Please get along, people tell presidents - BBC News

The BBC spoke to people in Beijing and Washington about their messages for Presidents Xi and Trump. Produced by Franz Strasser, Joyce Liu and Wang Xiqing.

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Author Exchange Light ( ago)
I like forbidden city because their are another anger by ultra blue.

Author dan dun ( ago)
bbc gets secretly funded by the EU
research it

Author 577AllWell ( ago)
First thing Trump still has to do is kick out foreign illegals and build that wall. We don't want 100% world industry in China
... cheap dirty goods and industrial poison...

Author Anya Cai ( ago)
Oh my god Stephen McDonell, I was wondering where you are, you have jump ship from the ABC to BBC now!!!! Why?! Come back to ABC 😆

Author world4 hypocrites ( ago)
China is covered with sinocentrism bah!

Author Runze Hu ( ago)
americans looks stupid when talking about democracy, these people can only think of other countries based on their own dominant ideology.

Author Luna Lovegood ( ago)
Peace in all countries.

Author GAZAMAN93X ( ago)
0:09 Baw Gawd King! that's gotta be! that's gotta be Kane!!!

Author Pacific Express ( ago)
"Racism in America is very severe"
Says the guy who has probably never seen a foreigner in his life.

Author Pacific Express ( ago)
China doesn't even practice free trade. They are one of the most protectionist countries out there.
Globalisation and the outsourcing of jobs have definitely benefitted them more than America.
I'm not saying we should break all relations with China. But we don't owe them anything, and applying restriction to them just like they ALREADY do to us, would be the fair thing to do. Equal the playing field.

Author cavv0667 ( ago)
0:42... perhaps doesn't know Anything about the Chinese government and how anti freedom they are... I say make America great again, but not with trump or clinton... PLEASE not with either of them! I'm sad to say that too many Americans are acting like Fonda... maybe they should bone up on how oppressive these other nations governments are!!! Also, bring manufacturing and production back to America... it'll cut down on the number of products you by that have lead, arsenic and were made using child labor... Yeah china... I'm looking AT YOU!!!

Author 日穿钢板 ( ago)
You don't have to show a girl running away from your interview in the end of the clip, we all know what you are trying to imply. But maybe, just maybe she doesn't feel like to be interviewed or rushing to the subway?


Author ahvidaneidavirgilluminous ( ago)
All look too peaceful, try a place where a Dr dissecting your body for organ harvesting. Or those slave factories, those CCP gangsters chasing down their prey cos you are rich or even jus a historic copy your family had been rich. They will Chase you down like an animal n beat you up all like it's their right. I don't know where people get these tourist like conversations... Certainly laughable.

Author Sen Cao ( ago)
WTF??? Trump should apologize to X??? Like communists around the globe come together??? Okay I say no more, otherwise I'd be reported and screwed by my lovely Chinese fellas.
And maybe you should live a Chinese life to realize what a democratic society really is there in the USA.

Author leapsplashafrog ( ago)
Sick to death of these presidential atonists pretending they're helping people with warfare for profit.

Seen all the lies before

This is murder for pipelines. All journalists are shit

Author President Donald J. Trump ( ago)
America First 🇺🇸

Author acreditovendo ( ago)
enable automatic closed caption in all videos, please! thanks

Author BeeFriendlyApiary ( ago)
Americans are obedient TV watching zombies...we worship the magic black box and no longer a critical thinking society...the last election proves this!!!!

Author HAZY KK ( ago)
why america wants to ban korea for nuclear weapons. u lot have them. soo why not others

Author martian R ( ago)
the girl at the end is cute XD

Author Elgato ( ago)
Only 4% of people in Washington DC voted for Trump, so this is hardly a good sample of American thought... Try again BBC

Author kudopoint1 ( ago)
Trump / ISIS = Carhoots
He just bombed the (secular) Syrian army only for ISIS to advance.

Author cary bary ( ago)
Your country treats cats and dogs like dirt.

Author Pierre Paul ( ago)
"China is NOT a true Democracy." this is coming from an American.

Author Scotland Fitz-rench ( ago)
I hate Trump

Author w9 s2 ( ago)
China and North Korea are powerful allies and will crush the US!

Author maykolee ( ago)
🇹🇼 = 中國, 大陸 = 蘇維埃外來勢力的共慘暴政,簡稱 西朝鮮

Author Felipe Santos Oliveira ( ago)

Author sak i ( ago)

Author Dade Moore ( ago)

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