Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER

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  • RocketDoesYT2000 // Roy

    Good maybe when there's a tornado you can hide there XD lol

  • Fredradk DK
    Fredradk DK 2 hours ago


  • Molten_
    Molten_ 3 hours ago

    where he keeps all his cocaine

  • Tom McGraw
    Tom McGraw 8 hours ago

    No decontamination area for radioactive substances or after you're sweaty from cutting the lawn?

  • cory2146
    cory2146 8 hours ago

    Did you need a permit for this?

  • Corrupt Grasshopper
    Corrupt Grasshopper 11 hours ago

    I would totally just live in there forever

  • Tony Babilaboni
    Tony Babilaboni 12 hours ago

    Well Collin, all you need now is some power armor

  • Cameron Barbat
    Cameron Barbat 15 hours ago

    I'm not jealous shut up

  • Sabam Simataraja
    Sabam Simataraja 22 hours ago

    How to construct a bathroom pipe and wc how to .... ????

  • Sabam Simataraja
    Sabam Simataraja 22 hours ago

    god job bro..

  • hugogamer255
    hugogamer255 1 day ago

    There should be security cameras in the shed but the bunker is still awesome

  • ViroFox
    ViroFox 1 day ago

    What was the cost

  • cheesy nacho chips

    make a food gun

  • Coolguy Strikes Global Offensive

    I'm gay for men

  • UndiscoveredTale
    UndiscoveredTale 1 day ago

    Colin, you sure the shed will be up after an Apocalyptic disaster? Bet that shed would be literally hunted down, because of these video's. :D

  • robert eales
    robert eales 1 day ago

    just stumbled on this channel ...brilliant

  • Lincoln Morgan
    Lincoln Morgan 1 day ago


  • Ryan Felice
    Ryan Felice 1 day ago

    He is prepared!

  • kize32
    kize32 2 days ago

    Do you have a permit for this?

  • Ben Crawford
    Ben Crawford 2 days ago

    Jaime Lannister's cool cousin...

    GRANDUMY 2 days ago


  • President Gaming
    President Gaming 2 days ago

    That ain't a bunker! thats a room at a 4 star hotel!!

  • Duke Figglesby
    Duke Figglesby 2 days ago

    Colin can you build that under my backyard too

  • Stellae Nocte
    Stellae Nocte 2 days ago

    I just realized the thermite launcher looks like a incinerator off Fallout

  • Capell C.I.
    Capell C.I. 2 days ago

    This bunker is incomplete until you have hentai

    • NekoChan
      NekoChan 2 days ago

      that's silly. you'll need a breeding pair or two to repopulate the human race. free live action porn.

  • Erl Paulus Rogales
    Erl Paulus Rogales 2 days ago

    Wtf. Is that a lady on the drawing? Nice plan it's look like you fuck a lady hahaha

  • Screaming Zebra
    Screaming Zebra 2 days ago

    When you say it like that it sounds simple

  • DirtyDiesel100
    DirtyDiesel100 2 days ago

    Could you build me one. Incase Corbyn gets in power and pulls the plug on are armed forces.

  • Aiden4Jesus2017
    Aiden4Jesus2017 2 days ago

    so if something bad did happen and people were looking for you, then you just messed up by showing the public how to get in...

    PİLLs HERE 3 days ago

    you should have made a solar panels for energy

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith 3 days ago

    is that... is that up to code?

  • Chilli Doge
    Chilli Doge 3 days ago

    That would be really useful to go and have a wank in

  • Shiggi SOS
    Shiggi SOS 3 days ago

    this could be a commercial from the rick and morty universal TV...

  • MLG Pro!!!!! 111
    MLG Pro!!!!! 111 3 days ago

    Can u make a bunker for meeee plz🙏🙀🙀🙀

  • Rudra Ray
    Rudra Ray 3 days ago


  • Rudra Ray
    Rudra Ray 3 days ago

    3 35

  • gmanhero
    gmanhero 3 days ago

    Should have a Hydrogen generator :O

  • jgaming
    jgaming 3 days ago

    yeah but he would take his stuff with him and your not English I'm English and colin is english

  • Dark
    Dark 3 days ago

    If this is supposed to be a secret super safe bunker its not anymore since 14 and 1/2 millions people have watched this.

  • Brother Coduss
    Brother Coduss 3 days ago

    well, he probably made a bit of cash selling the stone he dug up

  • caleb Riggle
    caleb Riggle 3 days ago

    what about weapons to protect yourself ?

  • tech technically
    tech technically 3 days ago

    But, why?

  • Sam Mason
    Sam Mason 3 days ago

    I'm so jealous 😒 😂

  • BrotherChurchStairs

    What did we do to deserve this man

  • Mysterious Mungus
    Mysterious Mungus 3 days ago

    Bad thing is he can never move house

    ELECTRO GAMING 3 days ago

    i sneaked inside there

  • Daedric Lord of Darkness

    awesome bunker.

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller 3 days ago

    He looks like a guy you could sit down and have a drink with.

  • Luka Reus
    Luka Reus 3 days ago

    Minecraft in real life

  • Sergei Rachmaninov
    Sergei Rachmaninov 3 days ago

    Did this have to be approved by the city?

  • Chris Burkadt
    Chris Burkadt 3 days ago

    totally cool!!

  • hi59300
    hi59300 4 days ago

    That is cool

  • Elite's Gaming Channel

    that is f*cking awesome!!! where can I order one???

