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  • Ilovepuppiesandkitties123

    hmmmm TRAINERS??? Wailord, I choose you!

  • Zelmé Kimble
    Zelmé Kimble 1 hour ago

    They all basically got what they deserved.

  • Texie Williams
    Texie Williams 2 hours ago

    I feel bad 😔

  • Iga Ciereszko
    Iga Ciereszko 3 hours ago

    come on this is not true I guess these animals were not treated well and that's why they killed these people.

  • cheryl vermillion
    cheryl vermillion 5 hours ago

    With this weekend but it would 56

  • cheryl vermillion
    cheryl vermillion 5 hours ago

    With this weekend but it would 56

  • Ema -Bulldog
    Ema -Bulldog 5 hours ago

    twenty one :-D |-/

  • rhea
    rhea 1 day ago

    woah.. this frightens me my neighbor recently bought a king cobra

  • legendary midnight

    these wild animals went bezerk because we kept them in cages and we have annoyed there privacy us humans have cause this

  • Bill Narin
    Bill Narin 1 day ago

    Then why do people have dogs 🐶 and cats 🐱😂😂😂

  • shawnta stephens
    shawnta stephens 1 day ago


  • Frankie Williams
    Frankie Williams 1 day ago

    Cow pen

  • EtteDog
    EtteDog 1 day ago

    i have a final tomorrow why am i watching this

  • Abbie Willcutt
    Abbie Willcutt 1 day ago

    I went to the zoo yesterday yay

  • Ulf Johansson
    Ulf Johansson 1 day ago

    humans.. we make hell for some people, and trap animals, soceity has many weaknesses

  • Wendy Summers
    Wendy Summers 1 day ago

    my brother he lives far away with 213 pythons and he didn't get bit in at all because the snakes realised that he had sharp teeth that looked like fangs and they just didn't bite him and my brothers name is justin

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  • PerceptualSpace
    PerceptualSpace 1 day ago

    Just make animatronics instead of animals

  • Kostax
    Kostax 1 day ago

    nice thumbnail

  • Terys RobloxGaming

    i feel bad for those people

  • Terys RobloxGaming

    the second one said the whale drown his trainer omg

  • Gauri Saxena
    Gauri Saxena 1 day ago

    i live in India and i get really angry when people use elephants for no good reason

  • AlicGaming
    AlicGaming 1 day ago

    this is why we dont have pokemon in the real world..

  • Nancy Siwa
    Nancy Siwa 1 day ago

    If the killer whale killed one person kill him!!

  • Fabio Ferrieri
    Fabio Ferrieri 1 day ago

    The worst thing is the most of the time the animals get killed after. Just immagine a person would be locked up HIS WHOLE LIFE in one room without going out and way less to eat then we should and everything we usually need. It's obvious that something will always go wrong.

  • Deadpool Gaming
    Deadpool Gaming 1 day ago

    Wait I thought shamu was the most famous orca

  • Billy Wongg
    Billy Wongg 1 day ago

    me: *sees thumbnail* "is that a dinosour?"
    *watches video and realizes it was a snake*
    me: I give up on life

  • JokeRmakesPie
    JokeRmakesPie 1 day ago

    Animals who were fed by the humans as cubs never seem to attack them as much as animals who were "trained". They are still wild animals and anything can happen but that are the consequences when you keep a tiger or a whale.

  • Dat Boi gang
    Dat Boi gang 2 days ago

    i will subcribe to anyone if u subscribe to me

  • Regular_joe_45
    Regular_joe_45 2 days ago

    The Palm Beach Zoo is not located in California it's located in West Palm Beach Florida, someone didn't do enough research.

  • The Vlogging Luigi
    The Vlogging Luigi 2 days ago

    Orca violent as fuck😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Michael Ngo
    Michael Ngo 2 days ago

    Why dint they kill the fucking whale

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 2 days ago

    50% of comments being animalistic and saying random shit like "dont lock them up" Even tho theyd probably die faster there or cause more animal deaths there, and 50% trying to make logic.

