David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia (Official Video)

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  • M M
    M M 1 hour ago

    What is the point of this😕

  • Anapaola Remmers
    Anapaola Remmers 2 hours ago


  • estixmer 5812
    estixmer 5812 4 hours ago

    me encanta

  • Andre Gustavo
    Andre Gustavo 4 hours ago

    Spider Man, Batman, Super Man and now Jean Grey man! lol

  • Marcin Lencznar
    Marcin Lencznar 6 hours ago


    LSARU 6 hours ago

    David Guetta - Mega Super DJ

  • Sandra Posiewala
    Sandra Posiewala 7 hours ago


  • Nalinda hanz
    Nalinda hanz 7 hours ago

    2017 ❤

  • BobMine Yt
    BobMine Yt 7 hours ago

    marcou minha infância

  • Maycol Demare
    Maycol Demare 8 hours ago

    Esta buenísima la

  • Charbel Sheety
    Charbel Sheety 9 hours ago

    Hh yay omg the memories..... I LOVE THIS SONG. I used to listen to it when i was 6!!

  • Midrar Cruciate
    Midrar Cruciate 9 hours ago

    who is watching it today tommorow and forever!.....?

  • cris-_-tiano_br
    cris-_-tiano_br 9 hours ago

    alguém sabe

  • cris-_-tiano_br
    cris-_-tiano_br 9 hours ago

    qual é o nome do garoto do clip

  • cris-_-tiano_br
    cris-_-tiano_br 9 hours ago

    alguém 2017 Brasil

  • Sabrinna Borges
    Sabrinna Borges 10 hours ago

    Melhor música!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • Daily Jenn
    Daily Jenn 11 hours ago

    Who's watching this in 2017 ❤️

  • Jack aka Railrunner
    Jack aka Railrunner 11 hours ago

    Anyone in the Summer of 2017?

  • Joseph Wachter
    Joseph Wachter 11 hours ago

    Who knew Kevin McCallister was harboring the Phoenix all this time.

  • BEST gamer
    BEST gamer 11 hours ago

    1:34 so eu vi a baleia azul??? rsrsrs #BR

  • Star Mlp Sims
    Star Mlp Sims 12 hours ago

    sia is fantastic now she is difrent ...

  • Azhar Nazir
    Azhar Nazir 12 hours ago


  • HowAboutLife
    HowAboutLife 12 hours ago

    2011???? It feels like it came out two years ago or so... gosh time runs

  • Frann Santana Santana Santana

    Loooooooove Youuuuu and music

  • Dipanjan Das
    Dipanjan Das 13 hours ago

    David Guetta should make this type of music again
    No other edm artist was as good as the old David Guetta .

  • Wiktor Sówka
    Wiktor Sówka 14 hours ago


  • T Canete
    T Canete 14 hours ago

    I loved this song ever since it came out

  • Nijat Abbasli
    Nijat Abbasli 15 hours ago

    reply button is broken :)

  • John Tran
    John Tran 16 hours ago

    When someone goes duck hunting and the ducks are flying:

    Source: Woft Shadow - Nightcore / Titanium.

  • Rakeem Nasim
    Rakeem Nasim 16 hours ago

    ain't he from super 8?

  • Jesse_Pink_Man
    Jesse_Pink_Man 16 hours ago

    2:34 The next Jedi

  • Miinee Bình
    Miinee Bình 16 hours ago

    Who's still listening this song in 2017???🙌🙌🙌

  • Alexandru Alex
    Alexandru Alex 17 hours ago

    most people dont know the meaning of this song ;d

  • laylay Rollins
    laylay Rollins 17 hours ago

    the first time it came out i was in love

  • Антония Митева

    Anyone else likes Brendon's cover of this song more??

  • DieTeetasse
    DieTeetasse 17 hours ago

    This kid could be David from the tv series Legion.

  • Kaylee Griggs
    Kaylee Griggs 19 hours ago

    is the video from a movie if so what movie

  • Lê Hào Quang
    Lê Hào Quang 19 hours ago

    quảng cáo is real

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows 19 hours ago

    Whos idea was it to put this kid with this massive overbite in the music video

  • Smileyyy
    Smileyyy 21 hour ago

    i came for Close-up....

  • Tuấn Trần
    Tuấn Trần 22 hours ago

    2017? Vietnam??

  • Andrew Qualls
    Andrew Qualls 22 hours ago

    This is my kids' music, but I really like it. Broadening my horizons. She has such a great voice.

  • Anna Richards
    Anna Richards 22 hours ago

    I remember Listening to this song, when my friend was coming over to pick me up, I put this song on and was eating Doritos. He drove in, I saw him and he saw me. So I went back, waiting for him to come in, so he could just see me sitting there eating doritos and stairing at him while listening to a song. My plan backfired, he never came inside. So I just sat in the house for 5 minutes, then I gave up.

  • Kpop Amy
    Kpop Amy 22 hours ago

    Why did the cops have their guns out when they're just chasing a kid?

  • Beary
    Beary 23 hours ago

    Stranger things: The lost episode

  • HC Mc
    HC Mc 23 hours ago

    That maid me cry

  • Nastya Sivko
    Nastya Sivko 1 day ago

    this song makes me thing of Christina Grimmie 😭

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 1 day ago

    3:45 at was at this moment they knew they fucked up

  • Jerome Blair
    Jerome Blair 1 day ago

    Perfect Pitch Brought Me Here!

