Used Caterpillar Dozer Crash unload Excavator Truck Accident used Equipment in action Crazy driver

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Author Treeheight ( ago)
I like this... everyone is having fun with it... and the laughing is
infectious... am glad they enjoyed this and is good for long term to
remember the fun we had.

Author Christopher Mcgill ( ago)
i dont understand the rig supports !!!!!!! but any competant machine mover
could see that it was unbalanced. 

Author Christopher Mcgill ( ago)
terrible support wonder if they are paying the bill ?????????????????????

Author Domunique Kern ( ago)

Author E7Psalmsoftheplanets ( ago)
I believe the driver forgot to set up the parking brakes and lost his rig.
some drivers they only set up the tractor brakes or the trailers brake to
avoid dumping the air from their airbags.

Author xxOneLovingElfxx ( ago)
I'd say his ass got fired lol

Author 浦川みけヤン ( ago)
ワロタ! 坂道で荷卸しするな 歯止めしろ ブル新車www.

Author Victor Rodriquez ( ago)
Mexicans jajajaja 😁😁

Author Donk ( ago)

Author elchiba cuatro ( ago)
chihuahua mexico

Author Hue G. Rection ( ago)
Yeah, good idea to stand right under it after it crashes.

Author Swamp Thang ( ago)
why is the dozer on back of trailer...wrong spot on rgn...

Author Eduardo Landi ( ago)
jjjjijijij pinche q paso uey

Author Magdalena D. ( ago)
ACCIDENT Formula 1 Poznan :)

Author Fusconi ( ago)
Cause it's not their money

Author James Tenn ( ago)
It appears that either the brakes or the transmission failed. Either that,
or the driver exited the truck without setting the parking brake.
Regardless, I wonder what the men thought was so funny about the dozer
lying on its side.

Author RLS0812 ( ago)
So I take it the transmission or breaks on the truck blew out ?

Author Daehawk ( ago)
yeba! yeba! Uh oh.

Author Blind Freddy ( ago)
It committed suicide, because it just felt used....

Author Debra Westy ( ago)
That's ONE way of getting that shit off the trailer.

Author Bryan Haugen ( ago)

Author rane58 ( ago)

Author 201070dima ( ago)
в какой стране такие долбоёбы водятся.учесть этого трактора плачевна

Author 4u2Latinlover ( ago)
ni como confiarles un puesto de palomitas a estos pendejos

Author Mark Mount ( ago)
That Cat will be fine I bet it didn't even hurt it!

Author Cacyademonenom ( ago)

Author Jeremyrockjock ( ago)
whadyou do? (In Chris Farley voice)

Author QQTrick1QQ ( ago)
Think its time to check the slack adjusters...LMAO!!

Author All About Energy ( ago)
scooby doo at the end

Author Lane Cowan ( ago)
Forgot the trailer breaks

Author James Mansell ( ago)
Taco time !

Author glen john ( ago)
i see lots wrong with this video. one never move a load with out it chained
down. not going into the rest.

Author 杨 野 (976 years ago)

Author Tony Bennetts ( ago)
I think, by the way some of these guys are dressed, they might be the
owners or at least the bosses. What's the problem with laughing about it,
after they've all just had a fright and then realised that, it hasn't
turned out too bad? There doesn't seem to have been much damage done, as
long as the motor didn't run too long and I think the motor, that can be
heard running, is the truck. I own machinery and if that was mine, I would
still have to have laughed, with how lucky it all ended up.

Author 4lifebloods ( ago)
They should actually call this video ''The Last Ride."

Author 4lifebloods ( ago)
hahah lmfao the truck owned the bulldozer

Author maddath ( ago)
Just listen from 1:20 on hehe.

Author maddath ( ago)
Just listen to the care and concern at the end by the co-workers. I can't
imagine working with them after this accident. (snicker)

Author Tom Sommer ( ago)
What happened? Was the Dozer ok?

Author jan kowalski ( ago)

Author Revvavver ( ago)

Author Jarraffman ( ago)
Stupid Arabs

Author Alex Croci ( ago)
IDIOTS and ASSHOLES! What a combination.

Author gary p ( ago)
what is that a d11 on a 16 tire? are u crazy

Author keepersboy ( ago)
Watch the truck drive wheels, they are set by the spring brakes. When the
weight of the dozer reached the back of the trailer, it lifted all the
weight off of the truck, and may have even un-weighted the truck, you can
hear the tires squeeling as the truck is going backwards. The trailer
brakes were not set, but should have been, by disconecting the supply air.
I'll bet the owner of the equipment was not laughing

Author conantdog ( ago)
Incompetent idiots

Author davey west ( ago)
Fuck sandniggers are DUMB

Author GreaseMonkeyInc ( ago)
parking brake?

Author Ruben Quijano ( ago)
y dice arriba que esta usada esa madre ni sucia se ve

Author Ronaldo Costa ( ago)
Bulldozer CPU and AMD truck =D

Author david427steel ( ago)
That wasn't an accident, that was done on purpose. Why..who knows, maybe
the driver didn't get paid. The dozer was brand new, still had the paint on
the blade and tracks.

