Nintendo Switch DOUBLING Output! - The Know Game News

Breaking News: Nintendo Switch is selling pretty well. Better than expected, apparently, because Nintendo is doubling their output of hardware over the next year to try to meet demand.


Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola

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Runtime: 6:50
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Author Zombie Techie ( ago)
i love my dreamcast. Damn that was funny about getting married the day it came out.

Author Jason Weber ( ago)
With how often your weapons break I'll just wait for an emulator or port to play Breath of the Wild. That and they need to fix the issues like docks scratching the unit and the left joycon disconnecting at random. I don't need another fast paced racing game. Sony is bringing Wipeout 2048 to the console in April, goodbye small ass Vita screen.

Author Tony Zamudio ( ago)
The Know you have any idea when switches will be available for walk in purchase or online purchase at gamestop? nintendo is really lagging and I do not want to buy the current bundle they have for the switch. I ve had the chance to get it serval times but not the current bundle.

Author Tony Zamudio ( ago)

Author Rachael Clark ( ago)
holding out for special edition bundle.

Author 19ninetynine ( ago)
initially i was like "SLAYERRRR!!!" then i was like "wait, what does that t-shirt say? kingslayer? oh right, GoT is cool aswell" :-)

also, im glad nintendo is doing well again. hope it lasts.

Author Isosori Harrison ( ago)
My Switch is awesome because it doesn't take me away from gameplay. I had to walk my dog one time... It's better than taking a bulky gaming PC.

Author Gecko o ( ago)
Well I noticed that arund here you can make a small profit if you can get a switch and resell it, the problem is that they are very expensive.

Author Bret Steckervetz ( ago)
hit gamestop at 1130am Tuesdays

Author animeworldnr1 ( ago)
switch is great. You can play on the train while going to work. its easy and enjoyable.

Author Will Plummer ( ago)
How long did it take for people to be able to walk into Gamestop, see lots of Wiis on the shelves and be able to buy one no problem. And when do people think the Switch will be readily available to buy, because it's not selling out because most people have one already? I'm surprised no one has used the Wii to try and figure that out yet.

Author hatWonder ( ago)
"Zelda machine"--and the " 1 game and smaller games but mostly one system seller..."

Author GamingFreako ( ago)
Yeah I want one! I tried to turn in my Xbox for one 😂

Author Linkman247 ( ago)
Enjoying mine so far. Have only had two minor issues. The time the Switch wasn't recognizing my one joycon controller while playing in tabletop mode so I just put them back on the Switch again to re-pair them with the system. Another the system locked up when I tried to access the e-shop forcing me to turn it off and back on again.

Author Jurek Matlosz ( ago)
im holding out for either a zelda edition or when it gets more battery life/battery pack carrying case

Author Eric Brailsford ( ago)
I have a switch. I like it. if I wanted power than I'll get on PC. once you get your hands on one you will be able to tell that power wasent what they were going for.....this is irrelevant but....the usb-c port is on the bottom because of the dock goddamn it.

Author ICG ( ago)
I'll wait some time for the "Switch 2" (or Switch U) to come out ... = )

Then we'll see ...

Author nothing1707 ( ago)
Doesn't this seem like a ploy to get more publicity for the switch? What I mean is doesn't Nintendo decide the number of switches that they forecast to sell? By "doubling output" they get more people to keep talking about the console. And again, this is just a guess but if this is what they are doing it's pretty smart.

Author James Duffy III ( ago)
I worked at GameStop. We were always so relieved when we heard we were getting "a shipment of consoles" only to have 5 come to the store and we have about 70 people mad at us for not having them lol.

Author Admir Karalic ( ago)
As soon as a Pokemon game is announced I'm jumping on board, until then we'll wait.

Author Twisted Melody ( ago)
Lol I love Gus. Dude got married on the date of the dream cast...god damnit.

Author Kinred Fox ( ago)
I want one!!!

Author Raymond Lagonda ( ago)
Bluetooth headphone feature please...

Author Michael Manning ( ago)
so when would we get another shipment of switches? like in a month or a few weeks? like anyone have a good guess or source

Author Dawood Variawa ( ago)
got mines on launch day here in South Africa ... was really surprised.
i love the console cant wait for Splatoon and ARMS

Author Carlos Duarte ( ago)
Tinfoil hat theory... Did Ashley purposely hide the letters of her t-shirt with her hair? Is Ashley a metalhead then?

Author Mike Buckley ( ago)
I got one on launch. I am very hopeful for what can be played on the Switch on the goal. The amount of indie games and other 3rd party publishers makes me really hopeful for the system. The potential is there, publishers just need to do it.

Author Sadman1471 ( ago)
also I'm wanting some mad world 2, no more hero's 3 and red steal 3 or remastered

Author Sadman1471 ( ago)
I'm holding out for more games

Author Peaceull ( ago)
I'm waiting for version that will have less design flaws, pokemon and smash announcements - then i will consider buying it.

