10 Banned Video Games That You Can’t Play!

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  • Top 10 Video Games You’re Not Allowed to Play! SUBSCRIBE Here: http://bit.ly/2aScxnD From a gory video game being banned in New Zealand for adult content to grand theft Auto 4 being banned in Thailand because a killing was influenced by the game! We check out 10 Banned video games That You can’t play!

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  • armyman 707
    armyman 707 11 hours ago

    You know I read the video title and said no dip Sherlock of course you can't play a banned game

  • E.X.R.X LOrd
    E.X.R.X LOrd 15 hours ago

    Raping women.. wow. Low deep there.

  • Austin Rule
    Austin Rule 16 hours ago

    In BO1, it's a decoy Castro. Not the real one.

  • addin jp android game
    addin jp android game 16 hours ago

    saint row my best game

  • Myth Vantox
    Myth Vantox 19 hours ago

    Wait so is it Black Ops 1? Black Ops 2? or Black Ops 3? And where is it banned?

  • up the dubs01
    up the dubs01 22 hours ago

    it's Ireland not island

  • Hermine
    Hermine 1 day ago

    I just disliked it for the Phrase:

    This Game is forbidden in America , a country that allows nearly everything including "weed".
    Oh shit not weed please dont get this fancy ass dildo into my ass while sliting my throat while geting my taxi stolen and rape my mother daughter sisters , but dont EVER legalize weed god damit

    RapeLay 10 / 10

  • 0Bennyman
    0Bennyman 1 day ago

    Great clickbait title, was actually expecting Banned games universally, not banned in some countries.

  • K California
    K California 2 days ago

    I will never understand why it is the job of the government to decide what I do with my time in my house that does not affect any other person...

  • Jeff Lusk
    Jeff Lusk 3 days ago

    It's saintS row 4 not saint row 4

  • Adventurez Gamez
    Adventurez Gamez 4 days ago

    so that's why I couldn't find Saints Row 4 in eb games....

  • Fallen Comrade 944
    Fallen Comrade 944 4 days ago

    Saint Row 4 is my game

  • Nightcore- chan
    Nightcore- chan 5 days ago

    I can play the game named "manhunt 2"caz I hav the cd n I can play it in my playstore.....

  • Clint Stalkers
    Clint Stalkers 5 days ago

    you need to tell us the whole information in the games before uploading a video like that

  • anh tran
    anh tran 5 days ago

    Rude rude! I play call of duty black ops 3 and 1>:(

  • Randy Edward
    Randy Edward 5 days ago

    Anita Sarkeesian

  • Mind Vlogs
    Mind Vlogs 7 days ago

    I like call of duty much

  • Letsplay WithTGF
    Letsplay WithTGF 8 days ago

    I'm from Kuwait and I can play manhunt?

  • Only Luxury
    Only Luxury 8 days ago

    Lol for black ops u showed pictures from all 3 games...

  • Beacon Lemon
    Beacon Lemon 9 days ago

    Laptop gun? ...are you serious? That's the dub step gun.

  • Sulaiman Algosaibi
    Sulaiman Algosaibi 9 days ago


  • Frano Korunic
    Frano Korunic 11 days ago

    its saints row iv not saint row 4 btw you are femenist

  • Mozi mozo
    Mozi mozo 11 days ago

    I'M LIVING IN EGYPT!!!!!!!!

  • Mozi mozo
    Mozi mozo 11 days ago


  • Mozi mozo
    Mozi mozo 11 days ago


  • Blazin' Blue
    Blazin' Blue 12 days ago

    Pokemon promoting Zionism?? Go fuck yourselves!!

  • Redrex plays
    Redrex plays 12 days ago


  • dayungturtle
    dayungturtle 12 days ago

    bullshit you can buy 3ds Pokemon Sun and Moon bundle here in Qatar

  • FearTheKing
    FearTheKing 13 days ago


  • Rising 900
    Rising 900 13 days ago

    Pretty sure most of games aren't banned in New Zealand?

