DRAM - Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty (Official Music Video)

  • Added:  11 months ago
  • From the album Big Baby D.R.A.M., available now.

    Stream: http://SmartURL.it/StreamBigBabyDRAM
    Buy: http://SmartURL.it/BuyBigBabyDRAM

    Directed by Nathan R. Smith & Hidji Films

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  • Runtime: 3:51
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Comments: 88 571

  • Xurato Gamer
    Xurato Gamer 44 minutes ago

    skatista br alguem ?? like

  • Paulchrister: Narutoboy16

    lolz the first clip

  • The channel Without a video :D

    These types of videos are always making women wear virtually nothing this was shit in my opinion, but I like the song

  • Geed dup
    Geed dup 2 hours ago

    Youre lyrics a shopping list ?

  • _Slayer_
    _Slayer_ 3 hours ago

    1:08 when school ends and theres already back to school commercials

  • Albert Limas
    Albert Limas 3 hours ago

    broccoli for life🌳🌳🌳

  • Madden Baldwin
    Madden Baldwin 3 hours ago


  • Meryam El Aallali
    Meryam El Aallali 3 hours ago

    so this is the dude who said Drake is better than TUPAC and B.I.G 🤔😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Kendall
    Michael Kendall 3 hours ago

    I did to

  • Joshua Pierce
    Joshua Pierce 4 hours ago

    This song was big! 🔥 I wish I could have half as many views on my music
    Working hard to be one of the best

  • Jan12 Dodds
    Jan12 Dodds 4 hours ago

    No you are not

  • Jan12 Dodds
    Jan12 Dodds 4 hours ago

    you like Brockley

  • Gloria Rodriguez
    Gloria Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Also yachty isn't a real nigga he sings a song like this in the hood he will be blasted

  • Gloria Rodriguez
    Gloria Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Atusim at its finest

  • Baby Daisy
    Baby Daisy 6 hours ago

    This nigga really playing a recorder 😂

  • Danny Velez
    Danny Velez 6 hours ago

    1:32 When you master the flute

  • Talitha Finley
    Talitha Finley 6 hours ago

    I love you lt

  • #Anti Team Chocolatines

    nn jdec c le future cete chancon wwallahh rebeu du 45

  • #Anti Team Chocolatines

    pero c dla merde il devrai se tuer plutot que de faire cette merde avec des brocoli ptn

  • Buggsy
    Buggsy 6 hours ago

    1:08 when someone tells you they respect women but slap the shit out they girl

  • So Sabrina
    So Sabrina 6 hours ago

    😂 I hate Brocoli😣

  • Abraham Rios
    Abraham Rios 7 hours ago

    Idk why people like lumpy asses. that shit is gross. perky is where it's at

  • Flor2Easy
    Flor2Easy 7 hours ago

    10 times 3 RLY NIBBA!!!!!?!?!?!

  • Yoon Lee
    Yoon Lee 7 hours ago

    De la putain de bombe

  • Hydras Syster
    Hydras Syster 7 hours ago


  • StealthySniperr
    StealthySniperr 8 hours ago

    those thots fat ass shit

  • i subsckrid Ortega
    i subsckrid Ortega 8 hours ago

    im fucking my bitch

  • Ludmila KLUSKA
    Ludmila KLUSKA 9 hours ago


  • Moises HD24
    Moises HD24 9 hours ago

    Nice 😃

  • ismail power
    ismail power 9 hours ago

    so mutch fat in one video

  • Karl the playa
    Karl the playa 11 hours ago

    eyyyyy 1 year

  • Gaming Beast246
    Gaming Beast246 11 hours ago

    that broccoli looks like marijuana

  • Kevin Durant jr
    Kevin Durant jr 11 hours ago

    fines bichting

  • BlueberryGamer1
    BlueberryGamer1 12 hours ago

    boi look at this dude

  • sarab heer
    sarab heer 12 hours ago


  • Heather Taylor
    Heather Taylor 14 hours ago

    My mom plays this to make me eat my vegetablez

  • pasha hun kayhaner
    pasha hun kayhaner 17 hours ago

    2:42 when you use to much drugs

  • ZachYaBoy1
    ZachYaBoy1 17 hours ago

    Imagine kids listening to this and there like "oh they like broccoli!" and the parents are like "NAH!"

  • ZachYaBoy1
    ZachYaBoy1 17 hours ago

    0:48 when your dog is sad ur leaving and it wants to come along w/ you! LOL

  • Samuel Scootz
    Samuel Scootz 17 hours ago

    just admire drams face at 1:48 - 1:50

  • Samuel Scootz
    Samuel Scootz 17 hours ago

    0:49 : bork!

  • Ian S
    Ian S 17 hours ago

    I can legit say with total confidence that I could do better than this... This is like a living meme dream...

  • Alan Moll
    Alan Moll 18 hours ago

    3:50 best part!

  • Ghostemane
    Ghostemane 18 hours ago

    they suck so hard

  • james whitman
    james whitman 19 hours ago

    Prettysure yachty said nigger

  • aarong8181
    aarong8181 19 hours ago

    all new lows right here. this is steaming garbage.

