Playful Kiss SPECIAL EDITION *SWEET SCENES* 2/3 part 4 - 5 - 6 [OST I Called You]

My fan made video of my fav scenes from SPECIAL EDITON parts 4, 5 and 6....SONG: I Called You.... BY "Run" credits for episodes to

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Author Anushmita Dutta ( ago)
very cute😊😊😊

Author نونه وبس ( ago)
شكد اتمنى تترجم

Author علي بنوتة ماركة ( ago)

Author Rosianalim/ Nana ( ago)
So sweet

Author westlifegsr ( ago)
which episode is 0:33

Author anny ( ago)
hay son tan lindos...

Author anny ( ago)
hay son tan lindos...

Author Ivan Cirerol ( ago)
Sarangaeyo kim hyung joong

Author سمر x ( ago)

Author Susi Yanti (26 years ago)
Oke ,bagus

Author Sondos Zenedin ( ago)

Author Maria Freitez ( ago)
I Love You<3<3

Author Wina Winarsih ( ago)
So sweet...

Author Brenda Mares (942 years ago)

Author Brenda Mares (1205 years ago)

Author Feriel Exo ( ago)

Author Ďŕùŝâ Àĥmèď ( ago)

Author mrudhu miru ( ago)

Author gamze göküş ( ago)
Bhuadama bitiyorum off :)

Author rouz nonny ( ago)
دايرين الجزء دا في MBC4

Author Pao Miranda P. ( ago)
ou :3 el mejor dorama sin duda 3

Author jeremy bernada ( ago)
i'm very fond of all actors and actress,,the mom in law's so cool.wish to
have mom in law just like the way she is.wishing a part 2 for this
movie,the same character portraying each role.

donde puedover la segunda tempora completa es muy buena

Author Batul Chhatariya ( ago)
love it ...all the scene were very cute ..i didnt could to see special
edition .bt thanks to dis video ..<3

Author Misz Arien ( ago)
So sweet~~

Author Dung Punny ( ago)
Cáj phần này ko có trog phjm zậy ở đâu zậy ,?

Author WhereMyJamsAt ( ago)
Lol at the end

Author suzy suzy ( ago)
يسلملي الحنون

Author malllany ( ago)
장난 스런 키스 유튜브 특별판 (Beso Travieso). Busca aquí.

Author malllany ( ago)
See here. 장난스런 키스 유튜브 특별판 (Naughty Kiss)

Author malllany ( ago)
Here. 장난스런 키스 유튜브 특별판 (Naughty Kiss)

Author 23 Years Old of Gold ( ago)
i havent seen the nurse scene where seung is sick. which episode are they

Author 23 Years Old of Gold ( ago)
0.33 which episode is it

Author Minnie Mouse ( ago)
Oh my god hai an is jealous

Author Trang Tố ( ago)
GaTo quá :3

Author Elizabeth Vega ( ago)
hermoso videoo ... super ....

Author Dambi Chi ( ago)
lãng mạn vãi 

Author lucy nie ( ago)
I'm jealous ,oh ha ni you lucky girl

Author kres palwa ( ago)
please help where can i search the special edition?its the part 2 of
playfull kiss right?please help inove with them........:)

Author Anime M ( ago)
is there a season 2 ????????/

Author anabel hernandez ( ago)
y me encantaria si se comunican conmigo y me recomiendan nuevas historias
por favor q quiero seguir viendo mas estas historias de amor y comedia tan

Author anabel hernandez ( ago)
a mi me encanto muy linda y quiero q ver una segunda parte de este dorama
seria encantador... y quiero ver mas de sigan subiendo mas de estas xq son
unicas, yo soy de argentina pero me encantan las novelas koreanas y
japonesas. Las prefiero mil veces mas a estas!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Author Juan Gabriel Meza Gómez ( ago)
que bonita pareja 

Author dominika gogolek ( ago)
Beautiful song,marvelous love:)!!!

Author Isata B ( ago)
where can I watch the sub

Author crazi3h3ad12 ( ago)
SOOOOOO ADORABLE.. if only i knew what they were saying

Author Rizzalyn Parambita ( ago)
i love you hyun min? 

Author Aqilah Deenah ( ago)
go to search playful kiss and click the picture with their photos
on two phones. that's the special edition complete with sub titles

Author eva alicia torres uribe ( ago)
por fis traduscan al español can love de kimhyun joong 

Author alshari Hashim ( ago)
so sweet

Author lee sara ( ago)
There is someone who have already uploadedit with engsubs just search
'Playful Kiss Special Edition engsubs'

Author Min Linh ( ago)
so sweet 3

Author Masha Hrytsiuk ( ago)
Почему нет полных серий второго сезона??? Сериал классный, зря сделали
короткие серии второго сезона! Хочу продолжения!!!!!

