Rohm RG 88 - Review

Rohm RG 88 10 x 22 t caliber, rubber bullets.

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Author CREAM1MOB (1 year)
That shoots rubber bullets ? I thought they were just blank guns?

Author jtsnowman66 (3 years)
I have the 9mm PAK version with a nickel slide. I also have a black slide
for mine. I used it to scare off a cougar last year when i was hunting.
Very reliable gun, it has never jammed once and I use it quite often. These
are excellent quality pieces

Author DCMA247 (1 year)
How is it? I just ordered mine a day ago.

Author jhoncimpoi (3 years)

Author calindanut1 (3 years)
pentru asa cva trebuie permis de port arma?

Author rustycan420 (2 years)
Thx for making a English review.

Author bowmar65 (3 years)
prietene, unde pot sa cumpar arcul pentru incarcator, am un incarcator la
care trebuie schimbat arcul care inpinge gloantele sus. Do yo know were i
can order the spring for the magazine ( spring that pushes the bullets up )

Author manuhack99 (3 years)
@calindanut1 da iti trebuie. e valabil 5 ani permisu, si ii destul de multa
alergatura dupa tot felu de acte sa-ti faci... + birocratie

Author gaskan666 (1 year)
I just ordered mine on sunday. I cant wait to get it Here in canada they
(canada customs) wont allow them to be imported. so the price to buy 1 is
very high

Author gaskan666 (1 year)
I really like mine. The only thing I dont like about mine is that you can
really see the barrel plug threw the gun if you look at it from the front.
I wount fool anyone if they look at the barrel. I was thinkin of taken the
plug out. Mine is front firing. That means the gases come out the barrel. I
see that they also sell a side venting kind.

Author Ovidiu Preda (3 years)
poti sa postezi un nfilmulet cu efectele pe care le are asupra diferitelor
obiecte (sticle de plastic sticle normale, conserve etc ?)

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