  • gabe martinez
    gabe martinez 13 days ago

    lol fuck the other countries, usa is better than anything and fuck donold Trump

  • Divertisment Romanesc

    this is not fair. it's just a game..

  • NeoN- Highlights and More!

    i live in Indonesia, but i still can play rapelay

  • EpicCheezy Gamer
    EpicCheezy Gamer 15 days ago

    Dude Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Is Everywhere i n the World, This video sucks u need more information On the Call of Duty World

  • Astronymous // iMattU

    You sure gta v is banned in thailand?

    Im live in thailand

    And play gta v

  • Astronymous // iMattU

    You sure gta v is banned in thailand?

    Im live in thai land

    And play gta v

  • Astronymous // iMattU

    You sure gta v is banned in thailand?

    Im live in thai land

    And play gta v

  • محمد زعيمي
    محمد زعيمي 17 days ago

    Laptop gun😂😂😂

  • Wiil Velez
    Wiil Velez 17 days ago


  • Shadow Equinox
    Shadow Equinox 17 days ago

    Clickbait Garbage

  • Brandon Conway
    Brandon Conway 18 days ago

    Why in the black ops bit did it have bo2 and bo3

  • Aussie Assassin
    Aussie Assassin 20 days ago

    Im not we would even be mad if someone murdered turnbull.

  • LynnDee Pfeiffer
    LynnDee Pfeiffer 21 day ago

    That's just stupid

  • World Creator
    World Creator 23 days ago

    Fuck my coutry cant play gta

  • PandaAnimate AUTTP
    PandaAnimate AUTTP 23 days ago


  • Alkaline fan
    Alkaline fan 23 days ago

    How can football be banned lie and I have gta 5 FUCK OFF

  • tjeerd rootmensen
    tjeerd rootmensen 23 days ago

    you cant play any games where i am from:

    north korea

    HTH TOP 24 days ago

    10 Banned Video Games. omg

  • Kirsanov Sergey
    Kirsanov Sergey 25 days ago

    What is the music in 0:35? PLEASE TELL ME I LIKE IT!!!

  • Wolfe Pokemon Gamer
    Wolfe Pokemon Gamer 25 days ago

    there's nothing wrong with pokemon

  • Flying Potato
    Flying Potato 26 days ago

    Lucky I can still play gta V online here

  • อิฐ ไบเล่

    In Thailand can play GTA

  • kentos3067
    kentos3067 27 days ago

    manhunt 2 is not banned in uk you dizzy cow you dont know what you talking about

  • kentos3067
    kentos3067 27 days ago

    people are just sick in the head when they decide to do crime in real life after playing a violent game

  • xXRicardo GamingXxYT

    Yes Band Pokémon

  • xXRicardo GamingXxYT

    Hell no FUCK Thailand you can't band GTA V!!!!!

  • xXRicardo GamingXxYT

    Hell no!!!! Don't ban Saints Row IV

  • Man Lee
    Man Lee 29 days ago

    Need to fact check better. I live in the UK and have bought bought both physical and digital copies of manhunt 2.

  • MrSocioparty
    MrSocioparty 29 days ago

    Yea what a great idea.. Hey one person killed because of a game lets just take all people away the game and surely nothing will happen.

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor 29 days ago

    Manhunt 2 banned in the U.K. Resulting in not being able to buy/play it? O.0 funny, because I've still got my copy of the game .....

  • Fuzzyberryclaws 1
    Fuzzyberryclaws 1 29 days ago

    ummm... what happened to the vids? is this channel dead???

  • 卐Kikes Nightmare卐

    women are retarded they don't think with logic.

  • 卐Kikes Nightmare卐

    rape lay is the best.absolutely nothing wrong with that game.

  • GalaxyGarrett Unlimited

    the clickbait got me

  • dresses 101
    dresses 101 1 month ago


  • Darth Darkness
    Darth Darkness 1 month ago

    what about BMX XXX??!

