One week with the LG G6: Very impressed!

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  • Final impressions are still pending as all of our LG G6 units are first-look prototypes, and that's actually what's most striking, as this doesn't behave like an unfinished product.

    Most of us in the tech world still reminisce over how much we miss the old G2, it was the first phone to bring a phablet experience into smartphone ergonomics, and the G6 embodies every bit of what made that legacy phone popular..

    One of my favorite things about this phone after using it for a week is the feel. Watch our full video to learn more.


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  • Runtime: 5:26
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  • YamilMeMo
    YamilMeMo 11 days ago

    no doubt G6 is the best of LG for now. I recently switched from my Galaxy S6 to G6 .. I love the feel on hand of G6.. it feels solid and it looks great... love the display colors and wide lens. however I wish the LG G6 had some minor changes and few new features, #1 the single len camera... if you are not using the wide angle feature just one len is a poor aperture, it captures very limited space on the screen.
    #2 audio jack in the buttom and not on top... there are few people like me that still use earplugs when video call and having the cables constantly on the screen is annoying.
    #3 right side button... #4 notification light big time. #5 IR blaster #6 some decent emoji. for technology sake... g6 stock emojis are horrible.... these are things that I easily can call out coming from Samsung brand.

  • Neal Hagan
    Neal Hagan 15 days ago

    1 week?dont worry it will crap out like all lg "flagship phones".time is their enemy.

  • Willy Herrera
    Willy Herrera 21 day ago

    I want bigger phones!!!

  • Kathleen Rose
    Kathleen Rose 21 day ago

    thinking to upgrade to this from G2. I was so contented with my G2 and didn't have any plan to change phone until it got broken. my phone can't recognize any SIM cards now. i still use it for internet surfing through wifi. i wish I'll find g6 as great as my g2.

  • Talha Aydın
    Talha Aydın 22 days ago

    2:05 what ? 3.04 GB in use and 667 mb free ? I know how ram works in Android but isn't that so high (if he is not using 10-12 apps at that time) ? I think there should be more headroom for intensive apps.

  • debrisbit
    debrisbit 26 days ago

    who holds a phone like that making a phone call?

  • Ra Va
    Ra Va 1 month ago

    I listen to you and yesterday I traded in my iphone 7 plus for the LG G6 and I regret it. You say Samsung has slugish software, but I've had Samsung and I've never had any problem with it and this phone DOES HAVE slugish software. Thankfully I have tmobiles jump on demand and I will consider trade in again, cause this phone is gettong in my nerves.

  • bmcdroid
    bmcdroid 1 month ago

    why do you speak like you have snot in your nose?

  • Varun Kashib
    Varun Kashib 1 month ago

    Haha! Every time you say your name it sounds like you just stepped off the boat :P

  • megacurlerer
    megacurlerer 1 month ago

    I'm a daily driver

  • Kim Tan
    Kim Tan 1 month ago

    im still using g2

    • Kim Tan
      Kim Tan 1 month ago

      Lights-Guns-Outdoors yeah.and of all the G-series..G2 is the strongest

    • Lights-Guns-Outdoors
      Lights-Guns-Outdoors 1 month ago

      Kim Tan I gave my wife's old G2 to our son. it still works great!

  • JanPogiMan
    JanPogiMan 1 month ago

    Is it worth getting Korean version because of better DAC? I know I will loose wireless charging in US version.

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm 1 month ago

    I need wide angle lens for my wang...

  • Jayseal ENDURO
    Jayseal ENDURO 1 month ago

    is lg g6 have a smart notice like the g4?

  • db0y820
    db0y820 1 month ago

    1 year after G6.. bootloops lol

  • stephen von crven
    stephen von crven 1 month ago

    problem with LG is: if you have a faulty phone, good luck with that.

