Super long braid

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Author Harpinder Kaure ( ago)
can you please tell me that go u grow such a long hairs ....... plizzz

Author Farawla Faw ( ago)

Author Sumera Nosheen ( ago)
waoow..too long hair

Author Vaschell Mckenzie ( ago)
what white people see: a long braid
what black people see: HAIR BUNDLES😍
I AM NOT RACIEST I just thought it would be funny to sum one with a since
of humor, sorry if any one is offend

Author Virginia Taylor ( ago)
I'd like to see someone run up and chop the ponytail off at the top

Author Michelle Mauri Vermunt ( ago)
Rapunzel with black hair

Author Ari Oxalis ( ago)
It's so thick!

Author Macarena Gajardo Alister ( ago)

Author JJJLongHair4u2c ( ago)
Her hair is amazing and super thick but why did she drag it on the street?
I never want hair that long. Ankles is my limit...haha. It just kills me to
see it drag on that concrete :(

Author RhodainChristJesus ( ago)
"If there is sick or cancer people that loss hair or doesn't grow hair
that's their parents fault or that is the person fault for not taking care
of themselves" is what you said. Does that mean its a person's fault they
lose their hair because they have cancer? is it the fault of the parents
that maybe dont have the genes for big hair growth? geez.

Author birdscry117 ( ago)
wow there are real real avatars cool!!!"

Author Rapunzel Tangled ( ago)

Author Coco Aria ( ago)

Author Bobby Jones ( ago)
i would love to tug on her braid.

Author Xx3Tinkerbellx3X ( ago)
I have knee length hair and I thought that was long!

Author Bailee Fowler ( ago)
I would die for that hair

Author Nora ( ago)
A human Avatar!

Author Anelisa Mnyimba ( ago)
she has a tail

Author Mary Gabrilaitis ( ago)
why does this person have to donate their's their own
hair....they can do what ever they like with it....they can't just give
away their own hair to someone else.....fare enough to donate true what
everyone says I respect CannibalAlpaca ......I don't meant to put it in bad
way my other comment it was just a opinion not trying to offend
anyone....but yer if she want to donate that's great but it's her choice...

Author Katherine Smith ( ago)
Woah she could jump rope with her own freakin' hair!

Author Mary Gabrilaitis ( ago)
that's beautiful long hair you got there but it would look better if it
doesn't touch the ground. NOTE: everyone stop saying to her to donate her
hair. God created us all with our own bodies. And she shouldn't just sell
her part of her to someone else. That's ridiculous. If there is sick or
cancer people that loss hair or doesn't grow hair that's their parents
fault or that is the person fault for not taking care of them selves. 

Author Mary Gabrilaitis ( ago)
she doesn't have to donate her hair. It's her own hair. If people have
cancer that's their fault for not taking care of their body.

Author Mary Gabrilaitis ( ago)
No she doesn't. It's her own hair. God created her with hair. If other
people don't have hair tough bad luck for them. That's their fault or their
parents fault for not taking care of them selves. 

Author Rick94rr ( ago)
Alright, these kinda person with blood should donate their blood!! Do you
have two kidneys? Why haven't you donated one ALREADY??? Do you realize
that those companies are actually a scam and the hair ends up being bough
at beauty supplies (97%)? LOL. It's her freaking hair, it's from her body,
everybody can do whatever the fuck they want with their body.

Author Rick94rr ( ago)
you don't really need that much of shampoo, and I don't think she uses a
lot of conditioner, she let's it drag on the floor =S

Author JoeJoa123 ( ago)
its dragging on the floor...

Author tayler jarnigan (1134 years ago)
is it real?

Author tayler jarnigan (1159 years ago)

Author May-Linh Nguyen ( ago)
JUst to mention when you braid your hair it gets shorter and imagine how
long it really is O.O'' also how much conditioner and shampoo does she use

Author Elliana Ray ( ago)
THATS CRAY lol. Send me like 23 inches of that!!

Author ichbineincoolcat (283 years ago)
That shit is ugly. 

Author Caroline Landuyt ( ago)
and thats in a braid WOW

Author alexiabarriosg allegos (1737 years ago)

Author Rapunzel S. Shah ( ago)
I do that with my hair too XD No need to go buy a scarf for winter 

Author Sibel Adem ( ago)
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome !!!!!! oh my god so looong black hair dream*.*

Author meganopolis17933 ( ago)
that would take a lot of boxes to color

Author sage claycomb ( ago)
oh... it drags across the floor...

