Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill [Official Video]

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    Director: George Belfield
    Producer: Tom Gardner
    DOP: Steve Annis
    Commissioner: Dan Curwin
    Production Company: Somesuch
    Exec Producer: Hannah Turnbull-Walter

    -- | LYRICS |--

    When I was six years old I broke my leg
    I was running from my brother and his friends
    tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass I rolled down
    I was younger then, take me back to when I
    Found my heart and broke it here, made friends and lost them through the years
    And I’ve not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know, I’ve grown
    but I can’t wait to go home

    I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
    Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, and it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

    Fifteen years old and smoking hand rolled cigarettes
    Running from the law through the backfields and getting drunk with my friends
    Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don’t reckon I did it right
    I was younger then, take me back to when we found
    Weekend jobs when we got paid and buy cheap spirits and drink them straight
    Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown
    I can’t wait to go home

    I’m on my way, driving at 90 down those country lanes
    Singing to Tiny Dancer, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill

    One friend left to sell clothes
    One works down by the coast
    One had two kids but lives alone
    One’s brother overdosed
    Ones already on his second wife
    Ones just barely getting by
    But these people raised me
    And I can’t wait to go home

    And I’m on my way, and I still remember those country lanes
    When we did not know the answers, And I miss the way you make me feel, it’s real
    When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
    Over the castle on the hill
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  • Daniella Werber
    Daniella Werber 17 minutes ago

    Love this song so much. I also did a cover for it on my channel, go watch :)

  • bunnie lover
    bunnie lover 24 minutes ago

    how is this so a cool song its my fav song from u Ed sheeren

  • Max Burrows
    Max Burrows 1 hour ago

    soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ricardo Annibal
    Ricardo Annibal 1 hour ago

    Is this rlly not a movie or a serie?

  • 사랑입니다 bmw는


  • Russell Brazee
    Russell Brazee 2 hours ago

    This is only the 2nd Ed Sheeran song I have even heard. Fantastic song, fantastic!

  • Julie Gunderson
    Julie Gunderson 3 hours ago

    <3Love Ed Sheeran<3

  • Kailynn Saylor
    Kailynn Saylor 3 hours ago

    major feels

  • Genuis Gamer
    Genuis Gamer 4 hours ago

    Why do I keep getting memories everytime I listen and they are warm memories. I love this song it is where my heart is placed.

  • Jay Hu
    Jay Hu 5 hours ago

    I super like this song.

  • Alis Castle
    Alis Castle 5 hours ago

  • Jordan Faith
    Jordan Faith 5 hours ago

    can actuelly relate to this

  • Broken4cato
    Broken4cato 5 hours ago

    My favorite song rn

  • Karen Mata
    Karen Mata 6 hours ago

    He's incredibly hot in this video 😍😍

  • Lina Centeno
    Lina Centeno 6 hours ago

    Esta cancion me transporta a buenos momentos de mi vida. y cuando cierro los ojos genial.
    This song transports me to good times of my life. And when I close my eyes, great.

  • Cute_31/ Tyler!
    Cute_31/ Tyler! 7 hours ago

    Actually dats Ed's bro

  • Norbert Gorzkiewicz
    Norbert Gorzkiewicz 7 hours ago

    1:54 Polish beer Tyskie klasyczne

  • Motivated Motions
    Motivated Motions 8 hours ago

    i love ed sheered my favorite sone is castle on the hill i subscribed and i listen to you sing castle on the hill every day after school you are so talented i love shape of you galaway girl and all of your other songs you are my favorite singer what is your favorite song you rote? I hope you sing more songs oh and i like thinking out loud I LOVE YOU IN A SINGER WAY GO CASTLE ON THE HILL!

  • Kristucker_ Money talks

    This guys full of shit. Anyone's that's his fan has to have no musical knowledge. it's trash

  • BlackEyes_17
    BlackEyes_17 9 hours ago

    È in assoluto uno dei miei video musicali preferiti...mi mette i brividi

  • Alicia Thomas
    Alicia Thomas 10 hours ago

    I love all of your songs especially Galway girl and castle On the hill so nextime can I be in one of your videos because I live in 108 winyates peterborogh

  • Isoline Ruolt
    Isoline Ruolt 10 hours ago

    Juste parfaite ! Ed Sheeran est parfait ! Tout simplement !

