Cars 3 - Movie Review

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  • Jocelyn Pace
    Jocelyn Pace 53 minutes ago

    I've hated Cars since I saw the first one in elementary school. Never found them funny

  • Mr. Mackery
    Mr. Mackery 1 hour ago

    I feel like no critic or audience actually enjoyed this movie, and have enjoyed movies, ( I won't say any), that don't deserve to be highly acclaimed, ha ha Sing ha ha Transformers: The Last Knight ha ha The Boss Baby.

    • Mr. Mackery
      Mr. Mackery 1 hour ago

      Whether by scores or how much money they make, or even both.

  • Elseworld Media
    Elseworld Media 1 hour ago

    So that's it huh? We some kinda....Cars 3?

  • GDS Studios
    GDS Studios 1 hour ago

    My main problem with this movie is that it kept referencing back to things that came earlier, some big plot points like (spoiler) Lightning becoming a crew chief like Doc (end spoiler), or even small stuff like the "I am a fluffy cloud." It works well at first, but they kept using that same technique over and over, to the point where it started getting sloppy.
    Also, there was the crash that all the trailers were focusing on and hyping up, when it actually had no purpose in the movie and could have been cut out without making a single difference.

  • Near theEdge
    Near theEdge 1 hour ago

    Incredibles came out in 2004 and we've had three cars movies and two spin off movies (Planes). ITS BEEN 12 FREAKING YEARS IVE BEEN WAITING FOR INCREDIBLES 2!

  • AliceDorthy
    AliceDorthy 2 hours ago

    I liked cars 3. I saw it and there were a bunch of kids in the theater and they were super excited about. Yes they talked during the film, but it was about the film. It was a nice experience and I left the theater feeling very happy. Cars isn't a super mind blowing franchise, but for what it is i really enjoyed it.

  • Smiley Dude
    Smiley Dude 2 hours ago

    I got a Toyota ad

  • Grizzly4
    Grizzly4 6 hours ago

    Are you gonna review rough night?

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 8 hours ago

    Good time, no alcohol required.

  • SenpaiDentai
    SenpaiDentai 17 hours ago

    Cars 3 was like a "win win" remember on the first movie he wanted to be a part of Dinoco so then he became a Crew Chief of Dinoco and Cruz got to be a real racer :0

  • 420 Bored And Tired
    420 Bored And Tired 18 hours ago

    Well I just saw it and thought it was good! I have no idea what Jeremy or Stuckman were on about when they say that "nothing's changed" uhh yea a pretty big change happens in the end and worked out really well! And what's better is that you don't have to see cars 2 at all cause this just feels like a rabbit to that! 7/10

  • Nate Vids
    Nate Vids 18 hours ago

    Am i the ONLY ONE who loved Cars 2

  • Rossboss Nerd
    Rossboss Nerd 19 hours ago

    I loved cars 3 I thought it was awesometacular

  • Josie Culbertson
    Josie Culbertson 21 hour ago

    Loved Cars 1. Probably the best out of the franchise imo. Cars 2 was alright. Cars 3 was amazing!

  • Robert Down Syndrome Jr.

    cars 1: heh it's ok I guess
    cars 2: why?

  • Mohnish Singh
    Mohnish Singh 1 day ago

    Don’t know why everyone hated Cars 2.. Am I The Only Who Liked Cars 2 ??

  • Роман Мавроян

    did not disappoint. nuff said

  • nicelyfaithful
    nicelyfaithful 1 day ago

    I went in low expectations and I had FUN with it to be honest very motivating, and there we're some funny moments (if you caught them). Cars 2 I was bored with, I actually don't think I even finished it.

    So far (if i'm honest) Cars 3 is my favorite animated film of 2017.

  • Lionel Green
    Lionel Green 1 day ago

    I liked it

  • boy pussy
    boy pussy 1 day ago

    I want a prequel with doc as the rookie like if u agree

  • Mich Seal
    Mich Seal 1 day ago

    I loved it, then the final 1/4 came along and then the hype died.....

  • Keif McBride
    Keif McBride 1 day ago

    Walked in on the 2nd half of this movie and LOVED IT!!! I had no issue following what was going on.

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman 2 days ago

    +Jeremy Jahsn I'm going to have to disagree with you I give this movie no alcohol required this movie was the best I give it an 8/10

  • PolarPhantom
    PolarPhantom 2 days ago

    I hate how "toyetic" this cinematic universe of FIVE films is.

