Nappy Roots - Small Town



(Lil Yuk)
Boy say to me, he say, "Ay Yuk! What's yo favorite city?"
And I say "West Virginia. That's my home town."

Take me back to West V-A
Take me back to Charleston
It's them doggone busy city streets
That I'm ridin' to get far from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town
Take me back to Massachusetts
Take me back to Cape Cod
It's them doggone big ol' city buildings
I'm ridin' to escape from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town

(B. Stille)
Yo, uh, ridin' past beautiful cow fields
Top down see how the air feels
I see trees that was here before me
Seem like each one's telling a story
I just wanna go hit the local bar
Where the owner's fat and smoke cigars
Where country girls attracted me
Like everybody works in a factory
Where they ship they goods to bigger places
A city lights just could never replace this
Where high school sports is what we live for
Hit the lotto and next week you still poor
In a small town

Take me back to West V-A
Take me back to Charleston
It's them doggone busy city streets
That I'm ridin' to get far from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town
Take me back to Massachusetts
Take me back to Cape Cod
It's them doggone big ol' city buildings
I'm ridin' to escape from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town

(Ron Clutch)
They say the whole damn world is country
Small town livin', not a porch monkey
Dirt road and gravel, anywhere you travel
Mechanic is the sheriff is the judge with the gavel
Everybody cousin, cuz everybody kin
Piggly Wiggly one school everybody friends
From high school football to family reunions
Movin' at the speed of life drunk by noon and
That's my uncle, I know everybody got one
Freaky-ass white girl, daddy got a shotgun
Fly through the town, ya blink ya might miss it
City slicker in the country wish you come visit

Come on down, come on down
Come on down, come on down

Lil' Yuk, what you think about that right there?

(Lil' Yuk)
Like, man, uh, I like North Carolina. I like Kentucky, Tennessee, like...
I don't wanna, I wanna see something important and take a right and right there at it
I don't like all that traffic. I like to get where I'm going
I like people with things on they man like, "Let's have a good time, let's sit on the porch."
That's what I was telling my homeboy Plump down in Duluth. You know, in Georgia
We was gonna kick it and do it way big. He always show us around at the office
And like why you go to the office?
I'm like "Man it's some real people comin' from a small town."
And that's where I'm from. And that's where I do rappin'
That's Nappy Roots. That's Fish Scales, and that's Clutch
an that's B. Stille and that's Skinny Deville, that's V
That's, that's history, man
You know when you from the country everything's cool, you know
Give us a front porch, give us a thing of Patron and give us
you know a few Corona, a Red Stripe. You know, things like that
Budweiser if ya money's low. But we gonna have a good time, man
we comin from a small town. Bowling Green, Kentucky
Milledgeville, Georgia. You know thangs like that
I like Keepwater(??) Mississippi, you know, Florida
All them places like that, small town
Still love for LA and Chicago, but when I wanna kick I wanna be in a small town

Take me back to West V-A
Take me back to Charleston
It's them doggone busy city streets
That I'm ridin' to get far from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town
Take me back to Massachusetts
Take me back to Cape Cod
It's them doggone big ol' city buildings
I'm ridin' to escape from
Ridin' to a small town
Ridin' to a small town

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Author Calvin Bauge ( ago)
237 Silver City, Ia

Author Mike Jones ( ago)
903 Tyler, Tx forever!!

Author Tyler Holte ( ago)
good seeing you guys last night. good people. good music. good times. Keep
It Nappy!

Author Dan Irwin ( ago)
Love it guys

Author Paul Martin ( ago)
336 Belew's Creek NC

Author Ashley Ellis ( ago)

Author Mean Joe ( ago)
Agg town 817
Love it
Live it 

Author JP G funk ( ago)
right into the 772.....LOVE YA NAPPY ROOTS!

Author Benny Goodsoul ( ago)
people jus gotta find stuff to hate cuz they got crap for lives

Author Bethany Jollymore ( ago)

Author MrJot ( ago)
I think it should be mandatory for people to provide an explanation on
YouTube when they dislike a song/video. What is there to dislike about this
song? Maybe my taste in music just sucks.

