"April Fools' Day" Special [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.03]

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Views: 56434
Runtime: 7:40
Comments: 128

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Author Vvizoe ( ago)
I got those candles in my last bday and it's soooo annoying XD

Author Natz Gabuyo ( ago)
I will never forget Taemin ripped his pants during Sherlock performance.

Author SFN A ( ago)
monsta x on the background song😍

Author Naomi Hamada ( ago)
What was the song at 0:29??

Author Nuth Nuth ( ago)

Author 강윤서 1 ( ago)
oh?? i heard PRISTIN song!!!

Author Forever Once ( ago)
the thumbnail is clickbait 😂

Author T Tar Linn ( ago)
Bbyu click bait. I see bbyu, I click. Bbyu video is just 3 seconds only but KBS made them as thumbnail. Hello KBS, please make drama for Sungjoy if MBC don't make. You got my vote. 😂😂😍😍

Author TcNink l Thanchanok ( ago)
성재 조이뿌보고파 사랑해

Author foreveryoung shawty ( ago)
can't stop lmao ,,,, thx

Author 민박 ( ago)
I watched it bc of Sungjae ... fxxking clickbait 😂😂😂

Author Daniel Nguyen ( ago)
That Irene prank was cute as f.

Author Allen Jay Araza ( ago)
what song 1:21 - 1:25?

Author jimin's armpit is my lifeu so cuteee af ; ( ago)
i'm a simple person, i see bbyu i click

Author Demilyn Castroverde ( ago)
Epekto ng bbyu❤

Author zenny ying ( ago)
where can I find 0:24 jae hee one

Author Vitaminra jsrms93 ( ago)
see bbyu, i click

Author Nurul Nadia Norizham ( ago)
i thought i mistakenly heard monsta x - beautiful as the background music hahahha

Author Josephene Jimenez ( ago)
i am here because of bbyu..ghadddd i miss them soo much

Author MsBlessu ( ago)
miss bbyu couple so much

Author BtobRedvelvet Sungjoyfam ( ago)
Bbyu couple!

Author marymousy ( ago)
sungjoy on thumbnail, i click right away 😁

Author JennieJoy BlackVelvet ( ago)
i see bbyu, i click

Author ackwardjimin ( ago)
i see sungjae hm u got me

Author AeRin_ah ( ago)
Monsta x on the background is ❤️❤️❤️

Author sharon eunice ( ago)
i see sungjoy, i click

Author Eunha Stan ( ago)
i saw sungjae and i clicked 😂

Author gabriella ( ago)
I lowkey heard Pristin's 'WEE WOO' playing 0:39-0:50

Author Shahin Shenora ( ago)
kekekeke taeminnies pants

Author Famela D. ( ago)
waaah b1a4 😂

Author long ass ride ( ago)

Author YEO TWO ( ago)
i see sungjae i click, i like, i comment, and i leave.

Author Bts Trash ( ago)

Author MissNessa974 ( ago)
Génial le "I'll do it" avec LSG

Author Rayshelle Lozada ( ago)
I'm just a simple person, I saw bbyu couple, I clicked.

Author 복주야 ( ago)
The KBS editor is a Bbyu shipper lol

Author Ummi Sahara ( ago)
what is song of 0:27 ?

Author gabienix ( ago)
Am i the only one wondering why and how on earth they got MBC video & clips?

Author mj yook ( ago)
that thumbnail got me aiiish

Author Poop pee ( ago)
Lol Lee Soo man visiting YG entertainment is the last thing that will ever happen 😂

Author cutekawaii96 ( ago)
who came because of bbyu?

Author Shane delos santos ( ago)
SungJoy tho .

Author ana jeon ( ago)
See's SUNGJOY immediately clicks

Author monbebeAGASAEELF ArmyVIPETC ( ago)
Anyone else notice the background music?? It's beautiful <3 by monsta X

Author Apple Jabla ( ago)
Joy Sungjae 😍😍

Author Yoona Della ( ago)

Author migduved digduved ( ago)
I see bbyu couple I click

clicked this because Sungjoy, miss them so much <3

Author Hera's Time ( ago)
I see bbyu,but...😂

Author notyourjennie ( ago)
KBS KNOWS THAT ITLL GET MORE VIEWS WITH BBYU COUPLE LOOOOL BRING THEM BACK (I know they can't, I'm just going to cri about how much I wish they would come back).

