Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide)

In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form!

Many thanks to Reichelt for sending me the components used in this build. Check out their website at: They have some great deals, so are definitely worth checking out (esp. their prices on computer components!).

Here's a link to that awesome glowing EL Wire:

And the awesome FLIR ONE thermal camera:

Thanks to Overclockers UK for the sweet Super Flower PSU:

Here are the templates that you'll need to cut out the panels, if you don't want to use the kit version:

Components used in the final build:

M.2 SSD:
Processor cooler:
Graphics card:
Fanless PSU:

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Author Capt_Kaplan ( ago)
This guy is just like a caring brother. He offers those templates completely free and the kit is really cheap for what you get.
You couldn't get that kit at home depot for that price.

The kit consists of:

All case panels, accurately milled with a CNC router
16x right angle brackets
21x short self-tapping screws
4x medium-length self-tapping screws
11x flanged M4 screws
16x flanged M3 screws
11x M4 nuts
4x M6 feet bolts
4x PSU mounting screws
4x M3 motherboard pillars
22x washers

and this for only 45$. You are a hero.
Actually you are a clumsy hero, i mean you lost your cape after all. :)

Author doom666ize ( ago)
Excelente Casemod parabéns.

Author NeutronPCXT ( ago)
Thank you so much for the templates! Although I would've liked to buy the kit itself, I want to do it myself. But I think your best project was and is still the 100% silent case.

Author Scott Cress ( ago)
Please make one of those epic "Flashlights" into a kit.

Author Saturday Sazaran ( ago)
I thought you used aluminium for your last case build because wood amplified the internal sounds like a speaker box? Not a concern here?

Author Márk Végh ( ago)
It looks awesome!!! Great job :)

Author Spencer Hebb ( ago)
That EL wire is so cool, I'm thinking it would look cool in a car interior

Author cjeckersley ( ago)

Author Steffen2k7 ( ago)
Now do an ATX case!

Author Son Karakaplan ( ago)
This is very good DIY case project. However I want to make aluminum sides made from CNC. Which it could be more elegant and better cooling.

Author Matt Jacob ( ago)
I usually don't comment on stuff but Matt is the type of guy you wanna be best friends with! Great work man!!

Author Samuel Christensen ( ago)
Dust magnet!! Otherwise nice build

Author Matt Smillie ( ago)
doesn't matt know to put the motherboard on the box it came in when putting all the components together

Author Darian Alexander ( ago)
There are so many things done wrong with this case.

Author Paul Risk ( ago)
Favorite part was your clever 12-volt power add-ons. Well done.

Author Jailwave ( ago)
If I were to build a PC, I would definetly buy your case kit.

Author Making Stuff ( ago)
amazing case, it looks so good!

Author Jaime Almeida ( ago)
Looks cool, hardly functional: high dust, hard maintenance, bad airflow, etc.

Author thorjoetunheim ( ago)
Is this available in kit form?

Author Nekros Patatas ( ago)
adding some dust filters over those whole would be good and adding the whole for the cpu air intake as you said, should make it cool and dustproof ^_^

Author Xander J Bishop ( ago)
How did you do the USB ports on the top

Author TheBadBear ( ago)
Ive been watching your channel for a while now and have to ask, are your actually an industrial designer by pprofession?

Author jagjordi ( ago)
what about dust?

Author Keng Vang ( ago)
next level: make case out of legos! Then rgb led lights. Then out of tempered glass. JK. Love your build so sad the American PC community can't do any like this. They can't even make an emergency flow trip wire for watercooling or power on levers like on electrical power supplies. Can't wait for you to make a bullet pc with a 200mm fan or desk pc next!

Author Sunny Sabuero ( ago)
add some led strips at the base of the board. so it will have some cool glow light at the bottom. use blue led so it will match with your EL wire

Author Johnpaul Iafrate ( ago)
wow this is amazing

Author Haroon Niazi ( ago)
i love it
i love your work
best design

Author Let's Learn ( ago)
I like his work! keep it up +DIY Perks

Author smascarenhas33 ( ago)

Author KinkyKinga1 ( ago)
that's one awesome looking build!

