Top 10 Secrets Only Two People Know

What’s better than keeping a secret? How about having one person you trust know it, too? From secret languages to trade secrets, prepare to be amazed by these top ten secrets only two people in the world know about!
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Featuring... The Listerine Formula - Invented by Dr. J.J. Lawrence and sold to Unilever in 1880, the famous mouthwash brand Listerine has no doubt been a huge convenience to many a people too lazy to get brush. And, until 1970, even Unilever didn’t even know what kind of oral magic Dr. The Hapsburg Napkin fold - Nothing says fine dining like an intricately folded napkin on your plate, which you’ll then unfurl to place on your lap so that whatever morsel of food that happens to miss your greasy pie hole because of your excited, shaking hands won’t ruin your brand new ripped jean shorts. Oliver Cromwell’s head - Oliver Cromwell is a very divisive figure in history. On one hand, he’s considered a kingslayer; but on the other, he’s a liberator from tyrannical oppression. Academy Awards Results - The Academy Awards is so prestigious and sought after that Leonardo Di Caprio himself had to fight a goddamn bear to win one. And a fully grown one, at that! This is partly the reason why the winning nominees are only given to two representatives of PriceWaterHouseCooper, the company responsible for counting the votes by hand for each category, 2 days before the ceremony. Ayapaneco - South America is home to a large amount of secrets that may forever be lost to history because of conquest. Sea Monkeys secret - Do you guys remember Sea Monkeys? They’re those little pets you may have ordered from the mail after reading it on an ad from a comic book. And boy, were those things a letdown! First, they didn’t look like monkeys at all. The Berglas effect - Illusionists deal in secrets: that’s how they keep their business going. So, it’s no surprise that magicians and trick performers keep their tricks and performance methods close to the chest, lest some other unscrupulous competitor finds out about it. KFC’s Eleven Herbs and Spices - If there’s one thing the colonel won’t shut up about, it’s the 11 herbs and spices he puts in his fried chicken that gives it its finger-lickin’ goodness. And we have to give it to him: he’s earned it. KFC is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, mainly because of the way they prepare their fried chicken. And like any other trade secret, the 11 herbs and spices are so well-kept that only two members from their top brass know what they are. The Subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” - This is considered the 72nd best song of all time, and it has been the subject of many a fan theory ever since its release ranging from Mick Jagger to Warren Beatty. Chartreuse - This French liquor is made with a number of herbs that makes KFC’s secret spices look like child’s play: Chartreuse uses 130 of them, to be exact. And each one of it is a secret known only to two monks at a time that belong to the order of Grand Chartreuse monastery.

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Author Be Amazed ( ago)
Hey guys, got a video title idea? Let me know for a cookie --> 🍪

Author 18snufkin1988 ( ago)
This video has a lot of false information. I'm not hating on you but just remember that half-truths are sometimes worst than a lie.

Author I swear I'm not drunk ( ago)
What about Heins Bake Beans??? The spices are only known by 2 people.

Author Bacon Nuts ( ago)
How can only two people know if the secret if you are talking about the secret. Controversial don't you think?

Author Matt Tarrant ( ago)
God doesn't exist so how can she be included

Author Tenzin Kunsel ( ago)
KFC overrated better fried chicken out there.

Author TheoriesEverywhere ( ago)
I never ate KFC :(

Author james owens ( ago)
*Knew (clearly)

Author Liam Mandeville ( ago)
Wouldn't 511,819 people know the secrets since these peoples secrets are told to us in the video?

Author LinkInHyrule ( ago)
now all of us know...

Author Ohh Savii ( ago)

Author Gabriel Atkinson ( ago)
Coca Cola recipe

Author Shayna King ( ago)
Carly Simon did an interview recently confirming that her song was about Warren Beatty.

Author Miel Vera Cruza ( ago)

Author Sander Mesila ( ago)
if im correct then theres a treasure hidden in the world with riddles to solve in order to find it, and only the one who hid the treasure and his son know of the location if im correct.

Author Stuart's Tutorials ( ago)
Sea monkeys are litteraly just brine shrimp. They lay there eggs in lakes and some of them rise to the surface where they are collected and dried.

