How to Check Your White Privilege

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  • Janis L.
    Janis L. 10 hours ago

    There are actualy black band aids and they were invented by a white man.

  • Matt Catarius
    Matt Catarius 23 hours ago

    My butt is black

  • TwisterLord
    TwisterLord 3 days ago

    The irony is that people call you "privileged" yet they treat you like dirt.

  • Chasity Slocum
    Chasity Slocum 5 days ago

    I just learned I'm mixed I have a little bit of Irish and German I just thought 💭 that was cool 😎 thing to learn about myself. Overall it's not that big of a deal 🙂.

  • Chasity Slocum
    Chasity Slocum 5 days ago

    My step dad's name is John smith you two would get along a lot lol 😂

  • Wyrd Wytch
    Wyrd Wytch 9 days ago

    Basic white girl seeks privileged white male

  • Courtshannon
    Courtshannon 16 days ago

    this made me laugh so hard

  • Morgan white
    Morgan white 17 days ago

    Your sarcasm shows your stupidity and your unwillingness to learn about white privileges . You are stupid!

  • AnotherBJDChannel
    AnotherBJDChannel 17 days ago

    Lmbo! I have at least 50 points. Yessss!

  • JBCoronet
    JBCoronet 18 days ago

    yaaaay I have no privilege cuz I'm Latino (but if u say I'm Mexican I'll find u and kill u)

  • Shittum Wood
    Shittum Wood 22 days ago

    The term "White Supremacy" was invented in the 70's by Marxists. It's called critical theory.

  • Stefan
    Stefan 22 days ago

    That was hell funny good job.

  • Sework2011
    Sework2011 23 days ago

    I love this dude . I'm no homo just thinking he reading my mind. and so young to realize how to combat this awful stereotype we have. Keep it up!

  • TrollMaster300
    TrollMaster300 24 days ago

    We(white people) do reap the benefits. we killed all the native Indians then stole blacks against their will and forced them to work for free and treated them less than a dog. killing them in vile ways. torturing raping hanging burning list goes on. all for fun. cause we'd just go get more. sane people, dont let the racist white trolls use that reverse psychology on you. as their defense mechanism. to suppress their white guil.

    im from the south. ive seen and heard stories from my pawpaw(former slave master) all the sick shit whites did to blacks. that history wont show you guys. now the racist white trolls are saying blacks can be racist and the black lives matter is being compared to the kkk. funny back then, the black panthers were being labeled terrorists by these same racist white trolls. and black panthers never killed any whites. crazy world we live in. whites benefited from blacks blood sweat and tears. white racists dont want to share. look up the sick shit whites did to blacks. blacks have every legit reason to hate us but they dont. ask whites why they're racist. they don't even know why. this world is all fucked up. they love to belittle black slavery and conpare it to indentured servitude of other races. also they love the whole "blacks sold their own" lie. and the "blacks owned slaves too" lmao its all just horse shit but the racist white trolls latch on to those lies like a blanket at night.

    its the whole image painting of blacks to be violent unstable monsters. but look at white history. you'll see who's really the most violent! but love to play innocent victim. im gone. this world is doomed.

  • Fangirl FiftySix ™

    Nice. I recommend this and the jacksfilms privilege quiz.

  • Charlotte483
    Charlotte483 1 month ago

    ...Why is everyone so ignorant? Being white privileged doesn't mean you have zero struggles and that your life is so much better than everyone else's life. It means that you know you won't be seen as a threat by police, and that you won't be discriminated against because of your skin colour. Checking your white privilege means being aware and acknowledging the fact that SOME ASPECTS of your life are easier than the same aspects in POC's lives. It doesn't mean you're a horrible person, no one is blaming anyone for being born white, but saying you have no privilege is just ignorant.