  • Blackwidow Lady
    Blackwidow Lady 4 days ago

    That is absolutely amazing

  • Lil' Legit
    Lil' Legit 4 days ago

    cool thing he is ready and pack of punch

  • Ville Hautakangas
    Ville Hautakangas 4 days ago

    Fallout 5 confirmed

  • M-man SK
    M-man SK 4 days ago

    From where will you get elecricity

  • Weißer Krieger
    Weißer Krieger 4 days ago

    That bunker would easily get destroyed by a nuke from Russia.

  • Dante Gagliardi
    Dante Gagliardi 4 days ago

    This guy is a savage

  • Ashton Krause
    Ashton Krause 4 days ago

    I'd probably use that as a workshop, because if it blows up nobody will be mad at me.

    honestly, it'd be safer to be outside in the apocalypse than inside any bunker I make XD

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 4 days ago

    He could be British batman

  • QuantumShadowz
    QuantumShadowz 4 days ago

    3 words... Im. So. Jealous.

  • David Sustar
    David Sustar 4 days ago

    He's amazing

  • Exonat_
    Exonat_ 4 days ago

    no matter how much sleep would be ruined by diggers, guns, drills and more, I'd love to live with this guy

  • Luis Carrillo
    Luis Carrillo 4 days ago


  • Junfeng Chen
    Junfeng Chen 4 days ago

    Do a 3 day challenge and live in there!

  • Henry Reichle
    Henry Reichle 5 days ago

    This is how he is surviving the adpocolpsye

  • Raul .T
    Raul .T 5 days ago

    That's so dope love your videos

  • Cadenthor
    Cadenthor 5 days ago

    Who needs England when you have a bunker and assassins creed syndicate!

  • Samuel Karlsson
    Samuel Karlsson 5 days ago

    @ colinfurze = You seem to like underground structures, a subterranean* beach hut *and* a bunker with beautiful arched ceiling! o.O

  • Dustin Mccool
    Dustin Mccool 5 days ago

    can you give me the wolverine claws plz

  • Moss Thienpheth
    Moss Thienpheth 5 days ago

    just in case you should get more weapons

  • Four Owls
    Four Owls 5 days ago

    ohhh this guy is like my inner guy fantasies (well the ones I can actually discuss here!!) come to it and his enthusiasm too

  • Nibble UK
    Nibble UK 5 days ago

    will you make a new bunker if you move house?

  • Alexander Gallardo
    Alexander Gallardo 5 days ago

    i would use it to smoke weed lol

  • MemeGOD1
    MemeGOD1 5 days ago

    wonder how much this costs

  • Victor valverde
    Victor valverde 5 days ago

    I just saw you on a comursal

  • Nugget Biscuit
    Nugget Biscuit 5 days ago

    how much did this all cost do you think?

  • purple ace
    purple ace 5 days ago

    if it was the end of the world i would want to be at his house

  • Estienne
    Estienne 5 days ago

    The new british Wolfgang Přiklopil

  • Coś Tam
    Coś Tam 5 days ago

    Bunker islamicrefugesproof

  • Blazing gamer
    Blazing gamer 5 days ago

    you should make soalar pannels on the roof of the shed and cables leading down and also make a place that can hold electricity so then if you cant make anymore you have some stored

  • SmokyTiger101
    SmokyTiger101 5 days ago

    A bunker to Colin, a morgue to me...

  • SmokyTiger101
    SmokyTiger101 5 days ago

    You could rent this out to a lodger, I'm serious!

  • Pinhead Larry
    Pinhead Larry 5 days ago

    I could totally live down there

  • Your Average Nerd
    Your Average Nerd 5 days ago

    How much did it cost?

  • olivier simonneau
    olivier simonneau 5 days ago

    Where the fuck does this guy get all the money to finance all these things, that's bad ass. I would love to be this dudes kid

  • Filip
    Filip 5 days ago

    Did you bought the new gas filters for those gas mask?
    Because those are GP-5 soviet gas masks and their original filters have asbestos in them and they are bad for your lungs.
    I would recommend buying new filters that are not from Soviet era.

  • Friendly Zhark
    Friendly Zhark 6 days ago

    A gamer's dream when the zombie apocalypse comes.

  • Artur Schopenhauer
    Artur Schopenhauer 6 days ago

    What. The. Actual. Fuck.

  • Жанатбек Саулет

    на зомбиопакалипсе мозны жит бункерн

  • Jeffery Limpur
    Jeffery Limpur 6 days ago

    is this real?

  • I'm Retarted
    I'm Retarted 6 days ago

    quality content

  • Rayweaver Cassandra

    oh i so want one of those that would be my dream gift a place were my brother and sister cant go and were i can hang out with my friends most of them are guys so they would love it and i'm a tomboy so awesome

  • Team View
    Team View 6 days ago

    just to amazing, a great enjoyment to view!

  • Just Too FAT
    Just Too FAT 6 days ago

    My question is, would it stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter without a HVAC system?

  • Jake paulers for life 874

    u should make a under water Apocalypses house/Bunker

  • FallingUpwardz
    FallingUpwardz 6 days ago

    this is so fucking sick

  • Drago 106
    Drago 106 6 days ago

    why the bunker though??????

  • Asher AJ
    Asher AJ 6 days ago

    If there's ever a tornado can I hide in your bunker?

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