Minimalist DIY Travel ESSENTIALS | PRO Packing Tips ✈🌎

Our MINIMALIST carry on ESSENTIALS for travel packing. These hacks and tips give YOU the ultimate travel packing list. Everything you need and nothing you don't.


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+ Alex ►
+ Marko ►
+ Bellroy Passport Organizer:
+ iPad:
+ Beats by Dre:
+ GoPro:
+ Ollo Clip:
+ Joby Micro Tripod:
+ Jansport Digital Burrito:
+ Anker Battery Pack:
+ Ex Officio Underwear:
+ Banana Republic Traveler Jeans:
+ Nano Puff Jacket:
+ Rains Rain Jacket:
+ 1000 Mile Boots:
+ Boulder Boots:
+ Workout Shorts:
+ Crushable Wool Felt Fedora Hat:
+ Nomadix Quick Dry Towel:
+ Triumph & Disaster On The Road Kit :
+ Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne:
+ Topo Dopp Kit:
+ Hotels:
+ Flights:
+ Eurail Tickets:
+ Insurance:

- Sony A7s Mirrorless Camera:
- Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens:
- Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Mic:
- Sony Cyber Shot RX100iv:
- Sony A7rii:
- Sony 24-70mm F4 Vario Tessar Lens:
- Promaster CX525 Tripod:
- DJI Inspire 1 Drone (2 Controller):
- Go Pro Hero 3+:
- Go Pro Suction Cup Mount:
- Go Pro Accessory Kit:

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Author Nicolas Kergoat ( ago)
half the video about electronic shit.

Author Sven Lima ( ago)
*Camera, gps, e-book, phone ... all charge with usb. To be able to charge all at once I use the ICY BOX IB-AC6104 usb hub that provides 4 usb ports. It's important that it has an external power supply.
*I use the soaps you get for free in hotels until they're finished. To carry them in my bag I use a small zip bag. Saves weight and space. I reinforced it with tape.
*When I travel in poor countries (3rd world) I take all the free stuff in the hotel (soap, shampoo ...) and give it to people I meet in the street.
*I keep a paper copy of all my important papers (passport, reservations, blood type card, vaccination card ...) and put them on a different piece of luggage than the originals. I also scan them or take a photo and e-mail them to myself.
*The very first picture I take with my camera and phone is my phone number. In case the camera gets lost (honest) people can call me and I get the camera back.
*During the trip for safety reasons I regulary upload my photos to a online server (drop box) in a password protected zip file so nobody can watch them in case the account gets hacked.
*I always have a couple of cable ties and fabric tape in my luggage. They are very helpful to repair broken handles and many other things. And in case you meet the women or man you want to stay with for the rest of your life you can tie him/her to your wrist ... :-)

Author Hannah Lanade ( ago)

Author Ray Hill ( ago)
these are obvious and also so much product placement

Author Lia Altar ( ago)
I have the same exact eye shade💕👌🏽

Author redxherring ( ago)
Minimalist? This is pretty much a list of shit to buy that you really don't need.

Author Inspired ( ago)
affiliate marketing out the assss

Author Aaron Verdugo ( ago)
Great vid, guys! Could you make a deeper video about the jackets that I should bring for every weather? Thanks!

Author Princess Wears Hiking Boots ( ago)
Excellent advice re downloading google maps before you go. You should be using an RFID shielded passport wallet to protect passports and credit cards with chips from being scanned. Exofficio underwear are great - no more than 2 pairs. 4 pairs of socks is too many and there are lighter noise-cancelling headphones if you must have them! 1 jacket is spot on:)

Author Sky Metcalf ( ago)
can yall do one about stuff you might need for going to Washington D.C

Author Andrew Willard ( ago)
Check out maps dot me on ios and android it's a realy good free offline maps application!!!

Author Marija Vitosevic ( ago)
Thanks so much guys!! Very helpful, currently planning for my 2 month vacation to Serbia, Greece, Austria :D

Author Spencer Stanley ( ago)
Great video like always guys, I did a similar video on my channel you should check it out :)

Author Brendan O'Shea ( ago)
Great video! I'd suggest also mentioning bringing a lock. What type do you recommend?

Author Gino delos Reyes ( ago)
Can you bring a razor as carry on?

Author Garret Rickman ( ago)
great video fellas. I will opt for some more budget items, and maybe splurge for a couple things haha. I have a couple trips coming up and want to try and pack lighter than I have in the past... subbed and notifications on, thanks

Author saintinc ( ago)
are nail clippers allowed in. carry ons?

Author Brouhaha Ma ( ago)
Just found your channel, you guys are really fun! Thanks for the good tips! :)

Author angelicharmony ( ago)
So it''s okay to bring a razor on carry-on? I'm kind of unclear on this. Thanks for the tips, boys

Author MA7 ( ago)
hahahaha conudms

Author Cilla Latte ( ago)

Author Annelie Peter ( ago)
Searched for some minimalist travel packing tips found some hot guys. Nice!

