Forever thankful for amazing trips like this. I really hope you enjoyed experiencing it with us! Where should we go next?!
Also! HUGE thank you to Alex and Dan for letting us incorporate some of the drone footage! Watch their travel vlog here:

Shot by:
Watch my travel vlog from San Francisco here:

Watch my travel vlog from Mexico here:

Watch my travel vlog from Turks & Caicos here:

Where I Wanna Be- ARIZONA James Carter & Levi Remix
This Is What You Came For -Remix EZY Lima

*Last two songs provided by

Where we stayed:
Blue Swimsuit- SwimLikeAMermaid

Rice Fields & Monkey Outfit:
White Crochet Top- Windsor
Beaded Necklace- Zara
Shorts- Asos
Shoes- Steve Madden

Temple Outfit
Blue Two Piece Set- Forever 21
Pink Patterned Maxi Dress- Asos

Pink Patterned Maxi Dress- Asos
Yellow Dress- Forever 21
Red Dress- Forever 21
Pink Mirrored Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Black Tortoise Sunglasses- Illesteva
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Author medic addict ( ago)
Cool place .....where did you stay, what's the name of the resort??

Author fermin malayang ( ago)
hi...hope you can visit the philippines..cebu to be exact....

Author Christy Gumop-as ( ago)
Hi tess! why not try to travel here in the Philippines?

Author Isher Tv ( ago)
I just started vlogging today! Watch and like my videos please!

Author dawndworld ( ago)
awesome place and video :)

Author Aldia Dinarsyah ( ago)
Bali Bali Bali

Author Amelia Nurmawati ( ago)
can you tell me the name of the place you stay? its really amazing!

Author Muhammad Arief ( ago)
Beautiful Bali ..... more beautiful in your hand , thanks for your video ..... SUPERB 👍🏿

Author Marielis lugo ( ago)
goals before die: go to bali

Author Skylar Hust ( ago)
Everything she wears is so pretty and looks good on her

Author Troy Anthony ( ago)
very Nice and Very stable footages…

Author Handris Kurlu ( ago)
its funny, cool video love it 😁

Author Sparta Otano ( ago)
Money can't buy you happiness.
Money is the Happiness.
Welcome to Indonesia, welcome to paradise.

Author travel vietnam ( ago)

Author Ali YÜCEL ( ago)
can you put subtıtles

Author LittleMuscled Beast ( ago)
Nice video, what's the name of the place you guys went ?
my wife and I will going to start traveling around. thanks

Author Sofia Costales ( ago)
Ultimate travel goals vlog content I've ever seen. Subscribed!!! <3

Author Jenna Irish ( ago)
Check out my Europe travel vlog <3

Author Peter Han ( ago)
It is so beautiful.

Author Renisa Julia ( ago)
Bali I'm Coming

Author aana jaana ( ago)
where did you stay?

Author nick fadden ( ago)
gosh it so beautiful

Author Sharon Jiang ( ago)
Such a pretty travel vlog! uhhh those drone shots killed me <3

Author Thamyris Oliveira ( ago)
Please! Tell us how is the process of booking a vacation!!! Do you go on your own or through a travel agency? Please!

Author #KassyPlusOne ( ago)
I love the shots! Such high quality production! Amazing work 😉
Do you edit yourself ?

Author rui liu ( ago)
Most wonderful vlog!Can I give you 1 thousand thumb-ups?

Author Caribean Life Travel Vlog ( ago)
yesss!! love the edit!!

Author MadiSim ( ago)
Bali is closer to me than the than my capital city of my country. #perthproblems

Author Shaylee Pamplona ( ago)
Anyone know what cameras they're using to film?

Author stevoexplores ( ago)
I would love to visit here someday. I'm a travel and lifestyle photographer hoping to start creating youtube videos like you. Do you have any advice for starting out? I love your channel. Also where did you get your top? It's so nice x

Author TRAVEL WITH ME ( ago)
Great great, go to my channel to see many travel videos

Author Carolee Chanona ( ago)
You should visit Belize next :)

Author Jasmine Cameron ( ago)
This is actually amazing!

