Emmy Award-winning feature about an Eastern Washington rancher, her daughter and four female friends as they conduct their annual roundup of cows and calves for vaccination, castration and branding. Produced for Seattles KING-TV by Jack Hamann and George Stark, Cowgirls was honored as the nations best-edited feature for 1989 by the National Press Photographers Association.

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Author Tina Qwuick (7 months)
this is amazing here love this so much

Author ChiefWalleye (2 years)
That shows the female spirit and grit that helped build our great nation.
Great little clip.

Author 2blackwolfeyes (2 years)
This isn't gonna hurt??! You're burning their flesh, you asshole.

Author Naomi Garcia (4 years)
LOVE IT..You go ladies!!

Author cowgirlmoon (2 years)
Great video.... great, hard working and competent bunch of gals! "A cowgirl
doesn't complain, she just does what needs doin'"

Author truehope456 (2 years)
I'm a cowgirl, I love horses also,I love this video all the horses
especially the white one are pretty :)COWGIRLS

Author Leggs013 (2 years)

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