Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide)

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  • In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form!

    Have access to a CNC already? You can purchase the source SVG files here: (free PDF template for hand tools also available)

    Many thanks to Reichelt for sending me the components used in this build. Check out their website at: They have some great deals, so are definitely worth checking out (esp. their prices on computer components!).

    Here's a link to that awesome glowing EL Wire:

    And the awesome FLIR ONE thermal camera:

    Thanks to Overclockers UK for the sweet Super Flower PSU:

    Here are the templates that you'll need to cut out the panels, if you don't want to use the kit version:

    Components used in the final build:

    M.2 SSD:
    Processor cooler:
    Graphics card:
    Fanless PSU:
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  • DIY Perks
    DIY Perks 18 days ago

    Hey everyone, just letting you know that I've put the source SVG files up for purchase too, for if you have access to a CNC. Here's the link:

    The free PDF version for hand tools is still available, and always will be. Just thought the SVG file would be useful for those who want to recreate it with their own router.

    • david parkinson
      david parkinson 10 days ago

      DIY Perks please do the same with the headphone stand 👍🏻

  • MrTomovka
    MrTomovka 6 hours ago

    What are the dimensions of all the screws and brackets? I live in Europe, and I'm not very sure about those sizings - AFAIK, "M4" means only the diameter...

  • A2N Muhfarisyah
    A2N Muhfarisyah 2 days ago

    don't have mdf wood? try use a cardboard!!! trust me it worked

  • Luis Picazo
    Luis Picazo 4 days ago

    Fucken gorgeous custom case

  • Alex Tald
    Alex Tald 4 days ago

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  • sgln
    sgln 4 days ago

    heat me baby one more time. in that wood case :)

  • sweans
    sweans 4 days ago

    someone should make a dan a4 sfx case kit

  • CrimSoul
    CrimSoul 5 days ago

    ooh, this looks like a fun project. maybe I'll make a cheap pc out of it for fun sometime. probably not gonna make anything serious as it seems to be lacking in terms of good airflow.

  • Raúl Andrade
    Raúl Andrade 5 days ago

    Hi. I have a little project that comes to my mind when I think on upgrading from my old laptop (still usable)to desktop. How to transform you laptop in to a desktop? using this kind of case and the pci laptop adapter.

  • Traumglanz
    Traumglanz 5 days ago

    No dust filters and directly pulling air for the GPU in from the outside? Can't say I am approving.

  • BEARD Productions
    BEARD Productions 5 days ago

    instead of a coping saw you can use a oscillating saw

  • Ewan Coulbeck
    Ewan Coulbeck 5 days ago

    you should upload more

  • PokeJed
    PokeJed 5 days ago


    • DIY Perks
      DIY Perks 5 days ago

      +PokeJed Intel CPUs are actually pretty robust.

  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 5 days ago

    Can the case bottom be made from Plexiglass?

  • Cerhi
    Cerhi 5 days ago

    great job!

  • Brett Sepulveda
    Brett Sepulveda 5 days ago

    Looks good but wouldn't the speaker spikes scratch your desk?

  • JQ Dan
    JQ Dan 6 days ago

    @DIY Perks What did you use and what can you use for the front ports and power button? Also any luck on a matx or atx versions?

  • michael o'mahony
    michael o'mahony 6 days ago

    €50 for a few pieces of mdf really

  • tobi foong
    tobi foong 6 days ago

    Nice !! .. what is the physical measurements of the final case ?

  • Péter Juhász
    Péter Juhász 6 days ago

    Nice job!

  • Kevin Stein
    Kevin Stein 7 days ago

    Wow that's awesome, nice man :)

  • CheezeWuz
    CheezeWuz 8 days ago

    even if it was a fire hazarded you could just hit it with a fire retardant

  • kamen rider
    kamen rider 8 days ago

    hello is this size for atx one

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 8 days ago

    No dust filters.. no case fans! Its all good having a massive heat sink on that CPU but you got to have airflow going over it. It looks great but it needs a lot of work to improve thermal design.

  • Klaudio Picaku
    Klaudio Picaku 8 days ago

    i think this is a fire hazard.

  • Klaudio Picaku
    Klaudio Picaku 8 days ago

    i think this is a fire hazard.

  • Jascen Smith
    Jascen Smith 8 days ago

    The lighting behind you makes u look like u edited yourself into the frame at the end

  • Nauman Arshad
    Nauman Arshad 8 days ago

    what about the dvd rom

  • tom c
    tom c 9 days ago

    You really should consider some kind of EMI shielding if building a wooden case.

  • Peter Reynold Robinson Junior

    niiiiice build. do you send the kits to Brazil? or do you sell the cnc files? nice and sweet.

  • TheRailroad99
    TheRailroad99 11 days ago

    is something like this available for full ATX boards? (GA-970A-UD3 in my case)

  • Dr. Isaac Kleiner
    Dr. Isaac Kleiner 11 days ago

    When a random guy's homemade case looks better than 99% of the cases on the market.