  • Leonardo Vlogs!
    Leonardo Vlogs! 1 day ago

    PT- Tem algum filme sobre essa musica?
    En- Are there any movies about this song?

  • Kevin Gustin
    Kevin Gustin 1 day ago

    Holy crap almost 70000000 views dang...

  • Canal Babaca
    Canal Babaca 1 day ago

    2011 que Saudades :'(

  • dg frzla
    dg frzla 1 day ago


  • dg frzla
    dg frzla 1 day ago


  • Kok
    Kok 1 day ago

    Infamous: Third son

  • Szymon Dzierżon
    Szymon Dzierżon 1 day ago

    Can't stop watching his teeths...

  • Adam Stewart
    Adam Stewart 1 day ago

    I don't understand the meaning of this video

  • Superboy343 Y
    Superboy343 Y 1 day ago

    spanish spanish spanish spanish spanish spanish spanish spanish please spanish spanish

  • anjo girl
    anjo girl 1 day ago

    Galera essa música é muito foda demais😆

  • baum #kp
    baum #kp 1 day ago

    why has no one written the lyrics somewhere in the comment section like usually? Or in the Video Description, or as a Subtitle...
    Good Song!

  • Kathleen 2301
    Kathleen 2301 1 day ago

    I've had titanium in my spine for a couple of years now after an operation so I'd like to say I am titaniummmmmmm! also im basically a cyborg

  • sandro atoshvili
    sandro atoshvili 1 day ago

    what's the name of the film? anyone knows?

  • Khaalg
    Khaalg 1 day ago

    Why did they pick this girl to be in the Music video, she looks so dumb...

  • Richard Smedley
    Richard Smedley 1 day ago


  • The gaming herobrine

    I heard that this song represented Germany in Eurovision

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme 1 day ago


  • Ramswaroop Soni
    Ramswaroop Soni 1 day ago

    David Guetta is the best composer ever.....👌👌👌

  • Multicultural Intellectual

    im still trynna figure out if this is a dude or a girl

  • Liam Mitchell
    Liam Mitchell 1 day ago

    the only reason he trashed the school is because he was bullied about his buckteeth

  • emo macic
    emo macic 1 day ago


  • Ngân Nguyễn
    Ngân Nguyễn 1 day ago

    Hay quá...! Ở đây có ai là người Việt Nam! Như mình hông

  • découl ement
    découl ement 1 day ago


  • ФениксТВ
    ФениксТВ 1 day ago

    It is boy a kurwa !!!

  • 파드릭스
    파드릭스 1 day ago

    슈명건~ 슈명건~ 랩돼 보고 온 사람?

  • 안건
    안건 1 day ago

    이노래 진짜좋아..........

  • IlI lll
    IlI lll 1 day ago

    랩돼 보고 온사람??

  • 트땅이 TV
    트땅이 TV 1 day ago


  • Gaming with Abyaz: Roblox and Minecraft

    i heard this song in closeup ad

    • haider alpahlawan
      haider alpahlawan 1 day ago

      Bro I sang this song in school with my class k and yes I still have school (I am his son )

  • X6xJozziex9X
    X6xJozziex9X 1 day ago

    Będę pruł na wentylu! XD

  • KaoticDroidVN / / KDVN

    who still listen to this music in 2017 2016

    this song is 2011

  • Stefan S
    Stefan S 1 day ago

    the kid looks so stupid

  • Chris harris jr
    Chris harris jr 1 day ago

    how u get locked in

  • Im Crazy Im Proud

    OMG I cried watching this it explains some things I've been though or seen

  • cookqui cookqui
    cookqui cookqui 1 day ago

    wait.... SIA SINGS THIS!!! since when!

  • Nevaeh Scudder
    Nevaeh Scudder 1 day ago

    Like it it's awesome

  • Euphoric Vibes Music

    Happy Pride Ya'll! <3

  • Left Bumper
    Left Bumper 1 day ago

    This is if the columbine shooting went as planned

  • Elias Torres
    Elias Torres 1 day ago

    N O S T A L G I A

  • Fernanda Batista
    Fernanda Batista 1 day ago

    em 2017 vim descobrir o nome dessa musica

  • StarBoy 13
    StarBoy 13 2 days ago

    when songs use to be good

  • Football Shots
    Football Shots 2 days ago

    What's the exact moral of the video itself?

  • Tony The Tiger
    Tony The Tiger 2 days ago

    she can use the force. so what?

  • Flexx Modz
    Flexx Modz 2 days ago

    The Music is from Afrojack. If you listen right...

  • OK Liz
    OK Liz 2 days ago

    This literally is like the plot of stranger things ??

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez 2 days ago

    still my favorite song

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 2 days ago

    This song is timeless

  • Skyplayzgamez minecraft

    well the force is strong with this one

  • Edivaldo Vall
    Edivaldo Vall 2 days ago

    amo essa MSc 😍😍😍

  • kaer Isnotonfire
    kaer Isnotonfire 2 days ago

    this kid was on the haunting hour

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