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Author Shreyan M (3 months)
Joe Cartoon: Superfly Sings I'm a Little Catfish:

Author MaggetTheFly (1 year)
I love superfly! He's so funny!

Author Area711 (1 year)
this video is funny XD. you guys should check out our channel we also make
cartoons. share it with your friends and subscribe. ^_^

Author Heather Berent (1 year)
I wish I knew the chords! :-)

Author CHOCOLATIONZ (3 years)

Author Sapphire Coyote (1 year)
Awh awh awh, awh awh awh awh!

Author Bladedieselbd (4 years)
whats the melody from this? p.s. I just discovered superfly and I love it

Author joegfjh (6 years)
ever had squirrel or raccoon?

Author sk8erboi66ericko (5 years)
Hahaha, superfly is my favorite...xD

Author king4wheel (6 years)
no you have his father you homo

Author FueledWithCaffeine (5 years)
Aw, its so kawaii!

Author mjhher3394 (5 years)
What are the notes for this song on the guitar?! i need to know!!!

Author Breanna Lynn (5 years)
this is very catchy. and is now stuck in my head.

Author Lord Meatpie (6 years)
I luck Duck too :D and Rabbit as well. 2 of the best meats in the world.
And Buffalo too. Any meat is kick ass. I'd eat a fuckin' rhinoceros if I
had the chance.

Author paintitblackfans (6 years)
super fly rocks yo

Author killfest24 (6 years)

Author ddanger101 (6 years)
i know

Author 3lk1nt0313m3nt0 (5 years)
superfly rocks

Author Maurice Carr (4 years)
lol no ohh yea

Author Nick Moskal (5 years)
awesome viD!!!!!!

Author GirlGirl2366 (5 years)
HAHAAS ! LOL its funnyer than the original one

Author k a (3 years)
see my vids& learn herbs as coriander,pine,maca,dill,dock,dandelion,kelp ETC

Author Ultima22 (5 years)
Where's the punchline? Usually JoeCartoon does something wicked unexpected
at the end.

Author baconater011 (3 years)
im a little cat fish! XD!!!

Author LulsParody (5 years)
aw. :) superfly is cute

Author MrFlufficans (4 years)
that cool

Author ruslan123454321 (4 years)

Author fitster1 (3 years)
he must have got the red eye flight...

Author Moriah Todd (5 years)
*sniffle* that was beautiful.

Author ruslan123454321 (4 years)
nice video!

Author TheCelticFox (5 years)
magic wand

Author TavinHacker (4 years)
@runescapebotterdude VETE A LA VERGA PUTO DE MIERDA PENDEJO Hahaha se que
es joe cartoon marica de mierda asi que callate estupido LOL!

Author iRawRandom (5 years)
tasty Tasty duck ;D

Author thekobast (3 years)
Dude that was fucked up

Author Jolo gdum (3 years)
@WorldStove the peopel are not thinking so far in 2 ther brains thets why
the noth jet win the award sorry for my english from holland hichinthesky
smoke weed all day peace peepsss greets holland

Author XXcrystalishaaXX (4 years)
I'm a Little Catfish... na na na na na..... dadadada......blah blah ( yeah
im bored xD )

Author Rodrigo Brambilla Gomes (5 years)
How can i make animations ?

Author Lord Meatpie (6 years)
Nope, but if someone set a Squirrel KaBob or a Raccoon Roast in front of
me, Id chomp down on that shit ASAP.

Author jcfynx (5 years)

Author LazyLiberty (5 years)
thx! :D

Author hollyfrog123 (6 years)

Author Destiny D (4 years)
69 people hate superfly and hate ducks D:

Author aleccia5569 (4 years)
i thought he said daisy duck

Author hunter defraga (3 years)
83 people think they are better than the catfish

Author brycetony123 (4 years)
great song fuck the people who dislike

Author AbsolutSierra (4 years)
haha funny little superfly! great vid!

Author Rob Johnson (3 years)
justin beiber created 76 accounts and hated this because he cant sing that

Author BackFromHell (3 years)
LOL is all i have to say

Author fabyulosa (5 years)
Super flyyy! superfly would say to god: wazzap man? whos your daddy? xD

Author thepatshowonwp (4 years)
Nice and catchy, I like very much! Good musicianship, cool lyrics, two
thumbs up!

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