The Weeknd - Reminder

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    DANNO 1 hour ago

    bieber still got prob a quarter billion more than him

  • Bad boy
    Bad boy 2 hours ago

    silence of lambo

  • adixia duchannes
    adixia duchannes 2 hours ago

    eating all day...tryna lose weight. that good sex we'll sweat it out.
    The best fitness motivation ever😂😂😂😂

  • KIRO CS:GO Clutches,Tutorial,Aces

    The Weeknd = New Drake

  • Daddy Yankee
    Daddy Yankee 3 hours ago

    I love you bro

  • Hamza Naveed
    Hamza Naveed 3 hours ago

    Playspeed 1.25 >>

    You'll never like 'normal' things again!

  • bc.steez
    bc.steez 6 hours ago

    when u hop on gta online wit the homies

  • Rosa Isabel Valdez
    Rosa Isabel Valdez 7 hours ago

    With this song ..I travel to the stars :)

  • Hughstin Battle
    Hughstin Battle 7 hours ago

    This shit tough this nigga be having more views than anybody else in the rap game lol but I think this the only song I like from him

  • Miguel Mendez
    Miguel Mendez 7 hours ago

    GTA V

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 7 hours ago


  • Daniel Mendez
    Daniel Mendez 8 hours ago

    what Jake Paul thought he sounded like

  • ElRubius #30
    ElRubius #30 8 hours ago


  • bas sumbundu
    bas sumbundu 8 hours ago

    It's YG 4Hunnid

  • Craig Banter
    Craig Banter 9 hours ago

    You won't be dissapointed. Please check out this beat-

  • sefla 05
    sefla 05 9 hours ago

    "I'ma tryna to swim something wetter then the ocean"

    did u try the pool?

  • Jeff Blair
    Jeff Blair 9 hours ago

    "If it ain't EXO then it gotta go." Oh shit, the BTS Army is gonna be pissed when they hear this!

  • dont mess with da- silver

    make this song a 1 hour version plz i dont want to have to restart the song constantly while trying to play league of legends

  • TheKushfire
    TheKushfire 10 hours ago

    1:11 🍑 🤤

  • Sam D
    Sam D 10 hours ago

    Who's the Asian chick the video? 😍😍

  • Egzoz Egzoz
    Egzoz Egzoz 12 hours ago

    lan şünepe snapimi açmadın bi daha seni dinler miyim

  • Daniel Sandoval
    Daniel Sandoval 12 hours ago

    Love bumpin this jam driving through the streets, ya kno mane

  • tahmid15htc
    tahmid15htc 13 hours ago

    Where can I get drakes jumper?

  • G-Lion Rap Music
    G-Lion Rap Music 14 hours ago

    Pefect to ride at night ... Check my french rap songs !

  • Omar S.
    Omar S. 14 hours ago

    underrated asf

  • Devaughn Clark
    Devaughn Clark 14 hours ago

    still bumpn

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 14 hours ago


  • Sharko xo
    Sharko xo 15 hours ago

    1:40 is that travis scott???😱

  • b
    b 15 hours ago

    my white guilt kicks in so bad when i think how bad these niggers got it

  • Jessica Farmer
    Jessica Farmer 16 hours ago

    this guy is amazing. I'm more of a rock metal fan but this and a few other of his songs are awesome. my seven year old loves him...he's just awesome

  • Markaya Harrow
    Markaya Harrow 17 hours ago

    if I could ask the weeken a question it will  be.........  why the FUCK u like only white girls it bull shit I'm not trying to ne reasest but wtf only black girl I seen was secrets in all his videos not a hater just mad

  • JDdjdj Zujzjz
    JDdjdj Zujzjz 17 hours ago

    who is the guy 2:51-52???

  • TheBigBang
    TheBigBang 17 hours ago

    When you ace you test

  • Catherine s
    Catherine s 18 hours ago

    Better than Despacito 😏💕

  • Fatih Acil
    Fatih Acil 18 hours ago

    100 MIO <3

  • Sean Thomas Furlong
    Sean Thomas Furlong 19 hours ago

    Rolllllin til my nose bleeed

  • I'mThatLlama
    I'mThatLlama 19 hours ago

    1:17 DRAKE

  • Tyrone Thomas-Hose
    Tyrone Thomas-Hose 20 hours ago

    Who else was listening to this way before it blew up?

  • Sasuke homosexual
    Sasuke homosexual 20 hours ago

    39 mil deslikes bando mother fucker's

  • Jaylen Bryant
    Jaylen Bryant 20 hours ago

    One of the best out now.

  • Zeppy Princiotta
    Zeppy Princiotta 21 hour ago

    Please do a xovo

  • King Josh
    King Josh 22 hours ago

    this nigga shitting glitter on everything 😭

  • ollie gaming
    ollie gaming 23 hours ago

    i don't like singers

  • xXDeviljungleXx
    xXDeviljungleXx 23 hours ago

    After knowing mattox is actually famous this cured my Cancer

  • Blase Taylor
    Blase Taylor 23 hours ago

    this is the shit.

