10 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 13

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    LA FACE CACHE 10 minutes ago

    Why in your name hacker

  • JP17
    JP17 37 minutes ago

    you are making a big big messy

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 1 hour ago

    how hard dose he want it😂

  • Dibya Jyoti Roy
    Dibya Jyoti Roy 1 hour ago

    Who writes these subtitles? A big thumbs up for you!!


    Mom: what are you watching?

    Me: just a Big Russian man scrambling his eggs...
    *gets grounded for a month*

  • Tayne Ward
    Tayne Ward 3 hours ago

    I love how the microwave cleaner is of a woman

  • Brody 34
    Brody 34 3 hours ago

    My microwave smells like winegar

  • Zapido Gaming
    Zapido Gaming 3 hours ago

    im a big fan of you

  • Zel
    Zel 3 hours ago

    in the first gadget he was like masturbating and he said woah its a mess ariund the bowl

  • Jacob Branson
    Jacob Branson 3 hours ago

    Very cool whiskers

  • Harry Doherty
    Harry Doherty 4 hours ago

    The bottles hard lol

  • Silvester08
    Silvester08 5 hours ago

    you can make a cloud in a bottle experiment using the soda saver gadget . can you experiment it?

  • AljosaCC
    AljosaCC 5 hours ago


  • A GUY
    A GUY 5 hours ago

    viska and winigar

  • Anonymous Weasel
    Anonymous Weasel 8 hours ago

    You can even make it harder

  • Michelle Macaulay
    Michelle Macaulay 8 hours ago

    Do eat the food

  • Vincent Valenzuela
    Vincent Valenzuela 10 hours ago

    "moist and smells like vinegar"

  • Blackmamaweegee
    Blackmamaweegee 11 hours ago

    2:31 It attaches to my what?

  • OrangeGamer
    OrangeGamer 13 hours ago

    1:23 that's what she said.

  • Clashing with Steven
    Clashing with Steven 14 hours ago

    0:15 I think Taras is turning into a cat

  • Shivansh Kukreti
    Shivansh Kukreti 14 hours ago

    you are the best

  • Morgenstern
    Morgenstern 14 hours ago


  • lion killer
    lion killer 14 hours ago

    hello world

  • Easymoney Sniper
    Easymoney Sniper 14 hours ago

    0:35 into the video already inaaprioate content lol jk love ur vids

  • Evan Arnault
    Evan Arnault 15 hours ago

    "Winegar" such a positive guy

  • TommoTheGamer
    TommoTheGamer 15 hours ago

    "*Boom*" -Crazy Russian Hacker 2015,2016,2017 An many more times.

  • Isdarmawan Ganemoeljo
    Isdarmawan Ganemoeljo 15 hours ago

    he is the coolest guy on earth

  • SwordofGods
    SwordofGods 17 hours ago

    Add a little bit of milk he says...

    He added like the whole carton

  • Anthony Borawski
    Anthony Borawski 17 hours ago

    Put it on a bowl

  • Hector Barz
    Hector Barz 17 hours ago

    "The bottle is really hard but you can make it harder"

  • Byron Avalos
    Byron Avalos 18 hours ago

    the metal soap

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 18 hours ago

    he has the morning voice

  • unbuttoned robe
    unbuttoned robe 18 hours ago

    When you feed the chickens with plutonium

  • Melroy Anderson
    Melroy Anderson 18 hours ago

    so I'm the only one that just pushes hot dogs off of forks with my hand?

  • FutureGaming Alex
    FutureGaming Alex 19 hours ago

    *when a zombie apocalypse happen*
    Me:I gotta find Taras kul

  • Alex H
    Alex H 19 hours ago

    boom count: 15

  • Mr. Dr. Professor Pink unicorn

    It hard and you can make it harder

    -taras 2017

  • paolo lorenzone
    paolo lorenzone 20 hours ago

    0:23 taras is jerking off

  • thehaloboy101a GAME
    thehaloboy101a GAME 21 hour ago

    2:13 it's also handy if you want to lick the whisk easier.

  • James M
    James M 21 hour ago

    "it makes the bottle really hard. You can make it harder" lololol

  • Ashley Ruiz
    Ashley Ruiz 22 hours ago

    he s so messy

  • Sassy the Sasquatch
    Sassy the Sasquatch 22 hours ago


  • Kc Ing
    Kc Ing 22 hours ago

    I love tarus videos but like he so sloppy it disturbing to me

  • Aiman Riqmal
    Aiman Riqmal 23 hours ago

    Thats kreazy😂😂

  • Alessandra Argenzio
    Alessandra Argenzio 23 hours ago

    Is this HowToBasic

  • Darren L
    Darren L 1 day ago

    U may need to invest in plates

  • Sαναgε GαΜεs

    1:35 "it's too thick" -Crazy Russian Hacker 2017

  • Sαναgε GαΜεs


  • Trellanie Johnson

    With these food gadget videos he will have a feast

  • Nicole Brown
    Nicole Brown 1 day ago

    You can squeeze it to make it harder....

