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Author David LeBoeuf (1 month)
I'm from worcester, MA and love the nappy roots! come kick it brothers 

Author JP G funk (7 months)
right into the 772.....LOVE YA NAPPY ROOTS!

Author MrJot (1 year)
I think it should be mandatory for people to provide an explanation on
YouTube when they dislike a song/video. What is there to dislike about this
song? Maybe my taste in music just sucks.

Author Mean Joe (6 months)
Agg town 817
Love it
Live it 

Author Ashley Ellis (6 months)

Author Benny Goodsoul (8 months)
people jus gotta find stuff to hate cuz they got crap for lives

Author Bethany Jollymore (11 months)

Author albert schmidt (1 year)
they just played in billing,Mt shit was sick!

Author JustCallMe KkoOEenN (1 year)
603 small town in NH that Nappy Roots just came here and played at a bar
the size of a shed it was AMAZING ! They r so dope & they said we had the
best crowd they have had in a long time . We were touching the stage
passing blunts & ciroc back and forth it was awesome ! 

Author Raylove20 (1 year)
Take me back to converse Texas, Calis took enough from me. take me back to
west Texas it's been a long time....

Author jwmckin08 (1 year)
Charleston is the biggest town in WV. lol

Author Planck807 (5 years)
boonvilleee upstate NY!!!

Author uhliu (5 years)
Redlands,CA o_0

Author bwimp18 (4 years)
@ProjectPangea I be reppin my city, i be reppin my city, no one can do it
better! Yo boy Larry Sellers A.K.A ResiKing signin out!

Author Kingslea Hearne (3 years)
434 VA all day

Author CheckLife (3 years)
I'm moving to Massachusetts tomorrow I've been listening to this song all

Author Hungry4Herb (5 years)
San Fernando.

Author pipesdaman (4 years)
7 people have never lived in a small town

Author Zac Conner (5 years)
Richmond, Va dogg

Author Scott Andrews (2 years)

Author TheDirtydownsouth (2 years)
That Kentucky mud runs down hill to my Tennessee mud!

Author Jonathan Thompson (3 years)
Take me back to Loganville, Georgia! Missing my family from the Dirty South.

Author Claudioprice7 (4 years)
@jayemveeaydee so true

Author mike kpacks (3 years)
small town Maryland. Tight song! gettin lifted to this on a nice ass

Author Olivia Cyr (3 years)

Author DbdisElite (5 years)
Anyone from Kingsport TN?

Author redhotcobra94 (2 years)
Nappy Roots =#1 (nobody>them)

Author 789films (3 years)
@logbowski187 back to back smoke out worthy!

Author ProjectPangea (4 years)
@bwimp18 East Lindstrom, MN ya heard me?

Author perm712 (3 years)
Fuckit Reppin IA home of the small town

Author Ben White (3 years)
Massachusetts represent

Author Jcrawford987 .DMang (3 years)
One of the best songs ever, so dope

Author Patrick Moore (5 years)
i was born in charleston, WV!!

Author petypetejf (5 years)
OKlahoma cotton every where country south

Author quilly6981 (3 years)
hinton, ia small town

Author Sarah Koski (2 years)
Calumet, Michigan

Author repent (5 years)
810 bitches yeah dawg port huron michigan

Author thebillionaire (5 years)
this is a good song. Nappy roots seems like the only country rappers.
Everybody else is rapping bout the A. But atlanta sucks.

Author Feak0Ne (5 years)
that song makes me think about my girlfriend miss her right know

Author shinybald36 (1 year)
brothers can't be wrong all the time

Author rebelkash (5 years)
Proud West Virginian Right Here

Author EriK W (5 years)
gotta represent that milledgville GA

Author inspecktadek (4 years)
rockville murrland 301 area rep it till i sleep

Author NoCaRAAY (5 years)
Brandon, SD

Author nhalexhale420513 (4 years)
that is kinda true everything that lil yuk says at the livin
is pretty chill reminds me of sitten up at my uncles drinkin beer all nite
on the front porch n blowin shit up, goin muddin on the trail, blowin shit
up, just havin pure fun, not no club shit

Author maunabowa (5 years)
@304stonaa 304 all day cuz

Author jess dumke (2 years)
then ur a fag bitch

Author jayemveeaydee (5 years)
skinny deville reminds me of Andre 3000... both good emcees

Author 421Thedude (3 years)

Author lilgamoma (3 years)
Milledgeville GA!

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