  • Sharanesh AnithaRamkumar

    It was amazing till I looked at it's close-up...
    Just Kidding,It is extraordinary!

  • michael mooney
    michael mooney 12 days ago

    Theres a reason that computer cases are made out of steel or aluminum. The metal case is to keep RF (radio frequency) interference inside and outside from effecting the computers operation. I'm guessing the only reason the FCC hasn't gotten after you for the kit is they don't know about it.

  • Jonathan Avagliano
    Jonathan Avagliano 14 days ago

    Terrific, but with two holes and without filters i could only imagine the dust you will find in a pair of months 😂

  • Sergant Ijzerhand
    Sergant Ijzerhand 14 days ago

    Matx plz

  • soufiane Mouatassim
    soufiane Mouatassim 14 days ago

    11:01 German kicks in :p

  • Kevin Van Haesendonck

    Does anybody know the exact size of the other 4 panels?

  • Exposed: Bad Drivers

    Very nice!

  • Matthias Wong
    Matthias Wong 16 days ago

    Actually, stx is smaller than itx

  • Diabl0pl
    Diabl0pl 17 days ago

    That was a great project. ;)

  • Radek Rak
    Radek Rak 19 days ago

    This is so beautiful. Some people claim "simple tools" etc. You actually deliver superb quality with simple means. By the way - I do product/industrial design for a living, and I have to tell you you'd stand out even in industry terms.

  • badis Benhamma
    badis Benhamma 20 days ago

    pleas can you give me a link for the momentary switch that you used

  • Anubis
    Anubis 20 days ago

    Finally, a good youtube video!

  • Samoyed Gaming
    Samoyed Gaming 20 days ago

    It has 666 dislikes, it's the devil!

  • zero80473
    zero80473 21 day ago

    i might modify this for a E-ATX motherbored and 2 GTX 1080tis (if i could afford them)

  • Sturmpanzer IV
    Sturmpanzer IV 22 days ago

    I made a $5 case (or should I say frame) from water pipes

  • David Middleton
    David Middleton 25 days ago

    Is it particularly quiet? I saw an older video where you made a quiet PC out of Aluminium to help with the sound. But, sound doesn't seem to be mentioned here

  • Gus Mtz
    Gus Mtz 25 days ago

    There is a reason why pc cases are not made from wood man. Not a very good idea using those materials.

  • EmperorTerran
    EmperorTerran 25 days ago

    Desktop speakers stands next?

  • MostLow
    MostLow 26 days ago

    Thinking about trying to build something like this but more compact and with a handle. Doubt it is practical but considering trying to use the wireless monitor you built in another video with a hopefully wireless tower-in essence a less practical laptop but a fun project! And I imagine if budgeted right it could be a more power/$$ then a laptop would be.
    They sell wireless hdmi but they are expensive-will have to use a wire until the savings account is large enough I suppose

    • MostLow
      MostLow 26 days ago

      If any experienced builders would like to comment or advise I would be interested to hear opinions! I want this project to handle slightly more then just basics (possible some low end gaming?)

  • Unauthorized Expression

    Bet that El Wire is going to play hell with your wifi.

  • banyus
    banyus 26 days ago

    Use dust filters mate!

  • HeartBrokeOne
    HeartBrokeOne 27 days ago

    how long is the EL wire?

  • Vex
    Vex 27 days ago

    Could you post temperatures after at least 1 hour use?The thing looks like it could boil an egg after couple of hours doing Anything.

  • Nigel
    Nigel 28 days ago

    Very bad airflow

  • Ulf Nope
    Ulf Nope 28 days ago

    I think im going to experiment with some of your designs just use acrylic (custom painted) and sheet metal! :P and with the custom paint part i also mean making some light features. (paint one side a solid color, preferably white if youre going with rgb, and then the other side you paint everything but lets say a logo, so when lit up the logo will glow!)

  • Brian Sarwer
    Brian Sarwer 1 month ago

    Is it noisy?

  • Atef Hassan
    Atef Hassan 1 month ago

    this is very professional , unique and explained well make it easy to understand
    many thanks.

  • xoyourheroox
    xoyourheroox 1 month ago

    Great job man. Looks amazing!

  • phooopy
    phooopy 1 month ago

    where should i make the hole for the io-panel if i have 6mm standoffs for the motherboard? I mean how much below the top of the standoff is it?

  • Joseph Palma
    Joseph Palma 1 month ago

    Outside of the obvious of adding an air inlet, you should probably also find a way to attach one of the motherboard standoffs to the power supply to make sure the system is properly earthed.

  • Allan Ortile
    Allan Ortile 1 month ago

    holy crap this is awesome. i skipped the video from time to time.. does this support uATX (micro atx)?

    will it also be possible to "trim" the height a bit? i want my case as small as possible and im using an NH-D9L from noctua which is almost the height of the video card..