Author albert schmidt ( ago)
they just played in billing,Mt shit was sick!

Author Raylove20 ( ago)
Take me back to converse Texas, Calis took enough from me. take me back to
west Texas it's been a long time....

Author JustCallMe KkoOEenN ( ago)
603 small town in NH that Nappy Roots just came here and played at a bar
the size of a shed it was AMAZING ! They r so dope & they said we had the
best crowd they have had in a long time . We were touching the stage
passing blunts & ciroc back and forth it was awesome ! 

Author shinybald36 ( ago)
brothers can't be wrong all the time

Author Nathan Leyva ( ago)
Warden Washington, got that 509 etched in my heart! :)

Author James McCarty ( ago)
315 upstate NY 

Author Christopher Benesz ( ago)
Made me think of someone.. Shout out to D'ville Georgia!!!

Author Bethany Jollymore ( ago)

Author neutronics42303 ( ago)
270 o'boro

Author Tylor Sabastian ( ago)
615.... blwn good, feeling good.. pshh like we should. grindin wood, riding
fast in tha mouth, then the ass

Author Sarah Koski ( ago)
Calumet, Michigan

Author tyler pierce ( ago)
From the 304 baby west v.a Thats whats up small towns

Author truamericanoutlaw wagner ( ago)
dig im in the 502 

Author Bethany Jollymore ( ago)
508 bumpin in cape cod right now

Author Fly Ty ( ago)
freaky ass white gurl daddy got a shot gun boy!!!!!! 

Author Tyler Wilson ( ago)
which came from the cincinnati mud :)

Author Tyler Wilson ( ago)

Author redhotcobra94 ( ago)
Nappy Roots =#1 (nobody>them) 

Author TheDirtydownsouth ( ago)
That Kentucky mud runs down hill to my Tennessee mud! 

Author yzflyar1 ( ago)
Joppatowne Maryland!

Author jess dumke ( ago)
then ur a fag bitch 

Author LHS313 ( ago)
If it sucks so bad why did u hang around long enough to're probably someone whos never been to a small
town none the less lived in one so you can't even grasp what this songs

Author LHS313 ( ago)
Pile of shit > xlTruthBeTold's opinion.....

Author Adam Gilkeson ( ago)
charleston wv! my hometown love it there

Author Scott Andrews ( ago)

Author Scott Andrews ( ago)

Author blakescampbell ( ago)

Author CheckLife ( ago)
This song is soooooooo relaxing..

Author TheBRAVO63 ( ago)
619,858,442,760 dago baby kali kings

Author 421Thedude ( ago)

Author ColbaltChaos ( ago)
TUSTIN, MICHIGAN,,.........How small is that? I live in Marion, NC
now....OH YEAH...I love my life! 

Author FRINKIE KAYL ( ago)
712 sioux city IA 

Author Nick Baker ( ago)
sultan, wa!

Author Lewis Ball ( ago)

Author Mike Como ( ago)
Illinois Whoop Whoop 

Author happyface3443 ( ago)
eastside virginia 

Author Ben White ( ago)
Massachusetts represent

Author Jcrawford987 .DMang ( ago)
One of the best songs ever, so dope

Author Jay Emcee ( ago)
Dub V got nothin but luv fa Nappy!!!! great track.

Author trey woods ( ago)
minden la

Author Prostyles25 ( ago)
one of nappy roots best songs ever i love this shit

Author Marcus Searls ( ago)
Hey guy's thanks for these great tunes. I'm a small town guy but i'm
getting everyone to buy a cd of you smooth ass fuckers! i jam you
everywhere I can. 

Author TheKingZebulon ( ago)
Anderson, South Carolina Couldn't pay me to be from somewhere else

Author Hotdamn Alex Holland ( ago)
Lextown KY

Author 789films ( ago)
@logbowski187 back to back smoke out worthy!