  • Lh Lh
    Lh Lh 1 month ago

    this was hilarious hahha, 50% privilage

  • under ground
    under ground 1 month ago

    You know the only reason people claim white privilege is because their scared of getting fucked up so they think sticking those peoples dicks in their mouth will keep them safe. No such thing as white privilege its about money fucking idiots if u have money ur privileged if u dont white or black ur fucked. Stop kissing ass ur not stopping shit 😂😂😂🍆

  • leet haxorz
    leet haxorz 1 month ago

    GUY makes racist video about white privellage
    problem is sonny
    from the crappy resolution I'm gonna guess that you're whitE

  • leet haxorz
    leet haxorz 1 month ago

    goes to store
    cashier: how would you like to pay for that
    idiots that think whit privelage=a thing: MY WHITE PRIVELAGE
    cashier: but you're not even white
    idiot: I sexually identify as a trans everything apache attack helicopter MADE out of all the #76genders tweets
    cashier: dude get money out or you aren't gonna get it
    idiot: HATE CRIME
    911 operator: what's that a HATE crime , send in the military *sarcasm intensifies*

  • Will Forster
    Will Forster 1 month ago

    is this a joke ?

  • Speedy Speed
    Speedy Speed 1 month ago

    I bathe in white privilege!!!

  • Rosy Sun.
    Rosy Sun. 1 month ago

    what if I'm yellow

  • HiMaRiX
    HiMaRiX 1 month ago

    I mean I'm pretty olive fam

  • Red_Crysis
    Red_Crysis 1 month ago

    "Privilege" is basically just you being fortunate enough to be born into a family that could make a decent amount of money.

  • Blade Madison
    Blade Madison 1 month ago

    corny ..your trying to be funny on a real fucked up saying..

  • Winter Soldier
    Winter Soldier 1 month ago

    My white priv is that I have a huge schlong

  • thebosun181
    thebosun181 1 month ago

    Total LOL

  • Ciara Ross
    Ciara Ross 1 month ago

    Fucking idiot

  • Does anyone have a good username for me? ??

    2:01 but it's grey tho...

  • Kenric Romel
    Kenric Romel 1 month ago

    most cucks don't even know what the key word in racism is. let's start there

  • Kenric Romel
    Kenric Romel 1 month ago

    I so wish you'd come to my neighborhood​ talking that smack, the hood white boys would kick your ass

  • Kevin Zelada
    Kevin Zelada 1 month ago

    I remember at one of my wrestling matches, i accidentally cut in front of some white girl to get food, and she was like check your privilege. Wtf. Like none of this shit is real. It is made up by people who think they are oppressed and use scapegoats like race for their made up problems.

  • mrbubetube
    mrbubetube 1 month ago

    this white supremacist needs a HUGE ass whoopin

  • Logical Beast
    Logical Beast 1 month ago

    "I has dark skin!!! Give me free stuff so I don't have to sacrifice and work for, it like you did!!!! <--- sarcasm in it's most extreme form.

  • Oh Okay
    Oh Okay 2 months ago


  • Anth Weston
    Anth Weston 2 months ago

    thank you! I now know how to deal with this horrific curse.

  • Jonathan Pierce
    Jonathan Pierce 2 months ago

    damn!!! where the f**k is my white privilege?? I'm white and I want my privileges unfortunately I'm still busting my butt for what I have now


    +hunter: Of course you albinos aka white psychopaths have privilege in Amerikkka and if you don't see it, it's because you don't want to see it. Albinos aka white psychopaths need privilege in order to compete with so-called black (melanin) people. You're just another weak albino who can't handle the truth.

  • vachevyguy
    vachevyguy 2 months ago

    After splitting and stack all this wood at 8 pm after getting up and going to work at 5 am
    I just realized how privileged I am

  • canitka ptulos
    canitka ptulos 2 months ago you realize the white privelege is just a buzzword for pretty damn obvious power structures that benefit people who have IN GENERAL an advantage. That is not to say some white men are disadvantaged but in GENERAL you are less likely to be given the benefit of the doubt. Why do you guys have such an issue with sociological understandings of power structures which effect people particularly in positions of authority who make rash judgements based on sex or skin colour... or socio economic status...or class status...or the suburb you live in. The fact is is that people do make these judgements.... and it is often unfair.

  • trollingonaot/tubsfullofsunlight

    I once had a ignorant Hispanic girl say that just because i don't belive in white privilege then it means that I have it. I told her that I'm not white. I asked her what she thought of H O M E L E S S white men and she started going full retard saying that he has privilege because he would get advantages that homeless black man wouldnt get. This is bullshit. Homeless non-white people are most likely to get help because they are seen has more helpless than homeless white people. She's the one that is privileged because she gets to say all these cancerous racist shit about white people AND GET AWAY WITH IT. She says that white people always get away with racism is dumb. I told her to stop justifying racism and then she calls me a racist and then says that I'M THE ONE justifying racism. Someone please shoot me.