Author senpaixsammy ( ago)
This is a good video but at the same time I just felt like the whole video you were shoving sponsors down my throat

Author Nayad ( ago)
There are so many product pugs on an "essentials video?" None of these things are essentials. An essentials video should be 5 minutes. I get needing to get sponsors to do this professionally, but the amount of time spent on them to dilutes the content.

Author Rosa Ruby Del Ayre ( ago)
Like your Vedio. You brothers are so cute..

Author nola de bumbelbee ( ago)
thank u guys for this awesome idea 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼😁

Author altuğ güngör ( ago)
Bahşiş :D

Author W Choi ( ago)
Lol these guys desperate to get extra money to get through product commercial.. this is how youtubers make money.. if you buy product through their links, they get commission. Maybe maybe useful for who never traveled, but otherwise just full of commercial lol

Author Emma Hanley ( ago)
You can download series from Netflix....? how?

Author Arslan Bhatti ( ago)
too long for a youtube video!

Author Mike M ( ago)
Minimalist? essentials? a bunch of random things if you ask me...

Author dapuy12 ( ago)
hi, where's the video of fitting it all on the carry on bag?

Author sandra Cortez ( ago)
You guys are so cute! Me encantan sus vídeos, gracias!

Author feltq720 ( ago)
This is literally my dream. Making travel vids for a living, going to by my first dslr pretty soon.

Author Bellinissima ( ago)
lol at "shoes" that used to be one of my favorite videos :D

Author Estevam Pelo Mundo ( ago)
Awesome tips bros!! cheers

Author Antonio ( ago)
2 Thums up for Bakhsheesh ~ From India

Author Cameron Snyder ( ago)
Where did you get those sick eye shades?

Author Alyssa Marie ( ago)
what about like preparing for more formal situations?

Author Tânia Nazaré ( ago)
DIY? where?

Author xy:_ Anonym ( ago)
Best joke : You can not eat it. People have triede

Author Mélissa Voyage ( ago)
Can we travel with mix pills in one single pot ?

Author Zane Denny ( ago)
So......which one of you has the golden ticket? 0.0

Author kouta kun ( ago)
good thing i dont have to buy a plane too

Author Nicholas R.M. ( ago)
Not minimalist on the budget!

Author BobSpliff ( ago)
GoPro charging cable? Aka USB Cable?... lolz

Author jazzmaster31 ( ago)
lol minimalist...

Author Matt Hill ( ago)
The minimalists would be disgusted

Author Ashley ASHLEYM ( ago)
When I travel I usually only bring two pairs of shoes, sneakers and crocs. I don't own boots and I don't really have a purpose for them. Although, if I do plan on going out somewhere I'd also bring a pair of heels.

Author Jose Sosa Quinteros ( ago)

Author medulla88 ( ago)
These boys seem to travel with lots of stuff. Great tips, but i don't think 'minimalist'. You don't always need this much stuff. Otherwise some really good ideas. I like ideas for things you can use for multiple uses.

Author cureforinsomnia ( ago)
This video is a joke :D

Author YUBEL Δ ( ago)
1:30 they just throw some word in my language like this lol, i didnt expect that !!
baksheesh: giving someone money to make them "happily" do something for you.
hashish: weed.

Author Guillermo J. Park ( ago)
My shoe size is 13... I just pack inside them

Author Gavin Li ( ago)
How can you trust someone that considers fedoras as a "minimalist essential"?

Author protolexis ( ago)
Opens up video with condom advice. So tell me, how are you guys NOT total douchenozzles?

Author Eva Theone ( ago)
you are amazing both of you this video was awesome

Author Samuel Nasta ( ago)
WTF? How do you dare to call it minimalist to put 50 items on a bag? ¬¬
And still call it "essentials"

Author oOcitizenOo ( ago)
They say when you take condoms in the trip you'll never have sex and vice versa - if you didn't take condoms there will be moments when you'll need it :D

Author oOcitizenOo ( ago)
Recently i've found a leather belt with a hidden pocket - it costs around 60 dollars but this thing is useful when it comes to taking cash money for emergency cases. Moreover, it's always on you :)

Author Kitty Kit Kat ( ago)
This was so helpful! Thanks guys!

Author Jalil Sarkis ( ago)
Guys do you speak arabic !?

Author Max Leong ( ago)
seriously. noise cancelling headphones?

Author I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it ( ago)
Huh no one ever asks me for condoms.

Author Vanessa Martinez ( ago)
Anyone know where I can get a power converter like that one 2:34 ?

Author Philip Hounsham ( ago)
Cheers Guys... Awesome 🤣 👍

Author HaNriX ( ago)
I would like to become full time traveler one day. My question is how do you make money with traveling other than youtube?

Author Yin Zhao ( ago)
No way you can bring all of these for under 7 kg carry on

Author Constanza Morales ( ago)
"you can take an ollo clip, which is pretty cheap..."

Goes to Amazon: USD 99.99

Author Martin Tabanag ( ago)
Thanks guys! This is a really huge help.

Author My Chic Consulting ( ago)
You are such an inspiration for the girls of You guys rock!