Author DEATHSTAMP ( ago)
If my rig got put in this case it would explode due to heat lol

Author Martel DuVigneaud ( ago)
Wow, awesome! This is also very timely for me. Over the past couple weeks I've been toying with designing my own Mini-ITX case. My goal is 4, 5, 6 or 8 tool-less, tray-less 3.5" drive bays with front access...basically DYI NAS with possible options of also being HTPC/media server and maybe even ~console gaming machine. :D

Author Firal Rally ( ago)
Holy... What the heck

Author ciaranlikessocks ( ago)
Having the gpu's intake vent be a big open hole is just inviting dust to come in and ruin your day, I'd suggest incorporating a dust shield between the gpu fans and the vent, they're super cheap and it wouldn't be hard to find one you could cut to size

Author Saadane Roula ( ago)
A Tv show that would be coooowl

Author Cassandra Guillaume ( ago)
hello ! ! no anyone hear smarter than this oneb%

Author Srikar Pothapragada ( ago)
How did you get to know about electroluminescent wires?

Author MatchstalkMan ( ago)
I love this guy's voice! It has great cadence. All of his videos are well constructed, clear and contain hints and tips to make things less complicated.

Author Chief Greybeard ( ago)
Just found your channel, you've got some really great content. The level of care you take making these videos is nearly palpable. It really stands out in the quality, and I appreciate that.

Author QuickPro Studios ( ago)
Hey Matt! What did you use to make your website? Did you code it by hand?

Author Charles Balliet ( ago)
Ide choose lexan over MDF since mdf contains formaldehyde and is somewhat flammable.

Author Its Neight ( ago)
any chance they are going to make a normal ATX size kit? I haven't moved along with the times and ITX stuff yet (never will...they call those laptops.)

Author Stranger ( ago)
Can you please do a video on how to make your own Bluetooth Speaker from scratch? Thanks, love your work!

Author Rojo ( ago)
I like the lighting in the end, good job with this backlight! And also good project.

Author LEOCERIAN ( ago)
what is the name of the wood you are using in this project

Author Álvaro González ( ago)
Oh man... That's just beatiful.

Author Jonathan Lyons ( ago)
Is this available in kit form?

Author iinRez ( ago)
Now _that's_ slick.

Author Project DiY ( ago)

Author corecass ( ago)
just what busses you exactly use to raise the motherboard ?

Author Larry Chase ( ago)
**Pulls out faux carbon fiber**
What is this, 2009?

**Pulls out motherboard with PS2 port**
Yep. It has to be.

Author aissa jez ( ago)
at least add some mesh to the opennings to prevent the dust from ruining your components.

Author Swift The Ghetto Reverse Engineer ( ago)
I love it... very mind blowing I should say.

Author Lotfi amv ( ago)
How to burn up your house

Author Sir Alex ( ago)
Cool Idea. May you have another one for broken Laptop shell cases. My is damaged and the replacement part is out of stock. Would be very helpfull...

Author Diego Sousa ( ago)
Doesn't a wood box amplify any noise made inside? Like a acoustic guitar would?

Author ZenLOG ( ago)


Author apburner1 ( ago)
What if you live in the United States of Freedom and don't have Eurofag A4 paper?

Author BooDee Buddy ( ago)
You should send it to LTT for review XD

Author Louise Charlesworth ( ago)
Something I'd be very interested in is a full sized motherboard case that could be large enough to support that full motherboard, an SSD harddrive, graphics card and power supply but save space and weight by not having any of the front bays for things like CD/Floppy or hard drives. Then I'd make it my own by adding a carry handle to it, pull out the graphics card when I travel and make it a portable desktop.

Author Chris Matthew ( ago)
Genuinely loved this video, and the design was really great!

Author Eno's ( ago)
But for that price you can get something that supports more hardware and has dust filters.....

Author llamasplosion ( ago)
that pc case looks awesome :D

Author cris rose ( ago)
wont be long before this becomes a new csgo map....dust 3....

Author ryan lepore ( ago)
Hey is this available in kit form?

Author Akshat Ajeya ( ago)
Simply Beautiful

Author svampebob007 ( ago)
no the fire hazard is having electrical component surrounded with very flammable and energetic sources. one major spark/mall function and it will burn rather quickly... but then again any case poses the same hazards since there's plenty of fuel to create a big enough fire to cause surrounding object to catch fire anyway.