Author MrGylanThomas ( ago)
How can only two people know these secrets if there's a video about them on youtube?

Author Nikita Taylor ( ago)
Top ten members of pizzagate exposed

Author quantum Entangle ( ago)
I let old Asian people's taste KFC,, they all say the secret is MSG

Author Sholitotz ( ago)
the 11 HERBS AND SPICES are revealed in facebook... Because a chef got fired and he revealed it

Author YATS ( ago)
lol no.4 trick i know and its pretty easy

Author Tadhg ( ago)
Well over 500k people know this more now

Author WillWilsonII ( ago)
Napkin folding: only 2 people give a crap about it, that's why

Author Jamesmile Conui Jr. ( ago)
you forgot coca-cola

Author Yora ( ago)
How can KFC produce so much food all over the world if only two people know how it's made? Is the company president personally working along in one big factory where the spice powder is mixed?
There must be dozens of workers who know what's in it at the very least.

Author Janus ( ago)
the coca cola recipe

Author EdoTheTroll Official ( ago)
Well now 500,002 people know these secrets

Thank you so much Be Amazed

Author Fardin Mahmud ( ago)
you forgot about me and my bff 😒

Author Bouwe van de Krol ( ago)
coca cola secret?

Author Erol Jr ( ago)
If there are alll these secret ingredients in all these products then how do companies and restaurants mass produce it? For example KFC chicken or Listerene

Author RITB Inc. ( ago)
How tf is this a video then

Author KKuBoMbErZ ( ago)
It's probably just bleach

Author Sportacus just FUKEN DABBED ( ago)
*2 people eh*

Author Rashed Khoory ( ago)
The video would be better without the monotone jokes after each countdown.

Author Blah ( ago)
The doctors real name

Author Mando H. ( ago)
The academy awards lol yea right. More rigged than a presidential election.

Author Emil Persson ( ago)

Author Brandon Johnson ( ago)
Wasn't much of a secret, we all knew who it was about. You must be pretty young if you didn't.,amp.html

Author Dino Gomez ( ago)
what did the steel beam say to the jet fuel when he asked her out?

Author Lui Solorio ( ago)
what about coka cola

Author Chas Veley ( ago)

Author 4ll g00d th1ng$ ( ago)
They're shrimp, sea monkeys are shrimp. The eggs were just very easy to preserve

Author angel magallon ( ago)
coca cola recipe

Author Jayden Mallinson ( ago)
Yeah my sex life

Author Pearce Sampley ( ago)
I thought Coca-Cola was gunna be in this list

Author Project X ( ago)
If the title says only two people know it how do u know it. Yeah didn't thought of that didn't u

Author dragonfirechimeravids ( ago)
Unilever is an entire company, I think more that 2 people know the listerine recipe. Also, if it's that much of a common household ingredient, maybe a lot of people know but just don't know that it's the listerine recipe

Author Ryan Shaffer ( ago)
Number 4 David Blaine can do that's not a secret

Author Pmoney 1243 ( ago)
Well it ain't no secret anymore

Author Taylor Sterling ( ago)
You can look up berglass tutorial on youtube lol

Author anomalies d ( ago)
I've seen a guy do number 4 in a bacon factory

Author Vupa ( ago)
ravioli ravioli give me the listerine formuoli

Author •GENUINE ARTICLE• ( ago)

Author The Fam Plays ( ago)
now 429,003 people know

Author Mohammed Abubakar ( ago)
if the're is only two person know it how would you know it

Author Victor Acuna ( ago)
ayapenco is a Mexican language from Mexico that is in north America not south America

Author vetri vetri ( ago)
Kill one and threaten the other

Author AndrewMascoloJr ( ago)
You forget Coka Cola

Author DarkKnight 37 ( ago)
delete this video cuz now 426K know these secrets

Author PyroTiger ( ago)
the sea monkey thing is already discovered.

Author MrBrenius ( ago)
David Berglas is an amazing performer but he's not the only one doing a thought of card at any number. Probably hundreds of magicians are doing it.

