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Hi everyone! We hope you know that you should stay away from wild animals, especially carnivore ones. However, many of them, even the most dangerous, can be tame, or, more specifically, trained. Unfortunately, people forget quite often that an animal will be always a wild creature, no matter what, and at some point it can show its true nature. So, here are 5 beasts that killed their trainers. puzzle facts list top 5 top 10

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Author DipakTUBE ( ago)
This scares me now, I have a dragon, now she is big, I raised her as a baby, I hope she won't turn her back on me

Author Cecilia Ochoa ( ago)
the orca is I killer whale ha get it killer whale

Author Lilly Heslin ( ago)
The orcas only kill in capacity

Author The Emerald Gamer ( ago)

Author super gaming ( ago)
What if its like a dog,cat or bird?

Author Fantastic High Quality Videos ( ago)
So much for being an Animal Trainer! :D

Author Muhammad Kashif ( ago)
Dayse xxx

Author Christopher Bellamy ( ago)
killer whale im not surprised he died

Author Vanessa Parilla ( ago)
totoo na ang iyong sabihin

Author shilpa Patil ( ago)
top ten animals that can kill only justin bieber 😈😈😈

Author Hi Hello ( ago)
It wasn't tilikums fault the documentary blackfish explains everything people are just stupid animals are innocents but people are just dumb

Author LetsRockMilo ( ago)
Just because my dog bit me once doesn't mean he will all of a sudden go on killing rampage -_-

Author Konsti Landon ( ago)
Wtf was that thumbnail real?

Author Kristin Taylor ( ago)
I saw Dawn at a show in sea world in 2009 of October. Who knew she would die so soon after that a couple of months later in February 2010?

Author Zachary Brian Marsh ( ago)
that fox is so cute if u did not want to get killed u should not have kicked it

Author Spotted leaf ( ago)
Why are people still keeping animals in captivity? Stupid people. Let the animals be free.

Author Paula Shepherd ( ago)
Are people really this stupid that Tilica didn't stop being used in shows?

Author Audi RS3 ( ago)
shit those fuckers deserved it....

Author Cinematic Paper ( ago)
Let these animals be free in their home D:

Author Odd Kookie ( ago)

Author bluefox fox of sea ( ago)
no not yet I had a fox as my first pet but she died after a hunter killed her so he was arrested for that

Author Gigi LovesFlorida ( ago)
These animals didn't "go mad" they're doing what wild animals do.
The people are the mad ones.

Author Lakhvinder Kaur ( ago)
helloo i'm from germany

Author Ava Berzins ( ago)
what does this spell f.............a............k,,,,,

Author Greg Czel ( ago)
that's why they call them killer whales.

Author WJ1983 ( ago)
It is fake

Author Daisy Jones ( ago)
Tilikum's life, from the time he was kidnapped from his pod, as a calf in the wild, was utterly tragic. Just an incredibly sad life, as are the lives of all "performing fish" but Dawn Brancheau had absolutely no idea he had been involved in 2 previous deaths. Sea World was very careful to hide his history.

Everyone should see "Blackfish" and do what they can to put a stop to the travesty of Sea World and similar parks.

Author IMADALBASRII ( ago)
people out of thier minds to believe against rule of natur , wake up you don't have athurity from the Creator of these animals

Author Jeff Gonyea ( ago)
I am not one of those crazy animal activists but I do think its kind crappy that they killed the bears. They were just being wild freaking grizzly bears and saw a couple of easy meals.

Author Fahd Farooq ( ago)
Animals are wild and have killer instincts and they act the way they are naturally. No matter how much you train them they might attack anyone because they are animals afterall.

and i am pretty sure this guy does not know how to count.....cuz these were more than 5

Author Portalofthedoom 8 ( ago)

Author ZanderT Tobias ( ago)
His is very right

Author Shack ( ago)
They took these animals out of the environment which they loved and kept them away from their homeland, they used animals as clowns to entertain people! You enslaved, tortured, and humiliated them! After all this you wait form these animals to be happy and more obedient. Let them alone and keep away with your poor sick minds. Invent for yourselves other dolls to play with, dolls that suit the size of your tiny minds and absurdity.

Author Khadija Jama ( ago)
" 'Unfortunately' the second elephant manages to get up and escape from the place." Isn't that a good thing tho?

Author Riley Cox ( ago)
Sword @---------)::::::::::::::::::::>

Author BOTHAN ( ago)
Tiliken is a bitch

Author sara estrada ( ago)
There not beasts there animals.

Author Rockstar inside ( ago)
this video tells we cannnot tame nature and we should not

Author Nirban Hossain ( ago)
As if human best friends don't kill each other. Stupid end speech.

Author Isaac Russell ( ago)
I think animals shouldn't die because they killed some one they shouldn't be treated like that they need to learn and kill by there self

Author games blue ( ago)
Maybe they wanna be free and not stuck in a Cage

Author Hannah Eresman ( ago)
Not true you can raise wild animals without them attacking me and my uncle raised a pack of wolves for years and they never turned on us.....

Author Regina ( ago)
I don't agree with the description at the end about humans cannot be wild animals friend. That entirely depends on if we were trying to be their friends. humans abuse animals and expect they just keep taking it....savages.

