BIGGEST Animal EVER Recorded in the Ocean Depths?

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  • The Bloop Sound: Caused by the biggest animal or creature ever? An enormous underwater creature, many times larger than the blue whale, caused a sound so loud it was heard by scientists 3000 miles apart. Was it a blue whale, a kraken, megalodon, colossal squid or maybe even Cthulhu awakening from his slumber?

    In 1997, an array of hydrophones, special underwater microphones used by scientists to study happenings under the ocean, detected an extremely loud and low frequency sound that was able to be heard more than 3000 miles away from its source.

    It was calculated to have occurred a ways west off the coast of the South American tip.

    The sound, due to what it sounds like when sped up 16 times was dubbed "The Bloop" and sounds like this.

    Ill play the real sound for you, which is much creepier, at the end of this video.

    Due to the frequency signature of the sound, marine biologists believe the sound was not man made from something like a bomb or due to any sort of underwater volcanic or seismic activity. It seemed to moreso match that of some sort of underwater mammal - like the blue whale.

    The problem is the loudest sound detected by a blue whale could only reach a little under 1000 miles...thus whatever it is that caused this sound had to be several orders of magnitude larger than the largest known living organism.

    Take this size comparison chart. A school bus is about this size.

    A blue whale is about this size.

    Whatever produced this sound, assuming it was animal in nature had to be about this size....which is HUUUUGE.

    Just what made this sound? Was it really a giant underwater sea creature that we have yet to discover...or perhaps something even more mysterious and foreign?

    Could there of ever even been anything that lived before that made this sound? Let’s ask Adam over at Epic Wildlife.

    Could it have been a megalodon? Or a colossal squid? Unlikely – as they are both much smaller than a blue whale. And yet, no prehistoric animal ever discovered has been bigger than a blue whale.

    It’s scarey to think how much of our ocean depths are still completely unexplored.

    The problem with a blue whale being the culprit is that the loudest sound ever recorded by a blue whale could only just reach the range of 1000 miles.

    Thus, whatever it is that caused this sound had to be several orders of magnitude larger than the largest known organism, the blue whale.

    Take this size comparison chart. A school bus is about this size. A blue whale is about this size. Whatever produced this sound, assuming it was animal in nature, had to eb about this size, probably a little less than the size of the Eiffel tower.

    Just what made this sound? Was it really a giant underwater creature that we have yet to discover or perhaps something even more mysterious and foreign?
    It is said we know much less about what lurks in the depths of our ocean than we do about outer space.

    Here is an excerpt of what the actual Bloop sound sounded like without being sped up. Ill warn might spook you a bit.

    Use of the "The Leviathan" picture permitted by Jeff Chang. Check out the rest of his work at
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  • Arthur Tam
    Arthur Tam 7 hours ago

    could it be acnologia

  • Arthur Tam
    Arthur Tam 7 hours ago

    could it be what godzilla sounds like underwater

  • Jeanette Gallegos
    Jeanette Gallegos 21 hour ago

    i hope they are still alive deacuse i want to go to mako😥😳😖😤😧

  • Jeanette Gallegos
    Jeanette Gallegos 21 hour ago

    i hope they are still alive deacuse i want to go to mako😥😳😖😤😧

  • Ultra Racer
    Ultra Racer 1 day ago

    haha that patrick burp 😭

  • Joan  Jordan
    Joan Jordan 1 day ago

    is this tru

  • W.D. CATster
    W.D. CATster 1 day ago

    2:51 Who's that pokemon?

  • xXTwobrozhanginoutYT _YTXx

    Well, If you haven't known already, thats the sound of breaking ice. I know it sounds stupid but it's true, search it up and you will find the answers!

  • Nicholas Chotoo
    Nicholas Chotoo 2 days ago

    I feel it is a undiscovered animal I think if they find it any way again they should do more research I think they should name it a BULL WORM who knows????? well see in the future I hope they discover that BULL WORM or what ever it is I hope you find it I bet you working very hard on that BULL WORM strange mysteries things wish you luck you will find it out one day or some day..... like this video who watch this around 8:45 now who watch this around 9:00 to 10:00 sub gave this channel support please I sub I like all of you vidoes to my channel link Down below....
    owwww what country do you live in can you tell me please I live in T&T.....👌👌👌and I 👍👍👍 all of your vidoes🌍🌍🌍 I love your channel because it is about the 🌍🌎🌏......
    owwww and nice video see you in another video lol good vidoes bro.........

  • RenegadeZ28 Gaming
    RenegadeZ28 Gaming 2 days ago

    could it have been the Kraken?

  • Shawn Frye
    Shawn Frye 2 days ago

    I believe that was yo Ma'ma calling me!