Author markotonio cagalj ( ago)
Ovako je anu musulin ogrebalo pa joj se majka kurvetina branka dobro
oblizala ostete ali isto joj sveti liberan nosi sricu od sina ivana

Author Misha Ivkov ( ago)
@beanssissy1235z LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Author Killawat ( ago)
truck lost its load= proven. driver lost his load in his pants= secret

Author beanssissy1235z ( ago)
and they wonder why we are predejuce

Author Agedperfection ( ago)
Dumb foreigners..

Author Billy Walker ( ago)
dumb ass

Author 12345678chui ( ago)

Author foxdmulder ( ago)
too many fat people

Author Anja Krup ( ago)
lol ich hab was unanständiges entdeckt

Author VIDIEKIDIE ( ago)
they just done it for a laugh

Author Langtry613 ( ago)
wtf was the trucker thinking.. clearly did it on purpose. Doesnt even get
outta the truck..!

Author leukat11 ( ago)
If I should give you one buck for each pixel of this video, I will give you
one buck ...

Author stayinstock ( ago)
give those guys a rubber mallet ad they will destroy a steel ball bearing.

Author Idaho278 ( ago)
@1ordequis Its a CAT, you cant break one doing that. I know a guy (kind of
a moron really) who has owned the same CAT for about 15-20 years and hasnt
hardly done any mantainance on it at all.

Author ToBeginPressStart ( ago)
@hellsbells483 unloading it?

Author hellsbells483 ( ago)
hold on why was there someone in the cab while they had it on the

Author 1ordequis ( ago)
That was an expensive mistake. At least no one was hurt

Author MrCriticOfAll ( ago)
Fucking monkeys with hammers.

Author Sydney Meats ( ago)
Looks unloaded to me, whats the problem?

Author 2010V6RAV4 ( ago)
Lets all go stand under it now !!

Author M1Molter - Der Heimwerker (117 years ago)
ach du Scheiße!

Author TATERxSALAD44 ( ago)
We just ruined half a million dollars worth of equipment TEEE HEEE HEEE!

Author Liz Johnson ( ago)
Tee-hee-hee-hee my ass.Stupid steering wheel holder,you're all fuckin'

Author ricx ( ago)
stupidos no tienen otra descripcion mas propia simplemente estupidos

Author vinnythescrap .man ( ago)
you fucken mexicans you shoud have tied it down because you use beans you
have to use a chain and dont be drunk while you do it

Author trisoma1 ( ago)
Did they steal it from California?

Author xoxoXoieoxox ( ago)
well thats one way to unload it O.o =3-

Author 1brymark ( ago)
Where do you want it? Just tip it on its side in the ditch there will be

Author bebert077 ( ago)

Author shaggy34045 ( ago)
k barbaro en tremas viejos mas pendejos ajjajajaja

Author jrocha82 ( ago)
@SuperDeerhunter007 i dare u to jump in front of it and try to stop it.then
post pics up of your casket

Author Evgeny Kern ( ago)

Author mace085 ( ago)

Author SuperDeerhunter007 ( ago)
I like how everyone just gets out of the way no one tries anything then
they laugh about it...

Author reckneya ( ago)
@uni000ver000sal It appears they also had a chimp formulate a title for

Author uni000ver000sal ( ago)
So much for unloading equipment on a flat surface or chocking the wheels
up! Apparently it is 5% genetic variation that separates humans from
chimpazees. In this case it appaears to be more like 0.5%

Author HelimanZ06 ( ago)
Hey Bubba, watch this ....

Author Idar Olsen ( ago)
Nawwww....the monkey got tired?.....pooore useless pice of shit......they
stoped you at the border again hu?

Author Sergio A ( ago)
@Ino260378 Hey Super Norway get over it, get a life, I don't know how you
make all that money and dive in the depths of sea if you are arguing in
youtube fucking retard, only showing how stupid you are, and yes police
don't run coutries and droug lords have work for guys like you that like
dope and coke. I hope you get a life and work or something, I will not
answer you anymore I just wanted to show everybody how stupid you are for
answering a brown monkey, can you see it you fell in my game

Author Idar Olsen ( ago)
@AAAS1975 Yeee lets talk about that. You'r police cant even run your
country some 20 year old girl had to take charge because the guys was to
scared... Drug lords rule your lands...yep ignorant monkeys is what you
are.... As i said use only sticks and stones....

Author Sergio A ( ago)
Para los que no entiendan @inlo260378 dice que eso pasa por poner a changos
a mover maquinaria pesada, eso dice de la gente latinoamericana, y el es un
noruego muy chingon, yo no estuve en este accidente pero conozco a varios
de los que estaban ahi, al llegar el tractor a la parte de artas del
trailer levanto el carro o tractor y los frenos de atras de la cama baja no
aguantaron el peso y cedieron, el tractor es un D8T nuevo y no le paso
nada, este era el unico lugar para bajarlo.

Author Sergio A ( ago)
@Ino260378 Well I can see now your first class country, it's in all the
news!!! fuck yea you guys from norway rock, and like I said earlier behind
the keyboard you can be all you can imagine. and win all the money in the
world. Dive in the deep sea or own your multi million company, and still
you are answering ME!!! a brown poor ignorant as you say, that makes you
more ignorant than me, i tought you guys were smart people, killing each
others in your own country, you are no better than anybody.

Author roberto dogliotti ( ago)
y se rìen los pelotudos

Author devendati ( ago)
Listen at 1:32 and you will hear the exact reason this happened!!!

Author Patricio Salas ( ago)
mexicanos? jaja

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