  • Kinga Wójcik
    Kinga Wójcik 10 hours ago

    I love music Ed Sheeran

  • anthea ohlson
    anthea ohlson 10 hours ago

    Woah this video really hit me

  • Ron Weasly
    Ron Weasly 11 hours ago


  • Ron Weasly
    Ron Weasly 11 hours ago

    Yo I love ed sheeran!!!

  • Avbzz
    Avbzz 12 hours ago

    Young ed looks like Jack54 😂😂

  • jim finnan
    jim finnan 12 hours ago

    I pad the one on iPhone but y

  • jim finnan
    jim finnan 12 hours ago

    Uhh I would jhave a picture with you and your picture on my phone and you can see it on your phone but I have read that I have to say hi and hi to the phone returning it yr the time the one and most important of your

  • Strawberry Blonde
    Strawberry Blonde 12 hours ago

    if i marry him, i have many redhead offspring

  • KAROLINA Babiarska
    KAROLINA Babiarska 12 hours ago

    I love 💕 it 😘 and I love he💜 he is my favourite Singer 😊😄😘💍💌💚💚💜💗😄😊😀

  • Andrea Veronico
    Andrea Veronico 13 hours ago

    May 2017?

  • Snow The cute little bunny

    That Guy looks like ed but younger

  • Fiona Main
    Fiona Main 15 hours ago

    I love it so muth

  • Shannon Musgrave
    Shannon Musgrave 16 hours ago

    this song i love it ed sheeran my fav

  • lariburgardt
    lariburgardt 16 hours ago


  • Tamara Ashton
    Tamara Ashton 16 hours ago

    I love this song so freaking much

  • Larry Mwaringa
    Larry Mwaringa 20 hours ago


  • Audrey Czarell
    Audrey Czarell 20 hours ago

    Is That Ed's Brother?

  • Ender - ROBLOX And More


    To do gaming

  • L Eslao
    L Eslao 22 hours ago

    I love Ed Sheeran and his songs

  • fredo the frog
    fredo the frog 23 hours ago


  • Kay Harteveld
    Kay Harteveld 1 day ago

    i love this song

  • AdjacentTie
    AdjacentTie 1 day ago

    Can I get support from you guys for my GCSEs that have started 2 weeks ago

  • Panda Beatz
    Panda Beatz 1 day ago

    This song just made my day complete

  • KurczakMarysiq :-P

    I love you music. :3 I frome Poland...

  • Candelaria Handog

    this should win vma!!!

  • Nelly Angelantonio 1995 Flores

    Good song.

    TORIE BRADLEY 1 day ago

    I'm in love with this song!



  • TheIntrospectre
    TheIntrospectre 1 day ago

    Fantastic song.

  • MackTV
    MackTV 1 day ago

    u r my favourite singer and this is one of my favourite songs

    ABCDEFGH 1 day ago

    You're watching probably #1 on ADoseofBuckley's Top 10 Worst Songs of 2017.

    I thought Ed Sheeran said he was driving at 19 when I first saw the video, he said he's driving at 90.

    I guess it sounded like he was saying 19 because he was British.

    This song will fill ADoseofBuckley with tons of rage.

    If he thought Smartphones was the worst song of the decade, ADoseofBuckley hasn't seen anything yet.

    2:28-2:40 can give someone a seizure.

    ABCDEFGH 1 day ago

    You're watching probably #1 on Adoseofbuckley's Top 10 Worst Songs of 2017.

    ABCDEFGH 1 day ago

    You're watching probably #1 on Adoseofbuckley's Top 10 Worst Songs of 2017.

  • Ale Jaimes
    Ale Jaimes 1 day ago


  • Charlie Ladd
    Charlie Ladd 1 day ago

    Man, I miss this kind of music. Music nowadays is so much shittier.