Author Cloud Le ( ago)
you guys are so cute ._.

Author Jennifer Kimmy ( ago)
yay! subscribed

Author Menashootz ( ago)
I want that exact rain jacket! went to the website but couldn't find it

Author ijeremy5252 ( ago)
Be aware that these guys only refer products they can get an affiliate link for, even when much better products/prices are available

Author Alexandra Utyeva ( ago)
It all depends on the climate you are going to travel to, and for how long you are going. If you travel to/from somewhere like Siberia in winter, you'll need more than one jacket. Even now a days it's quite rare to get a flight to and from Moscow on the same day, and you'll probably have to stay at least 7/12 hours there. Unless you're totally fine with lounging in the airport and wasting your time, you'll need a jacket for -5/15 for Moscow and a totally different one (expect -25/-35) when you arrive to wherever you are going in Siberia. I've travelled a lot from Europe there, and it's like - +5 in the place you are leaving, -15 in Moscow, -35 in the town in Siberia, and through a two week stay, the weather will change twice from -10 to -35. Actually, traveling in winter, from one climate to another, is often quite tricky for shoes as well, cause dry snow, wet snow and rainy weather, mean very different shoes. I have seen so many people coming to Siberia, sure they would have enough with their "warm" western jacket and shoes, it's actually pretty sad. I'm quite sure it goes just as badly in most Scandinavian countries in winter, at least as far as Finland goes. And if you are planning on taking a trip across one of those countries, you'd better have a fix of clothes that don't simply imply layers. Many germans froze to death in 1943, thinking layers would save them. Learn on them nazi mistakes.

Author Faith Dawn ( ago)
OMFG that kelly reference <3

shoes. omg. lets get some shoes.

Author It's Chelsea ( ago)
Great video guys ❤

Author milatinaamor817 ( ago)
I always need my phone 📱 and laptop 💻

Author kaylawilliamsmusic ( ago)
Here because of Carrie Rad- you guys are great! Love the travel vlogs :)

Author Chelsea Vicari ( ago)
This is such a great video! I just started my channel and I'm stoked on this.

Author TranscendingNormal ( ago)
I loved the idea of the Ollo clip, but the price of it was enough to cover about half of my total hostel costs for my entire trip. So. I went onto Amazon, and found a similar gadget for about 12 bucks. Still, I never would've thought to get it without having seen this video. Thank you guys!

Author SAMI YAZICI ( ago)
lamoo!!! bahsis is turkish

Author Anna Fernando ( ago)
Awesome video. Where did you guys get your big map?

Author Tahimi XD ( ago)
You forgot to mention IMODIUM because (insert Forrest Gump a voice here) "shit happens"

Author Charles Doggett ( ago)
Great video. When is your travel style video coming out?

Author Schrödinger's Ape ( ago)
Instead of an eye mask, pack a bandanna. I've used mine as an eye mask on the plane, a smog mask in Beijing, a neckerchief in the sun, and of course as an actual bandanna. Plus it rolls up into the size of a travel shampoo and weighs next to nothing.

I also pack a length of 3mm shock cord. I've used it for clothesline, emergency belt.

Author Schrödinger's Ape ( ago)
I have never seen so much product promotion in a so-called minimalist video. Separate camera when I've always got my phone? Earphones instead of earbuds? A fancy case just for the cords (and enough electronics with different cords that you might even want such a thing)... Three pairs of footwear??? I think these guys have a very different definition of "minimalism" than me...

Author fujimode ( ago)
hella stole the format of a hypebeat essential video

Author David Gaura ( ago)
The advice from the first ten seconds has earned a sub from me haha

Author Dragon Cat ( ago)
I'm going to Taiwan soon (RIP Grandpa 😭😭😭😞😫😥) and this video helps a lot. Thank you guys!

Author Seth Adam ( ago)
More hand gestures please.

Author Felipe Rodríguez Pinto ( ago)
Your video is ok but it's clear you don't really apply the minimalist concept, like at all.

Author ashish gangal ( ago)
BAKSHISH - picked that up from India, huh?

Author magicalair ( ago)
I love the digital burrito!!! It's so cute and useful and I'm hungry! Lol

Author mohamed hesham ( ago)
baksheesh means tips i guess you meant rashwa ! ;)

Author Marta Martrix ( ago)
Great tips. All of them. I travel like 4 times per year and I thought I was good at this, but you opened my eyes to a few things I usually forget, or I just never tought of. Thanks guys!!

Author Lainlein ( ago)
razor: can you take it carry-on? I always bought mine at my destination. Apart from that: sunscreen and anti-moscito creme/spray. They might be super expensive at your destination or you will be surprised at nighttime.

Author Sam Smith ( ago)
Emailing yourself a photo of your passport is really bad advice, email is NOT secure. Check out a secure cloud service such as spideroak or tresorit that is actually secure.

Author Cuhhlowayy ( ago)
I'm going on a trip in 4 weeks and I just found your channel! Love it. Only halfway through the video and already subscribed. :) love how detailed you guys are. Really appreciate videos like this!

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