  • Master Bates
    Master Bates 2 months ago

    The dipshit white liberals are more to blame than anyone. All the fat colored hair feminazi cunts and such.

  • DeathBadger1231
    DeathBadger1231 2 months ago

    White male here... I was told there would be privileges?

  • SuperGreg45
    SuperGreg45 2 months ago

    Actually, the correct way to check your white privilege can be done in a couple simple steps.

    Try this one, pick a company. Now apply for it as yourself, then apply with a black sounding name. Make all the qualifications and everything the exact same. Now, call the company, tell them your name, and see what happens. Call again the next day, tell them your ethnic name, and see what happens. Actually, call as the black guy first.

    Or you could try this one, if you really wanted to do the experiment. Go find a white person and a black person, with the same credit or banking status, etc. Now, make them go to the same dealership separately and buy the exact same car. Watch who gets charged more.

    Hmm, or you could find 10 white people and 10 black people, and go find a spot where the same police officer will be sitting all day. Have the 10 white people pass him doing a traffic violation, and the same with the blacks. Go ahead and conduct which group of people got pulled over more.

    Do I need to go on? If someone ACTUALLY did these experiments we would prove how very real subliminal racism is.

  • ThursdayLane i1 boulevard realtv

    please sit on my face

  • Goofen
    Goofen 2 months ago

    this is irony. he's not serious about it ( for the people who wonder if this is ironic or not)

    JAMES THE GOOD 2 months ago

    You forgot about making sure white people pour themselves a great big glass of white guilt before going out to face the day .

  • Dont Needtoknow
    Dont Needtoknow 2 months ago

    Move to any other non-European country and see if you're privileged over there white people.

  • Gr Bo
    Gr Bo 2 months ago

    Black= Everything you have and want, you deserve. Always love yourself. You are not guilty bc of your skin color. White= Everything you have, you don't deserve. Everything you want, you should NOT have bc you DON'T deserve it. Don't love yourself. You are responsible for the actions of EVERY other person with your skin color.

  • PrivilegedWhiteMales Band

    We feel so horrible about our collor that we recorded a song and a music video about it...privileged white males want to give back to society!

  • Marcene
    Marcene 3 months ago

    Fuck I'm black and I feel like I need to check my white privilege.

  • SJW rapist
    SJW rapist 3 months ago

    when I was looking at my self in the mirror I pulled my butt apart and noticed the skin on my buttholes was brown how many points is that worth? 😀 can i say the N word now?

  • Mina
    Mina 3 months ago

    I got a Buzzfeed ad before this video...

  • Dick Plummer
    Dick Plummer 3 months ago

    I grew up poor, nearly skin and bone due to an alcoholic father who preferred going to the bar over his children and rent. Did I mention that i'm also white?

    I don't care what snowflakes call me, i'll still knock their teeth out if confronted by one.

  • Betty Bop
    Betty Bop 3 months ago

    Yes, you're truly very white.

  • Mixed Chick
    Mixed Chick 3 months ago

    Alright, let me clear this up. White privileges most definitely exist. It's not a white person citizens fault but throughout time being white had been shown to be better. White men are paid the most out of all races. If a white man and black man are arrested for the same crime, the white man gets a shorter time. It's not fair, but true. In American society white has always been the best standard. It's very unfortunate, but as a person of color I have came to realize that living in America, it's harder for us. Not because of everyday white people, but because of the government and the justice system. Blacks have to be very careful, specifically males.

    • Dejan Haskovic
      Dejan Haskovic 2 months ago

      So many wrong claims in one comment. You are a typical far left liberal who just repeats what they read on tumblr.
      ASIAN MEN ARE THE MOST PAYED PEOPLE IM AMERICA. WHAT ABOUT ASIAN PRIVILEGE? Oh wait! It doesn't fit your narrative and ideology of white hatred so we will just ignore it and lie about it, right?

  • Moustachio
    Moustachio 3 months ago

    Sorry all blacks for being white. now shine my shoes

  • Komplex
    Komplex 3 months ago

    Ahhhh fuck... I'm privileged. Better go kill myself.