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 1 month ago

    LG Cheese Stick

  • Den Otaku
    Den Otaku 1 month ago

    Its just really ugly tho
    I wish they give it a LG G4 look

  • Shot
    Shot 1 month ago

    Sorry pal,dont like watching reviews of unfinished beta products. No like here

  • mel johns
    mel johns 2 months ago

    lg g6 great phone coming from s7 edge as you said very impressed by everything about the g6

  • Eduardo Chavez Ferman
    Eduardo Chavez Ferman 2 months ago

    this has been a great review of my favorite phone of the year. very descriptive, full of facts of an amazing phone! keep up the good work!!!!

  • Keishi Catalan
    Keishi Catalan 2 months ago

    This video helped me decide between the G6 vs S8+. The phone has enough features that I want at a cheaper price. Thank you. You guys are awesome!

  • TheEIements
    TheEIements 2 months ago

    jaime, what icon packs do you use?

  • oglove1977
    oglove1977 2 months ago

    I got this phone 3 weeks ago and it has given me a couple issues the first one was incoming calls I cannot hear the other person I had to turn off the phone and turn it back on so I can actually listen to them second one if I'm trying to watch a video it keeps buffering so I got to turn it back off and turn it back on so I can work properly third one was I was getting my kids out of the car so I put my phone on my windshield and I guess because of windshield was so hot and cracked the glass on the camera

  • dominionn09
    dominionn09 2 months ago

    That Instagram looked to be very choppy in scrolling

  • John Ward
    John Ward 2 months ago

    Why does this guy say his name like hi-me-re-vera? Sounds spic ish. Trump!

  • Lim Shady
    Lim Shady 2 months ago

    lol 3:50 woman in bottom right corner

  • Orion Wilson
    Orion Wilson 2 months ago

    I feel like one week doesn't really give you enough detail in how good or bad a phone is

  • Neil Ford
    Neil Ford 2 months ago

    Just seen the UK spec! Very unimpressed!

  • Emily Yukki
    Emily Yukki 2 months ago

    I have lg Stylo 2 it's the best phone ever compare to lg g 6

  • paralelmind
    paralelmind 2 months ago

    that motion blur in the photos dou! 😟

  • Seanachie's Court
    Seanachie's Court 2 months ago

    everyone playing with their g6, while europe just sitting here, masturbating

  • Daniel Hartle
    Daniel Hartle 2 months ago

    I have an older LG and a Very outdated Samsung. My only complaint is that even my ancient Samsung would accept and utilize free music equalizer and bass boost apps yet the LG will not utilize the same app. Will the G6? otherwise this is a deal breaker. What good is a music player if all u can do is turn the vol up and down? Huge letdown!!!

  • Qayoom Sediq
    Qayoom Sediq 2 months ago

    guys im confuse between v20 and g6

  • Riza Johnson
    Riza Johnson 2 months ago

    I may not see you do but u did

  • drnycmedia
    drnycmedia 2 months ago

    💙 the phone! Hate the OS! 😟

  • Adam Welsch
    Adam Welsch 2 months ago

    I am not a fan of glass back phone but it seems that all the phones are making the switch but now the LG G6 doesn't have the removable battery which was the only reason to buy the LG G2, 3, 4, & 5. So the 2 changes they made is a reason why I am not buying a g6 in addition LG customer service is the bottom barrel I owned 4 LG's and had a manufactures defect with all of them turned all 4 to LG under the manufactures defect and all 4 were returned to me with 0 repairs or explanation why LG did not make any repairs. LG doesn't warrant the manufactures warranty so take that into consideration when buying this phone.

  • DKC48
    DKC48 2 months ago

    Can't just use it for a week... use it for a few months and then bootloop/brick. Can't trust LG.

  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan 2 months ago

    The new body looks like it'll feel premium. And the new screen design looks good. Can't wait to see final result

  • Will G
    Will G 2 months ago

    Is the rear lock-button/fingerprint-reader a button(does it press in and out), or just an indent?

  • StormRider2
    StormRider2 2 months ago

    Samsung S8 and XZ premium! Looking at the Samsung in person it looks great, feels ergonomically good and it's infinity display is awesome.

