Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

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  • Crow
    Crow 1 hour ago

    0:15 You can't zoom in a bit more, can you?

  • beers baron
    beers baron 2 hours ago

    cooking steak in a pan? FUCK ME. you call yourself a chef....YOUR NOT EVEN A COOK

  • pd
    pd 2 hours ago

    fuck, the way he was handling that steak, I don't think he was so careful with his newborn children.

  • callum hayes
    callum hayes 4 hours ago

    Jamie Oliver advert on Gordon Ramsays YouTube channel 😂

  • 527 N.Y.C.
    527 N.Y.C. 4 hours ago

    I have a piece of organic meat right between my legs for that bitch!

  • Yan Tse
    Yan Tse 5 hours ago

    Geez, his kitchen is bigger than my entire apartment... and I live with my parents and sister.

  • Darrell Cording
    Darrell Cording 5 hours ago

    Looks directly at the camera


  • Wildan Tri
    Wildan Tri 7 hours ago


  • Zoe Jeremy
    Zoe Jeremy 7 hours ago

    Fucking delicious.

  • Ryuk
    Ryuk 8 hours ago

    Hahahaha they are cooking meat in a freaking zoo full of animals xDDD
    I'm getting a mental breakdown ._.

  • Cal Zackary
    Cal Zackary 11 hours ago

    That's got to be the best way to eat a steak fucking delicious. 🤔😂😂😂😭😎😆😄😁😊☺️

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 11 hours ago

    الي جاي من سعودي ريبورتز لاييك

  • conquest kami
    conquest kami 12 hours ago

    Zooms *fucking delicious.*

  • Im Xaro
    Im Xaro 13 hours ago

    he's great

  • Eduardo mendoza
    Eduardo mendoza 14 hours ago

    Zoooommmmm tf outttttt

  • Y Kasnett
    Y Kasnett 14 hours ago

    its ridiculous how many ppl trash gordon ramsey. He is a world class Michelin rated chef and extremely successful..stop being jealous

  • Hammond Think
    Hammond Think 15 hours ago

    worst camera work I have seen! yeah just zoom in and shake the fckin cam like hell....nice..

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 15 hours ago

    Ohhh Fuck yeah

  • christbi2
    christbi2 15 hours ago

    I can see fucking atoms, zoom in some more on the quarks please

  • Morphiuz
    Morphiuz 17 hours ago

    Year of the season

  • Declassed
    Declassed 18 hours ago

    The cameraman didnt find the zoom out button...

  • Edgar Obernhofer
    Edgar Obernhofer 18 hours ago

    I came here just to see Harambe, 1 year since you passed away. #RIPHarambe #DickOutForHarambe

  • Q_Cumber
    Q_Cumber 22 hours ago

    harambe was watching

  • high sky
    high sky 22 hours ago

    what is the name of the pan in this video?

  • syemurn c
    syemurn c 23 hours ago

    1:53 orgasmic

  • Babang Gagan
    Babang Gagan 23 hours ago

    I found this oddly the best candidate of newest porn category. I feel like i can masturbate by watching it.

  • nindi nida
    nindi nida 1 day ago

    I've got a headache because of you 😭

  • वाजिद अब्बासी

    why this was in my recommendtion? i am fasting 😢

  • Ibrahim Ibrahim
    Ibrahim Ibrahim 1 day ago

    i see kingkong :p

  • [AP-STUDENT] Issey Miyake Diaz

    God dammit i ran out of food

  • Killer Krookodile

    I think it is funny how Rosanna Pansino has more subscribers than a top chef

  • Nomad 17
    Nomad 17 1 day ago

    I don't know if I'm horny or hungry

  • Susantha Fernando

    Great one Gordon...thanks👌👌👌👍👍🍻

  • Roberto Wang
    Roberto Wang 1 day ago

    That moment when Harambe is creeping Gordon and his burger

  • Erik Petersen
    Erik Petersen 1 day ago

    why do i watch this amazong shit at night- I really need to get to sleep but now im starving!!

  • ibrahim medina
    ibrahim medina 1 day ago

    Fucking genius!!!! Simple...

  • CreepyHandedMan
    CreepyHandedMan 1 day ago

    Cuts ! Things ! Cooking !

  • Solly B
    Solly B 1 day ago


  • Dr.Hannibal Lecter

    I know this is a running gag in the comment , but stop zooming in so fucking much. Its horrible

  • Patman2013
    Patman2013 1 day ago

    Gordan finally hired the paparazzi to film i guess, getting desperate

  • Nugroho Pangestu
    Nugroho Pangestu 1 day ago


  • Autonomous
    Autonomous 1 day ago


  • Movie Games
    Movie Games 1 day ago

    He cooked that lady an amazing Fillet Mignon and she didn't eat it. Just put it in your mouth, even if you don't 100% like it.

  • J isteiti
    J isteiti 1 day ago

    harambe was in the video

  • Steven Vu
    Steven Vu 1 day ago

    1:53 When her ass is carved by the gods

  • Berkay Urun
    Berkay Urun 1 day ago

    It is all great but the zooms and quick transitions gave me a severe headache.

  • Harry CHEUNG
    Harry CHEUNG 2 days ago

    1st one has Indian music👌🏻💯😂

  • Noel Artem
    Noel Artem 2 days ago

    This is art! No matter how beautiful, delicious Gordon cooks, my mom cooks the best:) I bet everyone here agrees that your mom is the best chef;) except for Gordon's kids, in their case it's their dad

  • Everardo Cancino
    Everardo Cancino 2 days ago

    liked and subbd

  • UberHypnotoad
    UberHypnotoad 2 days ago

    Get your peanuts away from my meat dude,...