  • kain the dragoon
    kain the dragoon 3 months ago

    To all the sjw's and feminists: suck my cis gender white male dick

  • Luke M
    Luke M 3 months ago

    You potential slave owner! How dare you use the term, "white privilege"! That's THEIR TERM

  • Kitty Fox
    Kitty Fox 3 months ago

    Dang this is funny...

  • Random TV
    Random TV 3 months ago

    I have an annoying black friend named Jamal and when he said his name I got nostalgic

  • Diego Magana
    Diego Magana 3 months ago

    I guess there is such privilege. I mean I'm Mexican, but I've have light skin (I'm by no means white though) hell some people think I'm of European descent like Spanish or Portuguese etc. However this all goes out the window because if you're well mannered, and a hard working person, believe me you will earn your privileges. That being said, I don't give privilege to anyone. I hate everything equally, you're not special lol. I'll simply like you if you're a nice guy or gal, period.

  • Eric Andrews
    Eric Andrews 3 months ago

    while I agree with you I also want to smash your smug face with a brick

    • Eric Andrews
      Eric Andrews 3 months ago

      after finishing the video I no longer want to smash your face with a brick

  • Stingy From Lazytown
    Stingy From Lazytown 3 months ago

    You don't have to worry about being seen as a threat whenever your out in public because of your skin. People don't have a pre expectation for you to act " ghetto or trashy " and you don't worry about cops pulling you over because of the way you look. (My friends have literally had cops pull them over without s good reason) and if you don't get the job, you can be sure it was NOF due to your skin color. Your race doesn't impact your everyday life. I'm not saying all white people are rich privileged pieces of shit but I am saying that being white comes with certain advantages that other races don't have. I'm white. I used to get kinda scared if I saw a really dark skinned person. Like my mind would jump to the conclusion that they were a threat. Why? Media & social expectations is what I think. I swear if a really dark skinned guy with dread locks and a hoodie was waking around in a mostly white community he gonna have to prove that he is trust worthy where as if a white guy came here he gonna be treated normal.

    • Michelle Louise
      Michelle Louise 3 months ago

      Asians commit the least violent crime, earn the most money, lowest incarceration rates etc. Blacks are the most violent, highest incarceration rates, lowest earners. All stereotypes are based in truth to some extent, think wimpy Asian nerd and aggressive black thug. Ain't nobody talk about yellow privilege huh?

  • Darby H
    Darby H 3 months ago

    I work for a living, and that's why I have "privilege"

  • Lis
    Lis 3 months ago

    I am a pale skinned latina and now I know my huge privilege. Thank you, Hunter.

  • Girard Productions
    Girard Productions 3 months ago

    Buzzfeed has a check your privilege quiz... Very sad that they take this stuff seriously. Great channel by the way!

  • Madison Loves Music
    Madison Loves Music 3 months ago

    I feel like this is really sarcastic and making fun of people who think that white privilege actually exist lol

  • Melkor
    Melkor 3 months ago

    This was hilarious! I love this guy!

  • Chicagoboy 32
    Chicagoboy 32 3 months ago

    i am black/mexican and i love this vid

  • NorthWestWolfPack
    NorthWestWolfPack 3 months ago

    is white privilege having 3 jobs to make it.still having to go to a church to get food to help your family.the state won't help me but they take my taxes to help people that won't work.they make me pay for health care out of my taxes but don't allow free health care for my family because i work.after all that i still have to pay 1300$ in more taxes.while people who don't even pay as much in taxes as i do get more back and can't go a month without state taxes go to homeless people who break into truck and steal my stuff that i work for.

  • Robert Gantry
    Robert Gantry 4 months ago

    LOL... There's no such thing as white privilege. What they should REALLY be calling it is "SMART privilege". Whites are generally more intelligent than blacks and hispanics, and the smarter you are, the more money you make. Get over it. Get a job.

  • xjackiex -_-
    xjackiex -_- 4 months ago

    I have 100/100 privilege points

  • Brinee Garner
    Brinee Garner 4 months ago

    this is funny and stupid at the same time.