  • Michael Newman
    Michael Newman 2 days ago

    I thought the first one was ok, but never really cared to watch the second one

  • gregory lawrence
    gregory lawrence 2 days ago


  • Noah F
    Noah F 2 days ago

    Cars 3 was a waste of SJW woman power BULLSHIT! 1 hour 15 minutes of Lightning McQueen training to become the underdog in order to beat the main bad guy. Halfway through the last race, he gives up and lets the female trainer chick race for him. Less experienced and she beat the bad guy in 5 minutes. Completely throwing that hour and 15 out the window.

    Nobody get this movie or go see it. Totally garbage. I cant even tell you how many female cars were complaining about them not being allowed to race because they were girls. Fucking hell... feminist SJWs are ruining everything. Just go back and watch the 1st cars movie. Great underdog story.

  • Hiro Hiroaki
    Hiro Hiroaki 2 days ago

    I turned right to go left and I almost had a car crash.

  • lpward90
    lpward90 2 days ago

    All of them are shitty. The whole trilogy, SHITTY.

  • Miles Revels-Gooden

    I loved it but maybe that's because I'm a car enthusiast

  • GD Inferno
    GD Inferno 3 days ago

    Well I mean, I liked it

  • SWProductions100
    SWProductions100 3 days ago

    Personally enjoyed the Cars 2 movie (haven't seen the 1st one), because I just kind of liked the spy plot and all the little machine gadgets. I seem to be in a minority though, so yeah.

  • Christopher H
    Christopher H 3 days ago

    I haven't liked a Pixar movie since Toy Story 3.

  • Ken Cougr
    Ken Cougr 3 days ago

    I'm usually right with you on your reviews, but I'm pretty far off on this one. I enjoyed "Cars 3", probably A Good Time, No Alcohol Required.

    Where you mostly lost me is your "three plots" comment. I'm failing to recall any subplots that don't directly tie into Lightning's growth arc. The most I can come up with are the couple of "Mater doing something stupid in his garage" things, but those are more "fan service" than plot arcs.


    Thinking about the theme of the movie a bit, I think it may be an allegory for the actual Pixar Team. They were once the young hotshots that came into the business and blew everyone away. Over time, their dominance has faded and now, they are finding their purpose and joy mentoring the new hotshots in the business.

    Something, as I am an older joker going in the same direction, deeply appreciates.

  • SuperPikachuJexs A.K.A Jon-Erick Sanchez

    The beginning is so Incredibles fanboyish. cars is a good franchise that isn't overrated like some Pixar franchises

  • D.B.Z Super
    D.B.Z Super 3 days ago

    a bunch of grown up dissecting a kids movie, I can see the sense in that.

  • Lady0asis
    Lady0asis 3 days ago

    I love the first movie. And that is why I'm staying away from the sequels.

  • Ahmed Khan
    Ahmed Khan 3 days ago

    I have young kids in my family and you couldn't imagine how much they love Cars and want every Cars toy available, but probably don't even know what "The Incredibles" is. That's why Cars has a trilogy. They make so much money off the toy sells.

  • Jackson Billingsley

    One was good. Two was absolute fucking garbage, and 3 was close to being on par with 1

  • Alex Schloesser
    Alex Schloesser 3 days ago

    I personally thought this movie SUCKED D**k!

  • Alberto Leal
    Alberto Leal 3 days ago

    I disagree, I thought it was good. Okay, maybe my experience was good. I live in Ottawa, ON and my four-year-old son lives in New Castle, PA. For his birthday/Father's Day weekend we went to see Cars 3 and while watching it, he said he wants to be a racer. On the way home, he said that my 2012 red Dodge Avenger rental looked like Lightning McQueen and asked me to fast like he does. I'd say he enjoyed the movie and wasn't bored by it. But like I said, that was my experience. Anyway, keep up the good work Jahns.

  • OmeGa ShadozZ
    OmeGa ShadozZ 3 days ago

    I feel like you're being to harsh on this movie

  • freshaoa
    freshaoa 4 days ago


  • randall kiely
    randall kiely 4 days ago

    The first one was fun. What the balls happened!?

  • Dario 2739
    Dario 2739 4 days ago

    Have to say I loved the first Cars movie – possibly my favourite of the Pixar movies, my son's favourite too... but thought 2 was poor – was hoping for better from 3... my son will still probably want to see it, but he's not excited about it like he is for Despicable Me 3!