  • Ronald E Williams
    Ronald E Williams 2 months ago

    This is just a test phone. Relax

  • Kai Shaik Mahomed
    Kai Shaik Mahomed 2 months ago

    I still have LG G3 it's still awesome so imagine the g6 😱

  • Anne
    Anne 2 months ago

    You have a terrific name! :)

  • Mo Beasley
    Mo Beasley 2 months ago

    I really liked my LG3 but it didn't even last 2 years before it broke down. This phone is impressive but I would be a little hesitant to buy another LG phone based on my experience.

  • Shauni Savage Saviour
    Shauni Savage Saviour 2 months ago

    "Im hymae.... drtrruh.."
    I'm sorry I got lost

  • kenneth greene
    kenneth greene 2 months ago

    my G5 was a good phone so I know the G6 is gonna be CRAZY Samsung fallback

  • Metal Michael
    Metal Michael 2 months ago

    I was super stoked on the S8 plus until i held it and I saw I had to plunk down 130 bucks on T-Mobile. For what? A big screen? I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I'm looking to shake things up and the G6 just climbed to the top.

  • NotSoAverageAvery
    NotSoAverageAvery 2 months ago

    like a g6 like a g6

  • Caspar Smit
    Caspar Smit 2 months ago

    No menu button? just press and hold the square and there it is

  • Lux Norris
    Lux Norris 2 months ago

    s8 commercial on tha g6 vid

    Sammy...y'all some savages

  • Bryan Alvarado
    Bryan Alvarado 2 months ago

    Song Los bukis

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth 2 months ago

    "Ramhog"... using more ram is a good thing Jaime. That's why you saw no issues. Apps were properly being kept into ram and left efficiently ready to be used. It's a sign of good software.

  • Soleyah Greene
    Soleyah Greene 2 months ago

    Hi I don't know if I have done this right so let me know. I never use my email so I'm a little confused.😄😄

  • TAY TV
    TAY TV 2 months ago

    if you just swipe up from the middle circle in the dash, your google assistant should pop up, much love

  • Luci Ramos
    Luci Ramos 2 months ago

    the way the phone looks so surprised and unsure makes me wonder. it has a face lol

  • Ashley Mooney
    Ashley Mooney 2 months ago

    Does it have a removable battery

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 2 months ago

    I like the tech and I'm an LG fan boy ( Typing this on my G4 😂) but damn the Galaxy S8 looks Sooooo good and even though it has 2 lenses and different zooms the S8s cameras programing is much better.

  • FaZe Stalk3r
    FaZe Stalk3r 2 months ago

    how much will this phone cost?

  • Dennis Daly
    Dennis Daly 2 months ago


  • holypicklesmofo
    holypicklesmofo 2 months ago

    I would get this... only problem is my G4 is still working wonderfully!

    • holypicklesmofo
      holypicklesmofo 2 months ago

      lol I believe it.. it's been almost two years and I kind of treat it horribly, but it's never cracked or had any malfunctions.

    • renaldo friloux
      renaldo friloux 2 months ago

      holypicklesmofo your lucky

  • kelkeljai
    kelkeljai 2 months ago

    Worth it to upgrade from g5?

  • billy fatbowe
    billy fatbowe 2 months ago

    ...WHY NO NFC???...........;--(,,,,,,,,,,

  • gwendog
    gwendog 2 months ago

    On the LG G5, you just have to press the round button a bit longer and the Google Assist pops up :) and you can add the home button as well :) not sure with the G6 :D

  • Don Lee
    Don Lee 2 months ago

    no edge screen is fully enough to be bought

  • gibillan magnificul
    gibillan magnificul 2 months ago

    this, s8 or xz premium?

  • VandarGames
    VandarGames 2 months ago

    Your name says Jewish, your face says Mexican. You're a MexiJew.