  • bjorn hettema
    bjorn hettema 2 days ago

    this video gave me epilepsy

  • Jeremy Lavergne
    Jeremy Lavergne 2 days ago

    Dear Cameraman:
    You didn't zoom in far enough!!!!!!

    HOXTON 2 days ago

    How often do you need to sharpen your knifes ?

  • Noel Avalos
    Noel Avalos 3 days ago

    lmao ducking delicious haha

  • Chinpoko
    Chinpoko 3 days ago

    i saw harambe

  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 3 days ago

    Fucking delicious... and that's why this one video trumps anything Food Network has ever put out. 🤣😂🤘😜🖕

  • Matt Vliet
    Matt Vliet 3 days ago

    I got 5 Chubbys

  • Juicy Nigger
    Juicy Nigger 3 days ago

    Harambee still alive

  • Juicy Nigger
    Juicy Nigger 3 days ago

    Harambee confirmed

  • Juicy Nigger
    Juicy Nigger 3 days ago

    my eyes :(

  • Joseleon
    Joseleon 3 days ago

    Those steaks remembered me of my ex's pussy, so pink and juicy..

  • Adster09
    Adster09 3 days ago

    Was this filmed in 2005?

    SLIYUK HMINTERU 4 days ago


  • Ngato
    Ngato 4 days ago

    I'm getting fucking dizzy from the zoom ins and outs

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere 4 days ago

    The cameraman that thinks he's a sniper is back...

  • Luck Chan
    Luck Chan 4 days ago

    This makes me wonder if this is even Gordon Ramsay cooking it.

    Like, has all of the close-ups just been a stand-in pair of hands, cooking with a Ramsay voiceover?

  • Claudio Campos
    Claudio Campos 4 days ago

    Man like Harambe chilling at the back

  • Karm Esnom
    Karm Esnom 4 days ago

    this is the first show where watching is Ramsay enjoyable. I can't stand when he is a raving idiot.

  • TheSam723
    TheSam723 4 days ago

    all this zooming in with these funky camera angles are giving me a headache!

  • _Marluxia
    _Marluxia 4 days ago

    This cameraman needs to be fired. Chef Ramsay cooking is exciting enough, we don't need these angles.

  • Cyber Police
    Cyber Police 4 days ago

    It's raw !!!!!!!!

  • ViolinStudios
    ViolinStudios 4 days ago

    Who is filming? The cat?

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago

    I want him to do a video on the tools he uses from knives, to appliances, can i get some likes, on the off chance he see this and gets the idea to do a video showcasing what he uses?

  • Dave Beaudoin
    Dave Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Did The Gorilla Get ANY!!

  • Lamb sauce Located.

    I really want Gordon to be my teacher now, idgaf if he throws a spoon on my face I still would want him to.

  • Dastan Bektayev
    Dastan Bektayev 5 days ago

    Son of a bitch. Be my wife, I guess

  • Brendan rants
    Brendan rants 5 days ago

    When Ramsey looks at the camera and says fucking delicious

  • Keith Allen
    Keith Allen 5 days ago

    Faster and more zoom

    MEXICAN CHICKEN 5 days ago

    594 people are vegan

  • Brad Feng
    Brad Feng 5 days ago

    i wonder if gordon buys his beef from safeway

  • Luther Lin
    Luther Lin 5 days ago

    That's enough salt, pepper, and olive oil to feed a village in Africa...

  • Guia Marbie Torrijos

    whats up Cameraman cant see anything

  • Mad Penguin
    Mad Penguin 5 days ago

    Haha I love his wry smiles - because he knows how to cook and knows that food is the bollocks!
    Ramsay #1 !

  • J T
    J T 5 days ago

    so much zoom.

  • Ciprian 200
    Ciprian 200 5 days ago

    First thing first I need to buy some Steak

  • yyjpyy
    yyjpyy 5 days ago

    The person who edited this should be beaten with a wet towel. Add sand to towel, beat cameraman next.

  • NewMen
    NewMen 5 days ago

    The cameraman wants to pee so bad.

  • Kirk Bertrand
    Kirk Bertrand 6 days ago

    did the cameraman used a telescope to film this?

    HELL SPOON 6 days ago

    i wanna hear his opinions on korean food.

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 6 days ago


    MOR3 KILLZ 6 days ago

    Gordan Ramsay "Be generous with the olive oil"
    Pours half the fucking bottle*

  • Riz Ceadel
    Riz Ceadel 6 days ago

    It makes me hungry...

  • Spelon
    Spelon 6 days ago

    "Now those nuts are really toasted"

  • Xavier Gutierrez
    Xavier Gutierrez 6 days ago

    it's hard to cook while my fidget spinner is taking up both hands

  • Bigchefgaming !
    Bigchefgaming ! 6 days ago

    steak sandwich can give vegetarians a boner. Chef is badass

  • james blaine
    james blaine 6 days ago

    i cant stand rosemary, no matter how little i add its too over powering.

  • SurTurd Furgison
    SurTurd Furgison 6 days ago

    2:48 i love how he talks about vegetarians like they have some disorder

  • SoleFern
    SoleFern 6 days ago

    Watching this whilst eating a Hot Pocket and wishing I knew what the hell I was doing.

  • Paul Kobold de Lima

    wthout question the most psychotic cooking vid ive ever seen jesus man wtf

  • chyu89
    chyu89 6 days ago

    6:08 Get my juices over; don't waste that. It's important.

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