5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Mosquito Repeller - http://amzn.to/2rEFPcN
    Mini Flame Lantern - http://amzn.to/2roRuNz
    BiPod Stove - http://amzn.to/2twgpPL
    Primus Micron Lantern - http://amzn.to/2sBF0q3
    Personal Cooking System - http://amzn.to/2sBNSMw

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  • Varga Ioan
    Varga Ioan 1 hour ago

    make a garrage review

  • Bill Clinton Moses Manullang

    are you always said boom in every videos?

  • TheGoodParent TheGoodParent

    Ni *B* *B* a

  • TheGoodParent TheGoodParent

    whats this wire do? oh i can hang it, *gets suicidal thoughts* oh thats cool

  • BuLL eTZ
    BuLL eTZ 18 hours ago

    The 4th gadget is actually a portable heater. The last one is actually good also.

  • Farhat Naz
    Farhat Naz 20 hours ago

    I think you have already showed that last one

  • TeeJay Scottzilla
    TeeJay Scottzilla 20 hours ago


  • Azra'El
    Azra'El 22 hours ago

    I love this set hope we have this in the Philippines

  • William Wren
    William Wren 1 day ago

    Anyone else think the third one looked like the ship from Star Trek

  • em4r99
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  • ahmed Warshana
    ahmed Warshana 2 days ago

    hey taras can you make a camping video with your dogs

  • JustAnAlien
    JustAnAlien 2 days ago

    love your videos!

    TRILL CHRIST 2 days ago

    That's so veird boom

  • The Hero Software: Nat Hero14

    5:48 hit marker

  • Bulbasaur TV
    Bulbasaur TV 2 days ago

    I found your full name in Russian it's Тарас Кулаков

  • mal zakrove
    mal zakrove 3 days ago

    he changed the Russin Milita symbol to a star

  • Steffan Estrada
    Steffan Estrada 3 days ago

    You should go on camping trips and record them

  • William Denio
    William Denio 3 days ago

    is taras a communist?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    15516 project getting back into the house but share with me. the only way to get good condition family, - ?

  • Leo Ryan
    Leo Ryan 3 days ago

    Where did you get the new stove? I want to get a few of those.

  • fahad hassan
    fahad hassan 3 days ago

    you can find them everywhere in pakistan and you donot need to change the white thing that burns

  • Jayant Chaudhari
    Jayant Chaudhari 3 days ago

    I think he loves to say 💥boom

  • Thecrippledpotato 201

    Guys the last gadget is called the jetboil

  • Jethro Banzouzi
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  • Amos Crabtree
    Amos Crabtree 4 days ago

    the lantern was the coolest imo

  • Endr Warrior
    Endr Warrior 4 days ago

    The gas name was ISOPRO(I SO PRO)

    TEAM AAR 4 days ago

    Goodbye *what, oh what do I mean by goodbye. Just let me fall in the sea full of comments*

  • Ariz Wasseh
    Ariz Wasseh 4 days ago

    all i heard him say was
    turn it on on on and on and......

  • Mr.Death
    Mr.Death 4 days ago

    He Should Go Camping With All The Gadgets He Has. That Would Be Pretty Kuul

  • Rc Lewis
    Rc Lewis 4 days ago

    boom at 10:03

  • Robert Lynch
    Robert Lynch 4 days ago

    Those thermacell repellents pads will last at least three hours or more

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 4 days ago

    I only came for my daily dosage of booms

  • rob bob
    rob bob 4 days ago

    Anyone notice that he changes his logo?

  • Heat x Wavve
    Heat x Wavve 4 days ago

    I love Russians xD

  • cowlover3355 hodwy
    cowlover3355 hodwy 4 days ago

    I lost my gramcracker in my milk noooooooooo

  • NeXtarProducts
    NeXtarProducts 4 days ago

    These are awesome gadgets! Thanks for sharing CRH!

  • Ryan Kent
    Ryan Kent 4 days ago

    The white box for the lantern looks like you put it on top of the glass so it spreads light in all directions

  • Mark Moncivaiz
    Mark Moncivaiz 4 days ago

    your smart

  • Mark Moncivaiz
    Mark Moncivaiz 4 days ago

    your cool

  • stumpjumper123 Gaming

    the stove from 5:40 looks kind of like a swastica

  • HistoryBuff2000
    HistoryBuff2000 4 days ago

    I Liked 'Em All

  • CoRgZz
    CoRgZz 4 days ago

    Do a Fishing Gadgets video

  • CoRgZz
    CoRgZz 4 days ago

    Do a gadgets video for Fishing

  • Sophia Stecina
    Sophia Stecina 4 days ago

    My new favorite thing is putting these videos at 2 times the speed...

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  • Rita Harmon
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  • william kim
    william kim 4 days ago

    Fight cell apple pvelhn inside guideline this legislative whom signal speaker.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 4 days ago

    He used to have a green camping stove.

