Super long braid

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Author Ari Oxalis (1 year)
It's so thick!

Author Virginia Taylor (5 months)
I'd like to see someone run up and chop the ponytail off at the top

Author Michelle MV (1 year)
Rapunzel with black hair

Author lhfan37 (3 years)
what is her age and how long did she not cut her hair!

Author TenouGaby (3 years)
Wow! That's amasing! =D

Author alexiabarriosg allegos (2 years)

Author Lena K. (3 years)
I thought that I've got long hair, but now I know that I have really short
ones xDD

Author ImTotallySummer (3 years)
wow i would not be able to deal with that much hair.

Author xMusic (3 years)
Something tells me she has a mad bush below o.O

Author samandymack (3 years)
Who wants there hair to drag on the ground

Author Rapunzel Tangled (2 years)

Author takemintz (4 years)
Her hair can used it as broom.

Author Bailee Fowler (2 years)
I would die for that hair

Author birdscry117 (2 years)
wow there are real real avatars cool!!!"

Author munnonockspirit (3 years)
@munnonockspirit Ok I admit maybe not dragging on the ground, but the epic
long braid.

Author BeautifulFool (3 years)
@TheSpyderGurl LMAO!!!!!!

Author OROgoldenpair1 (2 years)
"If there is sick or cancer people that loss hair or doesn't grow hair
that's their parents fault or that is the person fault for not taking care
of themselves" is what you said. Does that mean its a person's fault they
lose their hair because they have cancer? is it the fault of the parents
that maybe dont have the genes for big hair growth? geez.

Author juve605 (3 years)
floor length hair is beautiful !!!

Author TheIGPD (3 years)
@Nazi2035 Instead of dwelling on your speculation, why not try to
understand why someone would do it in the first place

Author 8675309jenni (2 years)

Author XxmemjayxX (3 years)
When she walks she sweeps the floor!

Author Clarissa Williams (3 years)
wow this is beautiful

Author CrazedMersh (3 years)

Author gojopija1997 (3 years)
How in earth did i get 2 this side of youtube ??

Author Tarazi Pyrope (3 years)
How did i even get here? Last thing I remember I was watching Homestuck
fanvideos :T

Author kimberly ly (3 years)
she has A TAil lolz

Author mzallstar1234567 (3 years)
@tineeblusher people donate their hair to people with cancer. i think she
shold be kind to donate some. its not like it wont grow back.

Author meganopolis17933 (3 years)
that would take a lot of boxes to color

Author Mary Gabrilaitis (2 years)
why does this person have to donate their's their own
hair....they can do what ever they like with it....they can't just give
away their own hair to someone else.....fare enough to donate true what
everyone says I respect CannibalAlpaca ......I don't meant to put it in bad
way my other comment it was just a opinion not trying to offend
anyone....but yer if she want to donate that's great but it's her choice...

Author Sibel Adem (3 years)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome !!!!!! oh my god so looong black hair dream*.*

Author Greenday Fan (3 years)
@sxxiemelmo O.O xD

Author athompson7 (4 years)
Did you cut it? I'll bet she didn't let you! haha

Author vlhlover (4 years)
Beautiful hair beautiful lady

Author Peekaboo1961 (3 years)
thank you so much I love it.

Author CupCakeGirlLovWzW (2 years)
Alright now these kinda person should donate their hair!!

Author Brooklynn Cagle (3 years)
how long does it take you to brush & braid in the morining? :]

Author JJJLongHair4u2c (1 year)
Her hair is amazing and super thick but why did she drag it on the street?
I never want hair that long. Ankles is my limit...haha. It just kills me to
see it drag on that concrete :(

Author miriam muñoz (3 years)
hola esta hermoso tu cabello felicidades

Author rick92rr (2 years)
you don't really need that much of shampoo, and I don't think she uses a
lot of conditioner, she let's it drag on the floor =S

Author michellefreshh (2 years)
Can you do a video with your hair loose

Author twiztidk8 (2 years)

Author G_o_r_e_c_k_i L_u_n_e (3 years)
Avatar :P I wish i have that hair omg!!

Author OkamiKiru (3 years)
It touches the ground in a braid, how long is it un-braided?

Author isweetheart (3 years)
it must be annoying to step on your own hair all the time, LOL

Author Coco Aria (2 years)

Author therewassun (3 years)
so thick and healthy

Author Kaila Slade (3 years)
imagine how long that shit is unbraided... o.-

Author ivana mikulic (3 years)
this is realy sick....she need to donate it...too much hair for her age...

Author jennlaru (3 years)
hay que garra

Author lhfan37 (3 years)
hope she will never ever cut her long hair! but when ever she like to cut
it - pleas let me know before!

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