Author Barbara Kempf ( ago)
They should not be in captivity. It's not their fault

Author debasmitapurnendu das ( ago)
Animals do not harm any one without any one reason . Theirs trainers did some thing that they did not like and it was painnful for them. Trainers have no right to train an animal forcefully. If the trainers want to train an animal , first he/she had to love the animal and then give them treats as well.

Author Dayna Morris ( ago)
I'm sorry people lost their lives but these are wild animals and when you keep them from the environment they belong in these things will happen just if a person was locked away and trained to be different than you truly are we would snap as well

Author Disturbabella Ragecurse ( ago)
Photoshop: But it wasn't me this time! It was the props!

Author Disturbabella Ragecurse ( ago)
Goddamn it photoshop! Stop making snakes big as hell!

Author patrick killin ( ago)
don't think u have power ver them, u fucking kidding me, all but one wer caged or chained, id kill........

Author Nic M ( ago)
this is what happens when animals are raised in captivity.

Author Gaming with Jeff ( ago)
I been to sea world

Author Jasmine The Yorkshire Terrier ( ago)
They should keep in mind that they are still wild animals and they can flip at anytime

Author Glenisa Parker ( ago)
now you know that they are not your friend you see them you leave them

Author Juliana Herrera ( ago)
What I think they should do is do the opposite in zoos instead of keeping the animals in cages why don't you keep the humans in cages and take them to the animals I think thats better for their well being

Author DerpyCake YT ( ago)
#SaveTheAnimals #MakeTheirAncestorsProud

Author kawaii sunshine ( ago)
wild animals will always be wild

Author Emma Purcell ( ago)
how do u now this

Author Fatsnatch Muffdiver ( ago)
"A language only Tigers could understand"? They probably called her a "orderve" under their breath!😁

Author dexter 69 ( ago)
this stupid samama bitches leave them alone man dammmmm no wonder this people be getting killed once an animal always an animal

Author martin saathoff ( ago)
what did doc mc Coy have to do in this clips ??????

Author awesome singer ( ago)
leave them alone!!!!!!

Author Ruby Gt ( ago)
haha most of these were from a movie.

Author xXCreepy WolfXx ( ago)
My brothers don't like being caged you know. That's why they attacked her

Author Patricia C ( ago)
poor elaphent having to carry all that meatel

Author Patricia C ( ago)
poor tiger

Author Patricia C ( ago)
and that women beat the wolf

Author Patricia C ( ago)
but that man took. a black bear cub

Author Patricia C ( ago)

Author Your Mom ( ago)
there meant to be wild.

Author Susan Nielsen ( ago)
Animals were not created to be kept in captivity and forced to entertain us. Unfortunately, Asian elephants, tigers and others are very badly treated by their captors and do occasionally go beserk. Who can blame them when they are so badly treated by being beaten from a young age, starved and forced into a life time of servitude.

Author michaela Baker ( ago)
For one why would u tame a killer whale

Author Shania Dharan ( ago)
Animals are meant to be free #Shame 😠😇😣😑😟

Author Lauren Farrell ( ago)

Author lucyand more ( ago)
omg the bear attaced 2 days before my birth

Author InMaTeofDeath ( ago)
Why can't those animals leave those poor humans alone?

Author Adithyan Ps ( ago)
most dangerous 😨😨

Author Charlene Jolley ( ago)
So intresting😬😬🤔🤔

Author Surya Reghuram ( ago)
i see a dream in night that i had a tigr one day he killed my friend and when he was sleeping and i killed him

Author Aaron Stepp ( ago)
that thumbnail's no big surprise.
like what snake of that size wouldn't just eat a person without thinking twice?

Author Ragrle Graggle ( ago)
And the show must go on.

Author lily blu ( ago)
Wild animals will always be Wild animals.

Author Lindsay Di Matteo ( ago)
I agree but the snake one.. Me: NOPE sorry but no turns of video

Author ross villacin ( ago)

Author Канал Волнистого попугая Боня ( ago)
I honestly think this is fair because people kill animals. Animals kill people.

Author gamerboy1738 ( ago)
just think a zootopia zoo filled with humans attacking animal human trainers

Author Cody Show ( ago)
That la mean

Author emily barns ( ago)
leave them alone if they dont do any harm to you you dont do any harm to them

Author emily barns ( ago)
nearly all of these animals are wild

Author Katie Fraser ( ago)
These people are not good just leave these animals alone

Author Zer Berus ( ago)
For this reason animals should not be kept in captivity.

Author XChikuX ( ago)
My cat scratched my so many times, I've lost count. You aren't gonna call a cat a savage are you now?

Author aly love ( ago)
they sad for making this i cant take it

Author chris fox ( ago)

Author warrior princess ( ago)
proof that they should be in the wild not locked up and treated as some kind of amusement for mankind!!!

Author 2335467 ( ago)
Treadwell died in 2003 not 2013 like the video says.

Author Candace Kim ( ago)
I have a small little dog and he almost killed me (kidding)

Author Trent j ( ago)
i'd watch the documentary on that bear that's not quite the truth

Author Berny Bertram ( ago)
Orcas are t meant to be captive, ditto dolphins

Author WeeklyShark ( ago)
The Orcas A Dickhead.

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