  • PC Stuff
    PC Stuff 1 month ago

    Looks awesome!

  • jlinkels
    jlinkels 1 month ago

    Glueing nuts onto the bracket is a bad idea. The hobby glues available to the amateur or DIY are simply not strong enough and not lasting. It would be better to screw longer self-tapping screws through the outside wood. The screws only tap in the wood, and would remain loose in the bracket. But they would still hold the case in place as only sideways movement (radial) has to be restricted. There is no holding force needed along the axis of the screw. You could also use metric threaded screws. For M4, simple drill a 3.5mm hole and turn in the M4. It will cut its own thread in the wood. Again, there would be no thread in the corner brackets. The screws act like pins to keep the cover in place.

  • Vestha01
    Vestha01 1 month ago

    You'd sell the dxf files for the plates so people can create their own case of their favorite material. Or could add that option to the kit since a lot of us feel not quite confident to do the whole cutting by ourselves. :D

  • blouberguy
    blouberguy 1 month ago

    where did u gthe power button ?

  • ADSlammer
    ADSlammer 1 month ago

    no, my limit to what i can build is my budget.

  • Anel Redzic
    Anel Redzic 1 month ago

    Can you please do tutorial on that el wire? How to plug it on the power supply?

  • Abdulrahman Jaddou
    Abdulrahman Jaddou 1 month ago

    I like that he made sure to include the fire hazard part at the end... well thought video xD

  • Venkateswaran PS
    Venkateswaran PS 1 month ago

    I tried to purchase it using the link but it says out of stock. Kindly help.

  • Hermit Meh
    Hermit Meh 1 month ago

    This would be perfect with a 140mm aio for the cpu!

  • beriman juliano
    beriman juliano 1 month ago

    good work

  • Tumorlike
    Tumorlike 1 month ago

    toma tu merecido like!!!

  • nightninja87
    nightninja87 1 month ago

    that was awesome

  • metalsonic41
    metalsonic41 1 month ago

    your DIY always look incredible

  • Buildfromscratch
    Buildfromscratch 1 month ago

    Very nice.

  • DJ - D20
    DJ - D20 1 month ago

    does anyone know if you could use a Micro ATX? I am thinking about building a Ryzen build and there are not any Ryzen ITX boards yet.

  • Ra'uf Azman
    Ra'uf Azman 1 month ago

    thanks to this video i discovered EL wire GWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! thank you!

  • Rage 9one
    Rage 9one 1 month ago

    It looks great, but I prefer bigger cases for better airflow.

  • MakingxMagic
    MakingxMagic 1 month ago

    You could get some magnetic dust-filters to polish up the look a little bit.

  • Cornholio
    Cornholio 1 month ago

    11:00 A monitor running on 12V? How is that possible?

  • Michael Portillo
    Michael Portillo 1 month ago

    absolutely amazing job :)

  • Lt
    Lt 1 month ago

    Can you explain what you are using to seal the panels? I understood PVA + water, but where can i buy PVA and what should be the mix?

  • Bradley Warner
    Bradley Warner 1 month ago

    I love this guy's voice

  • Chaoddity
    Chaoddity 1 month ago

    I love the general look of this project. The only thing I might would change myself is the lack of any sort of filter.
    If you have pets... or long hair... this case could get gummed up and possibly overheat

  • ChrisD4335
    ChrisD4335 1 month ago

    note worthy el wire only glows brightly when its brand new then slowly becomes dimmer till it stopps working, this dose not take very long

  • ChrisD4335
    ChrisD4335 1 month ago

    don't motherboards often use the case as a reference to ground? I see one issue witrh it being made of wood

    • ChrisD4335
      ChrisD4335 1 month ago

      should at join the standoffs with wire and then attach to psu case then problem solved

  • mario soto
    mario soto 1 month ago

    I would love an atx kit

  • Dandea Raul
    Dandea Raul 1 month ago

    Your are owesome. :D

    Hello! From Romania!

  • Mafia Cod
    Mafia Cod 1 month ago

    My only concern would be radiate EMI as wood does not shield
    against electromagnetic radiation

  • Alistair Graham
    Alistair Graham 1 month ago

    i am in the process of building my own wooden PC and just by sheer happenstance i bought the exact same power button

  • Yaw Maung
    Yaw Maung 1 month ago

    Cool. But miss the reset button!

  • mady bali
    mady bali 1 month ago

    still sweet till the dust coming

  • AbangMokie AC
    AbangMokie AC 1 month ago

    Use 4300Rpm fan!
    Not automatic CPU fan!

  • Jacob Short
    Jacob Short 1 month ago

    Maybe in the future you should add some sort of magnetic dust filter for the fans if you do another case

  • WannaDuino! The Real Live

    plain stupid, why? MDF, ......corners are sanded round, ..........but you made cold 90* degree joints........Carbon print will come loose soon...... and... and... and....

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