sexy nadia dance

sexy dance by nadia and vicky

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Added: 8 years
Runtime: 4:29
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Author jackel142 (6 years)
hahahaha so typical of you guys... pick on the girl acting like a i duno
slut? ya maybe but that the fuck is with the guy? im sure hes not indian!
no blame on him at all? i know i know he is innocent ya shushh! lol

Author ghq786 (4 years)
@imran9j everyone has gone mental here! this is not Pakistani, that guy
vicky or whatever does not even look pAKi, SECOnd, go look at urself before
u try to make Pakistan look bad, u can try, but dont u dare, even touch
Islam, because u dont have a religion, hinduism is not a religion and islam
is the only true and worldwide religion, u will see in the day of
judgement!! may god protect a muslim country like Pakistan from imitating
cow worshipping INDIA!

Author thehiddenbrain (6 years)
This song is a part of a stage comedy darama of Pakistan.

Author fammy23 (7 years)
when are punjabis going to have porn movies?

Author AllahTallah (6 years)

Author kamransakhawat (2 years)
We should respect each others religion ppl.

Author cryzztal786 (6 years)
this is the worse than the original song, the woman is sooo vulgar in her
steps sick!!!! both of them need to be shot

Author chino enitt (7 years)

Author mirzabilal123 (7 years)

Author Hekhan (7 years)
nice :D

Author Valentina04021 (3 years)
yah Nadia from Indonesia ???

Author cheefsaab (7 years)
Allatala better change yor screen name. just a polite request, maybe you
dont know the meaning.... its okay

Author golgappe2000 (6 years)
and they said we r muslims!

Author donbukhari (7 years)
benazir and zardari were the biggest thieving bastards ever. If zardari was
wrongly accused of stuff by the courts in pakistan then why the fuck does
he have cases going on all over the world? is the whole world corrupt and
wrong except zardari? musharraf is the first clever president for years,
he's using america for everything it needs, america's opened schools in
pakistan its funding military etc. u thick paki's seriously need to think
about things

Author jat50b (6 years)
Total waste of 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

Author soulzlost (7 years)
in kameeno ko dance soojh raha hai yahan mulk ki aisi taisi ho gai hai.

Author Cody (6 years)
theyll find out in da afterlife where its not so glamorous and bed fun its
all bugs for her

Author khan251980 (5 years)
bharway ab to tera baap bhi bolraha hay quaid azam to q nhi bolta .ab to
chor do gandhi ki gandoo geeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Author imranbsb (6 years)
thats paki, coz the guy is paki.. i m a paki my self its a shame that we
have ppl like those making such disgusting chutia videos :S

Author Nadz J (7 years)
veryyy funnyyyy!

Author zeeshanrajput (6 years)
whats the fuck with you guys they tried to make you laugh but you bith paki
and indians are fuckin ass holes can't you find another topic rather than
pak indian fuckin dispute? but fuck you all i enjoyed the video its fuckin

Author as shah (4 years)
the full name of pakistan is "islamic republic of pakistan" and what is
this ?.it is vary shampleful for all of us.

Author Jack H (6 years)
Is this the guy who was in that drama dil lagi with that other lahori dude?
I didn't know he was into this rundibaazi loll..

Author JANUBAB1 (5 years)

Author thehiddenbrain (6 years)
This is not from a movie instead it is a part of stage comedy drama.

Author SubarcticEar (7 years)
this is indian video

Author extr3m3psycho (5 years)

Author machinic (7 years)
no i am not saying that thats what American / Bristish industry does in
general its just that its really shocking for me.

Author javrui06 (7 years)

Author Mian90 (7 years)
Mushraf is the mother fucker. He is gandu,bahanchad.

Author Mustansar Nazir (6 years)
naseem wiki you are a pimp

Author javrui06 (7 years)
tera baap he chootiya

Author wailbinhujr (5 years)
look i added earth quake vedio in response we dancing but when earth quake
happen we can not even run?????????????????????????????

Author jonnymalik (6 years)
Maybe he has got a BIG one. When you have a Big one then Women don't care
about anything else. Get it ;)

Author kharbandauloopatha (7 years)
honestly punbaiz lack ""Ghairat"". they are friendly but naturally cowards.
they worship power and strong individuals. to them saving own skin is much
important. they use somebody's shouldrs to fire. they lack vision. tghey
care abour their tummies and sex drive. gang rapes happened 90 percent in
punjab and culpripts are never punished.

Author 57karachi (5 years)
aba gando indian aik ladki ko nahen sambhal sakta bhaj da mera pass.

Author formatC (6 years)
why the mullahs dont act on this? like they act on every thing what ist
right?? maybe some mullahs just sitting in front of the stage.

Author mars109 (7 years)
who ever posted dis video is a dickhead and a kafir

Author machinic (7 years)
are these two pakistani.

Author tehzeebs (7 years)
oh yea.. y u think people dont get freaky outside britian

Author MJRAZA (7 years)
let me tell u something don't tell anyone who u are if some1 (muslim) finds
out leve this world before they get u.

Author albedo21 (3 years)
omg. comments are religious FAIL.

Author Melissa8usa (5 years)
Did Martin Bashir Kill Michael Jackson? YES google it.

Author starbud1 (7 years)

Author machinic (7 years)
just asking i am a British pakistani, having never lived in pakistan, i
thought these things doesnt happen in Pakistan. Came to me as a big shock.

Author kharbandauloopatha (7 years)
punjabiz talk much and oftenly use abusive language. punjab is more
educated but honestly in other provinces woman is more respected. i think
its not their fault. they are infact converted sikhs. they wera good but
iside they are sikhs. i feel so sorry but i must say punjabiz are hypocrats

Author bhuttoo007 (6 years)
hahahhahahahhahahahah fuck this

Author Farrukh Mian (7 years)
wtf man??

Author kruger27 (7 years)
yea. as opposed to those other cheater fucks and thieves Nawaz Sharif
(Sharif?! LOL!) and the biggest robber of them all!... ASIF ZARDARI. How
shameful that he is even contesting for prime ministership. shit, people in
other countries have a hard time finding a decent JOB if they have a
criminal record. This dude served 8 YEARS! and is now running for PM.
pathetic. just pathetic. MUsharraf aint perfect. but he's the man for this
job. no question about it.

Author x786x (7 years)
and you need to get SHOT in your fucking face! for saying dumbest shit in
the world!

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