  • Audrey Lucas
    Audrey Lucas 3 days ago

    My god the bloop is huge. Infact bloop like "bloop" the water. But... one question.... where is the Effiel tower in the ocean? I wanna see it.XD

  • Sofia Morassi
    Sofia Morassi 3 days ago

    What if 'The Bloop' ate the missing airplane that disappeared in sea?

  • Logan Drebit
    Logan Drebit 3 days ago

    I know exactly what that is and if I were to tell u I would be in big trouble. I cannot say anything else because of the comments being monitored so I will say I may have something to do with it and as u can tell it's something big it is in fact it is a living 'thing' and it's not from the wild.i hope soon some one will reveal the truth but for now it will remain a secret from random people.i have also been informed that this 'thing' may 'break out' now don't panic and forget u saw this cuase after they find me I will be In prison for doing this plz take these clues 👽💂🙅👷✍💣d3àæd

  • Skypcharge Plays
    Skypcharge Plays 3 days ago


  • Cool 500 le requin minecraft

    could it be finally they have found him

    the kraken

  • Jose Bonilla
    Jose Bonilla 3 days ago

    its so big big big

  • CoralFailure
    CoralFailure 4 days ago

    Nope it's not an iceberg. Somebody farted and thats the guy under this comment. Gezzz!!!

  • Webtiger
    Webtiger 4 days ago

    Who knows what could be down there. The ocean is very mysterious, for all we know Atlantis or a extinct animal could be down there...

  • Imran Qadir
    Imran Qadir 4 days ago

    one googol drops of water in the sea

  • Specky Armstrong
    Specky Armstrong 4 days ago


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 5 days ago

    it might be an Alaskan bull worm

  • Buukychoo
    Buukychoo 5 days ago

    I kinda want the thing in the thumbnail to be real idk...

  • QuantumTap
    QuantumTap 5 days ago

    not glaciers
    giant section of one of antartica's ice shelf broke off

    KREJA GAMING 5 days ago

    what about a earthquake

  • Games&vlogs&reactions

    it was ice falling from antatica

  • Bob Frangiosa
    Bob Frangiosa 6 days ago

    You guys this isn't an animal it's called ice breaking apart in the ocean

  • Eidjndn Owhsbd
    Eidjndn Owhsbd 6 days ago

    Tony Stark would've figured out what it was easily

  • Alvin Kuuskmäe
    Alvin Kuuskmäe 7 days ago

    This sound is from underwater civilization.

  • tacotoria vlogger
    tacotoria vlogger 7 days ago

    I KNOW WUT IS IT... I KNOW THAT'S.......

    *ME when I am hungry*

  • Filip Medvedović
    Filip Medvedović 7 days ago


  • veve charles
    veve charles 7 days ago

    this reminds me of spongebob tbh

  • Owltrageous
    Owltrageous 8 days ago

    The thumbnail was leviathan

  • ElectriSkull Gaming

    *It was me I farted in the sea*

  • Attack Of The Millipedes

    It's BIG, SCARY, AND PINK!!!!

  • harpritam singh
    harpritam singh 8 days ago

    it can be a mating from an animal in ocean

  • sear essa
    sear essa 8 days ago

    Guys it was icebreak in Antarctica check bills channel the answers there

  • L Lucie
    L Lucie 8 days ago

    The ocean is way more interesting and less empty than space, so why not explore more of it?

  • Shreya Rawat
    Shreya Rawat 8 days ago

    Wtf!!?? Dude Megladon is biggest water animal ever!! Just improve your knowledge dammit!

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  • Joey Sodano
    Joey Sodano 8 days ago

    Thats a moan not a glaciar

  • Joey Sodano
    Joey Sodano 8 days ago

    The thumbnail crept me out

  • faze rug faze clan
    faze rug faze clan 9 days ago

    it was a adult castlerts

  • Psycho Helper612
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  • Lanzel Aldrey Rabusa

    or maybe its just the fattest guy in earth who went for a swim then farted the loudest fart ever

  • Schänder MOnd
    Schänder MOnd 9 days ago

    The Ocean is creepy.

  • omgapanda graal
    omgapanda graal 9 days ago

    He sound so young

  • Kris Laurence Cortez

    its bloop

  • tattle tail
    tattle tail 10 days ago

    oh wait megalodon is smaller

  • Y0UN41SHTUB 505
    Y0UN41SHTUB 505 10 days ago

    The Kraken!

  • carina Molinari
    carina Molinari 10 days ago

    2:07 to 2:15 HAHHAHAHA

  • omg Ridvan games
    omg Ridvan games 11 days ago

    if this animal was 215 meter a lot of time ago their gould be animals that are 300 meters

  • J Gale
    J Gale 12 days ago

    it's an owl on a basking shark

  • Bhagwan Singh
    Bhagwan Singh 12 days ago

    I love this

  • Diggity Dee
    Diggity Dee 12 days ago

    This video was so cool!!! i think it was an alien craft opening a door. how could they open a door under water? i don't know. LOL.