Author Dilshad Ahmad ( ago)
only me and god knows about my future plans ...its a secret

Author pinakabudlayngapangalan ngamapaminsaranko ( ago)
aren't sea monkeys typically brine shrimp? the one that they use in feeding fish fry? so... more than 2 people know that secret :p

Author William Gill ( ago)
Does this video not mean that more than two people know the secrets

Author IanJackson33 ( ago)
Ya forgot to tell the viewers that listerine was also a house hold cleaning floor product. I think back in the 40s or 50s

Author TheKobeisbeast24 ( ago)

Author Ziad Abas ( ago)
I have one! If aliens exist.. only known by powerful leaders

Author Herc Lil ( ago)
4:07 thats machu picchu why is that shown if thats in peru and has nothing to do with mexico

Author Ismael Haros ( ago)
Mexicos not in South America you fucking Neanderthal

Author Roderick Wright ( ago)
yeah ask yourself what does the company have to lose if they are KFC recipe gets out? of course they're willing to lie. until I see proof I intend to believe the person who went through the trouble to bring this information to the attention of the public , because why would anyone do that otherwise? one thing one good piece of information is don't always trust the media or corporations that have something to gain in order to discredit someone else. history is written by those with power not by those that know the truth.

Author Dylan Matthews ( ago)
cromwells head isn't hidden I've seen it myself in Drogheda

Author KendamaJas ( ago)
should be called "10 SECRETS THAT ONLY 401,000 PEOPLE KNOW" lol.

Author A Schultz ( ago)
Ending to one piece

Author Franz Thomas Huschka ( ago)

Author armaan asthetic ( ago)
6:47 from thousands of branches all over the world you have shown the Indian branch of kfc at bandra link road. lol

Author Perry Komene ( ago)
Ask any employee at KFC. the ingredients are on the spices sachets that you use to bread the chicken. I know the answer

Author Raul Hernandez ( ago)
as far as you know

Author jsmithnevinsky ( ago)
Half of this video is bullshit

Author Barney Stinson ( ago)
you missed the coke recipe

Author Gold ( ago)
Irn bru???? anyone

Author william Maynard ( ago)
Only one person knows how to make a living dick on a person

Author william Maynard ( ago)
After ten years I will share my secret that only me and my friend know....... I farted in math class

Author Elisa Bowie ( ago)
A whole lot more people know now

Author Elisa Bowie ( ago)
Actually a whole lot more people more

Author slapmyfunkybass ( ago)
"Carly Simon's song You're so Vain is considered one of the best songs of all time".

I seriously doubt that.

Author Gabe Magee ( ago)
if its a secret, aaanndd only two people know about it, then.... how?... eh nevermind...

Author DataStorm ( ago)
I only share my secrets with my cat. He's the wise one, he forgets them instantly.

Author Dan Rubach 2 ( ago)
we all know kfcs recipe is chicken, grease, salt

Author Clo\/\/ns .-. ( ago)
hehehehe. I know the secret for #9...

Author ロリコン ( ago)
you just revealed these to 400,000 people, now a lot more then two know it

Author Kris ( ago)
How do only two people know what the KFC spices are. Wouldn't the employees know after they put the spices on the chicken?

Author muzikblitz ( ago)
Carly Simon also told Howard Stern her secret.

Author Chris Diaz ( ago)
Not mexican, but Mexico isnt part of south america. Everything below Panama is

Author Nepal GamingYT ( ago)
I thought KFC's secret recipe got leaked. People say it taste exactly like the actual kfc chicken

Author zodiak650 ( ago)
Fuck KFC, Popeye's Chicken is fucking awesome. Nah Jk, I don't even eat fast food.

Author ctk530 ( ago)
well since ppl are watching this secret video doesn't that make it alot more than only 2 ppl w h of know these "secrets"

Author Jesse Lund ( ago)
You guys realize that for all food products more than 2 people know the recipe, right? How else would it get produced then? There is no possible way. Delivery drivers know what they're delivering and factory workers know how to make the product. Also, if it's regulated by a government agency, like the FDA, they also have to know what it's made out of. Also if it's patented then even more people know or can find out about it.

Author JG R ( ago)
Mexico is in North America!

Author chase c ( ago)
I know how #4 is done. the 2 volunteers and the mark and all in on it.

Author Luke Woodard ( ago)
Well now more than 2 people know

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