sexy nadia dance

sexy dance by nadia and vicky

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Author albedo21 ( ago)
omg. comments are religious FAIL.

Author Nadiah Razak ( ago)
@Valentina04021 no pretty sure that chick's indian 

Author Sam Parida (1103 years ago)
Every scientific creation is done by west , chinese and very little from
India but what scientific contribution Islam follower have done apart from
blasting self to get a place in heven ?? Where is it ? Its here ,please
make this earth a heven accept everyone as we are as long as something is
not against other human being .

Author Sam Parida (1128 years ago)
brother Well look at chinese , west everyone is developed .They gigted many
things to Mankind what you people given to Mankind even after reading
Koran?? dont you feel shame . 

Author ghq786 (484 years ago)
@samparida1 doctrine of ARABs???wtf..jealous hindu..then why is islam the
worlds single largest religion.practiced with passion in every corner of
the world. without even proving the quran to be a diviine scripture..not
even the vatican regards hinduism as a religion .there is not a single
hindu country in the world .the only country with a hindu majority is

Author Sam Parida ( ago)
@ghq786 Religion is very personal and should be individual choice which
gives godly feeling .Islam is more of political doctrine of Arabs and copy
jews reutuals 

Author TANVIR H. Nipun ( ago)
indian girls r whore

Author ghq786 ( ago)
@imran9j everyone has gone mental here! this is not Pakistani, that guy
vicky or whatever does not even look pAKi, SECOnd, go look at urself before
u try to make Pakistan look bad, u can try, but dont u dare, even touch
Islam, because u dont have a religion, hinduism is not a religion and islam
is the only true and worldwide religion, u will see in the day of
judgement!! may god protect a muslim country like Pakistan from imitating
cow worshipping INDIA!

Author as shah ( ago)
the full name of pakistan is "islamic republic of pakistan" and what is
this ?.it is vary shampleful for all of us.

Author wajid gul ( ago)
hi dear sex its the occupation of ur mother and
father...but dont blame pakistan ...or other country...coz all people have
not equal family back ground like u pplz.....u mother fucker ...

Author Rajiv Singh ( ago)

Author Gumnam Musafir ( ago)
@sajidharoon2003 in the mean time you suck the cocks of Mulla fazlulla and
Dr Israr. but makes sure you dont choke your self to death before your
beloved lovers came as they will like to cum in your ass.

Author madmarvin99 ( ago)
ae gadhe ke bache, kya america ke bomb azaab nahi. pakistan ki saari duniya
mein sharmingi azaab nahi.

Author POWvi ( ago)

Author POWvi ( ago)
sorry if u were hurt by my comments...but in ramadan i just love to thrash
u pagans more...u know jihad..any ways u ugly little idol worshipper what
wud u know abt ramadan.. " jai hind" :D take it easy pundit.....and i wud
recommend u to read jaswant singh's book and then ull know who was the real
gando...HINT:his name strats with a G

Author METALLICCA ( ago)
wow,,,this is what called a porki Muslim.. you may have kept Fast these
days (ramadan),, oh wait a are a HEERA Mandi would
you keep fast while you are a basterd as GANDO AZAM.. jai HIND

Author POWvi ( ago)
yea he pissed in ur mom's fanny..and then ass fucked ur sister..after that
she was cum faced by the whole of Muslim League...and check ur mom's
vagina..u can find the signature of the great Quaid...want some more u cow
worshiping piss drinker!!!!!

Author METALLICCA (746 years ago)
wow what a porki bitch HEERA MANDI (aka PORKISTAN) was created by GANDO
AZAM.. he was a great pimp ever..

Author Ammar Haider ( ago)
no she is not paki :D

Author nobody ( ago)

Author thehiddenbrain ( ago)
This is not from a movie instead it is a part of stage comedy drama.

Author thehiddenbrain ( ago)
This song is a part of a stage comedy darama of Pakistan.

Author Mids14 ( ago)
is this supposed to be pakistani? that's a bad ass video tho

Author Jack H ( ago)
Is this the guy who was in that drama dil lagi with that other lahori dude?
I didn't know he was into this rundibaazi loll..

Author chwaqas ( ago)
vicki shuru ton ie kam chak ke rakheyaa ....

Author Mustansar Nazir ( ago)
naseem wiki you are a pimp

Author golgappe2000 ( ago)
and they said we r muslims!

Author Saad Naseem Muhammad ( ago)
assholes punjabies

Author Erum Ki Bachi ( ago)
the fuck is this..yeahh some people will never make it to

Author Cody ( ago)
theyll find out in da afterlife where its not so glamorous and bed fun its
all bugs for her

Author jackel142 ( ago)
hahahaha so typical of you guys... pick on the girl acting like a i duno
slut? ya maybe but that the fuck is with the guy? im sure hes not indian!
no blame on him at all? i know i know he is innocent ya shushh! lol

Author Cody ( ago)
yeh shes indian lol pakistani girls dnt behave like da lol !!!

Author chino enitt ( ago)

Author Lost Soul ( ago)
in kameeno ko dance soojh raha hai yahan mulk ki aisi taisi ho gai hai.

Author donbukhari ( ago)
benazir and zardari were the biggest thieving bastards ever. If zardari was
wrongly accused of stuff by the courts in pakistan then why the fuck does
he have cases going on all over the world? is the whole world corrupt and
wrong except zardari? musharraf is the first clever president for years,
he's using america for everything it needs, america's opened schools in
pakistan its funding military etc. u thick paki's seriously need to think
about things

Author Shumps ramz ( ago)
bloody hell i think she wants the fuckin sex badly fuck off u both.idiots.

Author Shumps ramz ( ago)
bloddy hell wat the fuck is this.

Author Xiber1 (1219 years ago)
Musharraf is the biggest robber of them all, he;s a CIA agent and kills his
own people to please his masters and get money for it, Asif Zardari never
was convicted of a single crime yet he was in prison for 11 years,
Pakistans kangroo courts couldnt convict him either, so innocent until
proven guilty.

Author Farrukh Mian ( ago)
wtf man??

Author machinic ( ago)
Musharaff is the best in my opinion.

Author machinic ( ago)
no i am not saying that thats what American / Bristish industry does in
general its just that its really shocking for me.

Author ateeq shafi ( ago)
the main thing is these dancers wearing clothes thats really not looks good
on them... fat ass n tight jeans hahaha

Author machinic ( ago)
just asking i am a British pakistani, having never lived in pakistan, i
thought these things doesnt happen in Pakistan. Came to me as a big shock.

Author x786x ( ago)
and you need to get SHOT in your fucking face! for saying dumbest shit in
the world!

Author machinic ( ago)
are these two pakistani.

Author Nadeem Ahmed ( ago)
veryyy funnyyyy!

Author mars109 ( ago)
who ever posted dis video is a dickhead and a kafir

Author immy143399 ( ago)
mother fu-kersssssssssss u kall dis pk hahuh ...i wound say its a randi
business...and i think pk 4got abt totally wats our religon...

Author whoismtz ( ago)
sshes a fukin got bitch

Author mirpur1999 ( ago)
whar the fuck is this?

Author Royal -Highness ( ago)
is she punjabi @ kharbandauloopatha ??????

Author Shams Azmat ( ago)
bloody fuckiN bustardssss ...

Author starbud1 ( ago)

Author mirzabilal123 ( ago)

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