  • anthony guerrero'
    anthony guerrero' 19 hours ago

    hots panish🙏

  • gvasallo9471
    gvasallo9471 19 hours ago

    1:40 🎶godd dammn🎶 😂

  • Shaniqua Green
    Shaniqua Green 21 hour ago

    hey babe

  • Pedro Mateus
    Pedro Mateus 21 hour ago

    Cadê os BR?

  • bigpoo02
    bigpoo02 21 hour ago


  • K GAMER 2
    K GAMER 2 21 hour ago

    barber: what do you want

    yachty: you got those bands you make bracelets with

    barber: say no more

  • Blackwido88
    Blackwido88 21 hour ago

    I want off this planet

  • Quinn Johnson
    Quinn Johnson 21 hour ago

    DRAM looks like that guy from key and peele

  • Remu
    Remu 22 hours ago

    I dont fuck with his music but his music videos have dope effects imo

  • chaparrita C
    chaparrita C 23 hours ago

    i want you fight ill l g if you make rap song of if you are a savig fight

  • Tendai Ball
    Tendai Ball 23 hours ago

    2:15 k from here until DRAM takes his next breath/break try and say all the words he says in one breath
    When he says, "Ok I said its special"

  • Mariah Gray
    Mariah Gray 1 day ago

    What does dram mean

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog

    The ladies so *T H I C C*

  • Treshaun Bennett
    Treshaun Bennett 1 day ago

    Why the do rappers use girls for the butts and chest area that is so sexist and demeaning to women

  • Levi L. & Ben W.
    Levi L. & Ben W. 1 day ago


  • thepunisher666ebk

    broccoli iz hellthy 4 u iz a vegtable with lots of vitamin c and protein

  • Jimmy Buckner
    Jimmy Buckner 1 day ago

    This shit sucks. I just turned the volume down and watch the ladies with the big asses

  • Adam Markley
    Adam Markley 1 day ago

    10 × 3 is not 30,000 you fuming monkey.

  • Cam Moses
    Cam Moses 1 day ago

    lil yhanty

  • Diego Dzib
    Diego Dzib 1 day ago

    #Teambrocoli alv

  • keni 10
    keni 10 1 day ago

    y a t il un français dans le chat ?

  • Ez Clan
    Ez Clan 1 day ago

    the only puss he can get is his cat

  • Laura Monreal
    Laura Monreal 1 day ago

    heeee vous aller bien les gens qui regarde sa ? lol

  • quadmonkey97
    quadmonkey97 1 day ago

    Educational ad for making USA kids eat more vegetables

  • Michelle Livingston

    I am a big fan of u I like all your posts comment me back😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  • Eddie t Douglas
    Eddie t Douglas 1 day ago

    i love this dude song

  • Ivan98
    Ivan98 1 day ago


  • Mindy Weeks
    Mindy Weeks 1 day ago

    that girl hase a big but

  • nicolas fillion
    nicolas fillion 1 day ago

    I showed my pet chicken this song and now he's motherfucking fried 🔥🔥

  • Sean Senich
    Sean Senich 1 day ago

    2017 viewers 🔥🔥

  • Janonymus - Roblox & More!

    Finally a music video without twerking

  • Milk
    Milk 1 day ago

    wow i think i wanna eat a broccoli

  • MasterWarrior17 Minecraft

    so the first thing i see is broccoli on water and a girl twerking

  • blackjack duelist

    he cant rap!!

  • blackjack duelist

    i hate lil yachty voice!

  • Andrew Topnotch
    Andrew Topnotch 1 day ago

    lmao how many people can tell which guy is a single and which guy is married?? lol its oblivious one guys having a fucking blast and the other is just kinda dancing with the piano

  • Chandresh Rao
    Chandresh Rao 1 day ago

    Dram face is funny asf

  • Hunter Wilson
    Hunter Wilson 1 day ago

    okay guys enough it's getting weird

  • Versace Broccoli
    Versace Broccoli 1 day ago

    Her ass look cotton candy soft! I love the way she grab it

  • Sofiane Rabhi
    Sofiane Rabhi 1 day ago

    No me jodais el DRAM se parece al puto MBAKA

  • marcelo cantor
    marcelo cantor 1 day ago

    my shit, Dram hands down.

    NERE BRUME 1 day ago


  • Sp1c3
    Sp1c3 1 day ago

    Makin my way downtown....

  • Marlon Mendoza
    Marlon Mendoza 1 day ago

    Is that dwight howard?

  • young mando
    young mando 1 day ago

    beyond all that fuck shit ......

  • Ty Willis
    Ty Willis 1 day ago

    These niggas ugly

  • Kalle Haimi
    Kalle Haimi 1 day ago

    This song deserves more views... :/

  • akifunsgaming
    akifunsgaming 1 day ago

    dope af

  • A&J Forever
    A&J Forever 1 day ago

    Just a small youtuber trying to help other small youtubers . like comment and subscribe and ill do the same !

  • Felix young
    Felix young 1 day ago


  • Dee Deeb
    Dee Deeb 1 day ago

    They wasted a good piece of broccoli

  • edwin camanag
    edwin camanag 1 day ago

    fuck this song hahahaha

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