Joe Cartoon: Superfly Sings I'm a Little Catfish

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Superfly takes a run at I'm a Little Catfish. Think you can do better? Record your own version and send us the link!

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Author joyeux rouge ( ago)
this is a very sad song :(

Author Area711 ( ago)
this video is funny XD. you guys should check out our channel we also make
cartoons. share it with your friends and subscribe. ^_^

Author Heather Berent ( ago)
I wish I knew the chords! :-)

Author MaggetTheFly ( ago)
I love superfly! He's so funny!

Author snapsnap2413 ( ago)
Where is he singing from? He has no mouth....

Author eric ramirez ( ago)
dam thats a fish!

Author MaggetTheFly ( ago)
I love this video....thnx for sharing!

Author Sapphire Coyote ( ago)
Awh awh awh, awh awh awh awh!

Author BLU Spy ( ago)
This is awesome! I like this better than the first version.

Author gag2man ( ago)
There is one. It's got most of the lines from the superfly episode in the

Author Mage Roman ( ago)
He's so cute!

Author Meagan Brugman ( ago)
whats the makers real name? i might know em

Author Hunter DeFraga ( ago)
83 people think they are better than the catfish

Author Nazeem ( ago)
...I totally want to head on up to the U.P, but I need to know what's the
hottest hang out spot there... and I need money....For some beer. :D

Author k a ( ago)
see my vids& learn herbs as coriander,pine,maca,dill,dock,dandelion,kelp ETC

Author kristynlx0x ( ago)
SUPER fly is AWSOME!!! I <3 u super fly!!! :D im soo wasted

Author BackFromHell ( ago)
LOL is all i have to say

Author baconater011 (435 years ago)
im a little cat fish! XD!!!

Author Jolo gdum ( ago)
@WorldStove the peopel are not thinking so far in 2 ther brains thets why
the noth jet win the award sorry for my english from holland hichinthesky
smoke weed all day peace peepsss greets holland

Author CHOCOLATIONZ ( ago)

Author Rebecca Bell ( ago)
When i get hungry i eat a duck...

Author Dawna A Barnett ( ago)
Ric Form MosAiK USA love this stuff

Author Evan Kiddo ( ago)
I demand for a Supah'Fly stuffed toy so everytime I squeeze it he says
"waazuuup!" "who's yo daddy!" "El Markooooooo!" xD

Author Rob Johnson ( ago)
justin beiber created 76 accounts and hated this because he cant sing that

Author Aleksandar997 ( ago)
Dude that was fucked up

Author Glowfer J ( ago)
His intro: " Yo man ssup!?" xD epic

Author Jeremy Carlson ( ago)
Now this is one fly I would NEVER Kill!!!!

Author 9RmoRE ( ago)
Best Remix Ever

Author WorldStove ( ago)
why o why has this not won a grammy yet?

Author Melissa Johnson ( ago)
i like the song nd super fly but to me it got ruined

Author fitster1 ( ago)
he must have got the red eye flight...

Author GotSlapedHD ( ago)
73 people do not eats a duck

Author roocckkiinn ( ago)
Best song evar

Author brycetony123 ( ago)
great song fuck the people who dislike

Author Bladedieselbd ( ago)
whats the melody from this? p.s. I just discovered superfly and I love it

Author MrFlufficans ( ago)
that cool

Author Phillip D. ( ago)
so freckin' awesome!!!!

Author aleccia5569 ( ago)
i thought he said daisy duck

Author kmoulton666 ( ago)
SO much better than the one by george hemp! :) i still love you george hemp

Author KiteSwift ( ago)
errr, how...odd

Author AMajesticJoke ( ago)
best song ever known to man

Author Destiny D ( ago)
69 people hate superfly and hate ducks D:

Author TavinHacker ( ago)
@runescapebotterdude te puedes ir ala verga maricon de mierda chupale la
bolas a tu perro jajaja maricon imbecil.

Author TavinHacker ( ago)
@runescapebotterdude tu ke puta de mierda te puedes ir a chingar a tu madre
estupido jodete hijo de puta jajajja.

Author dizzedrink ( ago)
@Stethacanthus thats coz you are a fAg lmao

Author TavinHacker ( ago)
@runescapebotterdude VETE A LA VERGA PUTO DE MIERDA PENDEJO Hahaha se que
es joe cartoon marica de mierda asi que callate estupido LOL!