  • Andrew John
    Andrew John 1 month ago

    Where has wacky Wednesday gone

  • emrhan mohammad embuido


  • ghostkill2525
    ghostkill2525 1 month ago

    you can't tell me how to live my life I'll play what ever I want

    I'm new here that's why I'm so late

  • AllThingsFootball
    AllThingsFootball 1 month ago

    Half of these games aren't "banned
    This dumb fuck is just saying that they are banned because she doesn't like them and because it contains violence
    Nobody gives a fuck about ur opinion
    U got a dislike bitch

  • CJ JS
    CJ JS 1 month ago

    Anyone else find it funny when they talk about black ops and show black ops 3 and 2

  • AceBoogz Gaming
    AceBoogz Gaming 1 month ago

    If she was 17 then its legal in my state lmao

  • AceBoogz Gaming
    AceBoogz Gaming 1 month ago

    But all these countries have porn bt its not allowed in video games... retards

  • Donovin Perez
    Donovin Perez 1 month ago

    I play cod black ops but never heard of that

  • put it in
    put it in 1 month ago

    Sick fucking japan man...

  • Faheem Zaman
    Faheem Zaman 1 month ago

    1 is so scary

  • Ryyuk Shinigami
    Ryyuk Shinigami 1 month ago

    Duh if it's banned of course we're not gonna be able to play them idiots

  • Jerzy Dziś
    Jerzy Dziś 1 month ago

    5 is gas

  • Иван Брагинский

    GTA banned in Thailand... are you kidding me? Now, I'm stayed in Thailand and this game is #1 Top sales in Thailand!!!

  • martin smith
    martin smith 1 month ago

    ok... why does the voice just seem a bit robotised?

  • Xvital Master
    Xvital Master 1 month ago

    Of course America has no bans for games (edit: except for one)

  • Gastank502
    Gastank502 1 month ago

    That I can't play?
    WTF are you talking about, I live in Austria

  • Gastank502
    Gastank502 1 month ago

    Can't play Manhunt 2 in Germany?

    I Live in Austria

  • Footde Coulde
    Footde Coulde 1 month ago

    u can not play this game is not right you can not buy this game

  • Hunter lugo
    Hunter lugo 1 month ago

    why haven't you posted in 4 months

  • Bluexephops Gaming
    Bluexephops Gaming 1 month ago

    Only 1 is banned in my country. Ok

  • Marco He
    Marco He 1 month ago

    Why no more videos?

  • Robert Kacso
    Robert Kacso 1 month ago

    I have two of the games

  • RoadToChaos
    RoadToChaos 1 month ago

    You showed an image of Watch_Dogs, next to GTA 5 3:57

  • Ryan Wambsganss
    Ryan Wambsganss 1 month ago

    The number eight game I played but not in the country you said

  • Theerakan Kayee
    Theerakan Kayee 1 month ago

    Grand theft auto not ban in Thailand now

  • Dave Barrientos
    Dave Barrientos 1 month ago

    That fact about Manhunt 2 is not true, I've played it before.

  • AMPT XreZ
    AMPT XreZ 1 month ago

    Thing is I play Saints Row 4 and 3 everyday... .-.

    DOLPHINO 1 month ago

    What can New Zealand play?

  • Jay Haddad
    Jay Haddad 1 month ago

    What about sad satin

  • Enter Name:
    Enter Name: 1 month ago

    Rapelay is such a fucking gross concept lol 😂😂😂

  • MrZeljko88
    MrZeljko88 1 month ago

    Wish weed was legal here in australia

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar 1 month ago

    No Game Is Banned In INDIA !

  • Mega Charizard X
    Mega Charizard X 1 month ago

    I'm in ______ ______

  • Noah C Cornelius
    Noah C Cornelius 1 month ago

    Where is Wacky Wednesday?

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