Tom Jones - Tennessee Waltz From the Long Black Veil album.

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Author Des Behan (9 days)

Author BrideofPFunk (2 months)
I love this version...but when Patsy Cline sings this, it breaks my heart,
every time...

Author Skating Streisand (11 months)
first song I ever heard from Tom Jones when I was 3, love it!!

Author David Weissberg (1 year)

Author stankubrick1 (3 years)
What a voice, Jones buries all contemporaries

Author Tammyyoutub (5 years)
Or a warm woman between your legs. ;)

Author lockstock007 (3 years)
Best version ever? It's a waltz not a jig. too loud, too brash. Patti,.
Elvis and Patsi all have it nailed.

Author S. Bastien (3 years)
I never like Tom Jones, until I heard this version of Tennessee Waltz. I
like it even better than Patti Page sang it. Great singer!

Author Lars Jönlid (4 years)
I hated him in 60:s But as I grew up I do appreciate him, and his voice!!

Author Hervin Butil (5 years)
pretty cool!

Author whatthehellbrosef (4 years)
Wow, this is terrible, and that coming from an Irishman. Tom Jones is the
man, but not for this song. Better version by Les Paul and Mary Ford. This
is a song for country and swing, not pop singers.

Author paddy devlin (2 years)
@lockstock007 2nd best in my opinion patti, elvis & patsi all great, but
eva cassidy's version is absolutly amazing

Author westport36 (3 years)
Ths song alone shows what a great singer Tom Jones really is. The very best
version ever and I could listen to it all day long, but I do have another

Author BrynMawrYamBag (6 years)
Best version EVER of this song. The Chieftains "Long Black Veil" album is
an unappreciated art performance.

Author daniel klodt (1 year)
holy crap that was beautiful never heard this performed so well the ending
is great diddle dee dee

Author ANewHopeIll (4 years)
Wish it had video.. But still awsome!

Author everhard1000 (4 years)
Tom Jones is THE GREATEST !!!!!

Author westport36 (3 years)
Plentyof torrents. Yes and I would commend anybody to buy, or only listen
to once, the Long black Veil. A magical album where even Marianne Faithful
sounds great singing an old Oirish ballad. The rest of the collaborators
are fantastic and memorable as well, along with this one by Tom, which I
now always ask for when we are at a `do` with a live band.

Author TheIvanca (3 years)
the great singers for all time!!!!!!

Author kevincrashkelly (3 years)
The Irish group The Chieftains when asked about Long Black Veil and their
favorite song from it ,said they kind of liked the one they did with that
singer from Wales, Tom Jones.

Author Sharon Stewart (2 years)
Beautiful! Please visit our tribute site to the man behind the song, Redd
Stewart. We'd love to hear what the song means to YOU!

Author Cindy7107 (5 years)
I love it.:)Its the best version of this song.:D

Author tai wai dave Cheung (1 year)
beautiful version tom jones just grea

Author mkyker (1 year)
Who the hell is this man and what horrendous thing has he done to this
song?? Shut your mouth, Mr. Jones.

Author Trudi Lehnhardt (4 years)
This was recorded in Frank Zappa's basement, with Frank looking on in
smiling approval. I read that in the liner notes to The Long Black Veil.

Author Jools211 (1 year)
Good, but not a patch on the Colm Wilkinson version.

Author capekirano (3 years)
dunno what everyones saying this is the best version

Author PlentyofTorrents (6 years)
Yup, its part of the album The Long Black Veil. --[exert from
wikipedia]----------------------- The Long Black Veil is an album by the
Traditional Irish Folk band The Chieftains. Released in 1995, it is one of
the most popular and best selling albums by the band. Collaborators include
Marianne Faithfull, Mark Knopfler, Mick Jagger, Ry Cooder, Sinéad O'Connor,
Sting, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, and Arty McGlynn. Bono
from the Irish supergroup U2.

Author Gerry Bradshaw (5 years)
simply superb

Author florencelovme (3 years)
That solo at the end is fabulous!

Author jakansas (4 years)
I love the tune even more now!

Author 272surfing (4 years)
INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE! Thanks for posting....

Author martin horan (2 years)
@lockstock007 yeah but they're all nailed now

Author Mistri Jah (3 years)
this was recorded at Frank Zappa's house in early 1993, with an ill Zappa
watching it all.

Author Maeve Mcnally (4 years)
love this version for the last minute or so of Trad music at the end

Author cirvine1234 (5 years)
Patti Page cannot be beaten singing this wonderful song.

Author ffrreeeemmaann (3 years)
>Good but not as good as ELVIS PRESLEYs PERFORMANCE

Author Mernelvia (5 years)
I agree rosealee!! Just wish he recorded it the way it was meant to
be..without the Irish influence. He sings it better than Patti, Elvis, etc.
Tom still has the POWER to sing anything.

Author bbkim100 (5 years)
well stubbleking - you are truly a shining light for us responsible
drinlkers.I drive like that in outback Australia to Johnny Cash

Author jerry walmsley (2 years)
this is truly one of the best albums i have ever bought. the range and
beauty of it just brings a smile when i hear it.

Author SOTTYCAT5 (3 years)
hi my name is debbie carroll f ireland i do this song tennessee waltz in
ballsgrove line dancing no it off by heart it is a go0d song debbie carroll.

Author rosealee62 (6 years)
no one sings it like TOM, no matter the genre!!!

Author hakantunaTV (1 year)
This was recorded at Frank Zappa's house in 1993, the chieftens recorded
more songs at the session which have not been released yet...

Author sass104505 (5 years)
No disrespect to Tom Jones: he is a great artist and has got a great voice
but this song is better sung by Patsy Cline

Author wccoope (6 years)
Does anyone know when Tom recorded this?

Author James Fuller (1 year)

Author James Fuller (1 year)

Author James Fuller (1 year)

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