Author Crystal C. ( ago)
No one does travel diaries quite like you!!! Love these videos that you make please continue to share your adventures with us Tess 😊

Author Simen Platou ( ago)
Welcome to Bali :D It's our home, so we're happy to see you had a good time here!

Author Travel Music ( ago)
Check this out for another kind of NoCopyright Songs (especially if you love traveling), used already by Casey Neistat, Atwood, Ilie's Vlogs, and others, don't forget to >> SUBSCRIBE << to our YouTube channel.
Travel Music Team.

Author MOR ( ago)
where do you find your music for you amazing videos?

Author Kristen Medina ( ago)
My new Tokyo, Japan travel vlog is out now :) I visit shibuya, shinjuku, pokemon center, kirby cafe and more!

Author Lenka Kopalova ( ago)
Amazing video 💛💚💙 Look to my channel on my Travel vlog as well:)

Author chrisdrabble ( ago)
I do a comedy travel vlog, please have a watch on my channel. Sorry, I'm not gorgeous like Tess.

Author Karlee Narta ( ago)
did you go to seminyak? you would've loved seminyak.

Author stella manurung ( ago)
as an Indonesian you must go to other island that aren't too commercial like bali such as raja ampat in papua,bangka belitung in sumatera island,komodo island or lombok island that close to bali..and there are many more Indonesia has the biggest island archipelago..we have a lot of islands here

Author Mike Evans ( ago)
Inspiring. Hope for my vlogs to be as good as yours one day. Amazing :)

Author Lena Seibert ( ago)
watch my new morning routine:) lya

Author Squiggles Travels ( ago)
Who did the editing?? 👏👏👏

Author Idzni Nur Fajrina ( ago)
Bali is so beautiful I believe

Author AG Squared ( ago)

Author The Travelling Twins ( ago)
FOLLOW for Young Travel Fun

Author Mara Via ( ago)
I will visit Bali next month and I can't wait!!! Tess, you should visit El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. It's literally a paradise. It's the best place I've seen so far in my life

Author jerahssic ( ago)
Did you use drone? is it allowed in Bali?

Author Firmanditya ( ago)
beautifull vlog..and beautifull destination..this is a piece of heaven..

Author Jade_and_Pauls_ Travels ( ago)
Thank you so much for the amazing videos. Very entertaining. Join our travel series coming up in April!!!!

Author Nomadic Zak ( ago)
I never knew how pretty Bali is. Definitely on my bucket list now! Thanks:)

Author Tedi Haner ( ago)
Hi my friend Indonesian people ....
I just want to love you know, I love and strangers alike in Indonesia .....

Do you tourists, create unrest in Indonesia this, because I do not want to see you in the future citizens, it is a state of law ....

Contact me if you have any questions, I just want to love you guys know the laws in Indonesia this, for the safety of you ......

And you know to the friend "you also ..

Thank you my brother

Author Tedi Haner ( ago)
Hi my friend Indonesian people ....
I just want to love you know, I love and strangers alike in Indonesia .....

Do you tourists, create unrest in Indonesia this, because I do not want to see you in the future citizens, it is a state of law ....

Contact me if you have any questions, I just want to love you guys know the laws in Indonesia this, for the safety of you ......

And you know to the friend "you also ..

Thank you my brother

Author Robert Langdon ( ago)
Bali is so beautiful!!! <3
I love travelling. I also found a way to get paid while doing so! Proxymate app pays you for shopping for others!

Author Kang brewok ( ago)
welcome to indonesian :)

Author Maria Andree Tobias Mombiela ( ago)
Quality af

Author Molly Coxon ( ago)
New to this channel, but can't wait to watch more! These are the types of videos I love and this one was beautiful❤️ take me to Bali😫🗻

Author nuysh ( ago)

Author Claudia Medina ( ago)
Can someone go watch my first video? 🌈✨😊

Author Cosima Wiesend ( ago)
just uploaded my first travel video. come check me out if you like to watch travel videos :)

Author Angela Jesslyn ( ago)
Hi! Wanna know the best place to visit in Jakarta ? Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and if you wanna know about it , check my latest video on my youtube channel. Btw, it's my school project . Don't forget to click the like button because I'm in competition 👍 Thankyou everyone and have a nice day!

Author Bonita Phillips ( ago)
how did you get the fly over view?

