you cant download hacks, you make them.
read what annotation says

Author Aaptronym (4 years)
@sethioz I am a pretty smart guy, I guess I'm a nerd. So you admit you are
mad bro?

Author sethioz (3 years)
@superotterify MAKE ME ! baggot noob. i say what i want, when i want and
there's nothing that a baggot like you can do about it !

Author sethioz (3 years)
@inieuwoudt1 cheat ? what cheat ? i don't see any cheats. daming folders ?
no idea what you are talking about, i don't have any folders.

Author jashan singh (4 years)
is that khm or mph

Author Abubakr64 (1 year)
How did u go over 300mph? Even a buggati veyron 16.4 or ss cant even go dat
speed! =O

Author thewiitry (3 years)
Lol does it have a virus LOL hahahahha you get it PC SUCKS

Author sethioz (4 years)
@sledgehammersark i dont care, it clearly says TUTORIAL is on my FORUM. not
my problem if ppl are too dumb to read

Author Sean Angelo (4 years)
c'mon plz... im new on nfs games..... im on xbox atm... but i dunno how

Author ShadowwwLFS (4 years)
all consoles suck, this is PC of course.

Author sethioz (3 years)
@NeedForSpeed10001 don't like it ? get off of my channel then.

Author IIIII47IIIII (2 years)
too stupid to record?

Author MCSpidah (4 years)
@sethioz Alright man, lifes been busy, very busy, and those specs yeah >.<
Nice fps, and dual display must be pretty cool, I never tried it before

Author sethioz (3 years)
@FulLitenHund i think you didnt. or you are just so stupid that you think
that you can actually infect ppl using youtube videos. its a HACK, not a
trainer moron. its something you make on your own with your own skills,
there is no download, only text tutorial posted on my forum.

Author presmokan (3 years)
@sethioz trolled.

Author sethioz (4 years)
@ShadowwwLFS yes they do, however you cant get some games on pc :( like
MGS4 consoles are for kiddies who cant handle pc.

Author sethioz (3 years)
@FulLitenHund how come im the moron, if you are the one who is too DUMB to
realize that HACK cannot be downloaded. only IDIOT would come up with the
idea that hack is downloadable. hack is something you DO using your skills
.. this is WHY i called you moron, while you have no explanation why you
said im moron. so go away moron :)

Author MrJMH73 (3 years)
the first one is kmh

Author Bojidar Pavlov (4 years)
@thekoolaidman156 370 KMH

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