Author Mayed Al Owais ( ago)
u can find it everywhere in Dubai

Author dcd10able ( ago)
Love my switch

Author ChronoXShadow ( ago)
The Dreamcast was an amazing console. It may have been weaker than the PS2, but it looked just as good. Imagine if it did well and decided to make a second gen Dreamcast; it would have been glorious! It's disappointing that so many people bash on it just because it didn't last. Be honest: it was your bae when you bought it.

Author Seth Miller ( ago)
I would like a switch, but I'm waiting for Xbox One Scorpio

Author Xollas ( ago)
Fire emblem

Author The Game Guys ( ago)
where can I get a switch? it's sold out everywhere

Author sonicgojira ( ago)
I want one but I'm one of the guys who lost out on chances to order one before launch so now I have to wait. Hoping to have one by late April.

Author Zelda ( ago)
Got mine on launch day! but I won't front like I didn't pre-order and pay it off the moment they went up in GameStops store. I had SOOOOOOO much shi- pre-ordered that day. >_>; Loving every moment I spend with my Switch, I even take it with me when we go Grocery Shopping.

Author Enrique Linares ( ago)
waiting for mario kart and smash!

Author Branmuffin B. ( ago)

Author Kelryth Ka'venusho ( ago)
I want one, My zelda botw is on the shelf collecting dust :(

Author Kelryth Ka'venusho ( ago)
Awesome Shirt Gus :) I like it.

Author Tyler Petty ( ago)
I think it also wins over the handheld market that might buy a 3DS but not the Wii U.

Author Mallorie Nakasako ( ago)
Essentially, I want to get this Nintendo switch just to play Mario and Zelda.

Author GaminWithNICK ( ago)
Theory: microsoft is buying thousands of nintindo switch so nobody can get them... Just kiddin lol

Author Randall Ramírez ( ago)
I'll wait until the holidays to get mine, I'm looking at the switch as a handheld device so hopefully newer models will get a better battery life (I think right now it lasts like 3 hours)

Author Leo Ramos ( ago)
I thought they meant graphical output 😯

Author The Wife Decorates ( ago)
Ashley beautiful as always

Author Cthulhu Has Risen ( ago)
what does her shirt say?? also, no switch until a new metroid.

Author Hobbs ( ago)
I would LOVE some remastered n64 games on the switch, or even GameCube games.

Author whatever ( ago)
wanted the classic nes but it was never in stock so i stoped trying to get one after 6 months cause i wasn't paying 400.00 for it so maybe nintendo will not make the same mistake

Author Azrael7 ( ago)
Come to Panama, all stores have Nintendo Switch stock (not to say Overstock). Non of my friends bought it, and for all intentions, some of them are rather waiting for a special edition or bundle.

Author Dustin Glenn ( ago)
I want one so bad!

Author Tyler Hall ( ago)
I'd like one, but I need to direct my money for other things right now. So opted to get Zelda on Wii U and so I will definitely wait for more games. Probably later this year :)

Author Man Ban Sans ( ago)
I live on the big island of Hawaii and our GameStop has like 6 left, come give us Tourism moneeeeeyyyyy

Author Medio-Core ( ago)
Gus is the man!!

Author Flex Box ( ago)
that guy looks like a weird pervert

Author William Callahan ( ago)
has anyone ever wondered how many Wii units would have actually sold if they had made enough of them? not a fanboy. ours seldom gets used. I just think that saying the switch is the best Nintendo seller at opening is a bit disingenuous without taking the mass shortages of the Wii into account.

Author Stelios Pasiardes ( ago)
holding up til holiday bundles

Author Brutal Fates ( ago)
I have seen them in stock in physical retail locations. I know they are sold out online.

Author Versatile Viewer ( ago)
This is a sign that everyone will be able to get one with not much hassle. There are still those who will try to lure buyers into buying them from their eBay store... for $600.00. People, whatever you do, be patient and wait for official retailers to restock this thing. Do not, please DO NOT give in nor support the scalpers.

Author Chris Lynch ( ago)
I got one at launch.  It was such a good purchase, I plan on buying 2 more for my kids.  So, yeah, Nintendo's on a smart move to ramp up production of the Switch by 2X.

I guess, the scarcity of the Nintendo New 3DS and New 3DS XL will continue.  I just can't seem to be able to buy a new 3ds or 3ds xl at gamestop, target, walmart, best buy, toys r us or whathaveu.  Only from scalpers on ebay and amazon.  :-(

Author Icalasari ( ago)
Yep, looks like this means they will be able to axe both the Wii and 3DS lines and merge their home and handheld departments and game libraries

Thank god, this will really help with fixing the library issues

Author Pirostyle ( ago)
Still can't believe they didn't call it Spla2oon.

Author Neil Price ( ago)
I want Nintendo to do remasters of all their best selling Gamecube, Wii, Wii-U games for the Switch. I would love to play Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess on my Switch.