  • Grizzly The Bear
    Grizzly The Bear 4 days ago

    Hey he is keep saying lantn , lantan and lanturn btw I like the video though

  • Anshav Pancholi
    Anshav Pancholi 4 days ago


  • clarence Ahhh ma skin

    Your house must be full of gadgets! Lol

  • Arthur Leon
    Arthur Leon 4 days ago

    I like the smell of winniger

  • Ass Burgers
    Ass Burgers 4 days ago

    5:48 NCC-1701

    • Jim Adams
      Jim Adams 4 days ago

      Now with Primary hull burners!

  • Mari Rolewicz
    Mari Rolewicz 4 days ago

    I love the big cook top

  • Xi_kyrm X
    Xi_kyrm X 4 days ago

    Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

  • K_Diddly 31
    K_Diddly 31 4 days ago

    I think he's shown the last one before

  • Arjy Parjy
    Arjy Parjy 4 days ago

    One day he will say boom and the world blows up BOOM

  • Imnainggolan PM
    Imnainggolan PM 5 days ago

    i think he should name this video "camping-stove gadget" instead.

  • Иосиф Сталин

    Try serbian mre

  • lovely precious
    lovely precious 5 days ago

    5:20- Even a big pot. Boom, an even bigger pot......boom, an even bigger pot.....

  • Dhilan Rocky
    Dhilan Rocky 5 days ago

    what is he saying in intro.?..*whatsup everybody..welcome to motherfuckertoy#$@%&^%#%#%*

  • Thermal_Sniper X
    Thermal_Sniper X 5 days ago

    This is more like portable stove gadgets

  • TheDrunkCooks
    TheDrunkCooks 5 days ago

    What does Taras say when he cums?


  • Travis Shouse
    Travis Shouse 5 days ago

    hasn't he done the last one before

  • Alvis Gwa
    Alvis Gwa 5 days ago

    arent lantern mantles radioactive

  • IMaKILLER 9982
    IMaKILLER 9982 5 days ago

    Taras can you make q videos about carpentry gadgets

  • john M
    john M 5 days ago

    Why is he taping over the name and logos?

  • HH Jiffy
    HH Jiffy 5 days ago

    all of 'em..... youre awesome Brother

  • SsoosS
    SsoosS 5 days ago

    Thumbs up if you think CrazyRussianHacker should do "As Seen On TV Products".

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    Did you say thumbs up for me? Well ,
    I never listen to anyone 😏

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    fat meme god 5 days ago

    old intro pls

  • Slanina s vajíčkama a chlebem

    Turn subtitles on when is intro

  • Baloodini
    Baloodini 5 days ago

    I like the stove for big pots and the filament style bright lantern

  • Glenn Rhee
    Glenn Rhee 5 days ago

    The 5 gadget was in older video

  • Lupe Soriano
    Lupe Soriano 5 days ago

    do these gadgets when u go camping or with an MRE

  • Cool 12345678910
    Cool 12345678910 5 days ago

    Thumbs up for me

  • Shafeeda Ali
    Shafeeda Ali 5 days ago

    do fridge gadgets

  • Shafeeda Ali
    Shafeeda Ali 5 days ago

    do TV gagets

  • Shafeeda Ali
    Shafeeda Ali 5 days ago

    how come they look like vapes

  • Chad Drake
    Chad Drake 5 days ago

    Why was your cast iron skillet so dirty?

  • ULTIMATEVortex127
    ULTIMATEVortex127 5 days ago

    this is my favorite anime

  • Sanhar Rinis
    Sanhar Rinis 5 days ago

    The lantern with the cloth "the space lantern" as you say is mostly used in the rural areas of India... It has been in use for decades and still.

  • ScottJW
    ScottJW 5 days ago

    Turn it on on and turn it on


    I like the pot attachment

  • SRG __Miller
    SRG __Miller 5 days ago

    Do nazi mre exist?

  • the deathcloud
    the deathcloud 5 days ago

    u should clean that skillit pleas

  • Yogesh Ashiwal
    Yogesh Ashiwal 5 days ago

    U are amazing

  • Udbhav Asiwal
    Udbhav Asiwal 5 days ago

    u are amazing

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  • Aaj Tak Live
    Aaj Tak Live 5 days ago

    boom betichod

  • Demonic Darkness
    Demonic Darkness 5 days ago

    How about vintage camping gadgets?

  • Xi_kyrm X
    Xi_kyrm X 5 days ago

    I get totally lost labbatowy

  • Hannah Pham
    Hannah Pham 5 days ago

    My favorite gadget was the second lantern

  • Mithurshan Akilan
    Mithurshan Akilan 5 days ago

    the stove looks like a Star Trek space ship

  • Sami Huovinen
    Sami Huovinen 5 days ago

    Do you go fishing while you camping?


    You should shoot your FN SCAR more

  • ChrisChin AnusWeenie

    4:08 so there's no licking😂

  • K0M4ROV T-34
    K0M4ROV T-34 5 days ago

    Five kingpin gadjick

  • FeatherFox AJ
    FeatherFox AJ 5 days ago

    Please test the giant stove with a egg and the cup stove with chicken noodle soup!

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