Author BirdiieBird ( ago)
I looooove how she wraps it around her neck !! :)

Author Greenday Fan ( ago)
@sxxiemelmo O.O xD

Author kimberly ly ( ago)
she has A TAil lolz

Author ivana mikulic ( ago)
this is realy sick....she need to donate it...too much hair for her age...

Author xMusic ( ago)
Something tells me she has a mad bush below o.O

Author jordan kincade ( ago)
I would be afraid to trip over my hair!!! o.O 

Author XxmemjayxX ( ago)
When she walks she sweeps the floor!

Author Brooklynn Cagle ( ago)
how long does it take you to brush & braid in the morining? :]

Author InTheMist03200 ( ago)
DAMMIT I wish I could grow my hair that long. Then I wouldn't need a veil
on my wedding day.

Author BeautifulFool ( ago)
@TheSpyderGurl LMAO!!!!!! 

Author Tort Taura ( ago)
How did i even get here? Last thing I remember I was watching Homestuck
fanvideos :T

Author Kaila Slade ( ago)
imagine how long that shit is unbraided... o.-

Author lleennaa_ (1233 years ago)
I thought that I've got long hair, but now I know that I have really short
ones xDD

Author Parisa Sher ( ago)
She is like a man with hair 

Author MADASHSHOW ( ago)
i feel so bad for that end part much abuse 

Author Elimy23 ( ago)
I'm only just starting to sit on my hair which is annoying enough, let
alone having it around my neck 24/7 xD Although I do wrap it around my neck
sometimes, it's comfy :3

Author Clarissa Williams ( ago)
wow this is beautiful

Author juve605 ( ago)
floor length hair is beautiful !!!

Author FoxCarousel ( ago)
When it gets to the part its dragging on the ground. I think its time for a

Author contrettofab ( ago)
just dont let it drag on the dirty ground 

Author isweetheart ( ago)
it must be annoying to step on your own hair all the time, LOL

Author 427IndigenousSkies (114 years ago)
That hair is longer than I am tall... O.o

Author miriam muñoz ( ago)
hola esta hermoso tu cabello felicidades

Author Frenchinmiami ( ago)
Waow, just waow!

Author Caera Thornton ( ago)
@munnonockspirit Ok I admit maybe not dragging on the ground, but the epic
long braid.

Author Caera Thornton ( ago)
My goal. lol

Author MrGretzky9966 ( ago)
time to cut off the part that is draging the ground.

Author Tinee Blusher ( ago)
@Nazi2035 just because someone has long hair, it doesn't mean they have to
cut it off and give it to someone who doesn't... just saying...

Author TenouGaby ( ago)
Wow! That's amasing! =D

Author Bray Walsh ( ago)
seriously like you dont need it that long, it dosnt even look nice cut it
off and donate it for someone who needs it

Author therewassun ( ago)
so thick and healthy 

Author ImTotallySummer ( ago)
wow i would not be able to deal with that much hair.

Author Clariza Soller ( ago)

Author Tyra Wright (1520 years ago)
She could probably get lots of money if she sold her hair !

Author nltslhbc ( ago)
where is the cutting scene?? 

Author juanitae9 ( ago)
hair noose

Author Celine Sabak ( ago)
lol it drags on da floor!! : )

Author lhfan37 ( ago)
what is her age and how long did she not cut her hair! 

Author lhfan37 ( ago)
hope she will never ever cut her long hair! but when ever she like to cut
it - pleas let me know before! 

Author lhfan37 ( ago)
would love to hold such a long thick braid one in my hands! 

Author lhfan37 ( ago)
long thick braid I ever seen in my live!

Author BeyondSomething Else ( ago)
I Love it...But avoid stepping on the hair.

Author takemintz ( ago)
Her hair can used it as broom.

Author athompson7 (434 years ago)
Did you cut it? I'll bet she didn't let you! haha

Author vlhlover ( ago)
Beautiful hair beautiful lady

Author juve605 ( ago)
that hair is fantastic,wow wonderful.

Author juve605 ( ago)
@Cancerian48 whats going on in your head,homie

Author Cancerian48 ( ago)
I would love to take hold of her lovely long plait and cut it off from the
very top of her neck. It would make a wonderful trophy.

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