  • Eugenefindit
    Eugenefindit 4 days ago

    Holy shit. Jeremy was surprisingly harsh on this movie. I freaking loved it though. It's not the best Pixar has to offer but it definitely felt like there was more of an effort put into it than in Cars 2 and dare I say it, Finding Dory. ^_^

  • David Smith
    David Smith 4 days ago

    i liked it

  • Lorenzo Arias
    Lorenzo Arias 4 days ago

    Weyland corp shirt🤘

  • Msrathnakar Msrathnakar

    car3 is super hit

  • oopopp x
    oopopp x 5 days ago

    A Pixar movie where the jokes do NOT land?!?!?!
    What Bizarro world am I living in....

  • BridgePokemon
    BridgePokemon 5 days ago

    My ad before this video was a T Mobile ad. In Spanish.

    I gotta say, the confusion it caused did capture my attention. Is this a new marketing strategy?

  • Cody Sullivan
    Cody Sullivan 5 days ago

    does this guy give any good reviews

  • Brandon Baltodano
    Brandon Baltodano 5 days ago

    Are you wearing a Waylend-Yunti shirt

  • C C
    C C 5 days ago

    I felt the same I felt drained after watching cars

  • IIXxBlackOutxXII
    IIXxBlackOutxXII 5 days ago

    Better than 2 pac movie

  • INFERNO Music
    INFERNO Music 5 days ago

    Cars 3 ending is sad

  • Anjela
    Anjela 6 days ago

    I care nothing about Cars, I just wanted to watch Jeremy review something.

  • Thi Fernandes
    Thi Fernandes 6 days ago

    Cars 1 (8/10) It's an okay movie.
    Cars 2 (???) Never watched it; never will!
    Cars 3 (8/10) Equal grounds with the first.

  • Daniel Linan
    Daniel Linan 6 days ago

    I wonder how many people are hating on cars 3 down in the comments without actually seeing it.

  • Daniel Linan
    Daniel Linan 6 days ago

    I actually really enjoyed Cars 3. I feel like your trying really hard to be a critic now instead of just enjoying movies. Like this it your job now so you have to analyze it and dig deeper into a kids movie then you really have to. IMO.

  • TheBrandonVlogs
    TheBrandonVlogs 6 days ago

    Actually many people asked for Cars 3?

  • FruitLord
    FruitLord 6 days ago

    fucking never hated an ending so much in my life then cars 3

  • jdaher542
    jdaher542 6 days ago

    I just recently watched Cars 3, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Its humor was kind of hit and miss, but its overall message was surprisingly strong.

  • Drawing with Eman
    Drawing with Eman 6 days ago


  • Skyy Miller
    Skyy Miller 6 days ago

    Is that a Wayland - Yutani shirt I see? Where can I find one like it?

  • Adolfo Huitron
    Adolfo Huitron 6 days ago

    first one was good but then the second took the wrong turn by making it some 007 type shit third meh

  • Young Archivest
    Young Archivest 6 days ago

    I actually liked the film. 7/10 for me.

  • Blake McBride
    Blake McBride 6 days ago

    Jeremy I would seriously love you to start streaming or doing more Q&A's or doing just reviews of your trip to walmart.

  • CashewKing15
    CashewKing15 6 days ago

    Minecraft movie 2019.
    I'm not lying look it up

  • All Powerful God Enel

    I actually liked cars 2 more than the first one, that one was a complete bore. At least the second one had color.

  • 2easymode
    2easymode 6 days ago

    the best part of this review was about being reminded that incredible 2 not being made yet!

  • Jt Moses
    Jt Moses 6 days ago

    The opening to this is the absolute best! hahaha

  • jethrowomber
    jethrowomber 6 days ago

    Jeremy..every time i watch your reviews its like tax back in my pocket

  • Zack Blouin
    Zack Blouin 7 days ago

    I thought this was a very good movie

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 7 days ago

    Cars 3: Better than 2, about as good as 1. But, I like 1, so that's not an insult.

  • Chris Blount
    Chris Blount 7 days ago

    I JJ wearing a Weyland Industries shirt?

  • wintreSolstice
    wintreSolstice 7 days ago

    Eh. I thought the first Cars movie was decent. I didn't think it was good enough to warrant a sequel, but it was alright.

    And now here we are with Cars 3.

    ...Ok then.