  • Jack Campell
    Jack Campell 1 day ago


  • 6 Boyyy
    6 Boyyy 1 day ago

    @Hodsawe Eduardo Eddie

  • 6 Boyyy
    6 Boyyy 1 day ago

    How was Amanda in that video i met het in big Abundant living faith center church in el paso TX

  • JneoL
    JneoL 1 day ago

    - You know me.
    - eeeeh no.
    great history

  • Laura Ayala
    Laura Ayala 1 day ago

    love the song 🎧💙👍

  • J Goonch
    J Goonch 1 day ago

    Good song

  • Wendy Werner
    Wendy Werner 1 day ago

    When your spine is jumping out your back doing the scotty too hotty LIT, put it to use in a beneficial way.. Arts,engineering,philosophy,politically,societally... and of course entertainment the full spectrum of it

  • Person Destiny
    Person Destiny 1 day ago

    I thought it said "You too busy trying to find that blue asshole

  • saadia Terrific LOL

    Tthe weekend is the cutest!!

  • Aiman Syafiq
    Aiman Syafiq 1 day ago


  • zombiekiller 1229

    bad ass song

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega 1 day ago

    Can someone name all the artists in this video ?

    • Vibe Plays
      Vibe Plays 1 day ago

      Jose Vega- A$AP Rocky,Travis Scott,Drake,French Montana, Bryson Tiller,Metro Boomin. Those are the only ones I know

  • Umair Abbasi
    Umair Abbasi 1 day ago

    This starBOY makes my Weekends GREAT ❤️

  • Gabriel Varacalli

    My fav song on the album.

  • Anthony Galiendo
    Anthony Galiendo 1 day ago


  • Anthony Galiendo
    Anthony Galiendo 1 day ago


  • Nautica Thomas
    Nautica Thomas 1 day ago

    If Weeknd Called Me A Bitch I Wouldn't Even Get Mad...

  • Hannah GEANEY
    Hannah GEANEY 1 day ago

    hey, dis my tune

  • Zach Stewart
    Zach Stewart 1 day ago


  • Sunil The Joker
    Sunil The Joker 1 day ago

    Sub to my channel i need 180 or 200 subs please !

  • Hit The Jim Furyk

    love this song

  • facundo martinez
    facundo martinez 1 day ago

    This song is so underrated. Not enough publicing

  • Ryan Liu
    Ryan Liu 1 day ago

    Do not wear headphones while you are listening to this song cuz they are not fireproof

  • Hare Davalos
    Hare Davalos 1 day ago

    Ese wey una chingoneria!!! ❤❤❤👏

  • Carol Castro
    Carol Castro 1 day ago

    eu amo essa musicaaa ❤️❤️❤️

  • Alvaro Vazquez
    Alvaro Vazquez 1 day ago

    good song

  • Lorna Palma
    Lorna Palma 1 day ago

    honestly Bry is my babe but my fav part will always be 2:50-2:52 (who is he tho)

  • Nadija M
    Nadija M 1 day ago

    good song

  • Steamfunk [GD]
    Steamfunk [GD] 1 day ago

    I came here from gorillaz - sleeping powder wtf

  • alondra
    alondra 1 day ago


  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez 1 day ago

    my favorite weekend song

  • j.r star
    j.r star 1 day ago

    💯mmmmmmmmm's lmao like this shit you know me🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥📝making money all alone eating all day trying to lose weight 💯💯💯💯🔥💯🔥💯

  • aleck altez
    aleck altez 1 day ago


  • Games code
    Games code 1 day ago

    Finaly a good song from the weekend

  • Tactical Secure
    Tactical Secure 1 day ago

    yo who made this instrumental damn its really good

  • iiPGIYii
    iiPGIYii 1 day ago

    this nigga got all types of other rappers in this video yet he the only one singing

  • greg Cill
    greg Cill 1 day ago

    Props, PL

  • Valerie V
    Valerie V 1 day ago

    One of my favorites

  • sofia72001
    sofia72001 1 day ago

    this song is underrated

  • Alyssa Coffey
    Alyssa Coffey 1 day ago

    listen to 6lack- prblms

  • Mohsin Ashraf
    Mohsin Ashraf 1 day ago

    GOD BLESS MAN...beautiful voice..

  • Cameron Spencer
    Cameron Spencer 1 day ago

    Just a reminder I'ma mfing star boy

  • Theboss Hhdhdhdh
    Theboss Hhdhdhdh 1 day ago

    the weekend is the best

  • Itz Firecell
    Itz Firecell 1 day ago

    idk how many rappers he had in that video

  • Terri Green
    Terri Green 1 day ago


  • JS ProductionZ
    JS ProductionZ 1 day ago

    He's living a life

  • Christian Shilling

    Gates needs to feature on this joint shot would be perfect

  • Cristian cma
    Cristian cma 1 day ago

    Algum BR?

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 1 day ago

    all the good rappers show up in this

  • xotwod
    xotwod 1 day ago


  • Kirt huehue
    Kirt huehue 1 day ago

    Who is here before 1 billion?

  • James Lirio
    James Lirio 1 day ago

    you too busy tryna find that blue asshole

  • Brittney Montgomery

    Got a sweet asian chick, she go LO MEIN!!!!

  • Eli Sheva
    Eli Sheva 2 days ago

    feel so cool when listen it

  • YoYo Le Gamer
    YoYo Le Gamer 2 days ago


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