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Hi everyone! We hope you know that you should stay away from wild animals, especially carnivore ones. However, many of them, even the most dangerous, can be tame, or, more specifically, trained. Unfortunately, people forget quite often that an animal will be always a wild creature, no matter what, and at some point it can show its true nature. So, here are 5 beasts that killed their trainers. puzzle facts list top 5 top 10

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Author Melanie Hartskeerl ( ago)
i love anamals

Author おsま HERNANDEZ ( ago)
oh all so for the snake idiot guy and India 🐘 "trainer"

Author おsま HERNANDEZ ( ago)
the face kids made when they saw a animal attack the lady at the and the one getting drowned and have a killerwhale jumping on her O.O what they were thinking "WHY DID MOM AND DAD BRING US HERE"

Author Carmen Morton ( ago)
stupid humans, leave the animals ALONE...all of them.

Author Mcig Queen ( ago)
I'm not mad at the animals,I'm upset about the people.Its there fault.ugh just leave theme alone.they're called "wild animals" for a reason!

Author Jackie Mcbride ( ago)
They should not have killed the animal's

i would rather get eaten alive by an animal than seeing both animal kill each other

Author Austin Dreemurr ( ago)
I bet 10$ that none of the people killed were Christian

Author derrick bird ( ago)
I like this

Author Mintzy YT ( ago)
even though Steve Irwin wasn't necessarily an animal trainer, he should have been mentioned anyways.

Author jake tampa ( ago)
not sure about the last statement. humans and animals can be good friends. These are some stray incidents of the millions of human-animal friendship/bonds.

Author Trenton Fridley ( ago)
awsome people

Author Diamond3Dragon1 ( ago)
Everyone who hates the people, think again... the animals were the idiots.

Author Makaper100 ( ago)
im from sweden and i Heard about the wolfs

Author solivagant ( ago)
"Apparently keeping orca whales in captivity makes them aggressive". Water is wet.

Author Mary Lee ( ago)
My question is, why would anyone continue to "train" or interact with a wild specious that is known for killing or hurting humans?! smh some people never learn. Just like occa the whale, her and her species were named "killer whale" for a reason.

Author Food McFood ( ago)
Watch blackfish on Netflix it's about tilikum

Author Nicky Ysabelle ( ago)
This just shows how animals are very defensive and how they should be treated like US....... Like PEOPLE.... If we don't know them don't just capture them let them be they have privacy too......

Author Aniruddh Vasishta ( ago)
OMG its pronounced Kayrala, not Kurala.

Author Joe R ( ago)
Wild animals belong in the wild. They are not your friends, family members, your pets, and not meant to be your cash cow show pieces.

Author Lucky Louievlogs ( ago)
The snake is not real

Author Matthew Norman ( ago)
I was born in 2010

Author Niamh Grisman ( ago)
Animal abuse #shame

Author Immanuel Vaiphei ( ago)
Don't worry, after a few clickbaits everyone gets wiser. I learned my lessons long long ago, now for the new ones to learn hehe.
BTW good video apart from the obvious CB Thumb.

Author Trille elmelund nielsen ( ago)
ohhhh it's not the It's Not The Animals sake

Author APLEX DRIFT ( ago)

Author lovely melancholy ( ago)
So what did people do to that killer whale to make it want to kill them?

Author Leønid Køstyaev ( ago)
Original video - 1st Sentember, 2016

Author AnimalLover1405 ( ago)
The sea world one i can undersand, if you keep killer whales in "small" (small for them) tanks all their life, then yes they will try to get out, maybe you could just let them go!

Author Nadz ( ago)
''Humans cant be an wild animals best friend''
But still my pet hamster takes me to the club every night

Author Kid Start Spanish ( ago)
I have natural instincts to when I get angry a start pouncing and biting

Author Aesha Alhemri Alhemri ( ago)
Never go near wild animals again 😑😑😑😑😑

Author TeamBravo ( ago)
0:55, is that a movie. If it is what is the name of the movie :)

Author Perfect Storms ( ago)
100% was not their fault

Author Iwannakillmyself ( ago)
Tilly wtf. Y u do dis

Author Tuukka -roblox gaming stenmark ( ago)

Author Layla horselover ( ago)
Well this is why I much rather stick to my harmless pet blue tongue lizards

Author Aliya Tube ( ago)
These animals r doing these things for a reason...Animals r like people too

Author King PK ( ago)
Where is Steve Irwin????

Author Vanessa Ednilao ( ago)
BOY! REALLY! just leave these animals ALONE!

Author Ice ( ago)
Exactly why don't cage sea creatures.

Author Valencia Vazquez ( ago)
The first one is really disturbing to watch.

Author Valencia Vazquez ( ago)
Why is it unfortunate that the elephant got away from being harmed???

Author Storm Members ( ago)
Animals probably harm people bc they want to be free.
Like if u agree

Author Raivo Upenieks ( ago)
i mean like why would people keep whales in captivity alright lets take you away from your family see how they like it

Author Marvin & Crystal Martinez ( ago)

Author Marvin & Crystal Martinez ( ago)

Author Cinnamon_Roll_Vine ( ago)
I don't feel sorry for seaworld, they're not "rescuing" anything, it's awful.

Author Assas1nator Playz ( ago)
where is harambe

Author Tilter Shard ( ago)
0:14 A wild ground-type gyarados appeared !

Author Jack Coyne ( ago)
what about Steve Erwin

Author Alica Alla Pulture ( ago)
i laughed when he said when the elephant went bananas

Author Audra Signes ( ago)

Author chicken wings ( ago)
Im sad they had to die but whatd they except

Author Marie Van ( ago)
I went to SeaWorld before ._.