  • keimar White
    keimar White 2 days ago


  • Chloe Peach
    Chloe Peach 2 days ago

    I love tillacon I watched a documentary about her

  • lps futulu lps
    lps futulu lps 2 days ago

    that poor elephant i feel sad for it🙁🙁🙁

  • Devashish Thugaonkar


  • PK Allen
    PK Allen 2 days ago

    I still love love wolves

  • Felicity Chubbs
    Felicity Chubbs 2 days ago

    he didn't give a shit

  • Ralyn Brooks
    Ralyn Brooks 2 days ago

    I work there

  • Hui Cheung
    Hui Cheung 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿

  • Cool Gamer
    Cool Gamer 3 days ago

    why Dose a eliphit attack his family

  • Alex Scoby
    Alex Scoby 3 days ago

    they may have been killed but they got killed with what they loved

  • May Heyy
    May Heyy 3 days ago

    You'd think that after s few deaths of that killer whale they would just stop trying

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger 3 days ago

    this is manly the peoples fault they were cruel to them and just teasing them so don't put hate on animals

  • Chris Jeter
    Chris Jeter 3 days ago

    wow its crazy😳😳😳😳😳

  • Gabriella Awesomeness

    I don't even want to hear about orcas hurting people, people hurt tuem. THEY TAKE FRICKING BABIES FROM MOMS AND MOMS FROM BABIES JUST FOR PEOPLE ENTERTAINMENT

  • Battle Wolves
    Battle Wolves 3 days ago

    As an animal expert myself, I would advise staying away from wild animals. But bonds between them can however break, I still wouldn't advise breaking one. Take notice how a wild instinct can kick in any time, but that doesn't mean it just suddenly becomes a bloodthirsty savage. This is a natural nature for them. So if a bear kills a human, I find it horrifying of what humans do. Wild animals, natural killers for their own will to survive. Humans, greedy in every way. Even now, we kill nature and these vicious creatures are her defenders. Wolves, the Dog Guard of Defense. Bears, the growling solo warriors of the waters, along with Orcas. People rumor about vicious animals, they do these things because they haven't looked in the mirror.

  • Jessie Sheeley
    Jessie Sheeley 3 days ago

    Stupid vid not all wild animals will kill u something must have been hurting the animal or it was protecting its young or the trainer did something to the animal

  • Andrea Woods
    Andrea Woods 3 days ago

    First why would you even go into a cage with these killers animals

  • Jacob Baez
    Jacob Baez 3 days ago

    most of those cases the animals were just mad at humans fro keeping them in jail, just let them free. where they belong

  • Kiley Evans
    Kiley Evans 3 days ago


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  • Bobo Gamal
    Bobo Gamal 3 days ago

    rest in peace people

  • Sheikh Roshan
    Sheikh Roshan 4 days ago

    when i just came to watch it i saw the title I WAS LIKE FRICK NO IM NOT WATCHIN THIS YOU FRICKING NIGGA PUSSY

  • Kerry Turner
    Kerry Turner 4 days ago


  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 4 days ago

    hui GHP

  • Gerardo And gio
    Gerardo And gio 4 days ago


  • Favour Asher
    Favour Asher 4 days ago

    When people make excuses for killing, nasty animals, I honestly wonder.
    Why keeping known killing animals as pets, it does not matter if you took over them from 2 seconds old, they are what they are, animals, homans need their head fixed.

  • Chloe Doe
    Chloe Doe 4 days ago

    The killer whale only drowned them because they don't understand people can not hold their breath too

  • Leelou Jensen •_•

    Why do people blame animals for the death of humans and then decide to kill the animal,hypocrites!No offense but these are wild animals what should you expect..?

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    anyone play msp here?

    i do xD

  • Tanecka Sharel
    Tanecka Sharel 4 days ago


  • Subscribe For No Reason

    Now, I am strongly against animal abuse and neglect, but Jesus Christ I think some of these people would rather save an animal baby rather than a human one.