  • Blaznpanda9900
    Blaznpanda9900 4 months ago

    this was pretty funny

  • TwistedBarbie
    TwistedBarbie 4 months ago

    Where's the LOVE button!?? 👏🏻👍

  • The Q
    The Q 4 months ago

    Nicely done

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 4 months ago

    Urmehgurd I'm sooo privileged

  • Sam TownAve
    Sam TownAve 4 months ago

    white people the only race known to man that gets a mole and it could mean life or death

  • samir lopes
    samir lopes 4 months ago

    another cracker who knows jack shit about white previledge

  • enjay
    enjay 4 months ago

    Why don't Indians complain about White Privilege. Indians' skin color is brown/dark-brown/black.

  • Jack D. Ripper
    Jack D. Ripper 4 months ago

    White privilege? What's that?

  • ironmac wade
    ironmac wade 4 months ago

    Thought experiment:

    What if I was a light skinned person born in South Africa but raised in Texas, would you argue that I am African American, and also what kind of privilege would I have o.O

  • Bigdcd
    Bigdcd 4 months ago

    I'm Bi-racial does that count?

    • Heinz57Human
      Heinz57Human 4 months ago

      No. Mixed folks are always swept into the "nigger" category because lets forget about genetics and DNA and just rely on opinions, theories and labeling people to fit a biased narrative.

  • Kristin Ryans
    Kristin Ryans 4 months ago

    I'm an albino xD I gotta be thrown to the lions .... xD i'm so privileged

  • Weiser Adler
    Weiser Adler 4 months ago

    I`m sorry for being born white guys , it won`t happen again.I deserve to be spanked and killed because my skin tone somehow opresses you, I apologize for the slavery i didn`t took part of...*SIGH*

  • milo357
    milo357 4 months ago

    Privilege checked. White guilt checked. White supremacy systemic racist Hitler fascists checked.

  • Jeff Bridges
    Jeff Bridges 4 months ago

    The reason why white men invent, build, maintain and own everything is simply because on average we're smarter than everyone else, work a million times harder and have radically different values from everyone else. Minorities and women are entitled with their hand out and THEY are the ones looking for 'privilege' from who? You guessed it! White men.

    They're simply PROJECTING their way of thinking onto us. I've never used that stupid fucking word 'privilege' in my life, it's an idiotic word used by trashy 3rd world people and don't even think like that. I WORK for everything that I have today.

  • jeff cantwell
    jeff cantwell 4 months ago

    Look girls tell me all the time I have a black dick. Can I say the N word?

  • Delphinium Flower
    Delphinium Flower 4 months ago

    White women are the worst - now white women are trying to infect the communities of people of color with their evil white genes. Mixed race babies are the spawn of Satan.

    • Heinz57Human
      Heinz57Human 4 months ago

      And your religious extremist simpleminded thought process is a disease to the planet.

  • Antonio Brandao
    Antonio Brandao 4 months ago

    LMAO this was hilarious

  • snaggs107
    snaggs107 4 months ago

    This video was on point.. I know u were trying to be sarcastic.. FAIL.. U actually hit it right on the nail! 😂😂😂😂 well except for the "giving money & possessions away cuz of guilt" part. That shit wud nvr happen! Oh wait no.. It does.. on that planet where Bizarro Superman lives... My bad.

  • emozgay srnm
    emozgay srnm 4 months ago

    What if I don't have skin?

  • pigboykool
    pigboykool 4 months ago

    lol, love it!

  • Jasmine Slade
    Jasmine Slade 4 months ago

    White privilege means:
    you don't have to worry about getting stop by a police officer and end up with 6 "warning" shots in your back because a white police officer "thought" you were grabbing a gun.

    You don't have to walk in a store and have some white lady keep asking you "do you need help with anything?" And follow you around because they think your stealing.

    When you move out you don't have to worry about what state you want to move too because African Americans can't move to places like Alabama,Texas, North and South Carolina, Mississippi because they still have the KKK roaming around the streets.

    You don't have to worry about your "current" president making racist statements about you

  • Kayla Vernet
    Kayla Vernet 4 months ago

    How about you try ring a black person for one day

    • milo357
      milo357 4 months ago

      Kayla Vernet why so I can complain all day? If I was black Id complain endlessly.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 4 months ago

    Given the current political climate, and how pathetic people in fedoras are, I can't tell if this is satire or not.

  • Dani B
    Dani B 4 months ago

    lol love this someone send me my white privilege card so l can roll along in life with no worries

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