Author your daddy ( ago)
Absolutely beautiful designs of a Wolf and Horse that come in hoodies and tees, and you choose the color!

Much Love

Author PlasmaGamez 1221 ( ago)
I once got close to a hammerhead shark

Author Steve Perry ( ago)
"I feel a lot more sorry for the animals, then the victims who got killed.""If people get killed by an animal then they get what the they deserves." And "so its the humans fault, not the animals if and when a animal kills."

Author LolCat138 ( ago)
Top 5 Incorrectly Numbered Titles
1. This video

Author Peachcandy101 ( ago)
Dont blame the orcas

Tilikum was driven to insanity

Author Eva Ortega ( ago)
they r wild they can kill bit so can we and we kill others like us on porposse at least you won't see that often with wild animals the kill for food and self-defense some times they go crazy for being stuck in a cage but that's r fualt so yah there wild but people are more monsters than they r alot of people abuse animals for internment or for nothing at all (like killing birds,cats and dogs but we say it's normal but it's not)but here all inoccent they​ only do what there sopost to do why can't we kill animals for only food and protection it's not like we need there fur for wormth instead we use them as decorations I'm ok with people who try to get along with animals like the man who rescued a croocadile or whatever​ then let it go but it stayed because it bonded with him he didn't try to lock it in a cage like most of these dumb asses and for the ones who didn't lock it in a cage they still should have watched there backs animals are protective and will attack at the first sign of trouble because that's how we made them .animals deserve to be free and have a home that we often take down

Author Reesa Cole ( ago)

Author Reesa Cole ( ago)
And that's why I hate dogs

Author Reesa Cole ( ago)
But animal canchrol killed the dog

Author Reesa Cole ( ago)
One time I was attacked by a German Shepherd mix

Author Janice Stewaŕt ( ago)
wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   so cool

Author Kaylee Vong ( ago)
I I'm not going to sea world anymore ;-;

Author Anna Carvalho ( ago)
Wow that is a giant snake

Author Austin Garner ( ago)
PETA *breathing heavily*

Author Anna Carvalho ( ago)
Wow that is a giant snak

Author Juliana Liyau ( ago)
2008 was the day I was born😂

Author Leon Frye ( ago)
ha ha ha ha ha ha

Author Baltazar Inocencio ( ago)
I cried on this video 😥😥

Author Aaron Jackson ( ago)
im just a friend trying to help a friend. Ollie is in need of an serious surgery. Anything helps please. if you can spare anything it will be greatly appreciated. please help Ollie. he's in need of surgery on his stomach. Any thing helps If you can donate anything it will be greatly appreciated. God Bless And Thank You.

Author Joe Clarke ( ago)
never show fear to animals if they try to kill you

Author Zachary Campbell ( ago)
the wrong people make the mistakes nothing sometimes you just have to give animals break that's some free for a while I know because I have instant the spirit you can't tell me otherwise you will be wrong!

Author Fabulous Wolf 21 ( ago)
UNKNOWN REASONS!! its not like he was being weighed down with exoensive jewelry, stupid headresses or being screamed at by crowds or people

Author Fabulous Wolf 21 ( ago)
why haven't they learned by know that these animals arnt meant for captivity. with the orca for gods sake just relesse because ur just putting lives in danger!!!!

Author Asian Donkey ( ago)
6:13 UNfortunately?

Author Kennedy McFarland ( ago)

Author Kennedy McFarland ( ago)

Author jes ( ago)
honestly all these people were keeping these animals looked up thats why the animals harmed them. dont lock up animals. except the bear guy idk what wenr wrong there

Author Chojo Tekina ( ago)
Roses are red
Violets are blue

Open your eyes
cuz violets arn't blue genius

Author Don Marroquin ( ago)
Thank u for the actual video's :)

Author ελληνιδα παπαδωπουλου ( ago)
animals must live free just dont destroy their lives

Author Mr. minecraft Master ( ago)
If a snake gets you in the face there's nowhere to cut the circulation

Author SA N ( ago)
They were all bad teachers

Author Itachi Uchiha ( ago)
Why were the bears killed for killing the stupid guy and his girlfriend?

Author Hermoine ( ago)
I see you typing how it was all the humans fault! STOP

Author Diana Ank ( ago)
so hard on animals there scared And they are just cute adorable and that is animal abuse its wrong !!! it Mack's me cry

Author Alyssa Han ( ago)
the elephant just had her period

Author Mia E. Bradley ( ago)
Ok I know tilikum the whale he did kill the lady but if you watched blackfish you will know. They took him from his family when he was 2 so of course he was sad. I mean he is a wiled animal so you never know. And the one we're the guy got killed he was drunk and snuck in and he was naked and was riding him. And now tilikum is dead so thanks a lot for capturing you ass wholes (sarcasm)

Author Zoey Hand ( ago)

Author Mrs. Janetta Pitt - Netta Boo ( ago)

Author EliGAMZ 1500 ( ago)
Bertie didn't give a shit

Author kitten girl cool girl ( ago)

Author Monika Vasik ( ago)
Just leave animals alone.
There is a such stupid, stupid people on this world.

Author Caitlyn Hero brine 0209 ( ago)
This is 🐶max he needs friends to be his friend subscribe to my channel we will make a video just for u

Author Purple Turd ( ago)
guess which one is my spirit animal ill give hint

u thought but nahhh fair game u guess I no hint ok? ok.

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