Author maria18ramos ( ago)
Please can any uploaded with English subs please

Author وتيَن آلحربي ( ago)
لهه جزء ثآني ؟ يارب القاهه مترجم وخالص بس اتابع اممممممممينن 가무 부구 십다

Author susmita bhunia ( ago)
oh ha ni acting is download season 2 with eng

Author Miley Christie ( ago)
so sweet..OMG...

Author IMASHLEYHO ( ago)
Sweet couple

Author achara charnsethikul ( ago)
Thank you for sharing video. I love this drama so much. 

Author Stephanie Choi ( ago)
Ninaluvy you can download viki or go on the website

Author minho goh ( ago)
3.33 is the best kissing part love it !!!!!! Thanks for uploading it

Author luke campo ( ago)
its very sweet ....roarrrrrrr..<3 i love them very much in my facebook they
have many picture,s there.. 

Author minho goh ( ago)
yes but this is just continue of it thats y it is called special edition

Author minho goh ( ago)
actually they only show ep 1 then no more but can someone find it and post
and also add eng sub thks 

Author Nina Luvya ( ago)
Where can i find all those episode? :(

Author Farah7ATUBE (868 years ago)
Is there really a season two ?? Like I heared ! Please tell me

Author alejandra gutierrez ( ago)
Where is that episode????

Author Putri Maharani (1196 years ago)

Author Rym Amani ( ago)
Please please i want to know where can i find the special editin i wanna
watch it please

Author shefield ng ( ago)
i thought 16 was the end. 

Author nur afizah ( ago)

Author Kate Fernandez ( ago)
woah cool thx

Author pinkeynb ( ago)
Does anyone know where I can find all the special episodes im only seeing a
couple and it's making me sad

Author Janice Sam ( ago)
Love this video alot!!!!!

Author Graciela López ( ago)
Hahahaha xD they get towed at the end!!!! Hahahahahahaha lol XD

Author TheAshers2012 ( ago)
english sub.. please....

Author Shannon 227 ( ago)
loving husband seungjo~

Author Tien Vo ( ago)
love it!!!!!

Author jay-r Aquino ( ago)
nice kissing scene!

Author pickaboo21 ( ago)
HA NI! So cute when she pouts. Hehehe. & Seung Jo!! Hi, please be mine.
\:D/ :""">

Author Jiwonlee379 ( ago)
i love kim hyun joong he's so cute oh my gosh.........I can't help myself
fall for him....:)

Author nicole ( ago)
@fyg83 its in ep 17 just search in google !!

Author Smaher Asi ( ago)
@iluvchocolatez23 Ep 5 \cut scene

Author Jumarie Tugna ( ago)
weew @kimforangie you really made our streaming complete! it feels great
watching this short episodes.. a big thanks to you friend! =)

Author berna niño ( ago)
@channel2forever tama.kakaexcited.....

Author Peggy Chen ( ago)
Can someone plez what episode is the hospital scene thank you very much

Author paloma ( ago)
for the longest time in the drama he's such a dick head to her!! ....and
she's such a stalker creep....

Author Hening Wangi ( ago)
english sub.. english sub.. english sub.. english sub.. english sub..
english sub.. english sub.. english sub.. english sub.. english sub..
english sub.. english sub.. pleeeeaseeeeeeeee......

Author jeynsanuco ( ago)
akala ko may season 2 na .. excited na ko for season 2 ... sana magka baby
sila sa season 2..hahaha!

Author michyluo04 ( ago)
Can you pls message me where can i see this videos? when i watch Playful
Kiss, i didn't see those episodes. Can you pls tell me where can i find it?
and is there a part two of playful kiss? thanks!

Author sapphireBLUEmusic ( ago)
@kimforangie is there a season 2 for playful kiss??

Author Angela Nguyen ( ago)
@kimforangie heyy u sure r a big fan of this movie playful kiss ........

Author Lara Tran ( ago)
Go to to watch the movies w/ Eng sub

Author Chelsea Lengyel ( ago)
hey!where can i find those scenes??i didnt saw it in the episodes??oh my
gosh(sorry im not good in english) cant find them , i want to watch those
scenes!! :DD PLEASE help me!!thanks tell me the episodes please :DD 

Author sakura000gaara ( ago)
c est quelle episode (ou sais tu une nouvelle saison)

Author Diane Lyn Basinang ( ago)
@kimforangie where to watch this episodes?? :D

Author sheenzoned ü ( ago)
@Starslovebear where to vote?

Author Aida Alojid ( ago)
Can you translate the last one, part when they talk?

Author jenn17azumi ( ago)
love the music as in..!!!!! 

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