Sun Singer - Episode 25

Sun Singer | Ep- 25 | Dt 21-07-13

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Author Soosai Antony (3 months)
keep up robin

Author Ram Yadav (4 months)
Margo margo super

Author Charu Lokesh (3 months)

Author Dhandapani AV (11 months)
All is wel

Author aajil aajil (3 months)

Author Tisha Bavani 缇莎 (9 months)
I like shivani

Author Dhandapani AV (11 months)

Author ocen ocn (7 months)

Author Dhandapani AV (11 months)
Life is our hand

Author Djirave Radja (1 year)

Author shanthan006 (5 months)

Author selva sulthan (1 year)

Author k punniyan (1 year)

Author Anandhajothi Murugan (1 year)
robin, reethu, aswathi and janagan sll four guys performance was not so

Author HANNAN HRN (1 year)
superooo superrr

100% sure will win shivani

Author Milk sel (1 year)
Anusya number one good

Author sara vanan (1 year)
Anusha is the best.....

Author abd sayed (1 year)
by the performnce shivani already u win the title,incoming episodes just
for time pass.GOD BLESS U

Author kalpana ramanan (1 year)
This round I like Robin, I expect more from Janagan, selection of song is
not good, plea select the best song like sangeetha jathi mulli otherwise u
will not score more marks in final, Anushya&Shivani good
performance,Aswathi ok,Rith performance is not good as I like in previous
rounds. My hearty wishes to u all for final

Author Vishnuu Param (1 year)
Shivani is so cute and beautiful.Love you shivani

Author Alamelu K (1 year)
shivani only has the capability to sing any type of song .Obviously shivani
only wins the title of sunsinger

Author Anandhajothi Murugan (1 year)
Hai Anuradha why this one sided judgement.............always it is
unfair.....Gangai amaran sir react is exactly correct as he knows who is
the talents and his support as all viewers support is ANUSHYA only for her
9 yrs age with cute talented performance everybody knows. But you always
corner her and we are telling that you are not qualified for judge in
future. ANANDHAJOTHI from Saudi Arabia (

Author Supaluxmiy Selvarajan (1 year)
rabin alll the best

Author govinda raj (1 year)
ANU kutti fantastic voice

Author kandasamy sathishkumar (1 year)

Author hajamohideen haja (1 year)
singer singer superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Author raj (1 year)
When I on comments in sunsinger,99% vote for Anushia.Anuratha madam, did
you realise who is Anushia? Open your eyes n ears. Why ONLY YOU cannnnot
seeeeeee how the little cute child performs? You wear spectacle and ear
machine.Millions already voted for her from her verrry Verrry 1ST
N MORE confident chweeeety. C U AT DE TOP MAA. ALL WILL PRAY FOR U
CHELLAM.I'M V NERVOUS about de final.My husband IS A big big big FAN OF U.

Author Deva Selvan (1 year)
paappathi Anuradha judgement is not good

Author sharfu chellam (1 year)
My sweet anusuya.

Author Saranya R (1 year)
Heart touching perfomance......Anushya.....u always stands in peoples heart

Author Ashta Ravin (1 year)
One should not comment on the judges' or their decision, this might induce
their superiority and ego thus tarnishing anushiya's chances of winning the
tittle . Way to go baby anushya, just love the way you sing...great talent.

Author MUNI VK (1 year)
wish you all the best sun singers!!!!!

Author Kim Sunshine (1 year)
Shivani beautiful

Author Zafar Kim (1 year)
Anusiya deserve to win this title such heart breaking performance ofcourse
Janakan shivani near to them

Author Surjen Alphonse (1 year)
over make up

Author Deva Selvan (1 year)
Amaran sir is always gud

Author Faheer asmina (1 year)
suppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer sivani anusiya

Author annamalai muthuraman (1 year)
H I,Anusaiya ,i wish u all the best.God bless you child.

Author pascal cimon (1 year)

Author Suzie Low (1 year)

Author Nithya Kalpana (1 year)
shivani your folk song is super great keep going for the finals all the
best . Iam thinking your the title winner

Author Arivarman (1 year)
Pls fix no stream

Author nithia rajah (1 year)
anushiya deserved to be in final... i cant believe she got lower mark than

Author raj (1 year)
Amaran Sir, every one can feel how you felt Sir. We were very sad to see
you when walked away when Anurada announced stupidly. I always agreed to
your remarks. You were very fair in comments in every singers n told
"avanga enna solvaanga theriyathu" You r correct Sir." Tq rq Sir.

Author kgp pillai (1 year)
Shivani gave us a village treat. Shivani always dazzle the stage with her
selection of the songs. You will surely get the title of sunsinger

Author Arivarman (1 year)
Shuvani shld win

Author Ponnusamy S (1 year)
sweet sister ANUSHYA........ wishing you all success forever.......
irrespective of the results I salute chweettttttttt doll....... :)

Author azeez sahul (1 year)
anusya nice very talented performance keep it up

Author Laxman Kandasamy (1 year)
Wish u all the best Anushya as well as Shivani, both are did fantastic

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