Author Tensai55 ( ago)
I walked in and got my Switch at literally the last second. Thor sent me a sign - he took out my live stream show (they had technical issues which shut down the stream) as I'd been planning on heading up to Game Stop after it was over. I secured the last Switch just seconds before a woman came in asking if there were any left. (They were giving out tickets rather than having ppl wait in line outside in the cold, I think some parents complained.)

Author Joseph Cotter ( ago)
Holding out for more games.

Author Impretzive ( ago)
I don't want to spend my money on a square brick... I'm scared to buy

Author Joel Murie ( ago)
I'm not holding out for more games, I'm holding out for more money lol

Author Drega001 ( ago)
1.5M and sold out? anyone else see the game or are we all zombies? also i cant get it, my hands aren't fun size. yay for mediocrity

Author Twilord ( ago)
"Casual fans". They are definitely motivated BUT people at Gamercon were starting to realize they needed them. Lots of them had skipped the Wii U or never even gotten into Nintendo before.

Gamers are Switching to the future.

Author TrainerAQ ( ago)
I am holding out for more games and for the console to become more acessable. I'm not going to be running against other people like I did with the wii anymore.

Author Angel Ivanov ( ago)
Is your co-host the son of the old dude from American pie?

Author Patrick Ragland ( ago)
Between now and the holidays, Nintendo has a truckload of system sellers.

Author Sriracha Kanto ( ago)
The summer will be lit. Mark my words. I predict that Splatoon 2 won't be the only big seller this summer on the Switch

Author Happiness Bunny ( ago)
Check on craigslist, there are plenty there, for $500

Author Sidular ( ago)
I preordered the Switch to play Skyrim in the bathroom. Instead, I ended up playing Zelda in the bathroom.

Author John Paul Gabriel Zuluaga ( ago)
That dude has tiny arms, wow

Author tonyLA24 ( ago)
I'll wait for the switch clamshell version!

Author Mindboggler123 ( ago)
I had to get my switch off of ebay, this was on launch day I ordered it because everywhere else would be sold out for the month and was backordered. Even target but up a psa in the automated menu saying don't ask about it because they were out, lol it was crazy

Author neo smile ( ago)
the switch is the first thing i ever pre-ordered
(because i normally never buy something day 1 anyway)
and lucky i was, because the switch may have been sold out on day one there but here you could not even pre-order it anymore and if you wanted to buy it on day one: sold out before the store even opened its door

Author Straw Bunny ( ago)
Jesus christ give the Switch news a break, 11 videos about the switch in one week on this channel

Author AmnesiaGm1 ( ago)
Bullshit, it is a marketing trick, we don't decide these things like
this so quickly : "HEY let's double that dudes !!!"

Stop being naive please, they have just reported a launch 15-20% higher
than expectation, which is really great, but announcing that the prod
will be doubled, with all the real industrial consequences, is only a
trick to make buzz, hype and to produce a TON of article which talks
about this.

Author LEEROYUK1 ( ago)
I want a switch bad !! I have a PS4 pro but Nintendo games are so unique I feel I need a switch to compliment my PS4 !!

Author igotshot5 ( ago)
Ashly spitting tech with a Slayer shirt?! My type of gal.
Is it a Slayer shirt, though?

Author BlackBruceLee ( ago)
Ashley is beautiful

Author The Samurai X 69247 ( ago)
I adore my switch! I'm on the go a lot of the time and it's so great to just be able to pack it up in 10 seconds and have it with me anywhere! Kudos Nintendo!

Author Jay Palomo ( ago)
If the Switch starts getting some of the strong titles coming up -KHIII- man, that would make this a killer console. I'm waiting on that game a well as FFVII remake to come out and I'm buying a PS4 unless they bring them to this console, which I doubt but still hope.

Author Bushmane Ent. ( ago)
lol most sales were pre orders. any1 that actually really wanted 1 prob did a pre order. sales will go good for a little bit but u can only trick so many ppl .

Author Marco ( ago)
don't have one.
don't want one.
just not interested

Author Chaingun juan ( ago)

Author azkleric ( ago)
They have to double production as they have so many faulty ones to replace.

Author Princess Rainbows ( ago)
No offense but that guys face reminds me of a dog

Author John F ( ago)
I ended up buying a PC instead of the Switch due to the Switch being impossible to find. No regerts.

Author dirtybirdsf ( ago)
I want Zelda... not the switch. :(

Author Magnus Lindenhann ( ago)
Rocket League for Nintendo Switch would be cool

Author Navex ( ago)
If you are trying to get a switch I recommend walmart or target because they have a ton of copys and no one thinks to go there

Author Steve Padilla ( ago)
now I'm even more worried about getting one, they're doubling the output so there's going to be more bugs and quality issues. I'm just going to wait a couple months and let more games come out

Author Captain Future ( ago)

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