Well unless you're in the cool club with a big tower and water cooling :)
if there's a fire at least there's water around to put out the flames of shame just like a nuclear power plant.

Author shaurz ( ago)
mini-ITX is not the smallest motherboard form factor.

Author ntstudio28 ( ago)
I love your debunking ending!!! lol you tell them Matt!!! hahahahahahaha I love you bro

Author You ( ago)
The only issue with that is it is too compact. It's way easier to upgrade computers that have lots of room on the inside, and I do believe airflow is better

Author Ricardo Garcia Aburto ( ago)
you ar a genious

Author Kevin O`Brien ( ago)
12:30 He looks so wierd with that light behind him!

Author João Paulo ( ago)
You and Direita the best Makers

Author Copy3ms ( ago)
Looks great. Aside form just having open holes on the Video card section and in the back of the case, a filter or two would go a long way to keep some dust away.

Author custom paints ( ago)
I would love all the projects in kit form

Author Mimosa Rev ( ago)
awesome video , keep it coming .

Author Matthew Smith ( ago)
Reminds me of the Fractal Design Node 304.

Author RedOni87 ( ago)
An amazing and interesting project.

Author MLGPauly ( ago)
Can anybody link me the vinyl wrap? I dont know where he bought it

Author Shashank Shekhar Singh ( ago)
its very pretty and clean..just one thing,add some screen mesh ASAP...

Author Brayden Turner ( ago)
The best YouTuber hands down. I really wish you would upload more often.

Author Ashish Sharma ( ago)
Marvelous !!!!

Author Joakim Wallenius ( ago)
Well done!! You presented me idea, how I can carry out my ideas! Thank You!

PS. You have reassuring voice.

Author Kaziba ( ago)
You ROCK !!! as always , Keep it up Bruv !

Author raikoh05 ( ago)
I would add fan grills and filters

Author John Smith ( ago)
Great Idea, giving people the chance to experiment with case design, but please can you remind people to wear a dust mask when sanding MDF. MDF is glued together wood dust, and the glue they use is bad if it gets in your lungs.

Author Ahapid ( ago)
will a 24,4 x 24,4 x 5,1cm mainboard fit too?

Author Sondre Bjørgård ( ago)
how did you do the vinyl wrap on the edges of your case? like on the top over the power button

Author David Howes ( ago)
Very cool, I would be worried about dust with this though.

Author Just Sander ( ago)
hi, i only found out about your channel today, but i'm An instant fan of your video's, i wish i knew sooner, it would have saved me a lot of money, could you consider doing a steady cam tutorial soon? big ( for DSLR ) or small ( for gopro or vlogging camera )

Author Ninjamantis ( ago)

Author Barupen S ( ago)
very well made but it looks like shiit

Author HerryTCO ( ago)
What about dust production? Won't it get very dusty without filters on the air-intakes?

Author loligagger85 ( ago)
dust filter needed

Author Vladimir Arbuzov ( ago)
Wow! Incredible

Author memyselfandi ( ago)
What a nightmare of a computer case.
If the SSD fucks up for whatever reason (possibly heat build up) you have to get out a screw driver and undo all of the screws securing the motherboard in place just to get at the storage drive.
Also I am pretty sure that making that case out of wood is a bad idea as it would trap excess heat inside the case.
I know there is a huge cut out on the backside where the i/o ports are, but a lot of heat will still build up and get trapped.
I'm sorry but that computer case looks like it is more trouble than it's worth.
10/10 for visual appeal though.

Author Jake Marin ( ago)
Keep in mind I have not finished the video yet (about half way through). What about cooling? Also I did not see you put any thermal paste on...

Author Jean Mahmoud Ventilateur ( ago)
I think that we could add like an openable panels on the top like for the aerocool's cases. With metal pieces

Author sàmeronline ( ago)
Great work, but this is rediculous DIY Perks!
just 2 days after the video is up... and the Kit is already "Out of stock"!!

Author Stylecraft & RweenOS ( ago)
Sweet <3

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