  • Adam Sagehorn
    Adam Sagehorn 7 days ago

    My son loves the first one and enjoyed the third one tough was confused by the ending a tad. He doesn't remember the second one which is clearly the loser of the bunch. So because he loves them, I love them as they make him smile. Sad Jeremy to see that you dont support smiling children. Just need to start another YouTube channel where you just kick puppies all day.

  • matt carnes
    matt carnes 7 days ago

    Pixar are rather great at making original movies but especially with the cars series if feels like they have someone else make the sequals

  • noyb tmi
    noyb tmi 7 days ago

    That moment you realize... you have the same shirt...

  • Bob Fergisoon
    Bob Fergisoon 7 days ago

    It's all about the merch. Cars is a trilogy 'cuz it makes a shit ton of money through toys and other merchandise.

  • Awayforthewin
    Awayforthewin 7 days ago

    the trailer is so fucking gritty

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia 7 days ago

    1st one is great. 2nd one is ass and I refuse to remember it. 3rd one is actually the second one because the second one is that bad. But in reality cars 3 isn't that bad.

  • Jet-set sam
    Jet-set sam 7 days ago

    jeremy hit it right on the head..."no incredibles has a trilogy" i have NO idea why disney/pixar love this franchise sooo much...hell why havent we gotten a bug's life 2? but CARS? i never really cared for this franchise yet it gets the most attention. smh

  • J. José Rivera Torres

    I disagree. Maybe I went into the movie expecting just what I got. A kids movie that I enjoyed as an adult and my grandson enjoyed because its more Cars. At no time during that movie did I feel like I wanted to be somewhere else or become disconnected from the movie. I do not get when you say there were too many plots. It was always about him, Lighting McQueen, even when it turns out that the reason he feels the way he feels is because it is not about him.

  • Skizerz the Almighty

    Cars 1 - It was alright, sub-par for pixar. Passable at best.
    Cars 2 - What the fuck, Pixar made this?
    Cars 3 -, at least it's not Cars 2

  • Emily Anne
    Emily Anne 7 days ago

    the first cars movie was my childhood I loved that as a kid so the series has some nostalgia but the second was a huge disappointment I hope I can at least enjoy the third one a little bit

  • Cedric M
    Cedric M 7 days ago

    That's too bad, considering the reveal trailer last year made this movie seem like it was going to be a more gritty badass movie. Just can't trust kid friendly movie makers, I guess. :^/

  • Chauntell Dominique

    Lol 2/3 of my kids fell asleep while watching this movie. I thought it was alright though.

  • Christian Donaire
    Christian Donaire 7 days ago

    If people keep demanding Disney to hurry up with Incredibles 2, the movie is gonna come out rushed and bad. Give them time and be patient for Gods sake. Lol. No one wants a rushed movie after demanding it so much.

    • Christian Donaire
      Christian Donaire 7 days ago

      They could be making Incredibles 2 a big one, maybe even the best.

  • Benjamin Cox
    Benjamin Cox 7 days ago

    Do all eyez on me

  • Sean Peterson
    Sean Peterson 7 days ago

    Cars is one of my favorite movies but I always had a meh feeling towards Cars 2. It hit me though in the theater that the first one came out... was it 11 years ago? Damn. Time flies...

  • Tytbandit 01
    Tytbandit 01 7 days ago

    I didn't care for the ending like I thought lightning should of beat storm

  • The 209 Most wanted

    Go watch all eyez on me

  • Spider-Pool98
    Spider-Pool98 8 days ago

    Do Transformers: The Last Knight

    your favorite franchise

  • Skits And Giggles
    Skits And Giggles 8 days ago

    I really liked this movie

  • The NewKing
    The NewKing 8 days ago

    Review all eyes on me the Tupac movie

  • C Level Rashad
    C Level Rashad 8 days ago

    There's a bio pic about the late Rapper Tupac Shakur out right now l mean you did straight outta Compton so please review this one

  • Papa Beto
    Papa Beto 8 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie, but Pixar could've done a little bit better. Then again I was that excited 8 year old ready to see Cars 1 when it was original released

  • Marcos Kain
    Marcos Kain 8 days ago

    Wow, dude, this is like the summer where I have been disagreeing with you on nearly everything. Guardians 2 was great. Alien Covenant was a pile of donkey shit. That movie about the mom and daughter getting kidnapped was also garbage. And then I found this to be extremely entertaining and I thought nearly all of the jokes worked. I think Wonder Woman is probably the only review I have agreed with you in a while. I'm kind of scared now for your opinion on Baby Driver.

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