  • Kring Bambi
    Kring Bambi 1 day ago

    im more entertained by the subtitle 😂

  • Deactivate Killer


  • Peyton the frdige

    you should blow up a coco cola bottle with soda saver

  • Diako Unknown 12
    Diako Unknown 12 1 day ago

    put dishsoap in the cleaner

  • Prem Kapadia
    Prem Kapadia 1 day ago

    i want to tell it a..hand job whisker

  • theawsomestgamer01

    your just wasting your food

  • Ryan Frost
    Ryan Frost 1 day ago

    Then after im gonna open it up. "WOAH, look at that air."

  • Ryan Frost
    Ryan Frost 1 day ago

    You know what guys its working very well. As like half of the pancake batter is on the counter. LOL

  • Jayson Epp
    Jayson Epp 1 day ago

    love display dood

  • Jonh Black
    Jonh Black 1 day ago

    go to 2:05 and turn on captions

  • Vivian Veloso
    Vivian Veloso 1 day ago


  • Vivian Veloso
    Vivian Veloso 1 day ago

    Did he just said weniger

  • Bartholomew Bilby

    my kitchen smells like winager!

  • Bartholomew Bilby

    Fails at using a fork! Must get a special fork gadget to use instead!

  • Pt0wN973b0iI
    Pt0wN973b0iI 1 day ago

    3:46 The eggs with double yolks are twins.

  • Whitney's World
    Whitney's World 1 day ago

    My mom: what do you want for dinner?
    The video I'm watching: we need to make, peencakes

  • Steven Thomas
    Steven Thomas 1 day ago

    heliumn change your vice

  • Chareese Bishop
    Chareese Bishop 1 day ago

    alot of sticking in this video😂😂😂😂😂................i'll go home
    (shane dawson reference)

  • AcidicProductionsHD

    "You know what guys, it works really well."

    As he continues to spill the pancake mix all over his countertop

  • pug face
    pug face 1 day ago

    twin eggs

  • Nic Gazda
    Nic Gazda 1 day ago

    Does anyone know if the metal soap works for gasoline because I'm buying if it does

    SRSLY 1 day ago

    who the f mixes pancake batter in such a flat bowl

  • Voltic Reactor
    Voltic Reactor 1 day ago

    "I need more milk. Its to thick" 🤤😮

  • Sarah Nielsen
    Sarah Nielsen 1 day ago

    My new drink game! Drink everytime he says "boom" xD

  • Slick
    Slick 1 day ago

    "Rub it on my hands, all that very smelly juice." -CrazyRussianHacker 2017

  • Lucka Mai
    Lucka Mai 1 day ago

    6:18 lol willgly

  • Lucka Mai
    Lucka Mai 1 day ago

    5:45 good for water bottle flipping

  • TABOSS789 bro
    TABOSS789 bro 1 day ago

    who got shivers at the cauliflower

  • nemy belly
    nemy belly 2 days ago

    Thanks for your videos^^

  • XxRandomGamingxX
    XxRandomGamingxX 2 days ago

    "That bottle is really really hard right now and you can even make it a little more HARDER" -Taras Kul 2017

  • Froggy MCPE
    Froggy MCPE 2 days ago

    Binababoy Si Crazyrussian Mga Pilipino?

  • Karan Verma
    Karan Verma 2 days ago

    insteal of pikle fork use another fork or spoon easy squeesy

  • Azriel Imran
    Azriel Imran 2 days ago

    i want my ringtone to be him constantly saying BOOM REMIX

  • Yamato U
    Yamato U 2 days ago

    men will be use to rubing the first gadget

  • Anonymous Someone
    Anonymous Someone 2 days ago

    *B O O M*

  • Brandon Holton
    Brandon Holton 2 days ago

    I use the metal bar after I go fishing. Helps with fish smell on hands

  • master606
    master606 2 days ago

    BAE: Ok that's deep enough Me: thats what they said

  • Wisiang Yopan Amonino

    double yolks

  • Yash Ashish Saini
    Yash Ashish Saini 2 days ago

    amazing i have tried the metal soap and the fork amazing and working

  • Marc Santiago
    Marc Santiago 2 days ago

    2:29 attaches to your what😂😂😂

  • Antonio The Gamer
    Antonio The Gamer 2 days ago

    See bottle is soft just pump it like this now it's hard and u can make it harder lol

  • Phoenix 951
    Phoenix 951 2 days ago

    I love winager on fries but I love his accsects

  • Bankway
    Bankway 2 days ago

    Whats up everybody welcome to my kietchin! Ayeeeee

  • lotheeus
    lotheeus 2 days ago

    I really like this guy

  • the space cowboy plays

    Taras teaches you how to make a mess

  • Theracinglegend420 Legend

    Do u use the food after u make it

  • Sauccy bou
    Sauccy bou 2 days ago

    1:52 as re serious man why gonna do that thing like that😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lightning PRO
    Lightning PRO 2 days ago

    Did you say that that was for your butthole😬😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐🤔☝🏻

  • Omg Hardik
    Omg Hardik 2 days ago

    Boom 💥

  • Zachary Dunbar
    Zachary Dunbar 2 days ago

    you are the best

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