Author Marissa Haggerty ( ago)
hah i live in MB, SC now too.. Take me back to massachusetts, take me back
to Cape Cod

Author Aldrin8ter22 ( ago)
Myrtle Beach, SC in the house. Small town if you live there

Author HooDRidEWhiteY (307 years ago)
New Mexico

Author lilgamoma ( ago)
Milledgeville GA!

Author 8jsimone (1229 years ago)
some beautiful words in there..

Author Darryl Burnett (1049 years ago)

Author mike kpacks ( ago)
small town Maryland. Tight song! gettin lifted to this on a nice ass

Author quilly6981 ( ago)
hinton, ia small town

Author Justin ( ago)
@jonathan92591 Crossville, TN I feel ya bro!

Author Jonathan Thompson ( ago)
Take me back to Loganville, Georgia! Missing my family from the Dirty

Author Olivia Cyr ( ago)

Author Heath taylor ( ago)
they the reallest hip hop singers i ever heard 

Author jeffthekiller lewis ( ago)
304 bitch's 

Author kkct7 ( ago)

Author CheckLife ( ago)
I'm moving to Massachusetts tomorrow I've been listening to this song all

Author Matthew Lee ( ago)
small town in cape cod mutha fucka!

Author Kingslea Hearne ( ago)
434 VA all day 

Author cd.1842 (404 years ago)
South <3 Kentucky <3

Author lilpud1 ( ago)
@s3xyb3astsixty9 should of never left the south...

Author jessica hilliard ( ago)
butts county really. LoL

Author John Smith ( ago)
Butts County, Ga Stand up!

Author NorthernHorrorStory (153 years ago)
One of a kind, they talk about MA the Carolinas etc shit was written for me
I swear, "freaky ass white gurl ha daddy got a shotgun"

Author dipmuthafukinset ( ago)

Author inspecktadek ( ago)
rockville murrland 301 area rep it till i sleep

Author pipesdaman ( ago)
7 people have never lived in a small town

Author Blessed Sniper ( ago)
I'm only 14 but I love this band. I first heard Good Day on Pandora on my
iPod and so I went to it on youtube and found this song. I love this song.

Author laurastillriver ( ago)
Climax GA yea...

Author ProjectPangea (306 years ago)
@bwimp18 East Lindstrom, MN ya heard me?

Author bdcanis ( ago)
@s3xyb3astsixty9 i wanna go back right now

Author Tommy Browne ( ago)
just like to say thank you to nappy roots for showing that not all hip hop
is about money, cars, clothes, jewlery, guns, and hoes..... 

Author coldpizza247 ( ago)

Author epamona ( ago)
i want this beat anyone know where i kan get the instrumental

Author John Hindle ( ago)
yea cape cod!

Author logan whitaker ( ago)
blunt worthy

Author nhalexhale420513 ( ago)
that is kinda true everything that lil yuk says at the livin
is pretty chill reminds me of sitten up at my uncles drinkin beer all nite
on the front porch n blowin shit up, goin muddin on the trail, blowin shit
up, just havin pure fun, not no club shit 

Author ashriv99 ( ago)
did he say Puff daddy in Duluth, Georgia?

Author Nappy Roots ( ago)
@fahshoyaknowlikeapro thank you

Author Specht1225 ( ago)
Thug Motivation 103 & Pursuit of Nappyness less than one month from
droppin... my speakers are gonna be workin hard all summer

Author krocialblack ( ago)
Straight outta BAILY MISSISSIPPI ! A small town I'm proud to be from born n
rased ! Country boi 4ever !

Author 304live ( ago)
Charleston WV!!!!! CHUCK CITY ALL DAY!

Author fish scales ( ago)
@w1fey21 really, were u at that cook out we pulled our bus up to

Author Hype679 ( ago)
623 reppin'. Quincy, Illinois. Us small town brothers are out there puttin'
it down. Please believe.

Author thebillionaire ( ago)
this is a good song. Nappy roots seems like the only country rappers.
Everybody else is rapping bout the A. But atlanta sucks.

Author xxmy7chevysxx ( ago)
reppin the canyon, 406. look it up bitch.... u dont know me.

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