Author Bonita Phillips ( ago)
i love your videos.
Although I couldn't graduate college 2014 due to some personal things. taking my time now to finish but my dream and gift to myself is to travel. i ran into my close friend i haven't seen in over 6yrs, we going to try to be travel buddies. it would be so much fun if we ran into eachother during a travel lol

Author Surfing Persia ( ago)
this is a good video.

Author Lukmanistic ( ago)
because the balinese really respect to nature give them best present

Author Sudut Kampung ( ago)
wow... bali is my country... there are many beach beside bali. heheh

Author Eddie Merino ( ago)
I'm a new youtuber who only has 80 subscribers! id love to check out your guys channels and make friends and collab in the future!!! Enjoy my videos!
Eddie Merino

Author Tess van Deun ( ago)

Author Tess van Deun ( ago)
Oop Yay il born in Bali🌴❤

Author Dea Rizky ( ago)
Indonesia is really amazing😍

Author Christopher Franko ( ago)
Great footage. How much did it cost?

Author Travel VietNam ViDeo ( ago)
Great !! Beautifull !!

Author sher buffalo ( ago)
I wish you guys would be my friends! you are so cool I love you

Author Rebecca Sholoye ( ago)
it looks really nice

Author Mamitag Adventures ( ago)
Thanks for the travel vlog! Bali is on our bucketlist. Hope to visit this place soon! Thanks for sharing

Author Blastingcap ( ago)
you have cool videos, I love your travels. do you get paid for travel?
I make videos every travel that I make and I'm trying to have more subscribers :)

Author Bali Concierge ( ago)

Author Luno Films ( ago)
Really good video!

Author Mohamed Firushaan ( ago)
Check out The Sunrise Huraa on Booking!

Author Mohamed Firushaan ( ago)
Check out The Sunrise Huraa on Booking!

Author Diamond Hamilton ( ago)
This is a Amazing Vlog by the way!

Author Trip Economy ( ago)
Bali is such a wonderful destination! Really love your channel and your videos, you always look so happy, the travelling lifestyle suits you wonderfully

Author TRAVEL With Us ( ago)
Great Vlog and BALI is amazing :)
we have also travel channel, so hope you'll want to check those out and maybe subscribe me too? cheers

Author FEST - Foxtrot Echo Sierra Tango ( ago)
Nice. Try Mexico, we did it! ----->

Author gumpo setiawan ( ago)
oo my god, beautiful Indonesia

Author Nana Timisela ( ago)
Hi Tess. I am from Indonesia. I love your travel playlist and since I know you love traveling, I highly recommend you to travel to Southeast Moluccan and Raja Ampat in Papua. 😄👌🏼

Author FunINtheSUN 4ALL ( ago)
WOW...this is the 4th video I have watched on your channel Tess......and yea....I'm a subscriber now....I too travel....but haven't really started to document it....will do it this year under your guys inspiration and others....Look forward to more.....Heading to Philippines in March...then Japan....then Vietnam..I performed "Chris" in Miss Saigon,,,,soo looking forward to this trip for sure........and Malaysia......and Thailand.....should have an amazing summer I'm sure....I'll try to document more....Enjoy....and keep up the GREAT work..!!! :D

Author Bang Ferdian ( ago)
hai guys,watch my video yeah !

Author Carla MD ( ago)
Whereabouts in Bali were you staying at?

Author Occopuration ™ ( ago)
Fuckking tour to bali, i'm already in indonesia from kid

Author Jacks Vlog ( ago)
awesome video and great editing! If you guys want to check out my newly launched travelers website store and blog feel free!
Have an awesome day!!

Author Travel Day ( ago)
It was a pleasure to watch this video

Author Robert von Rotz Roy ( ago)
next time you can try Bunaken Park, Sulawesi Utara... if you like scuba-diving

Author Michael Yilmaz ( ago)
Drone footage is awesome...

Author Shayna Brianne ( ago)
Southeast Asia is where me and my friend plan on traveling to! We want to start with Bali! Great drone footage.

Author martin Arnaud ( ago)
what tips can you give me. cuz I'm going to Playa de Carmen in September

Author 1mintravels ( ago)
Amazing Video !

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