  • Rocco pool
    Rocco pool 2 months ago

    I have experience with LG Mobile vary bad and vary simply mobile it's batter for me to buy huawei then LG

  • Rocco pool
    Rocco pool 2 months ago

    LG good for A/C and TV washing machine only NOT mobile phone

  • oST0LENo
    oST0LENo 2 months ago

    My Galaxy S5 is better

  • ove luigi
    ove luigi 2 months ago

    try the video camera!how many minutes can record!or.....after how many minutes its stop ;)

  • acgardesign
    acgardesign 3 months ago

    Waiting for demo units to come into my Verizon store early April to solidify my decision between the V20, G6, and Pixel XL! Currently using (or was using) the V10. Got hit by the bootloop issue. :(

  • Von Mac
    Von Mac 3 months ago


  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 months ago

    OMG you and your nit-picking never makes any practical sense. How NASTY it would look if the video is tucked to one side instead of the middle? Ugh, it's best to keep your opinion to yourself, and just review the device, it's so damn simple.

  • indigoal3n
    indigoal3n 3 months ago

    RAM hog? One would imagine after all the Android reviews, you would know by now how Android manages RAM memory. It's RAM should NEVER be empty. If it is, it means it's very poorly managing it. The fuller the RAM is, the better the performance and power management, and multitasking performance it has.

  • Stoney Days
    Stoney Days 3 months ago

    you guys do know with the way android works the more used ram you have the less lag youll encounter right?

  • Central_S_ Gaming
    Central_S_ Gaming 3 months ago

    sub to ne

  • H H
    H H 3 months ago

    Lg cameras still suck at low light.

  • mark . m
    mark . m 3 months ago

    I've always be a lover of LG phones since my first encounter with Shine (amazing camera and compactness), followed by Arena (to which G6 looks similar), G3 and now Stylus 2 Plus. I've used phones from every other major brand (Samsung, Apple, Sony, BB, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia etc) and I know the differences well. G6 is almost amazing except without the signature removable battery feature, which would have made a perfect phone including a stylus - agreed?

  • Andre None Ya
    Andre None Ya 3 months ago

    This idiot left out one of the best smartphones out of this whole bunch, the Huawei P10/P10 Plus.

  • Andre None Ya
    Andre None Ya 3 months ago

    What are you, a Huawei hater? Huawei P10 should be in there, WTF!

  • Cole Longó
    Cole Longó 3 months ago

    Google is the one killing the Google feed, not lg

  • Justin Ours
    Justin Ours 3 months ago

    This phone looks stupid. Go to hell

  • Miss A
    Miss A 3 months ago

    Can't wait to see the updated review when the phone is finalized and launched! Will be looking forward to your review in particular! ;) New Sub. Love the straight forward professional tone & layout of your review! Thanks!

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake 3 months ago

    Still love my LG v20 though

  • Levent C Mirlay
    Levent C Mirlay 3 months ago

    Do you also have to press down the fingerprint reader to wake the phone up, like on the G5? Or can you just touch it like the Pixel?

  • Strangerer69
    Strangerer69 3 months ago

    Thanks Hermine, that was a good review.

  • Amber Lace
    Amber Lace 3 months ago

    I really like the design! 😍

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez 3 months ago

    did you have a cold or the flu when you made this video?

  • Lesedi Ntsimane
    Lesedi Ntsimane 3 months ago

    Beautiful phone....i hope it doesnt get the infamous bootloop like my G4

  • Saalaar Saeedy
    Saalaar Saeedy 3 months ago

    wtf did you say at the end

  • Nick For life
    Nick For life 3 months ago

    thanks for the great review because this might become my new phone when it is officially released in the us!

  • alebidogas
    alebidogas 3 months ago

    V10 forever!

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc 3 months ago

    Damn so satisfying when he says "hello I'm Jaime RRRRiveRRRA" and then continues with his review.

  • michael_mu
    michael_mu 3 months ago

    Can't you hold down the multi tasking button for the menu button

  • Dewitt
    Dewitt 3 months ago

    What's your name again? Sorry, didn't quite catch your name.

  • Richard Recupero
    Richard Recupero 3 months ago

    my s7 edge sucks ass

  • danial dcruz
    danial dcruz 3 months ago

    I really wanna get the G6 , ps anyone using a LG G5 having any autotouch problems,no my screen is not wet from sweat and it autotouches, but only like a certain area of the screen

  • TheSh4D0WEffEct
    TheSh4D0WEffEct 3 months ago

    I'd like the phone much better if it had a finger ID.

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