  • Rexen 777
    Rexen 777 4 days ago

    That kinda sucks because I REALLY REALLY want a elephant or a snake as a pet

  • Shadow Hunters
    Shadow Hunters 4 days ago

    One why would you tame a killer whale

  • taryn haynes
    taryn haynes 4 days ago

    Every time I see a person in a carnivore cage at the circus I get sooooo scared but I still am entertained!😋

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray 4 days ago

    I Heard About Another Killer Whale That Killed Someone.. A Guy Was Riding A Killer Whale Then He The Orca Just Made Him Slipped And Killed Him. ;-;

  • Candice Howell
    Candice Howell 4 days ago

    i want the i phone and the figet spiner this viseo was great

  • Lulu Vanskike Emmons

    I'm stund

  • wtby 4 life
    wtby 4 life 4 days ago

    thumbnail is bs

  • Ashya Mccomack
    Ashya Mccomack 4 days ago

    the orcke if he killed some one they shud not ev hade the orcke wine the ether 2 kills😐😐😐😐😐😐😡

  • Aaron The Savior
    Aaron The Savior 5 days ago

    If you got it from the wild definitely but if it was born in captivity then no

  • Rosabella Gasca
    Rosabella Gasca 5 days ago

    im with amanda Glass they are cool but kill whales dont kill peaple they kill panguins but not peaple

  • Hubert Dziaduch
    Hubert Dziaduch 5 days ago

    ja nie moge

  • Adrianna Bentley
    Adrianna Bentley 5 days ago

    on the 2et one of the killer well was that that thay thought he was playing

  • Felicia Pokemon
    Felicia Pokemon 5 days ago


  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 days ago

    I'm from Sweden and the wolfes were from kålmorden

  • Robert George
    Robert George 5 days ago

    I like how u don't block the attacks lol👍👍👍❤️❤️

  • Hector Madrid
    Hector Madrid 5 days ago

    This bear lover didn't give a shit

  • Dajahnae Randolph
    Dajahnae Randolph 5 days ago

    killer whale...hmm I think I'm going to tame it

  • Sandy deLeon
    Sandy deLeon 5 days ago

    why do people kill wild animals I fell bad I will cry real bad I like baby wolfs there so cute and baby tigers and baby bears

  • Fahad Aftab
    Fahad Aftab 5 days ago

    Wild animals are always wild and can take your life into its mouth!!!!

  • Kung Fu CloClo
    Kung Fu CloClo 5 days ago


  • Dark Godzilla
    Dark Godzilla 6 days ago

    top 10 animei betrayal

  • vinnie lalumia
    vinnie lalumia 6 days ago

    I know for a fact that this narrator is lying big time!! Almost every story where they say the person died is a complete lie!! This dude's gotta be sick in the head or something because he likes adding deaths to videos regardless of if he's telling the truth or not. The videos are interesting to watch,but I don't need this tool with a funny accent lying to me. He's not the crocodile hunter! He's a random loser who puts YouTube videos together... Think about it

  • GlassesOfHeaven
    GlassesOfHeaven 6 days ago

    OMG... the snake at 0:12 is the biggest snake i ever seen o.O

  • TheRelic86
    TheRelic86 6 days ago

    damn that big ass snake was in my dream. wait he was longer. Apu, Apep something like that.

  • Zachry Jackson
    Zachry Jackson 6 days ago

    its ok to tame wild animals u can change them this guy is lieing

  • Lol Polos
    Lol Polos 6 days ago

    Well get them in the wild not capturing them it's there fault

  • Destiney Reeves
    Destiney Reeves 6 days ago

    but he didn't give a shit, a quote

  • Maria Villanueva
    Maria Villanueva 6 days ago

    I have a pet wolf 😙😙 he is nice

    • BlinkBlack
      BlinkBlack 4 days ago

      Maria Villanueva really?! cool

  • Chantey Mann
    Chantey Mann 6 days ago

    I once tamed a killer turd... it wasn't easy.... they should not be messed with unless you carry protection...

  • Fuck The Police
    Fuck The Police 6 days ago

    did him just kicked wolf i hope he die

  • Fuck The Police
    Fuck The Police 6 days ago

    whales arent rides

  • Chad Adams
    Chad Adams 6 days ago

    rip baby bear I dont give a shit lol

  • Chad Adams
    Chad Adams 6 days ago


  • Devastator
    Devastator 6 days ago

    WTF after 70 incidents people still try to do show with this killer wale? Just put him in aquarium and don`t try to do tricks with it

  • mustafa abiib
    mustafa abiib 6 days ago

    Don't trust Animal

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