  • InkSans_21 #TeamSpam #PPA

    Feeling feelsy now ;-;

  • Isabele Carolina
    Isabele Carolina 1 day ago

    amo essa musica

  • Isabele Carolina
    Isabele Carolina 1 day ago

  • Sabat Ali
    Sabat Ali 1 day ago

    "When I was 6 years old I broke my leg"
    Well thats when your legs don't work like they used to before


  • Gwenn Ferrant
    Gwenn Ferrant 1 day ago


  • Ozone 872
    Ozone 872 1 day ago

    Is your next album gonna be called + or -

  • Bianca Kane
    Bianca Kane 1 day ago

    I miss my home. I came to visit my grandmother and family with my mom and sibling but some times I miss home so bad. I can't wait to go back home, I'm going to visit my Irish gran in July then I'm going home

  • AstralLemon
    AstralLemon 1 day ago


  • Mojo Skills
    Mojo Skills 1 day ago


  • Jihad Hachem
    Jihad Hachem 1 day ago

    love this song

  • Bucky JR1234
    Bucky JR1234 1 day ago

    Just love this song

  • Bhavna Patel
    Bhavna Patel 1 day ago

    I was from Dublin irleald and moved to Dublin Georgia i mean I love both places

  • Mate Jusniac
    Mate Jusniac 1 day ago

    That guy looked like a lot ED

  • Mate Jusniac
    Mate Jusniac 1 day ago

    Makes you think about your childhood and carefree gays doesn't it?

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams 1 day ago

    this song reminds me of me and my friends last year

  • CraZyBoY
    CraZyBoY 1 day ago

    Have Ed Sheeran smoked? :O

  • Арай Жамекенова

    I LOVE you😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙

  • Akif Anıl Haydaroğlu


  • Mark Weller
    Mark Weller 1 day ago

    Eddy DSC

  • Mark Weller
    Mark Weller 1 day ago

    HA shsgzdzv,aag,qenydtcshtsd arch by a had zags study can zgszhzfssfzhxrgw Mark SCSU shy dhdn

  • saul rodriguez
    saul rodriguez 1 day ago

    Video for "Perfect" ;v

  • tw op
    tw op 1 day ago

    Cole Sprouse omg

  • Eddy Fast
    Eddy Fast 1 day ago

    I'd love to go bk to being young again with no worries in the world

  • Oliver Barsby
    Oliver Barsby 1 day ago

    if you like this song you like all of them because they are all the same

  • Sayf Abouasy
    Sayf Abouasy 1 day ago

    Under aged drinking tsk tsk tsk

  • Detr Eseo
    Detr Eseo 1 day ago

    I expected this to play in king arthur

  • Swamp Donkey
    Swamp Donkey 1 day ago

    This song is so relatable to I think everyone's childhood

  • Evelyn Amaranto
    Evelyn Amaranto 1 day ago


  • Annierose Isabel McCormack

    love you ed sheeran so upset I cant see you when you come to dunedin in March I'm so jealous about that but you gotta go rock your heart out and have fun in will still listen to your awesome songs I LOVE YOU

  • Lord Lance GamingXD


  • Adison Bott
    Adison Bott 1 day ago

    Who thinks if ed dyed his hair brown he'd look like smallish beans?

  • JoshGaming63
    JoshGaming63 2 days ago

    This brought me to tears I'm a military child and this reminds me of where I came from.

  • Kelly Clark
    Kelly Clark 2 days ago

    This is such an authentic letter of love to long-time friends: "These people raised me ... "

  • Audrey Webb
    Audrey Webb 2 days ago

    I'm obsessed with this. I love it!!

  • FernoHD
    FernoHD 2 days ago

    but dont with Smoking

  • Ali Hyder Abbasi
    Ali Hyder Abbasi 2 days ago

    1:10 The guy driving the car looks so much like young Tom Hanks...

  • 김지현
    김지현 2 days ago

    the main song was probably castle on the hill,but shape of you was more catchy i guess

  • Mariano Sono Araujo

    It's the best song in the whole world

  • Kenny still bangin this Kayondo

    everyone is gassing him this is a big track thoe

  • Martihgh Muñoz
    Martihgh Muñoz 2 days ago


  • sbe79
    sbe79 2 days ago

    Dude has the spent the last bazillion years making trash for music... acting like a second rate British version of Timberlake. Then this. THEN THIS! This is amazing. My local station played this ONCE, I swear, then they got stuck on "Shape of You" for about 4 months, it seems. This is, by far, the superior song.

  • Muriel Blanchard
    Muriel Blanchard 2 days ago


  • andrew parker
    andrew parker 2 days ago

    his friends probably love this song.

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