Author TavinHacker ( ago)

Author Stethacanthus ( ago)
This song really speaks to me.

Author XXcrystalishaaXX ( ago)
I'm a Little Catfish... na na na na na..... dadadada......blah blah ( yeah
im bored xD )

Author youraverageuser ( ago)
this is great!

Author ruslan123454321 ( ago)
nice video!

Author ruslan123454321 ( ago)

Author robinarielmedia ( ago)
Crazy little superfly , Wow Funny as hell Well Done Robin Ariel Ross St
Claire Holgate Singer/Celebrity

Author AbsolutSierra ( ago)
haha funny little superfly! great vid!

Author Algis Kemezys ( ago)
this is just tops.

Author thepatshowonwp ( ago)
Nice and catchy, I like very much! Good musicianship, cool lyrics, two
thumbs up!

Author 1laneygirl ( ago)

Author Maurice Carr ( ago)
lol no ohh yea

Author Gta Rater ( ago)
Very better than Miley cirus

Author PumpkinPantees ( ago)
That fly is actully the best lol! GO SUPERFLY!!!!

Author TrollControlService ( ago)
Every time someone makes a lame comment about the number of people who
disliked a video another person dislikes the video.

Author souljaboydal ( ago)
G'won superfly! :>

Author Robyn Hill ( ago)
65 people never found out super-fly was their dad !!!! poor poor idiots

Author hayhay461 ( ago)
he is almost as awesome as chuck norris

Author webratt69 ( ago)
like the U.P. and lots o' Beer WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Author Breanna Lynn ( ago)
this is very catchy. and is now stuck in my head.

Author LulsParody ( ago)
i love this song. :)

Author Oakhillsadams ( ago)

Author mjhher3394 ( ago)
What are the notes for this song on the guitar?! i need to know!!!

Author LulsParody ( ago)
aw. :) superfly is cute

Author AssassinaterSly ( ago)
Superfly FTW!!!

Author DarkFenix492 ( ago)
I love Superflyyy... Banzzzzzaiiiiiii hehehehe

Author jesusownz999 ( ago)
i like this one better for some reason

Author M CRUZZ ( ago)
this song kick ass!! XD

Author cake & paper studios ( ago)
thats the CUTEST fly i ve ever seen!! Lol

Author webby366 ( ago)
so funny can't beat it lol

Author MrBloggo ( ago)
he is WAY BETTER then miley cyrus! XD

Author MrBloggo ( ago)
BEST!! im a little catfish!

Author undercop5567 ( ago)
@fabyulosa then he would say"i am! because i did dis to yo mammaaa!!!!"

Author italllies ( ago)
Hey man you got some beer, cause i need some more.

Author Dire Wolf ( ago)
if i had a magic wand...

Author karatejoe111 ( ago)
check out my youtube :D its pretty sweet and leave me a comment telling me
what u guys think of it

Author TheCelticFox ( ago)
magic wand

Author lakeshoredrives ( ago)
I'd get on outta here if i had my ???? @ 0.28ish?

Author sturlubatic ( ago)
duuude that was fucked up:)))) my favourite cartoon character:))

Author Angel Juliet ( ago)
I'd kill to go out with super fly

Author sk8erboi66ericko ( ago)
Hahaha, superfly is my favorite...xD

Author Grand Warlock InSinkErator ( ago)

Author fabyulosa ( ago)
Super flyyy! superfly would say to god: wazzap man? whos your daddy? xD

Author georgebarns ( ago)
yes, actually.

Author mandivergara ( ago)
superfly rocks!

Author Nick Moskal ( ago)
awesome viD!!!!!!

Author 3lk1nt0313m3nt0 ( ago)
superfly rocks

Author brofresh ( ago)
superflyy wassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap jaajja eres demasiado Loco

Author yiyamar ( ago)
ajahjahjahjahajm amo eeesee animaLiitO

Author Amanda Rocha ( ago)
I love that flyy XD

Author Grand Warlock InSinkErator ( ago)
is there an mp3 for this

Author Gotrilliten ( ago)
Maybe the punchline was that there was no punchline!

Author Cade Richardson ( ago)
i want this on itunes

Author NinjaCyborgJesus ( ago)
Super Mother Fuckin Fly !

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