Author arnellie fermano ( ago)
Hahaha. You got me XD

Author tyah amir ( ago)

Author kookiejoy ( ago)
bbyu got me there 😂

Author pc_ yeol ( ago)
I see bbyu I click 😂😂💕💕

Author captain x white ( ago)
I see Sungjae. I click.

Author Anne Lorraine Pablo ( ago)
viewed it bcause of bbyu 😍😑😑

Author nancy aricela escobar tuqueres ( ago)

Author debut kunsol 2017 or die ( ago)
I miss bbyu couple 😢
They're such cute babies

Author Julia Desiree ( ago)
i see bbyu i click

Author saqifa al adawy ( ago)
I clicked because bbyu couple.. a little disappointed cause bbyu only in the show for a while, but it makes me happy because bbyu couple as cover .thanks KBS 😍

Author 2pm nooni ( ago)
Khun at the end *screams*

Author laluna morning ( ago)
Bbyu u got me!!!

Author minvetae ( ago)
I clicked because of SungJoy (bbyuu couple) <3<3<3<3
5:30 Btw, Lee Hyori's skirt is sooooo on point <3

Author raudina asrining ( ago)
bbyuu couple!!

Author milky joy ( ago)
click because bbyu sungjoy 😁😄

Author Dinda Amelia F ( ago)

Author Florence Haniasih ( ago)
i see sungjoy i clicked

Author BTOB RV ForEver ( ago)
😂😂😂 I miss u 쀼 happy April fool's Bbyu shipper 👍👍👍 kbs nice one.

Author yook trash ( ago)
sungjoy as clickbait

Author chamomile ( ago)
i see sungjoy, i clicked

Author Minh Thư Nguyên Vu ( ago)

Author Jannie T ( ago)
i click this because of bbyu.

Author mmmina ( ago)

Author Fanboy Nover from PH ( ago)
Bbyu click bait = part of April fools

Author Nuraz Chan ( ago)
Who else here click because of BBYU couple! ❤ Miss them so much.... 😢

Author yb bb ( ago)
bbyu have brought me here lolz

Author Kyo Panda ( ago)
bbyu click bait again =)) goodjob kbs

Author Alfira apple ( ago)
Sungjae and Joy ❤❤❤❤ I'm here because of bbyu couple

Author Honey Abella ( ago)
sungjoy click bait

Author marilou aguinaldo ( ago)
Mapanlinlang naman KBS. Kaasar! 😂😂😂

Author Alison L ( ago)
Joy in thumbnail? I CLICK

Author Rabiah Awaliyah ( ago)
i'm here because i see our bbyu on the cover💜💜💜💜💜

Author marilou aguinaldo ( ago)
Bbyu on the thumbnail. 😂❤

Author chominyul ( ago)
thumbnail squad!! raise your hand! 🙌

Author ellie belly ( ago)
i thought kbs is snatching bbyu for a project. lol

Author Nct Velvet ( ago)
i saw sungjoy i click

Author Faiza ( ago)
Melodies personally victimised by this video lmao

Author Elle Zayne ( ago)
No one's gonna talk about @1:16 😎

Author Carat MinHope ( ago)
2:17 Pristin-WeeWoo!!!!

Author Carat MinHope ( ago)
I thought SungJoy couple will comeback!!TT

Author Fathiyya N ( ago)
lol iu 😂😂

Author Michel Limm ( ago)
who is that at 6.57 ?

Author IGOTCARATARMYL are my top 4 ( ago)

Author Queen Bee ( ago)
I freaked out when I hear wee woo 💜💜

Author Soh Jingyee ( ago)
Irene and bogum ♥

Author Trizsa Mari Loygos Manahan ( ago)
As seen of The Return Of Superman.

Author Green Applejoy ( ago)
i saw bbyu i click. i miss bbyu.

Author PARK SOO YOUNG ( ago)
huhu bbyu

Author SakuraSxouran ( ago)
its too funny 😆😆😆 im crying 😂😂😂

Author Mayshele Anne Tadlas ( ago)
sungjoy 😍

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