  • Craig Schreckenghaust


  • New Weapons Soldier
    New Weapons Soldier 13 days ago

    Maybe SCP-169

  • Boss  Barrett
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    They big

  • GhostGames
    GhostGames 13 days ago

    to be fair with deep sea gigantism and all it could easily be a massive blue whale somewhere down in the ocean

  • Cabbage
    Cabbage 14 days ago

    "Many times larger than a blue whale"
    OK SIR.

  • Serinity Lewis
    Serinity Lewis 14 days ago

    If you done your research it was I giant piece of ice falling in the water just to clear it up....

    • Serinity Lewis
      Serinity Lewis 14 days ago

      If you go to bills channel you would find out what it is

  • Melinda Shepherd
    Melinda Shepherd 14 days ago

    If that is real I am not going in water.

  • Shadow WolfGirlYT
    Shadow WolfGirlYT 14 days ago

    it's a Kraken

  • Hriati Ralte
    Hriati Ralte 14 days ago

    I think scientist already know in 2017

  • Dj Games
    Dj Games 14 days ago

    That's the thing from SpongeBob

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    Xyver 14 days ago

    THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!

  • Joshua Roman
    Joshua Roman 15 days ago

    Its godzilla he's coming in 2020 to fight kong!!!!!

  • Kitty Girl
    Kitty Girl 15 days ago


  • Fat Emoji
    Fat Emoji 15 days ago

    an eiffel tower in the sea? BRUHHHHH

  • Veteran Dude
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    Vegeta is afraid of Worms

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor 15 days ago

    I new everything puts ufos in everything

  • Jennifer Lingross
    Jennifer Lingross 15 days ago

    It was growling

  • Jennifer Lingross
    Jennifer Lingross 15 days ago

    It was growling

  • Skye weller
    Skye weller 16 days ago

    It's just a bit of ice

  • Misuni Kalo
    Misuni Kalo 16 days ago

    Imma name it bloopy

    • Misuni Kalo
      Misuni Kalo 16 days ago

      "Hears a bloop" it must be the largest animal there is.

  • RichardPlaysRandomly

    Actually these mics were used in the cold war.

  • The Gamingachannel
    The Gamingachannel 17 days ago

    I will say bloop

  • Chan Lai Mun Mun
    Chan Lai Mun Mun 17 days ago

    I don't no

  • Chan Lai Mun Mun
    Chan Lai Mun Mun 17 days ago

    I do not no is like a giant rock fail down there

  • Chan Lai Mun Mun
    Chan Lai Mun Mun 17 days ago

    I think is a bit look like a dolphin but the some other some sond is like a giants rock but I'm not sure if like is

  • Sandy Cabral
    Sandy Cabral 18 days ago

    my grandson. has Primal Kyogre

  • Oll Gamer BR
    Oll Gamer BR 18 days ago

    The Bloop

  • Danielle Scott
    Danielle Scott 18 days ago

    It is the bloop

  • prathik
    prathik 18 days ago


  • The Shadowhunters - Mini Series

    is it just me, or did the guy who showed up on the left side of the screen sound drunk-ish?

  • Gamargetix
    Gamargetix 19 days ago

    you know its actually an ice berg breaking they thought it was an animal because they didnt know how an ice berg being broken down sounds likes

  • LusTa
    LusTa 19 days ago

    Kyogre my fave Legendary. Yeah, it was that.

  • Demised Dragon
    Demised Dragon 20 days ago

    It's an iceberg that broke I read an article doing research

  • The 1001 1001
    The 1001 1001 20 days ago

    how much weight the earth is handling

  • Hank cartledge
    Hank cartledge 21 day ago

    I think it's a whale with some seriously bad indigestion.

  • Sassy Kitty
    Sassy Kitty 21 day ago

    Just why do you have to go that far??

    like you know what's going to happen if you find out about a mysterious animal it's going to get hunted down and killed just like any other does so I'm glad it did get found

  • Ryan Centnarowicz
    Ryan Centnarowicz 22 days ago

    The Kraken?

  • Yanvier ,
    Yanvier , 22 days ago

    What's with all the dislikes?! This video's so interesting!

  • eyg06082
    eyg06082 22 days ago

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  • eyg06082
    eyg06082 22 days ago


  • Linda
    Linda 23 days ago

    It could have been a prehistoric fish like thing like the leedsichthys it is a little bigger then a whaleshark

  • Concettina Hollis
    Concettina Hollis 23 days ago

    the bloop
    it is

  • Fur-Fox
    Fur-Fox 23 days ago

    Shoot I farted too loud

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    tattle tail 23 days ago

    wow Alaskan bull has the biggest mouth ever like megalodon!!!!

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    Huong Giang 23 days ago

    I thing the bloop is a large blue whale

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